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A Man’s Guide On Preventing Sexocide

Keeping intimacy alive

By Just Lola

Copyright 2017 F.P.

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Straight Up

Let’s just get straight down to it, without all that saturated soppy talk that goes with trying to reason and describe a topic in depth.

This self-help booklet is the thumbs up of what women really need, want and desire when it comes to intimacy and sex and you can either get it, and get it on, or, you can just carry forward, doing the same old fucking boring shit you always do and wonder WTF went downhill just a few years into your relationship between Mrs. Partner and Mr. Penis.

OKAY, we have darn heck heard it a number of times…. MEN GET TURNED ON BY VISUAL STIMULATION. Yes, well that’s your thing and we get it, but now PLEASE FUCKING LISTEN to what is a woman’s thing and perhaps we can really make a lasting connection, both in mind and sweaty yearning bodies.

Read on for your own inspirations or share it with someone, male or female so that perhaps the something good that you do in this lifetime of yours, will be one for the relationship record books and not one that will leave you all alone on your bed pulling a quick one with your hose, before passing out semi naked on the bed with the porn DVD playing on shitting repeat!

To Approach or Not to Approach

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