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Bug Babe

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Bug Babe

Kelly Addams

Chapter 1

“Fucking Mozzies!”

Richard switched on the bedside light and blinking in the sudden brightness hunted for the annoying buzz that had woken him. Summer was always bad, and owning a house by the lake spelled all kinds of problems. The still waters of the lake weren't the trouble, it was the stagnant pools that dotted the surrounding woodlands, and the marshes that created issues. They were a breeding ground, every buzzing, crawling and biting insect called the place home, they all lived there, fed there and fucked there, laying eggs by the thousand to ensure that there would always be an endless supply of little biters to piss Richard off in the darkness.

Kate his wife sighed, she was far more laid back. They lived in a swamp, pragmatic she could accept a few bites, she certainly never made the same sort of fuss that her husband of three years did. “You won't find it.” she said quietly, “It's just going to hide until you switch the lights off.”

“I won't be sleeping now,” Richard replied, “I'm wide awake.”

Kate shrugged mentally and reached for her book, she hadn't been sleeping anyway.

“Well, if you're reading I might as well take another look at those plans.” Richard slipped into his light robe and knotted the sash. As a successful architect he often brought work home, he claimed the tranquillity of the lake setting helped him to concentrate, now he had a massive project, and if he would be honest with himself for a moment, it was that and not a mosquito that kept him from sleep.

“Suit yourself!” Kate wasn't exactly cold, but she refused to pretend that after three lonely years the rosy tint to her glasses hadn't faded... considerably.

Richard shot her a look, a mix of hurt and despair, but he had also grown, he knew that he couldn't give her what she needed and keep up with work. She wanted evenings out, long weekends away, holidays. He wanted the same, but common sense kept his feet rooted to the ground... career and money first... fun and leisure second. She should have been a trophy wife to a rich and successful older man, but she had agreed to marry him. Every day he walked on egg shells, a tightrope between work and a vain attempt to keep her happy.

“After I finish this contract we can chill a bit more,” he promised and offered a smile. Kate nodded and turned a page, she wasn't ignoring him... she had simply heard it all before.


She hadn't felt her eyes closing. It was one of those times when she jerked awake with a start, the book was still gripped between her fingers so she guessed that she couldn't have dozed for long. Downstairs she heard the soft tones of Richard's classical music. Boring as hell she maintained, but soothing sometimes she secretly admitted. Kate yawned and began to close her book, but suddenly something strange caught her eye. Her gown had opened and a full breast lay exposed, but that wasn't what had drawn her attention. Squinting she looked closer, her drowsiness dulling focus. “Well I'll be damned!” she gasped. Settled on her dark areola perched a mosquito, probably the one that had driven Richard back to work. Mildly shocked Kate studied the thin insect, its head was down, and a shrivelled abdomen and curved pair of hair-like legs pointed toward the ceiling. “The fucking thing is biting me... biting my nipple!” For a second she considered brushing the pest away, but just as she raised her hand she noticed just how erect her nipple was. “It's like rock.” she admitted, and with a strange voyeuristic satisfaction she settled back to watch the diminutive insect feed.

“Why am I turned on?” she asked herself as the shrunken abdomen began to swell taking on a distinct red tinge. Abruptly it lifted its head, the curved legs twitched, and with a pronounced buzzing it attempted to fly away. “Oh you are so full of my boob blood you just can't manage it.” Kate chuckled and swiftly swatted the pest between her palms. She studied the fluid red smear where the insect had been and smiled. “You got a meal... but you certainly paid a very heavy price.” Kate switched her attention to her nipple, now it was almost painfully erect and swollen, reaching up she touched where the bite was rising, deep inside a ripple shot through her core and she closed her eyes and with a soft groan pinched.

So many words flooded her mind, exquisite, fantastic, divine! But all that issued as a low whisper was a throaty “Fuck!” That single bite inflamed not only her nipple, it also lit a fire inside that she refused to extinguish, a secret fire that filled her days with adventure, shame and bliss.

Chapter 2

That first bite opened a door for Kate, a door that very few even consider opening... and it soon became clearly obvious that for the mosquito to settle on her nipple had been a many millions to one eventuality. While Richard worked Kate lay breathless listening for any buzz, she tracked the cruising insects by sound alone, lying perfectly still she exposed both of her breasts. They came, several of them. But would they settle on a nipple again? Frustrated she brushed a persistent critter away from her face, it would land on her skin, but stubbornly denied her a second erotic bite. “How the hell do I repeat a nipple bite if they refuse to land in the right place?” For long minutes she mulled over the conundrum, they were too small to hold in situ, she was relying on them selecting just one small portion of her body over the whole of humanity. “I have to find a way to guide them, attract them, or hold them in there!” The solution evaded her as she fell into a confused and troubled sleep, but of one thing Kate was sure, if it took her the rest of her life, she would repeat the experience... “It won't take that long.” she promised herself, and drifted away.


Richard had left for a meeting by the time that she awoke, and scratching a raised lump on her arm, frustratingly bitten while asleep, Kate shuffled through to the kitchen and began preparing coffee. A spoonful of French roasted hit the bottom of her cafetiere and boiling water followed. But her mind was anywhere but coffee, her nipple still tingled enticingly despite the swelling having disappeared hours before. It was memory and arousal that tingled so warmly. “How?” she questioned, and answered herself as she opened a cupboard to get a mug. Tucked away in a corner she spied a collection of tiny shot glasses, a gift from a client if she remembered correctly, but a gift that had been useless... until that very moment. It became crystal clear, and grasping one of the diminutive glasses Kate laughed. “I just have to get one trapped in here, then quickly transfer it to my nipple. Hopefully then it will just be a matter of time, I wait until it bites me.”

It probably won't be anywhere that simple she laughed as she stirred cream into her coffee. “But it's the best that I can think of right now!”


Attempting to convince herself that it really wasn't that important but she could look while Richard was at work, she wandered around the house looking into dark corners and behind heavy curtains, anywhere that she assumed a mosquito would hide. Her frustration grew as she found nothing. “There has to be one... at least one, somewhere!” her whisper came out heavy with frustration, she refused to acknowledge the fact but her nipples had been like bullets during the search, deep down she knew it was anticipation, yet still she managed to switch off that part of her mind and remain almost dispassionate. Moving a dress in her wardrobe a black body buzzed past her ear and Kate suppressed a small cheer. Swiftly she tracked the minute black dot as it buzzed slowly toward the bed, and heart in mouth she followed, the tiny glass in one hand hovering beside the flying insect, to the side her open palm waited to seal off escape. More by luck than judgement she trapped the mozzie at her first attempt, and felt rather proud of herself, to trap a flying insect... a tiny flying insect inside an equally tiny glass had been quite an achievement. Now she stared at the black dot as it buzzed angrily inside its minute glass dome. “Why not.” Kate whispered, and with extreme care she slipped a small square of paper between her hand and the rim of the glass. Moments later she lay on the bed with a breast exposed. Again, more by fluke that skill the glass soon pressed hard against her dark areola, its occupant stubbornly refusing to land. Kate flicked the side of the shot glass and her prisoner buzzed around for a few seconds before returning to its perch on the glass wall. Again she flicked, again it circled. “Oh yes,” she gasped as it landed and settled atop her solid nipple, “That's it little one... now bite me!”

For over ten minutes Kate waited. The mosquito just sat there... doing? “Fuck all,” she was forced to admit. It was only them that her lust clouded mind realised that never had she ever been bitten by a mosquito during the day. “You only bite at night.” she sighed forgiving the trapped insect for its lack of enthusiasm. “Well, don't worry, you just wait in there, after dark I guarantee you a treat.”

“So how do I scratch this itch?” Kate placed the shot glass and its occupant on the table beside her bed. “You guys started something last night, now I'm as horny as hell and you won't perform for hours yet.”

“But there might be another option!” Kate glanced out of the window at the surrounding trees, “I've never been in that damned forest without getting the shit bitten out of me, maybe now it's time to use that to my advantage.”

Her coffee finished Kate strolled back into the bedroom and shed her robe. “I just need trousers and a blouse for this,” she decided, “Deep in the trees, by the swamp, that's where I will find the bugs that bite, and then, I won't even need the blouse.”

Chapter 3

It wasn't until the trees surrounded her that Kate began to wonder just what the hell am I doing? But then her nipple began to tingle and a smile broke across her lips. “I'm trying to repeat that,” she chuckled, “I will tonight, that's for sure, but there are more bugs around here that bite than just mosquitoes, it will be fun exploring.” Deeper into the woodlands she wandered, it was a path that she had followed many times before, but that had been strictly for exercise, she hadn't paused to study the wildlife. “At least it's private,” she chuckled as her blouse came off and was tucked into the bag that she had slung over her shoulder, topless now she turned away from the path and began to pick a careful path into the swamp. Angry insects rose from beneath her feet, and for the first time in her life Kate didn't swat them away, instead she paused and offered her breasts. Flies settled on her, even an iridescent dragonfly paused on her arm for a moment to study her, but besides feeling the scurry of tiny feet Kate received no stimulation. Don't give up, don't despair she encouraged herself as she ventured deeper into the swamp and away from the path. A swarm of tiny gnats surrounded her and Kate grinned wide as they began to settle, many dived straight into her hair and began to itch her scalp, but enough landed on her exposed breasts, the swarm must have been hundreds strong, maybe thousands and Kate felt a shudder run through her body as she watched hundreds of black dots scurrying around on her chest. Her nipples had become like gently throbbing rocks, the insignificant bites did little to arouse her, but the sight of so many on her sent a flood of excitement into her underwear. “Do you want more?” she said as she glanced over her shoulder. “Why am I being so stupid?” she questioned as she unbuttoned her trousers and slipped them down to her ankles, Richard had inherited acres of land, she was on private property, not a solitary soul would be around to witness her nudity. Kate draped her slacks over a tree branch and quickly stripped away her panties, naked now except for a pair of tattered sneakers and ankle socks she gave herself over to the swarm which appeared to grow in density by the moment. “That's it,” she whispered as more gnats landed on her breasts, “Go on, I'm not going to hurt you... bite me!” Almost as though understanding her they set about the appointed task with enthusiasm, Kate felt them crawling over her skin, the sensation driving her to the point of distraction, thousands of tiny feet, hundreds of mouths sucking her, biting. “How can this be so fucking good?” her voice was small as the question emerged, never in her thirty years of life had she felt so utterly aroused before, she felt kinky, debased, ready for anything... and as horny as hell. “So what now?” Kate looked around, what appeared to be a faint animal track led away from her gnats at a tangent. “Explore,” she whispered and began to walk. The further that she wandered from her clothes the more adventurous she felt, she had left the nibbling swarm behind, now the air was clear and shiny blue and green flies buzzed around her. “How someone can change.” she said as a vivid metallic green fly landed on her stomach, instantly she paused and frozen still she waited. Quickly it buzzed away, only to circle and land again lower. Kate felt a flood of anticipation soak her pussy and blushed, she wanted it to land on her, she wanted to see it walking on her soft pink lips, she secretly admitted that she wanted to feel its feet scurry across her clit. “Go on,” she urged before she gently lowered herself down onto a tussock and spread her legs wide. “Taste that.” she encouraged as her fingers slid down and parted her lips to expose juicy pink. As if graciously accepting an invitation to dinner the fly buzzed a circled before landing on the back of her hand. Kate froze and held her breath, the insect paused before scuttling the length of her finger to finally settle right on the entrance to within, and there it began to sample her abundant juices. Kate sat there for many minutes holding her lips apart, other flies joined her original diner, “They are sucking up my pussy juices.” she sighed as several danced around her pink as though fighting for the best position.

“How can this turn me on?”

The question hovered but Kate didn't really care about the answer, she was horny, hornier than she had been for a very long time... and that was priceless, who cared about the root cause. “I want something that bites!” she declared. The tickle of tiny feet had been nice, but now she had decided that she needed a bite (or bites preferably). Scanning the surrounding undergrowth a smile slowly began to form, they weren't very easy to see, but her sharp eyes caught movement amongst the dead and decaying leaves of the woodland floor, a line of ants marched industriously in a line. Kate cast her memory back to a childhood picnic, a time that she had inadvertently sat on a nest of the spiteful little warriors. They had invaded her shorts and t-shirt as a swarm of formic acid and pincers, biting and stinging until tears had rolled down her cheeks and she had been forced to strip away her clothes and expose her shame and embarrassment. “Oh fuck I want that now.” she groaned and shuffling onto her knees she studied the line. “They are heading back to their nest,” she told herself and on her knees she began to follow the column. Slowly she crawled, studying as she went. Workers, small and active carried titbits and white eggs, stationed along their route stood sentries, heavier ants, bigger, their jaws formidable. Hesitantly Kate pinched a worker from the line and quickly transferred the trapped creature to her nipple. There it scurried round and around her areola, as though frightened to stray onto paler flesh. “Now bite me,” Kate crooned and gently pressed the ant against her nipple.

And bite it did. The survival instinct kicked in, the minuscule creature attacked the only way it knew how and sunk small pincers into the darker flesh of Kate's nipple. She winced, but only for a second, groaning she glanced down to see the tiny jaws locked on her, then she rolled back her eyes and gave herself over to the pleasure. “A soldier.” she gasped and quickly scanned the trail. There he sat, like some strange creature from a horror movie, all head and vicious jaws. Small but powerful she acknowledged, and before she could change her mind Kate scooped him up and pressed him against her throbbing flesh. Instantly she cried out, the jaws met savagely and the pain was intense, yet looking down at the soldier biting and spraying his caustic acid into the wound Kate felt her pussy flooding. “I want more.” she whispered and tapped her soldier encouraging him to bite with renewed vigour. “Follow them back to the nest,” she winced as his jaws obliged, and with a feeling of immense arousal she followed the marching column onward.

Now Kate didn't know that she followed a line of wood ants, a species famed for their fierceness when defending their home, but had she known she probably would have dismissed the good advice to leave well alone. She had a soldier chomping on her nipple and a burning desire in her soaked pussy, she wanted more, she wanted them to bite her wet cunt... and she knew that if they did she would probably drown half the nest as her juices gushed. The mound was modest in size reaching no higher than her knees, but as Kate spotted the entrance on the top she felt her legs begin to tremble. Hundreds of busy ants scurried in and out of the heap of leaves and pine needles. At the entrance soldiers stood sentry, and with a groan of anticipation Kate grit her teeth, and straddling the low mound she slowly lowered herself onto the entrance. Her dripping entrance pressed down, and the soldiers performed their duty, iron-like pincers closed on Kate's sensitive lips. She caught her breath and fought back a sob as tears broke free and trickled down her cheeks. Soldiers and workers swarmed from the nest and climbed her pale body, many stopped to bite, hundreds of tiny mouths working in unison to defend their home. Kate writhed and mewled, as she had forecast her cunt flooded, acid and powerful mandibles drove her to the very brink of orgasm, hundreds of tiny bodies covered hers, feeling her climax mounting and revelling in her very kinky and new found diversion Kate pinched the largest soldier that she could see, and with a gasp of pure ecstasy she held him against her swollen clit. As his jaws closed she cried out, her orgasm; thunderous.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” she sobbed over and over again as she came down from her high, “Oh fucking hell! That was the best ever!” Her lips numb from so much abuse she remained seated, her entrance glued to the mound, she imagined how it would feel to have them crawl right inside her. “I will find out.” she promised herself, “But not today, I have forever to explore, and there are millions of bugs out there, will try them all in time. But for now...” she laughed aloud and stood. “But for now, I'm going to take a few soldiers home with me, they are getting lucky today, they are going swimming, I'm turning my pussy into their own private pool... and tonight. Tonight I have a date with a mosquito, except it won't be biting my nipple... oh no, this one is going to suck on my clit.”

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