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Dirty Daddy Incest Bundle!

4 Pack - Volume 3

By Sharon Dick

First Edition, eBook Edition.



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All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older and all sex acts are consensual by all characters involved.

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Dirty Virgin,

Taken By Her Daddy!

By Sharon Dick

My relationship with my dad, before I moved back home was practically nonexistent. Sure he was there during my growing years, but I was shuffled between homes and states. I never really got to know him.

The last year though, our friendly dynamic changed. My granny passed and left the big farm house to the family. It was close to the college I wanted to attend, so I moved in. Now we share more than just a wall between our bedrooms.

His hard physique really piqued my curiosity radar the day my car wouldn’t start. It was a bummer, because I was running late and needed to get to a class. He was in the behind the house, chopping firewood. His flexing muscles swinging the ax had my panties dripping.

“Hey daddy,” I cooed, stepping up to him. He wiped the sweat off his brow. The hot sun beat down on his bare hairy chest. I was at a loss for words.

“Why haven’t you left? Don’t you have a class?”

“Right.” I thumbed over my shoulder. “It’s my car,” I said, batting my eyelashes. “Could you give me a ride?” I was tempted to ditch the boring class all together and go in the house to finger off a climax.

“Sure thing, sweetie.” He kissed my cheek on the way in to the house to grab. his keys.

Damn he smelt good. My dad was all man. He smelled like hard work, confidence and a big balls. I loved living with him. He put every other guy my age to shame.

I squirmed in the front seat of his pickup all the way. If at anytime I exuded fuck me, it was to my dad in the truck that day. After class when I walked out the Psych building, he was in the parking lot, leaning up against the passenger side of his truck. “Lindsay, over here.” He waved me over.

“You didn’t wait out here this whole time. Did you?”

“Nah.” He opened the door and waited for me to settle in the seat before shutting it. I’d never had a guy open a door for me on a date. It was nice. He ran around the front and hopped in. “I ran to the bar to grab a beer.”

“Okay—but it’s only eleven am.”

“Beer’s good any time of the day.” He patted my knee, giving it a good squeeze. “This is nice,” he said, gazing over in my direction.

Sure I was attracted as hell to my dad, but I wasn’t serious about him coming on to me. I was a virgin. All I’d ever done was have a guy eat me out and then run out the door. I was not ready for sex.

“Can you drop me off at Dom’s?” I asked. She just lived next door. She was more experienced. Talking to her would help me sort out my feelings for dad. “I’ll walk home from there.”

“No problem, Lindsay. Anything for my sweetie,” he said, starting up the truck.

Dad did have a nice smile. I saw what women saw in him. Including my mom. Too bad she didn’t appreciate him.

At Dom’s, dad parked in her driveway. “Thanks, for everything.” It got weird in the car. The sexual tension was thick like he knew I was going to talk about screwing him. I reached over to give him a hug and he puckered up and kissed me. His lips barely grazed the air behind my ear, I turned so fast.

“I’ll see you at home.” I frantically unlocked the automatic door locks over and over, stumbling to get out. “Later.”

“Okay? See you for dinner,” he hollered out, before backing out of the drive as I rushed in to Dom’s.

Dom was out and I was left to stew on her porch. I kept playing the day with my dad over and over in my head. What’s wrong with me? It’s just a kiss. Sheesh. He wasn’t offering tongue. Not that I wouldn’t accept it. He’s pretty hot. Dark eyes, dark hair, and pouty thin lips just begging to be kissed. Oh Lindsay he could teach you so much with those lips. They’re so wrong, but so perfect. You’re a virgin. He’s your dad.

My feelings were a mess. I was hopeless avoided him the rest of the evening. The next day I listened to him drive off to the store and went out back to work on my tan. I must’ve fallen asleep, cause I didn’t here his truck drive back up.

“Hot stuff,” he whistled waving over to me. He used the mail to block his face from the heated rays. “You’re not burning are you?” He poked the back of my thigh with his finger.

I was more than red from the sun, I was embarrassed. I liked an all over tan and had both my top un tied and my bottom bunched up in my ass crack. “Can you turn around?” I asked. When he averted his eyes, I fixed my suit and sat up. “I noticed you fixed my car.”

“No big deal. I was just a battery.”

Well thanks.” I slapped my hand down on his knee. He flinched. His whole body tensed up. Am I making the first move? “Could you rub lotion on my back?” I turned. Guess I am. Wasn’t asking for lotion a line in the guys code book under the section pay attention fool, you’re going to get some pussy now?

“Glad to, baby,” he said, gingerly flipping my hair over my shoulder.

The cool liquid on my shoulder blades under the summer sun felt tingly. My dad swirled his warm fingertips in small circles, rubbing in the lotion, down to the middle of my lower back.

You’re doing a good job back there?” I peeked around to him. I caught a glimpse of the look on his face and it was full of lust. Is he thinking of boning me? I un controllably flexed my ass cheeks at him.

“That should do it.” He jumped up. “I have to wash my hands.” He scurried back to the house, leaving the mail.

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