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His Pony Girl

By Donna Russet

Copyright 2017 by Donna Russet

Sunshine Erotica

In one of her longest and most intricate and highly rated stories, this author travels into the world of the Pony Girl, her training, and public exhibiting at various shows. It begins when a sub woman is brutally raped and is finally helped by a kind Dom. It is through him she meets Monica, the Pony Girl Racing champion. Then the reader is taken into the national cart racing world of these women that are treated like and see themselves as a pony or a pet for their Master or Mistress. Some are subs and some are slaves, all have committed themselves to a Dominate or owner. Monica is a brilliant well educated woman with a PhD and a very well-paying job in engineering. In addition, three years ago she qualified for a position on the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team as a very fast cross country runner. Yet when away from this high stress world of straight business, she becomes what she truly wants, that is a submissive and to be a Pony Girl. Her physical abilities place her in the top of all the Pony Girls that race, pulling a small cart with her Master or Mistress in the small carriage. These races are held nationally and the winners are highly honored as are their owners, masters or Mistresses. It is following the national “Breeders Cup” race the rapist returns and attempts to destroy his past sub and her new Dom. The violent and complicated ending is one not to be forgotten.

AUTHORS NOTE: The story is for ADULTS ONLY. This story contains submission, domination, bondage, adultery, lesbian and oral sex. Women that enjoy becoming Pony Girls are the heart of this multifaceted story. If this is not of interest to you, do not read.

Note: All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen. There are NO children involved. The material in the eBook contains highly sexually and very explicit content and is intended for a mature audience only. This eBook is licensed for your personal pleasure only. This eBook may not be resold, copied or given away. Thank you for being ethical and for respecting the hard work of this author.

Editors Comment: This book, although having erotic scenes and evolves around the world of the Pony Girl, is a true adventure novel to be enjoyed by many readers. I have reviewed and made several suggestions which the talented author has now created an exciting novel which will soon be on the best seller list. It is certainly one of her best and highly recommended to readers of adventure stories as well as erotica.

CHAPTER ONE: Barbara Sue betrayed.

April 12th 2001: Barbara Sue pulled on the ropes binding her to the bed reveling in the erotic bondage as Gary laid between her legs and slowly slid his hard erection in and out of her warm and loving body. She was fairly comfortable spread eagle on her back, a king size down pillow under her ass, raising her pelvis to her boyfriend. Soft cotton ropes securely bound her hands and ankles to the four corners of the old hard rock maple bed. This was the way Barbara Sue had hoped to spend her birthday, a perfect way to turn eighteen, now becoming an adult. Barbara Sue had been singing “Happy Birthday to Me” in her mind as Gary tied her up. Gary was known as the town bad boy; a leather jacket-wearing misfit who Barbara Sue's mother said was a Rebel without a clue. 

Barbara Sue was his girlfriend, and loved the way he tied her, spanked her, and honestly, loved the way he gave her multiple orgasms as he made love to her. She liked it rough, and he would use her roughly. She was never turned on by the gentle love making seen in the movies. She wanted to be taken, controlled and conquered.

Barbara Sue felt her third climax approaching, and decided to go with the extremely nasty feeling she was enjoying. She grinned wickedly as she said a phrase she had never used before. "Fuck me Gary." 

Gary was lying above her, his dark hair hanging down, the seashell necklace around his neck, the five o-clock shadow the product of not shaving today. His eyes were closed and he smiled saying "Yeah Cathy, take that cock." 

Barbara Sue's orgasm receded like the tide pulling out. A chill ran through her, Cathy was her best friend, had he really just called her Cathy? "What?" Barbara Sue hoped she had not heard it right. 

Gary opened his eyes, and the surprise on his face was evident, and it was followed immediately by the guilty expression that told Barbara Sue much more than any words ever would. He stopped thrusting into her his mouth hanging open slightly. Guilt was written all over his face.

"No, you did not say that..." Barbara Sue said quietly, her world shattering around her. This could not have happened, not today, not on her birthday, betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend. "Let me up, untie me right now you Son of a Bitch." Barbara Sue said tears in her eyes. Her voice was thin, brittle, reflecting her agony.

Gary started to pull back, and then hesitated. 

"Get off of me you bastard and let me loose." Barbara Sue said with more force, tears running down from the corners of her eyes.

Gary was not about to quit now. He stared into her eyes, and began to thrust into her tightly bound body again. "Damn right, I fucked her this afternoon; I did not even clean my cock before fucking you bitch." 

Barbara Sue stared at him horrified. "Gary, stop. Stop right now. NO Gary, NO." She said trying to scream, pulling on the ropes with all her might. This game was over for her and she wanted to hit him and run far, far away!

Gary fucked her with everything he had. He pounded into her, Barbara Sue had tears running down her cheeks as she twisted her wrists, trying to get free, trying to get loose. He was after his orgasm, regardless of whether she got off or not.

Gary grunted as he began his own orgasm, and Barbara Sue felt him swell within her now dry womb, and then felt him shoot his seed into her. Barbara Sue was crying openly now, wailing "No" as he finished in her. 

Gary stood up, laughing as he said, "I was planning on breaking up with you tomorrow, but somehow, this is so much better." He untied her right wrist and said, "Get out of my house bitch." 

Barbara Sue turned and untied her left wrist, and then sitting up freed her ankles as Gary left the room. Barbara Sue sat on the bed for a moment crying loudly, tears flowing down her face. She went into the bathroom and tried to wash him out of her pussy. Dressing quickly, she wanted only to get away, not knowing where to go, not thinking yet. Just knowing that she had to get away from him, the bastard that was screwing her best friend.

Barbara Sue had her underwear on and her pants; she put her t-shirt on and jammed her bra into her purse. She grabbed both of her shoes, desperate to get out. She glanced around making sure she did not leave anything behind, not willing to leave him anything. She saw his prize desktop stereo, and her pain, rage, and humiliation exploded. Barbara Sue grabbed the oversized boom box and threw it out the window. It burst through the glass window falling three stories to the parking lot of Gary's apartment building below. 

Gary shouted from the front of the apartment "What the Fuck?" and came bursting in as Barbara Sue turned to run out of the room. Gary grabbed her, looked at the window, and cursing held her with his left hand and punched Barbara Sue in the face with his right. Barbara Sue fell under the blow, felt her lip tear, and tasted blood in her mouth. Although she loved rough sex, never had she been hit so hard by any lover.

Gary walked to the window stopping as he cut his foot on the glass from the broken window on the floor. Barbara Sue took the chance, and ran from the apartment, taking the stairs two and three at a time. Gary shouted at her from his window. Barbara Sue did not take time to look up, her face hurt and blood was dripping off her chin, but her heart hurt much worse. 

Barbara Sue got into her red Honda Civic and starting the car drove from the lot, she was on automatic pilot, not knowing where she was going, barely able to see through the tears. Her hands shook, her mouth was bleeding from the torn lip. Barbara Sue saw her own house, and barely stopped her car inches from her brother's car. Barbara Sue knew where she was going now, Mom, she needed her Mother. 

She left the car door open, the engine running, and lights still on. She lunged for the front door, and opening it found her Dad and her brother Alex in the living room. She did not look at them twice, she walked by wailing her broken humiliated heart into the night. She walked through the house, searching for her Mom. Her legs were stiff, barely working, she did not hear her brother and father calling her name. She found her Mom in the master bedroom, alone and watching a soap opera on television. 

Her Mom looked up at her, and jumped to her feet. Barbara Sue noticed that the edges of her vision was dark, she threw her arms around her mother, holding on for dear life. Trying to grab something she could trust, something she could rely on. Who better for that than her mother?

From a corner of her mind, Barbara Sue heard her Mom, talking to her Dad and Brother. "You two go now, leave us, this is girl stuff." She chased both of the men out of the room.

Barbara Sue held on to her Mother, hugging her, drowning in a sea of emotion, of betrayal. Barbara Sue's face was in her Mothers shoulder as she told her everything about Gary and Cathy, leaving out the part dealing with sex, bondage and their kinky past. 

Barbara Sue told her story, and her Mother listened, and much to Barbara Sue's surprise, did not say "I told you so" only said "Clueless, the damn boy is clueless." She said not to tell her dad or brother as they would go after Gary and do something they would later regret.

Her Mother listened, and finally said "Tough way to grow up Barbara, but you will be fine in a few days." Then she gave Barbara Sue a bath, and had Barbara Sue wash herself carefully. 

She was put to bed, and Barbara Sue slept fitfully. 


Barbara Sue graduated from her High School, and as she prepared to cross the state of Alabama for college in Oklahoma, she found that Cathy had been made pregnant, and there was some doubt to who the Father was. Barbara Sue had the satisfaction, a small satisfaction of watching her former best friend go from Prom Queen to welfare queen. Barbara Sue realized than Gary had taken her while she was totally unprotected. It could have been her that was now carrying a child.

There were now many times she refused to participate in sports or academic activities when she was very you. That did not change as she grew up and became a young woman. Her best friends were books. She spent many hours in the school library reading fiction while her parents had believed she was doing her homework.

A boy she knew while in the tenth grade loved to tease the girl that was a loner. The pretty one that spent all of her time alone in the library. On a dare several of his friends challenged him to give her some erotic books that were never in the school library.

One day he sat at the same table she was at in the library and started up a conversation. She did not want to talk as she was in a book by Herman Melville that had her full attention. Pressing her he was about to give up and decided to leave a couple books on the table for her. “These do not belong to the school, so do not give them back.” He left several in front of her and quickly walked away.

She had never noticed that young man before and did not know his name. She thought he would return and she finished her Melville novel and got up to leave. The books the boy had left were still there so Barbara Sue picked them up and placed them in her back pack and went home. When she was getting into bed after a shower that night she remembered the books the boy left. Getting into bed she took them with her and started looking at the covers. There were three by Ann Rice although she was using a non de plumb. They were the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.

Although they were not heavy BDSM they did present to her the first concept of Domination and Submission. She became fascinated and kept seeing herself in the role of “Beauty” in the three books. The next night she found several others that were dealing with that concept in greater detail. It was when she first read The Story of O that she experienced her first orgasm without so much as touching herself.

Again and again she read the books she had been given and each time she felt herself in the submissive role and became very aroused.

When several of her friends were getting their first computer, Barbara Sue talked her parents into getting one for her. She told them it was for school but actually it was to give her access to more of these stories of BDSM. When she logged into some of the web pages for the books, she discovered many pictures of women in various forms of bondage. That really turned her on and she would masturbate while imagining it was her tied to the bed or hanging from a rack.

By her senior year she had developed a full library of books, pictures and even many videos of women in submissive bondage. It was becoming her entire life. She never dated or attended any social functions, all she did was view her library and let her imagination run wild. The first change occurred when she graduated from her high school.

Barbara Sue moved in with her Aunt in Norman, and started college at The University of Oklahoma. Again she remained very much a solo person, living only in her books, pictures and videos. She wanted very much to find someone, a dominate man, that had the same fantasies she had and dreamed about for so many years.

It was while she was on the computer looking for some new domination and submission video that an instant message appeared on her screen:


She waited to see if it would disappear but instead she saw:

“Hello…are you still on line?”

In the small box below she typed her first IM. “Hello…”

“I am happy to see you still on. Have you found anything you like so far?” the stranger asked.

“No…just looking…” she replied.

“OK. There is some good stuff here on this site if you dig deep enough. By the way, I am Roy. Nice to meet you.”

Barbara hesitated and then replied, “I am Barbara. Nice to meet you.”

Roy answered right away, “I am into bondage and submission and just found a great book. It is called, “Bound in Love” and is about a woman that is only able to get turned on by being helpless. If that is of interest, take a look.”

Barbara thought it was definitely something she would like to read, but was cautious. “Sounds OK. Is that the kind of subject that interests you?”

“You bet it is… I am new at this but just the idea of having a woman bound on a rack or even in a bed really turns me on.”

Barbara was really getting interested. “Why would you want that? Isn’t that cruel to the woman.”

“I don’t know what you are looking for on this web page,” said Roy. “I would never hurt any woman or be cruel, but the idea of her helpless and me being able to play with her entire body really lights my fires.”

“I guess some guys would like that…” Barbara Sue answered.

“Well, tell me what lights your fires?” he asked very directly.

“I do not know you and I would say that was a rather personal question.”

Roy said, “LOL Damn right we don’t know each other and that to me says we can be open and honest with our feelings without risking being hurt or having friends or family know what is inside us.”

Barbara thought about it a while and tended to agree, “I guess you are right. I have never told anyone about my fantasies or as you say “’lights my fires’ but this seems a safe place to speak out.”

“Damn right. I don’t even know if you gave me your real name and you don’t know if I am Roy or Gene Autry! So, let it out. First, I am really a guy. Are you a woman or a man pretending to be a woman?”

Barbara had never considered that chatting would be completely anonymous. That freed her up to be more direct. “OK, I am a woman. My real name is Barbara. But I will not be too specific about the real me.”

“Good!” he replied. “I don’t care about your last name or where you may be, Alaska or Hawaii. Just answer my question. What lights your fires? I already told you what excites me.”

Feeling a little more open, she said, “I was reading a few books about women being placed into bondage and used and sometime abused by a dominate man. That does excite me.”

“Have you ever been put in bondage?” he asked her.

“No. I have only read about it.”

“”Why don’t you tell your boyfriend that you want to try it?”

Barbara was unsure how to answer that question. “I do not have a boyfriend. Have you ever asked your girlfriend if you could tie her up?”

“Sorry but I have never had the guts to tell any girl I dated what I would like to try.”

“I guess we will both have to just keep dreaming about it.”

He answered, “Guess so. But may I ask you a question?”

Barbara wondered where this was going. “You can ask.”

“Why would you want to be put in bondage and have a guy make love to you? Let’s say he ties you naked, spread eagle on a bed and plays with you until you beg him to do you.”

“That is quite a question.” Barbara hesitated before answering. “I really don’t know. When I think about it, it seems so wrong and even sick. Yet, when I close my eyes and imaging that happening, I get so hot that I often have a climax.”

Roy pressed her further and said, “Let me try something. I want you to sit back, close your eyes and pretend you are tied spread open on a bed. Then imagine what the Dom is doing to you and how it feels. I will give you a few minutes to really think about it then come on back and tell me what happened and how you felt. I will wait on-line for you.”

She did not answer but decided to give it a try. She got out of her chair at the computer desk and went across the room to an overstuffed Lazy Boy. Sitting in it she closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself bound in a bed.

Roy waited for over ten minutes for her to come back. He finally was about to give up and shut off the computer when an IM flashed on the screen. “Still there?”

He quickly answered, “Yes, I am here. Did you do it?”


“Well? What happened?” he could not wait for her to answer.

“OK. I imagined that a stranger came into my room and tossed me on my bed. He ripped at my clothing and pulled out several lengths of rope. He tied my hands to the head board and my feet to the foot of the bed. Once I was tightly bound he took a sharp knife and cut away the last of my clothing. As my bra was opened my breasts were free and he began playing with them and even pulling on my nipples. Next he cut away my panties.”

Roy interrupted and asked, “What did he do then?”

She said, “He got between my legs. He was somehow already naked, and he put his penis against my vagina.”

Again Roy interrupted, “Damn it he put his COCK against your PUSSY!”

“Yes, that is what he did. But I have a hard time saying it that way.”

“Will it make it easier if I tell you I am sitting in my chair and stroking my cock as you tell me?’

Oh my god, she said to herself. She never imagined him doing that. She was actually getting him excited! WOW, she got a thrill knowing her words could do that to some stranger. She continued, “He put his cock against the opening of my pussy and pushed the head in me.”

“Oh shit!” Roy typed. “How did it feel?”

“I was struggling trying to get an arm or leg free but could not move. His cock went deeper and stretched me open. I felt so helpless and was crying out for him to stop and let me go.”

“But you did not want that did you?” Roy asked.

“No, I wanted him to take me…”

“Hell, NO! You wanted him to FUCK YOU!” interrupted Roy.

“Yes. I wanted him to fuck me.”

“Did he? Did he get you off?”

Barbara realized what she was saying to a stranger and was shocked at the reality of what she was doing. Without saying another word she turned off her computer and shaking, went into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, she got into a cold stream of water and tried to forget what she had done. In her mind she kept seeing a strange man sitting in front of a computer and stroking his stiff erection. She knew that she had done that to some guy and could not forget it.


After two years of general studies, Barbara Sue still had no direction in her life, so she just did not sign up for the third year. She started working and after bouncing around from job to job, became a legal secretary for a major bitch in a mid-sized law firm in Norman. Ten months of working for the bitch had resulted in her being fired in November of 2006. 

Barbara Sue did not mind, she hated the bitch, and put her resume' online to see what was out there. A number of offers were made, and Barbara Sue accepted the one working for William Paulson as his Confidential Assistant. She moved to Oklahoma City, to live near her work, and took a small one bedroom apartment a couple miles from the University. Perhaps she would feel like going back to school one of these days.

Barbara Sue had dated some, usually business acquaintances, always looking for the nice guys, but never liking them enough to commit to any lengthy relationship. A few second dates, very few third dates, and almost no fourth dates followed the pattern of her life. Barbara Sue was living in her shell, and part of her was ready to break out. Her only sex was self-initiated, dreaming of the good times she had been with the rough bad boys in high school.


May 11th 2007: Barbara Sue stood staring at the damn door. It used to be called the basement door, now in her mind it was the damn door. It was solid oak, like all the doors in the house, but this one was always locked. The normal handle lock was present, but there was also a heavy deadbolt, which was driving her insane. A deadbolt for a door going from inside the house to a basement with no door outside was paranoid now wasn't it?

Barbara Sue worked in the house, forty hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, she was the confidential assistant to William Paulson, the internationally famous mystery writer. She had been working for Bill for just over six months, since she had been hired in November, and other than a few minor details, loved her job. Probably because she had fallen in love with Bill minutes after meeting him. Her attempts to flirt or make passes at him had all been returned or ignored, but Bill had never followed up on those verbal games. Occasionally Bill would stand very close to her, leaning over her to read something or explain the way he wanted to see something done, and Barbara Sue would feel her insides melt, and her heart would ache for the day when he would place his arms around her, and kiss her deeply. Barbara Sue was convinced the key to his heart lay in the basement. It had to, there was no reason for a deadbolt lock on the door otherwise.

Barbara Sue's job had her in the home office with him all day, and most of the time all she had to do was answer fan mail forwarded from the publisher. This was not as hard as it might seem as almost all the questions that people asked had answers prepared in snippets saved to the computer. Barbara Sue would personalize these responses into a quasi-form letter, which would then be printed, folded, and mailed each day. She had to arrange travel and hotels when he would fly off to do a book signing or some interview. The variety of tasks kept her from getting bored.

For the mailings, there was a stack of publicity photographs and a slick program that she would sign them in Bill's handwriting with whatever message Barbara Sue thought was appropriate. He fully trusted her with this task. She handled all of Bill's daily detail stuff so he could be by himself and write. Mysteries usually sell fairly well, and Bill's books were very popular, bringing in a large income. He had a dedicated fan base, because he never withheld a clue, always giving the key information somewhere. He would give you something terribly small, seemingly insignificant in the early part of the book, and then use it to solve the mystery later. This early vital clue, the one small detail, was the needle in the haystack that would solve the case. Bill was also good at giving you false clues, things that seemed important, or pointed to one character who was really innocent, Bill would usually toss in a couple of those to fool the reader and keep the interest high.

Among the few small annoyances in working for Bill was that he would disappear for the weekend twice a month or so, without any information on where he was going. She was specifically forbidden from calling his cell phone, and in case of an emergency, she could send a text message. An emergency being defined as death, dismemberment, or the house burning down. There was also that damn door.

Barbara Sue was working on solving that particular mystery, she was convinced she had clues to the mystery of the damn door. One just had to be a clue. For the past month, she had been working this clue and found nothing so far. Frustrating!

Six weeks ago, he had returned from one of his secret and reclusive weekends away, and Barbara Sue was in an outrageous mood. She was the confidential assistant, and supposed to be involved in everything, but he cut her out whenever he felt like it in certain areas. She had made this point before, and during this discussion with Bill, she pointed out how he was too valuable to disappear like that, and needed to work with her. His answer had been a clue, it had to be.

"Barbara Sue, I do not think you are really yet in the position to chastise me, just in case you had forgotten who the boss is." Bill had said ending the discussion.

Chastise, he had never used that word before, or since. He had never written the word in any of his books. It was not a word he used and Barbara Sue had searched all the texts of his books in the computer. It had to be a clue, it just had to be. There were other clues that said the key had to be here. In Bill's second book, the investigator was looking to enter a house, and told his partner "When you are trying to get into a locked house, look close to the door for a hidden key." In the book, they found a key, but didn't just about everyone hide a key within a few steps of the door?

Barbara Sue was currently in the library located across the hall from the basement door looking for the key, feeling that it had to be hidden here. The house was empty because Bill was off on one of his secret weekends. She had time to work the clues her handsome and fascinating boss had given her.

She looked behind all of the bookshelves she could reach, nothing. Perhaps behind one of the books, but there had to be at least three thousand books along the walls in this room. Some old, some new, arranged by a plan that only Bill understood. Which book would he have hidden it behind? Barbara Sue started scanning titles looking for Chastise or some other word that leaped out at her as significant. Barbara Sue followed the books from the left side of the door, and after covering half the left wall, gave up. It was getting too far from the door.

Going back to the door, she started on the right side of the room scanning titles again looking for something to leap out at her, and finding nothing. Looking at her watch, and noticing it was almost eleven, Barbara Sue sighed and decided to finish her days work, and go home. It was the one fringe benefit of his secret weekends; she was free to leave and go where she wanted to when she was done answering mail. Most weekends when she was free she would go to a local gym and have a strenuous workout. It kept her in good shape, her great figure and feeling good about herself.

Barbara Sue sat with her lunch, a small chef's salad, and finished printing the responses, and customizing the pictures, putting them in envelopes to be mailed out Monday. She put her computer to sleep, and standing headed for the front door slinging her purse over her left shoulder. Just as she passed the library, she stepped inside, wondering what she had missed, what had she just not seen. 

Barbara Sue walked around the large Library one last time, she looked around the room, waiting for something to wave at her and scream, "It is me, or I am the next clue." Nothing did, and Barbara Sue rolled her eyes in exasperation and started to leave. 

Stopping after the first step, she turned slightly to her left looking at a shelf. One book did not fit the shelf. The other books were brown, this one was blue. It was right by the door, and the blue book was taller than the brown ones. Squatting down Barbara Sue looked at the title, "Justine and other stories by the Marquis de Sade" was printer in faded gold letters on the spine. 

Barbara Sue pulled the book partially out and looked behind it, no key. Damn, well it was worth a shot. Standing and headed for the door again Barbara Sue resolved to put it out of her mind. Barbara Sue remembered reading that book in College. Her copy had not been a collection, but the story itself in a single novella form. Barbara Sue stopped in mid stride just short of the front door. Her book had been titled "Justine, or Good Conduct well Chastised." 

CHASTISED. "Shit" Barbara Sue said turning and dropping her purse. Rushing back, she pulled the book from the shelf and opened the cover. Inside was a table of contents, and Barbara Sue felt the rush of satisfaction on that victory. Chastise, yes it was chastised. Barbara Sue started to flip through the book, but it did not open right. The book was hollowed out, and inside the hollowed out area, a ring with two keys. 

Barbara Sue's eyes gleamed with triumph as she took the keys, laying the book aside on a table and walked across the hall. She smiled knowing that this was the key to the door, and the door the key to the mystery she had been living. Barbara Sue unlocked the deadbolt, and then the handle lock turned easily with the key. Opening the door, she did not notice the magnetic sensor built into the doorframe, which registered the movement of the magnet in the edge of the door. The computer did the rest six seconds later, sending a text message to the address in its memory. As Barbara Sue reached the bottom of the stairs to the darkened basement, Bill's cell phone had begun to vibrate the notification of a received message. 

Barbara Sue found the light switch at the bottom of the stairs, and turning the lights on, stood stunned and looked at the basement, no it was a torture chamber. There were iron cages, a leather topped table with several straps hanging from the corners, a variety chains, several whips of different length and thickness, bookshelves, and an incredible assortment of sex items. No wonder he hid the key in a book by the Marquis de Sade. This could be an excellent shrine to the sadist philosophy.

Barbara Sue stepped slowly around, looking at everything, feeling numb from the shock. She saw chairs that had bindings built in to the arms and legs, more bindings, both leather and steel hung from the walls and ceiling. Erotic art hung almost everywhere, and each one had a similar motif, a woman bound, granted they were artfully done, each picture displayed different bondage positions and style. Barbara Sue felt a small thrill rush through her as she remembered when she had enjoyed being involved in such things. However, she was never in such a professional dungeon like this one. Her hand rested on a table as she looked at a picture of a woman standing up spread eagle on a large wooden X, stretched taught by bindings on her wrists and ankles, another strap around her waist. That must have been a Saint Andrews Cross.

She turned and found her hand resting on a leather binding attached to a chain at the corner of the leather covered table. Her fingers danced across the chain, and for a moment she wondered what it would feel like to be stretched out across this table, and have Bill on top of her prostrated and helpless form. Her stomach tightened and her nipples stiffened slightly at this erotic mental image. 

Barbara Sue angrily shook this out of her mind. She did not do that anymore, and she told herself she was not going to be sucked back into it now. She had that demon purged from her long ago, when Gary had cheated on her and then abused her. Never again would she be helpless.

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