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A Lyndsay Licke Original Publication

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“I know you are watching me. Do you like what you see? Do you, Mom?!”

I know she is watching me while I take a shower.

It turns me on!

That’s why I made sure that I gave her a little show. Oh yeah, getting myself hot and horny as the warm water splashes all over my pert, tight teenage body. Down over my budding titties, down my flat stomach, running between my legs, soaking my tight, shaved cunt!

You like that, don’t you Mom?

You wanna fuck your girl don’t you? You want to suck her nipples. You want to eat her untouched pussy. You wanna break her, take her, taste her, push your tongue inside her.

You want to make her yours, stick your huge dildo into her so that she screams and begs for a hard fucking.

Don’t you?



I knew she was watching. I wanted her to.

I let the hot foamy water gush over me, covering me in slippy bubbles, my warm and lithe young body covered in the glistening water as it slipped down my limbs to the shower tray below.

The bathroom was full of steam, so that I could hardly make out the face of my Mom in the mirror. But I could see her well enough. Well enough to know that she had fallen for the bait. The bathroom door was open just enough. Not wide open. Not ‘come and watch your teenage step-daughter in the shower you big pervert’ open, just a crack, just a six inch gap. The kind of thing you could claim was entirely accidental. The sort of gap you could get away with if your Mom, her husband, might accidentally come across if he came home from work too early. You have to take care of the small details, if you are going to seduce a woman who is this close to home, don’t you?

I allowed myself the luxury of looking into her eyes, barely visible through the hot mist. The mirror was steamed up, so that it was like spying a face through the fog, but I could see, even at that distance, her wonderful steely blue eyes. She was peeking through the gap in the doorway at the same mirror I was looking at, the one that faced the medicine cabinet, the double door that I had carefully opened at exactly the right angle, so that if spied through the same six inch gap in the doorway, it would provide a full view of the see-through plastic shower door.

The one that I had spent the past hour cleaning, so that it would be as transparent as it possibly could be…

Small details.

I ran the shower head over my tits and upper body. I half-closed my eyes, luxuriating in the powerful jets that massaged my body, making my nipples stand out, hard and proud. I felt so turned on, so alive, knowing that she was watching me. It was the most erotic, sexiest thing I had ever done, in all of my nineteen years on this earth, and she hadn’t even touched me yet!

Still, I could allow myself the indulgence of fantasy, knowing that she was staring at me, unable to take her eyes from my tanned and lithe form, my budding titties, my long slender thighs, my shaved pussy. I closed my eyes, and started to run the shower head up and down my torso, each stroke letting the jets of water tickle and tease me. This was more than a shower, and so much more than just getting clean! I let her imagine that this was her hands up and down my perfect body, her kisses raining down on me, her hot fingers replacing the erotic jets. I felt up between my tits, squeezing my forearm in my cleavage, and running my hand up to my cheek. I let out a little moan, showing her that this was more than a shower. This was her private peep show. Her one-on-one.

I ran my fingers down again, feeling my firm stomach, painted nails on soft, light brown skin. Down and down, my hand leading the shower head, just ahead of where the water splashed onto my innocent body. Down to my stomach. Further still, to my upper thighs. I felt around my sex flesh, engorged and blood-filled, so turned on, dripping wet. The water ran between my lips, over my clit, tingling warm sensations shooting up my spine. I would make her want me. I half opened one eye, peering through the ever thickening mist at the bathroom mirror. She was still there, rooted to the spot, hardly daring to move lest she wake from the dream she must surely have imagined she was having. This was no dream Mom! Take it in. Take it all in. your baby is all grown up now. Ready for you. Ready for her fucking!

I slipped my hand up and down my lips and between my legs, feeling around the opening to my tight innocent cunt, imagining it was her lips that were diving between my fleshy parts, eating me out, like a yoghurt eaten without a spoon. I flicked my finger around my clit, fast and then faster, starting the rhythm that I knew I wanted, that I knew I loved. I held on to the shower door, pushing it with the palm of my hand as I worked my cunt with the other. I was close now, very close to cumming. My palm made slippy noises down the clear Perspex. I almost lost control. Faster and faster now, my fingers slipping easily in and out of my cunt, feeling the wet undulations inside me, wishing that they were hers. Her fingers. Her tongue! The shower head was on the floor, all pretense at washing myself now gone. It writhed around the shower tray like a dying snake, spurting hot water up onto my legs. I allowed my hand to slip on the shower door, so that it pushed apart from its twin, creating a gap through which my body could be more easily and clearly seen. Water splashed all over the bathroom tiles but I didn’t care. I wanted her to see everything. I pushed my body up against the gap, cold air hitting me. My fingers were thrusting in and out of me now like a jackhammer. This was it! I lost all control.

“Oh Mom Mom yes! Fuck me right there with your big strap on! Yes, I’m cumming!”

I almost collapsed onto the cold wet shower tray. Cum gushed from me, all over my hand, mingling with the water. I had cum for her. I opened my eyes, just in time to see the back of her head as she turned away. I think I saw something else too.

Her naked body!


This was what I wanted. Better than I could have hoped for! But there was still plenty of work for me to do before I could fuck her. I mean, right this moment she thought she was doing something wrong. She couldn’t know that the show was all for her benefit. As far as she was concerned, this was a dirty, sinful Mom spying on her teenage step-daughter, masturbating, tearing off her clothes as I played in the shower. There would be all kinds of emotions rushing around her cute, blonde-haired head. Her kind blue eyes would be screwed up with emotion, and her cheeks flushed with the rouge of embarrassment. I had to get this situation on my terms. Act while she was still turned on. Still hard. That was the only way.

I quickly stepped out of the shower and, dripping with water and shaking from my own orgasm, and the steps I was about to take, hastily pulled a fluffy white towel around my body.

I followed her to the bedroom, where she too had left the door slightly ajar. Was she playing with me, as I had just played with her?

I could see the light on, and her feet on the bed, toes curled up slightly. That was all I could make out through the gap. I pushed it open slightly. The view creeped up her shin, further up, to her knees, her lower thighs, and then as her door opened a little further, I saw what she was doing.

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