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Zoo Tales #12

Kelly Addams


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It was a cultural taboo, and forbidden on pain of imprisonment, or at best a severe beating back home in her native Uganda, but Prisca had never been able to dispel the alien sexual attraction that constantly stalked her feverish dreams. She had masked her feelings, and hidden behind a series of boyfriends... but there was something about the olive skinned Brazilian woman that pushed all of her good intentions aside.

I am not a lesbian she had told herself, that was about the only certainty she had concerning her sexuality. Nothing was clear cut, she felt attracted to men just as much as women which only added to her confusion, one or the other would have suited her better, exclusively male, or exclusively female... but this attraction to both? And it wasn't just her manager Carmen, although the attraction was much stronger verging on obsession or compulsion, no, the feelings had been developing since college. There had been another girl there, half Kenyan, a mix of both Ugandan and Kenyan Luo tribal blood, so dark skinned that she looked Sudanese, slender yet incredibly strong, defined and refined, a sensuous African figure... perky full breasts, impossibly slim waist that served to emphasise the size and shape of her full round ass. That attraction had been strong too, but Prisca had never explored or tested the water. Her own confusion was enough, but when added to the risk of admission in a society that refused to tolerate same sex relationships, and watched by a government that deemed her desires illegal, Prisca had swallowed her longing and thrown herself into a wholly unsatisfying relationship with a Luganda guy named Joseph.

But it's different here she told herself as she carried a tray of drinks to a table in her sector that was reserved for a couple who were overtly lesbian. The Europeans and Americans, they didn't hide their feelings, they weren't constantly checking over their shoulders fearful that the police had witnessed a stolen and forbidden kiss or touch. They were open, these white people, they showed pride rather that trepidation... Prisca had found herself in an oasis of tolerance and acceptance, and she had dared to dream.

And the object of her dreams and desires happened to be her manager, Carmen, a stunningly beautiful young woman from the favelas of Rio... and what gave her hope? It was the way that Carmen looked at her, her green eyes smouldering. Prisca may have been starved of experience, but words like obvious and blatant sprung to mind every time they made eye contact. No other woman lowered her gaze to focus on breasts, Carmen acted almost like the men...

No, her interest was obvious, and blatant... and welcomed, if only Prisca could bring herself to act upon her desires... if only beautiful Carmen would make the first move!

Chapter 1

Carmen felt a dark cloud hovering over her as she perched at the bar and watched her staff serving breakfast. The previous night had been disturbed, her mind racing as a battle raged inside her head. What she had done was sickening, and she felt so very sure that no-one would ever hear her story then place a friendly and compassionate hand on her shoulder as they assured her what she had done was perfectly natural and fine, and acceptable... and not at all immoral or degraded or reprehensible!

I wiped chimpanzee cum on my lips. I tasted it... and then I fingered myself with it!

Those weren't the actions of a normal person, so her enjoyment and arousal signalled that she was far from normal.

And how quickly it all happened, in a dream she had run her fingers through the sperm that trickled down the outside of her mosquito net, seeping through, coating her fingertips. Then I wiped it on my cheek, my lips... then shoved my sticky fingers inside me?

So where do I go from here? She couldn't exactly discuss her actions with any of the staff, not if she wanted to keep her job and a modicum of respect. That simply added to her confusion because she knew full well that by the time darkness fell again she would be ready for a repeat, she had promised as much. The alpha male was clearly aroused by her, or why masturbate and spray her with his semen. And I don't know what it is about me that turns him on... but tonight I will be naked, and I will not be covered by the net... will my nudity do anything for him, and will he attempt to cum on me while he has the chance... or did it hit the net last night by accident?

A small smile developed as she realised that her thoughts betrayed her, morality was insisting that she should feel guilt and revulsion at her actions, but pushing her morals aside she knew she was already planning her next steps with a guarded anticipation. Let me see how far Arthur the horny chimp wants to take this, is he really horny, or is it just a case of me being in the right place at the right time!

“Miss Carvalho?” A soft voice broke into her thoughts, and with the smile still playing on her lips she looked up and into deep chocolate brown eyes. It was the girl Prisca, the Ugandan with such a pretty face and sexy body.

“Yes Prisca?” she replied with warmth, the girl touched something inside, something that made her feel almost maternal, except no mother would dream of the things she imagined herself doing if she wrapped the naked black girl in her arms.

“Chef asks if he should end breakfast now and begin preparations for lunch?”

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