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I amble down the quite dark street, both my cold mitts inside my hoodie pockets. I lull in my tracks as I get a whiff it. . . I get it. Slowly, I take off my hood looking up towards the right. My eyes land on a grey tiny almost flat tent in what seems a dinky green area, a park? I march towards it as slowly as I can. But it doesn't take too long because I really can't seem to stop my felicitous yen. Before I could touch the tent to open the zip, I watch a small calloused hand pulling it down from the inside. A small boy steps out with half opened eyes. I stare at him for a while. . . another boy, maybe 9 or 11 years old pops his noggin out of the tent behind him. Yes. This's the one.

They stare at me then at each other. When the older looking boy's eyes land on my mouth, his eyes expand and he opens his mouth to yell. I kneel down in a rush and shush him with my mitt, pressing it against his trembling dry lips. I shake my noggin at him playfully smiling, then push him back in the tent.

Before I start, I break his neck to keep his screams silent. I spin around when I detect the small boy's scent is starting to fade. I jump to my feet and leave the tent. I mark the little boy not so far away, shoe-less racing to survive. I sprint and grab him for a moment and break his neck, dragging him back in the tent. Not that I killed him for his flesh, he doesn't smell good to me. I just can't leave any evidence.

I take my hoodie off revealing my old stained orange t-shirt. I join my mitts together then crack my knuckles as I kneel down next to the older boy. I take the boy's arm and let out a breath as I bite off a chunk of flesh.

After I finish my meal, I sigh as I look at the other boy that I have to swallow just to keep the place clean. I burn the tent leaving no evidence behind. I leave the place full of energy and satisfaction. Zipping the hoodie while I saunter, I caught and fall to the floor. I place my trembling mitt over my chest and endure the pain as my vision blurs. 


Chapter 2

Daria's P/O/V

I don't sleep much that night with the crazy thoughts in my mind. I don't usually roll my eyes and whisper to myself STOP DREAMING YOU IDIOT because I don't blame myself, not having a view further than the garden is a nightmare. Even our windows are so short that we can't see a thing out there. We don't even have TV or phones. Basically, we're not allowed to know anything out of this huge house.

I stay in my room for the whole day excusing myself that I'm seedy. I wait until midnight to escape.

When the time comes, I walk out of the room glad for not spotting my guard, I tiptoe my way to the back towards our garden.

I stop to observe the dark garden, I reel slowly towards my way out, the only spot where there's no ceramic wall behind the greens. I push the bushes out of the way so roughly that I feel my hands are about to break, not succeeding. I place all my body weight and push harder pressing at my lips and wincing while the mean branches dig into my skin. I fall to the other side on my face and moan as I feel a slight pain in my elbow. I jump to my feet looking around with widening eyes. What!? No guards!? All my plan was for nothing! I sigh somewhat angry for planning all that time long and happy for not facing any guards and obstacles this time.

Basically, I don't see anything yet, I take a deep breath feeling my freedom first as I adjust my tiny purple princess titled side bag. I look around and realise our house is on a hill.

"In your face losers! I'm the first to be out of that haunted house!" I scream, my mouth almost ripping with the smile.

I first take a look at the house then zip down the road, excited for what I might see and who I'll see. It's so bumpy that I ski and fall on my bottom and yelp. I get up with a giggle because everything seems so positive at the moment.

As I arrive at a spot where everything is clear, I blink trying to believe what I'm seeing. The huge wall separating the ghouls from us is incredibly massive, it's so long and almost taking over the city. I get disappointed when I see the dark city, it looks dead and sunken. I shrug to myself, it could be ravishing down there. I keep walking down the hill, ruffling my yellow dress gliding like Reeve, my head held high.

I stand still crossing my hands, in a quiet street. THERE'S NO ONE! and NOTHING.

"It's the middle of the night and it's Gulyabani city, it's normal. . . Right. . ." I tell myself. I sigh walking around wondering what I should do until morning because even if I find a place to sleep, I won't sleep with the excitement.

I stop in my tracks as I hear some gruttlin coming from an ally I just passed by. I walk back wondering if whatever's happening there'll make my time more pleasant here.

I take a turn towards the ally with a grin from ear to ear my jaw tight. I stop almost stumbling. My dress falling back on me. I stand staring, trying to understand the shapes and movements. I gasp for a breath and my heart misses a beat at the view. I wish to break from the shock and make my feet move and run for. . . for. . . for my. . . life I guess.


Chapter 3

Oldu's P/O/V

As I start inundation my teeth in the girl's guts, I hear footsteps. I stare up as quickly as a fly and freeze as I spot a girl at the far end. A very bright yellow dress lay still on her. I gaze at her confused with my full mouth. Our eyes meet and we both stare. . . She breaks into a run waking me up from my frozen position. I leave my meal dashing after her biting down at the tasty flesh in my mouth.

I lull at the end of the alley and glance sideways. She literally disappeared. I never ever lose someone. What makes me more confused for the first time in my life is that I can't even catch her damn whiff, and that's impossible.

I look around trying to find her but I can't see her at all. I spin around to start walking back thinking I might have left her behind. I ski to a silent lull when I see her sitting on the floor resting her back on the bin, her hand pressed to her mouth. I stare at her for a moment. If I didn't turn around I wouldn't have spotted her. She has her right hand on her chest and fear in her eyes gives me adrenaline. I slog towards her and she begins to shake. I squat before her and we stare at each other. I grab her by the hair and she doesn't even dare to yell. I pull her back towards my meal to finish her off. She starts mumbling as I drag her on the ground.

"L. . . pl. . . I. . . " I barely hear the letters from her. I shake her,

"Shut it," I demand. I throw her next to the dead body and sigh,

"See? My meal got cold cause of you! now I have to find another one." I inform her almost laughing when I see her horrified blushed face.

"I really hate cold food. . . " I tell her eyeing the dead body. I sigh as I realize I can't burn this body here in the middle of the street. I spot a sewer, I drag the body to it and push it in, falling with a loud wet thud.

"Great! problem solved." I remark delightedly to the girl and she ogles in silence, at least she's not loud. I take her with me to my tight house. I drag her down to the basement and lock her there until I think of what to do with her, she's way too mysterious to eat with a half-full belly.

I leave the house to look for my second meal. I feel powerless when I think about the girl taking some of my time and making me look helplessly for her back there. How can a person like her whiffle me!

I go back to my house with a full stomach and a satisfied soul.

Daria's P/O/V

I stop banging the door when I hear footsteps against the wood stairs I was dragged down through. My heart starts beating furiously waiting for the door to swing open. I miss a triple heartbeat when it does. The same boy walks in taking his hood off revealing an orange shirt. I back away almost stumbling on my long yellow dress. He sits down on a chair I just spotted. I jump stupidly when he utters a word thinking he'll attack me any second.

"So, what are you?" He asks glancing from wall to another then wiping his hands on his trousers. My mouth feels tight and dry, my tongue sticking. I can't say a word.

"I asked you a question snark." He implies in a tone as if he knows me, placing a foot on top of the other, his head supported by his two fingers now. Why does he look so calm. . . is that indicating he'll eat me?

"I'm. . . I'm Daria." I echo my voice wobbly, shaking as I remember the view I saw just a couple of hours ago. I lick my dry lips and swallow. God my chest hurts.

"So I know two stuff about you, your name's Daria and you're a true snark." He muses smirking, revealing his super white neat teeth. He can't be a ghoul. . . he speaks normally, not like he was locked in a place for a long time. Does snark mean rude?

"I need to know if you're human or ghoul or something else if there's, so I know what to feed you." He says stating with his hands. I stare at him with an open mouth trying to say something. He's wearing shoes, there are no supplies inside the walls is there? He stands up. Both my hands fly towards my face in protection. He walks out of the basement leaving the door open. I let my arms down, falling into crazy thoughts as I try to decide if I should run out or not. If I survived a minute with a ghoul, I can do anything.

I start walking slowly at the beginning then I break into a sprint. I bump into his hard rock body and fall to the floor yelling.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" I shriek repeatedly that my throat burns.

"Ah! Hahaha." He laughs at me. I grow silent my chest heaving. He bows down. A ghoul is just inches away from me! I'm very much dead. He hauls a black plastic bag, throwing it at me clumsily, resting his body against the door frame.

"Since I don't know what you are, I'll give you what I like most and hope you enjoy it as much as I do."

He runs on, pressing a smile then leaves. He closes the door behind him this time. I eye the bag curiously and begin opening it slowly afraid something might jump at me any moment.

"Ah!!!" I shriek throwing the bag away, coughing feeling a sudden pain in my chest with the effort I made to shout that high.

A . . . a heart of a human and a foot inside. . . I squat down placing my hands on my ears, and my breathing goes heavy and loud.


Chapter 4

Oldu's P/O/V

I bite my lower lip as I watch Daria beat her noggin through the keyhole in the wood door. Not a ghoul then. I walk up the stairs going through a maze of thoughts, she must be something! A rebel? But she doesn't smell like them. , I have to find out what she is quickly before Guru shows up. I lull in my tracks in the dark stairs and smile as the perfect plan comes to my mind.

I wait for her to wake up with patience, I have always been patient, had to. I walk down the basement as I hear her banging the door and screaming.

I open the door. She throws herself on me and starts beating me up. I don't even flinch at her actions. I sigh holding her punch an inch away from my face. I laugh bitterly as I see her wide eyes looking back at mine.

"But I watched karate lessons. . . " Her firm voice declares glancing sideways. I let go of her,

"We're going out," I tell her walking away. She's still frozen in her place so I break a little treat.

"I'm gonna decide if I'll let you go or not so you better follow me snarky." With that, I hear her footsteps bang on the stairs slowly but firmly. I introduce myself as Guru. . . I shouldn't but it might turn out interesting.

I take her to an empty far hill, park on the right and buildings on the left and ask her to wait there for me. Surprisingly, she does. Well, I went to a house straight in front of her so I was close enough to follow her if she runs. I bring a young boy to her and throw him on the floor. She looks down at him, gripping her yellow dress up as if it'll get dirty. The boy tries to stand up but I knock him down.

"Kill him," I order. She gazes at me with sharp eyes silently, looking like a ghost. I nod kneeling down beside the boy grabbing his neck ready to snap it.

"WAIT!. . I'll do it." She implies quickly. It takes me a few seconds to recognize the lie that rolled on her tongue just to protect another human,

"Nah, you won't." I let out cheaply and break his neck. My eyes glued to hers.

"Now, last chance. . . EAT him."

Daria's P/O/V

I look down at the recently killed boy trying to avoid eye contact with Guru.

What should I do!?

I lick my lower lip kneeling down beside the dead boy letting my long hair fall on my face so I can steal some glances towards the street. If I don't save myself now, I'm as dead as this boy. I close my eyes shut tightly and try to bear my pounding headache.

"Ah!" I yell as I order my feet to run. In a couple of seconds, I get hope as he doesn't catch me. My breathing speeds up, my purple bag thumping at my hip as fast as my heart and I feel ill to my stomach but I think I can lose him! I can do it! That dreamy thought was cut out so soon. My long hair fails me as it's snatched, I fall back hard my right hip colliding with the ground and I want to shriek. I study him kneeling down, his face inches away from mine. I shudder trembling as I watch uncolored veins start to form around his mouth. They grow like fat spaghetti on his skin. . . I stop my breath to concentrate on his face, it's the first time I see what my father told me about ghouls. It's so. . . Before I could yell or act, he bites down my cheek and I beat the ground with my fists as pain slices me as a work of art.

My view becomes hazy, I feel like dying as he gets off me roughly his teeth snatching my cheek off as if he's dragged away. I stay still waiting for more pain but get none. I move my heavy head to the other side feeling as if half my head's missing. I see Guru on the ground with someone on top of him beating him with all force.

"Beat him up." I squeak shocking as metal liquid shuts the air from my lungs. I jerk standing on my knees to let the blood out of my mouth and start to walk away. Just to get away from this place. . . anywhere will be better. I get the urge to yell when someone holds my shoulder stopping me but nothing comes out my bloody mouth. I fall to my knees swallowing metal fluid as I realize it's Guru. I just completely freeze like a doll. Guru takes my arm and shakes me.

"Get up!" He yells somehow his voice different, firmer, can't tell if it's just blood rushing to my ears or it's actually different.

"P. . . let. . . " I try to talk but words fade in the missing cheek. He looks around then picks me up carrying me on his shoulder like a sheep, then starts to jump me up and down as he runs, my stomach pricking with his shoulder.

"You'll be okay, I'm not Oldu. Just try to relax." I hear him say and the only thing I want to complain about is how am I supposed to relax with all this jolting and shaking.


Chapter 5

Daria's P/O/V

I try to sit up but pain pierces through my head.

"Just keep laying down." I hear a voice similar to Guru's slightly panicky. I start spinning my eyes trying to see who it is and where am I.

"It's okay, you're safe here. You won't be able to talk for a while though." He speaks with an elated soothing voice.

I bring my hands towards my chest trying to ease my quick heartbeats. I start to moan as I feel lancinating pain in my head. Guru takes my arm and pulls my sleeves up. I really don't care what he's doing at this moment, all I care about is getting rid of the pain. I feel a pinch in my arm as he pushes a syringe in my veins I guess. I mentally smile as I feel dizzy then the pain fades with my concessions.

I bite into wakefulness with a bumping headache. I sit up looking around, feeling my face swollen and my eyes watery. I'm in a sun-lighted room with a red-white curtain on a Large window. I pull my hand up towards my cheek and try to feel it. I've got a bandage all over it. I poke it trying to see if it hurts. I wince at the slight pain.

I get to my feet effortless and walk towards the window, brushing off the curtains. It's a bright sunny morning. I peek down, learning I'm on a second floor maybe, a few people fill the street. . . tables and sets filled with items and. . . fruit. Oh golly! It's a market! I place both my hands on my mouth at the urge to sneeze and thankfully it comes out faintly. I need to get down there, my god!

I tiptoe my way to the door. Taking a deep breath and immediately regret it because of the rotten smell around, I press at the door handle twisting it downward as quiet as possible. My breath cuts as I spot Guru sitting on a couch watching. . . TV. I stay still as he looks up at me and smiles. No. . . not smile, but smirk.

"Glad you woke up." He says waving at me with a HI. I cross my eyebrows in confusion. I peek at the amazing TV then back at him. He looks like Guru but this's a different house and he has a different pair of an outfit. I scan the room and spot a door. It might be the way out. If I run, he'll be able to catch me. . .

"Will you let me go?" I ask, able to talk with the bandage. He chuckles turning off the TV. Ghouls laugh? My heart sinks a little because I really never saw one besides in old pictures of my mother and other. He jumps to his feet and I throw my hand in front of me in a knife wrist ready to hit him. But my body softens as he playfully marches a bit towards me with a serious face that makes my heart beat quicken. Please, no veins. . . please.

"You must never talk about what happened last night ok?" He warns me as I eye him wondering if I should act in my angry tone or be polite in case he decides to eat my other cheek.

"Why not?" I ask reverently backing away at his smell, knowing if he decided to do something he'll do it easily so I have no power against him anyway. He pushes his hand in his tangled mid-length dark bluish hair, that looks like it's been cut with a razor, pushing it to the back.

"Can't say, don't trust you yet." He says biting his lower lip softly. I kind of chuckle nodding in a mocking way.

"YOU don't trust ME? it has to be the other way around, you're the one who attacked me, Guru! The cannibal who bit my cheek off. . . " He looks sideways then smiles tensely,

"Uh. . . how do you know my name?" He asks jumping from foot to another, rubbing his hands against his jeans.

"Uh. . . you told me." I utter wheezy looking at him my chest tight.

"I never told you. . . this's the first time we speak." He remarks with a sigh.

"First time? We spoke when you prisoned me in your basement and when you bit off my cheek." I inform him.

"Uh, that was Oldu. It wasn't me. Did he tell you his name was Guru?" The guy asks. I nod,

"Yes, he told me his name is Guru. . . then, uh, you're not the one who bit my cheek?" I ask him. He shakes his head.

"No, it was my uh. . . twin brother." He mourns disgruntled. Twins? ghouls can be twins? They're so identical.

"So, you're a human right? Gu. . . uh Oldu is the ghoul?" I ask. He lives here then he's human right?

"No, I'm a ghoul too." He implies walking back towards the sofa. I look from side to the other then back staring at him.

"I know what you're thinking." He says with a grin. My mouth falls open and I feel my forehead creases.

"Ghouls can read minds?" I ask crossing my arms over my chest as if trying to hide my thoughts.

"What? no! I meant that I know that you're thinking, I'm a monster and I kill humans for no reason just like Oldu." He retails sitting in a cross position. I let out a breath relieved, I put my weight on my right leg trying to rest the left one. I eye the sofa, should I sit?

"Take a seat." He says pointing at one of the chairs in the room corner I just spotted. I look at him suspiciously. Did he just read my mind?! I just sigh walking towards the chair,

"Anyway!" I jump up at his raucous voice. I take a seat.

"What are you?" he asks with a curious look and a puppy grin.

"Human. . . obviously." I say stating with my hand gesture. He shakes his head playfully,

"Nope, can't smell you." He says sniffing in a funny way. I smile, he sure acts like a human.

"I don't know what you mean by smelling ME but I'm 100% sure I don't eat humans." I rail looking up confidently.

"You're not a ghoul as well. And no, you're not a human! You must be bumfuzzled but. . ." He says making me somehow frustrated.

"Sorry!? I'm human!" I bark.

"No, you're NOT!" He chirps chuckling.

"And I can prove it!" He confirms getting up rapidly, rushing towards me making me back away in my seat. He starts to untie my cheek bandage making me wince at the slightest pain. Ghouls know how to work with bandages? I sneeze as I itch my nose from a weird strong smell, like molded bread or something. Guru peeps at me with a raised eyebrow then shrugs as he pulls off the whole bandage. He steps away with a Whoa face and I touch my cheek curious and afraid. I can feel nothing missing or a cut. I jump to my feet, Guru points towards the room knowing I'm looking for a mirror. I storm inside the room and look around, I hurry to the square mirror as I spot it on the wall. I freeze in front of it as I see my hallow reflection. I touch my cheek trying to see if there's the same feel as much as how it looks. . .

"Please do tell me, would a human have that?" I spin at Guru's voice then look back at my reflection hoping to see something else but it's still the same disturbing image. A red line flows from under my left eye making my dark circles disappear, two slashes in the middle go along on my pinkish nose. My whole cheek that was ripped off is back with some weird red vein lines go up to the back of my ear.

"What on earth is this? Are ghouls contagious?"


Chapter 6

Daria's P/O/V

I drag my hand on my not so soft anymore cheek and feel those red veins with fear trickling its way to my heart. It's bumpy and swollen as I poke it. I back away from my reflection as tears form in my swollen eyes. I rotate my head looking at Guru for a pleasant thing to hear. He just stands there with arms crossed with a snoopy look glued to his clear face. Of course, ghouls don't know how to be nice. I fall to my knees cupping my face to hide my monster things.

"Look, we'll find out what you are. And I don't think it includes eating humans so just calm." He stated with a giggle at the end.

"Maybe I'm predative on something worse. . . " I sob as the regret of leaving home hits me like a storm. I ignore a deafening noise as I moan in regret.

"And, we're NOT going to find what I am, we're going to find out how to remove these." I allege.

"Uh. . . I hate breaking this to you right now, but we need to leave." Guru urges. I look up feeling my face dry aback.

Guru starts picking some stuff in a rush gazing at the window each second. I halt to my feet looking around between Guru and the window trying to spot something out of ordinary.

"What's going on?" I ask jumping away from my spot as he pulls a jacket I was steeping on without sense. He grabs my hand jerking me off my feet into a run.

"Are we going to see the market?" I ask him. He doesn't mouth a word as he takes me out of the house and we start running between the fruit chariots in the market, covering sheets strung up high with triangle and round red leaflets with symbols. . . I almost stumble as I step on a rock and realize I'm not wearing my sandals! Whoa golly! The ground is designed with yellow tiles in a pattern I can't make out. Guru keeps me on my feet looking back every now and then. I eye him quizzically,

"What are we running away from!?" I echo my words fading with our speed, taking a left. He skis to a stop making me jolt into a bumpy stand. I look at him with an open mouth and heavy breaths, then at where he's gazing at. I shut my mouth gritting my teeth as I see Oldu in front of us with a smirk crossing his arms.

"Nice to see both of you. What's that Daria on your cheek?" He says mused, he actually remembers my name. I strain my hand over the new art draw on my cheek as I sneeze. Did someone see my face in the market?

"What do you want!?" I bellow getting fed with a disbelief gaze from Guru. The veins around his mouth answer me as they start to appear.

"Oh-ow, it's feeding time." Oldu muses.

"What? but there are people around the corner?" I say. Someone will catch him being a ghoul. . .

I brace myself as I see Oldu charging towards us. My eyes widen as he kicks Guru stiffly. I spin around watching Guru on the ground in agony. I should shout for help. . . Oldu grabs me from the back of my hair and I yelp at his rough grip. My hand falls off my cheek grabbing the roots of my hair to ease the pain. I breathe in as I see Guru punch Oldu making him fly and me with him halfway before he lets go of my hair. Screeching against the ground. I get on my knees shaking as I feel all my body parts are broken. I glance at Guru in disbelief as I see blood on my hands and many red scratches. I stand shaking at the pain walking towards Oldu watching him wipe off his blooded lips with playful joy giggling staring at his blood.

I JUST HAD ENOUGH ALREADY! I purse my lips together as I squeeze my hands in balls. I stop inches away from him before I charge towards him. I count to three and punch him in the face making it look squashed. I step away sneezing once, twice, thrice as some of his blood splashes over my face. I look back up. . . his face isn't squashed, it was just my imagination. I only got his nose to bleed. I back away in disgust wiping my nose trying to get rid of a weird odor coming from him. . . I sneeze again, this time. . . blood pours out of my mouth and it burns my lips. . .        I yell trying to wipe it off. . . whatever kind of blood this's. . .    


Chapter 7

Daria's P/O/V

"Ah! It burns. . . " I sob wiping my jaw. I don't pay much attention to Oldu and Guru but they both stop moving as they gaze at me. I grab the bottom of my dress then start scrubbing the blood off my face and hand. I breathe heavily as I wipe it all off. I lust for some explanation despite the perplexed looks I receive from Oldu and Guru.

"Can. . . Can you back away a bit? You guys smell so strong." I imply.

They look at me quizzically and I just shrug at them with my hand, getting up. Guru walks towards me with his hand stretched to me. Do ghouls offer help? Before he could make it near me, he gets kicked away by Oldu. I watch him next to me.

He glances at me with a smirk plastered on his face. He drags his hand. . . just an inch away from my face. . . I yelp as he falls with a sudden hit that makes ME fall backward as well. I choke as I try to breathe from the impact. I gaze up. . .

It's a guy with a very very shiny bold, he's wearing shorts with a long coat that gives him a clown look, he stands a foot away from me. Before I could eat more of his looks, he points a gun at me and grey fog comes out from the hole.

Guru's P/O/V

I try to flick open my eyes but they're shut with a blindfold. I get a boomed heart beat as I remember what happened back there. . .

Flashbacks. . .

I try to run away when I see Choego with Daria. I rotate as fast as I can running away on my legs putting hope in them. I'll deal with Daria later. . .

My mouth falls open in slow motion as I see my legs fly in the air before me as a hand grabs my shoulder. The air gets knocked out of me as he squeezes me to the ground making me moan in a whisper at the pain. I start shaking as I see Choego's old frightening face look back at me with those red eyes. I thank god as he hits me rapidly making me drift away. No pain for now. . .

Back to the present.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" A random person's scream. I start vibrating as I hear pain dissolve into screams echo away. I grit my teeth as I remember those days. . . Humans! Humans! Humans! They only die once. . . but sometimes, the worst take the longest time to die.


Chapter 8

Daria's P/O/V

I inhale sharply at the reeking air around me. I lift my heavy head upwards to see something but it's way too dark. I don't feel a blindfold or anything though. I try to move a little but I'm paralysed with cold metal bonds around my body, I start spinning my head trying to see where am 'I and why I'm restricted like this on which seems to be a table. I freeze as I hear heavy footsteps coming towards me. I try to breathe as quietly as possible but my heart is doing a terrible job. I aw as sudden lights blind me. I try to open my eyes a little to peek around. My mouth dries up when I see the same guy who beat Guru and. . . Oldu stands in front of me.

"What's going on!? did you save me from the ghouls?" I ask non-stop. He keeps his boring stare as he hears me, fat under his undefined jaw and heavy creases on his forehead form like cake frosting.

"I asked you. . . !" Before I could continue my sentence, I get a bulky slap from him that makes my face feel squashed. I glare at him with deep narrowed eyes as pain dissolves into hatred. I eye his hands with crossed eyebrows. He's wearing gloves. . .

"Oh yeah, not a fan of touching ghouls." His voice calm.

"Excuse me? How dare you!? I'm not a ghoul!" I shriek. He strikes with another punch that makes me quite for a while. I peek at him. My stomach roars, letting me know a diarrhea is on its way as I scan him choosing something out of a big bag set of cutting tools. Before he comes anywhere near me I begin to panic about the panic I still didn't go through,

"Wait, what are planning to do? what do you need that thing for?!" I start wailing in fear. He looks up at me with his same dull expression, eyes heavy as if he had done this millions of times before.

"Need a sample of you." He notes not caring at all. My head starts thumbing really hard that I feel dead already. He takes my bonded arm roughly with his gloved hand garbing my index finger. I breathe really really loud at the thought of the upcoming pain. I try to beg him again but no words help me.

I don't scream as my finger snaps off my hand. . . I just stare at him with wide eyes trying to let the air out of my body but I forget how to breathe. My vision blurs with tears as I see him walking away with my bloody finger. I get acrimony, like the sight of poking a dead mouse, it's flesh making slimy noises but instead a human. Now that he left the room, the pain strikes. I start screaming and twisting in pain as tears fall on my face. . . not my familiar face, my new veins red lined face.

"AHHH!" I hear myself yell. If I just stayed home! that wretched life is way better than all this heart failing moments rather.

Oldu's P/O/V

I laugh hysterically trying to hide my pain and anger.

"You see old friend, I really really don't know anything about her. She's just a piece of meat to me." I muse trying to sound dulled by this.

"Oh come on, we both know she's not just a piece of meat to you. What happens when you eat normal humans? We know the answer to that right. What we don't know is what happened after you chucked her cheek?" Choego nags walking in circles lifting his eyes at me trying to see a flick of my diverse expression.

"I told you it was just like normal. . . " I ended tiredly. I swallow as Choego lulls marching. I know a lot of pain is followed by this. I'm done. . .

"I. . . I swear she has an ordinary taste. . . I. . . I. . . don't believe she's a ghoul, maybe she has a human disease?" I offer in a pleading tone as I eye him fetching in his old tools bag.

"I don't believe that, she has an abnormal cheek, and one of our ghoul friends said she doesn't smell like anything. . . " He stated while shaking his fleshy big noggin as he marches towards me. Darn, this jollux is in it for me.

"Then why don't you let one of your ghouls eat some of her!? They'll tell you! I might have not tasted something different cause of. . . " I swear under my breath at the most idiotic suggestion ever!

"Great suggestion. . . I'll do that. . . " He mumbles in an urge as he runs out of the room.I get a swimming vision as I make out what'll be the outcome of this. They'll know I lied. . . and make me pay. . . pay so much for it. Dung it!

Guru's P/O/V

I keep shivering at the coldness that hits my body playfully. They've put me in a freezer. I clung to myself as much as I can, feeling the short sleeved shirt underneath. My back is about to snap with the effort of shivering. Yes, I'm a ghoul. . . but I get hurt as well just not as fast as those bloody humans!

I wonder what Oldu and Daria are going through right now. . . I don't wish this on anyone. . . besides if they were humans. . . and I don't consider Daria as a human. She still never hurt me. . . Unlike everyone else. But who knows? they all play that *I'm a human* role then welcome you to their monster self. I shudder as I hear a loud scream. . . a scream that says a thousand words. Another louder one follows, the same person. I clench my teeth as I notice who's voice it belongs to. . .



Chapter 9

Daria's P/O/V

I dig my fingernails in my palms trying to reduce the torment I'm receiving.

"Enough!" I hear in a hazy way as if I'm underwater. I gasp again at the third bite I get from her. . . the ghoul. My faint crying was disturbed by her and the bold man moments ago, I have no idea why they're letting this woman eat me. And no, the biting pain wasn't enough, the blood that pours out of my wounds burns me like a blazing fire on my unharmed skin as it spreads over my body. I hear the bold man yell in annoyance as he grabs the women with one hand knocking her on the floor. I gulp and take a deep breath in a vibration way as I try to move, slip down from the table since I'm not glued to it. It felt like a million needles all stabbing me at once.

I manage to sit up with a miracle, I look down at my body in shock, now a disgusting, steady, stream of blood was pooling out of me. I bite down my lip and hold the sea tears back. I'm going to die. . . I didn't even say goodbye to everyone. Tomy will be shocked.

"Help me. . . " I whisper looking up at the metal door as I get an indescribable feeling of excruciating pain that left me with energy too little to even let out a shriek. I look down at my hand getting knocked down with the outrage view as I gaze at my hand. I sniff in the water in my nose. The finger that was cut off previously now is replaced with another one. . . no not the same normal one. A finger with a dark pink polished nail. You would think I'm out of my mind because of the pain, but seriously, where on earth and how did I get a pink polished nail?! and how did I get a finger!? I feel numb as I see a long red line goes up my arm. Veins. . .

"No. . . no no! not more of these!" I yell.

Before I could examine my new red line, I get pulled away with a rough grip making me lose balance, the bold man lays me on the table again with his lips pursed and his tiny eyes squinting. I lounge my arm at him once and stop. I don't have the ability to struggle. He bonds me again like a plastic bag then walk towards the ghoul women.

"So!? What did she taste like!? do you feel different!?" He shrills desperate.

"It. . . It. . . it burned my throat but tasted like nothing I ever ate!" She replied joyful, a wide smile on her blood pouring face. She does look like a proper ghoul. . . the poor outfit, dirty, looks like she hasn't showered for a while, veins, and blood all over her.

"Burns but tasty! want more!" She keeps repeating. I jerk up as I hear a crack. I just try to breathe as I hear her body drop to the floor lifeless.

They take me out of the room, I don't bother to walk, leaving them to drag me with a blindfold on my eyes. I'm so tired. . . so exhausted. . . so . . .

They stop and I sneeze choking at the strong familiar odor. I moan as they get my blindfold off. I immediately vomit in front of my knees. My eyes burn when I look at a lot of poor dressed sitting people. I gasp for air watching the disgusting pool of blood underneath me. This's the second time I throw up blood. . . a lot of it.

"Hmmmm, you get a nosebleed when there's only one ghoul but vomit blood when there's a bunch of them and your eyes burn as well. Interesting." I hear the bold man say making me confused.

"These people are ghouls?" I ask trying to waste time. He nods slowly and walks towards me.

"What exactly do you want from me? do you even know who I 'am? Do you know who is my dad?" I dare him with a firm glare.

"I don't really care, all I care is to know what are you." He speaks coldly.

"I'm your upcoming nightmare that's what I 'am, you dog!" I growl. The guards jerk me roughly at my statement.

"Anyway, you'll be free in a couple of minutes so please be patient." The boldly requests. Is he serious!? After he does some types and gets a phone call, he asks the men holding me to cover my eyes again as they take me away.

They throw me on the hard ground leaving me alone. I stay still for a while making sure they left, then urge taking the fold off my eyes. I look around short of breath. It's getting dark. . . I see Guru laying on the floor shivering and Oldu near him, blood pouring out of his head. I crawl to them, I place a hand on Guru. He's colder than ice. I peek at Oldu who's twisting and moaning. I look up trying to see where am I. I stand up giving my cuts a pinch of salt. With a last glance at Guru, I walk away.

"No, wait. . . " I spin around to see which one of them spoke. I watch Oldu getting up to his feet. I keep walking away, peeping at him.

"I'm going home." I below.

"Wait!" He shouts, his voice giddy. I rush my steps. I take a turn to an ally. . . I freeze.

"Hey!" Oldu shouts looking for me. His steps stop, I feel his presence behind me.

"What are you two doing here?" I utter, my chest not finding enough air. Tears squeeze out of my eyes. . . I try to find words whilst I eye them both, Jaydon and Tomy. My brothers. They followed me out!

"Take me back. I don't li. . . " Jaydon cuts me off.

"Shut up! Just shut up you idiot." He reprimands his voice harsh.

Tomy makes a sudden approach and places his hand on my shoulder. I try to smile but he gives me a push and I stumble to the right falling to the ground into a pool of urine-scented water. I blink rapidly trying to process what's happening. What's with the tight black trousers and boots. . . jackets and everything? Both my brothers face Oldu. And I flutter at the thought they're actually helping me. My fingers tingle. As I see those familiar veins appear around Jaydon's mouth, I glance at Tomy. . . it draws on his skin too. My chest crushes, I should get up, run, leave. . . anything to stop looking at this. But my eyes don't even blink. I glue my eyes on them, trying to connect the picture, those kinds of veins only appear on a ghoul when they're just about to eat. . .

Why on earth do they look like GHOULS??!??


Chapter 10

Daria's P/O/V

So basically, both of my brothers and Oldu snarl at each other.

"Nice to see you two again, what's up." Oldu muses rapildly with the plastered smirk on his banana face. . . whoa. . . again? When did he see them? How come he knows them. . . I give a glance to my brothers making sure it's them.

"Well, it's not nice seeing you again Oldu." Jaydon shoots words in a malicious tone, from that rude mouth of his. Did he just say nice? How is this anywhere near nice? I look from one to another. Jaydon motions his head my way. Tomy slogs towards me. He grabs me by the arms, pulling me up on my feet. Before I get the chance to say a thing he drags me away, not caring the moment I stumble over a sharp piece that pricks my shoe-less feet and fall to my knees, he keeps skiing me making my already hurt skin scratch over the ground. He pelts me in a big van, bigger than the one I remember seeing in pictures at my dad's library. I position myself in order to ease the soreness of my wounds, scrutinising my brothers. They load Guru's unconscious body followed by Oldu, moaning as they throw him effortlessly and efficiently.

Guru's P/O/V

I flick open my eyes, blinking a couple of times as they stick together. I feel an awareness, I know I'm awake, though I don't want to be. I feel numb, but I welcome joy as I realise I'm not in a freezer. I let out a silent breath as I recce Daria sitting somewhat near me. She looks down at me, her baby face disturbed by the red lines. She opens her mouth to say something, but all that comes out are deep, gut-wrenching sobs that convulse her, making me huff at her view. Her orange eyes are sagging with tirdness and purple smudge is beneath her lashes. The blood running down her nose doesn't look as if it's bothering her anymore. She buries her head in her lap, and rocks back and forth hugging her knees to her chest. Is this the girl dad told me about? Should I be scared of this? For some reason, I feel pathetic looking at her.

I lay back, closing my eyes again thinking of bad times as I jerk up and down. . . I snap sitting up, I smell them! I halt to my feet looking around me pushing back my pain and drama feelings. I'm in a van. . . I bounce towards the doors. I fly back and fall to the floor. The van halted. I grit my teeth as I smell them. . . walking around us.

Daria's P/O/V

I look up as the Van doors fly open. My brothers stand there, their eyes darting.

"You look like a walking corpse, man." Jaydon mocks at Guru who I just spotted standing on his feet as rage eats his face.

"Thanks. Tell me something I don't know." Guru replies satiric, his voice tight.

"The bags under your eyes are quite a delectable shade of purple. What brand is that?" My brother Jaydon teases, putting his hand under his chin while Tomy stands still quietly, staring at the black and white stripped van ceiling. He's counting things again.

"Pain." Guru utters garting.

"Nice. Gotta try that some time." Jaydon replies. . . he never speaks like that. Ever. Gotta? When did he hear that accent?

"It's kinda hard to find, I'll give you one, no payment needed," Guru adds with gritted teeth.

"Guru!" I call pushing myself up. He jumps on Jaydon knocking him on the ground outside the Van. Punches and kicks fly around. Tomy rolls his eyes facing them. He throws a kick at Guru and he goes flying like a stone. I ogle at Tomy. . . how can he kick so hard? I always thought he was. . . well, quiet and peaceful. He spins around, espying me looking at him. I back away as I watch him step in the van, juggling it. Approaching me with his hands jittery. His long fringe waves up and down.

"Tomy. . . please. . . " I don't even know what to beg him for. I push myself into a corner. He stands in front of me looking right into my eyes and that odour of molded olives seeps in. Is it the smell of Gulibyana city or what?

"You disgust me." He exalts deeply. It sounds as if he was keeping it in for a long time.

"To. . .Tomy. . . " I mumble with no control over the salty tears that leave my eyes making me look like a weak wimp. They take the three of us inside a stifling building, they seat us and put cold metallic bonds around us.

I pull the skin off my lips. I don't know if I'll regret this but, I feel home-sick. I let out a breath and a huge wave of vomit makes my whole-body ache at the force of letting it out. Blood again. . . I try to catch my breath, scanning the dull room. . . I yelp as the room door clicks open. I got scared of a door. . . I'm pathetic. A girl sweeps in, her head held high, heels stomping the floor. A black mask covers her mouth, only her left eye visible, other covered with wavy black hair. She stands in the middle as other people barge in, lining behind her. . . My heart beats louder and louder as more of them walk in. . . ghouls. I get a feeling of dread creeping up from the pit of my stomach. Not because I just realised who's behind that mask, of course, those outlined eyes gave it away. Reeve. But that's not so important now, the main freaky thing is, how they're all looking at me. Snarling, crinkling their noses. . .

I Hope I'm not a meal this time. . . 


Chapter 11

Daria's P/O/V

"Hey, Daria." I blink rapidly trying to adjust my sore stinging eyes, peering at Reeve as she speaks to me. She doesn't take off her mask. She starts walking towards me and I try to back away as I close my eyes. It hurts. I breathe heavily as she strokes my cheek slowly.

"Fascinating." She says her eyes landing on mine. I jerk away.

"What's going on? please! just explain." I choke upon the words begging her, my eyes starting to water as regret carve me. But, would I have learned all this stuff if I was home today? Were they going to tell me they're leaving the house?

"Oh sis, I want to tell you but, it's against the rules here. Sorry. First you tell me what I want then I'll tell you every bit you wanna know. Okay." She speaks with a snooty tone I never heard her use before. She sounds like a fake drama queen. I nod in agreement. Does she want to know why I escaped? Gladly, not a big thing to hide anyway.

"One question each, I ask you, you answer then you ask me and I answer, and so on. Yeah." She implies sitting on a gold metal chair, leg on another, one of the people, or should I say, ghouls, placed for her like a butler.

"Let's begin. What are you now?" She asks in a serious tone.

"I didn't want to say this but. . . I'm a HUMAN! why does everyone keep asking me that?!" I yell, jerking the chair I'm gripping tightly. Reeve doesn't react at all,

"Maybe you should consider the. . . uh," She looks up for a moment then gestures at her face,

"That ugly face of yours." She remarks her face scornful. Rolling her eyes almost reminding me of the same Reeve at home. I try to say something but I'm speechless. I jerk in my seat as I hear Guru say something.

"Stop trying, she doesn't know. She's useless to you, believe me, Reeve." He says not meeting my eyes. Somehow, my thoughts form into words.

"Sorry!? you know you're talking to my sister rather?" I tell him annoyed at how rude he is, besides, how come everyone knows everyone? Well besides me.

"Shut your hole." She echoes sternly. Her eyes back at me.

"Daria, did you ever eat human flesh?" Reeve asks me and my mouth falls open at the question.

"Reeve. . . what are you saying? can you hear yourse. . . " She cuts me off with a demanding tone,

"Just answer the question!" She presses.

"No I wont! You said one question each! I didn't ask you yet!" I yell at her daring her to kill me at most. She sighs,

"Go on."

I look to my left eyeing Guru and Oldu as they stare at me waiting. I swallow,

"Why are you here? I mean, aren't you supposed to be at home? and why is Tomy and Jordan uh. . . you know. I don't understand a thing. It's like I'm in a nightmare all of a sudden." I ask the longest question ever. She gets to her feet posing in front of everyone like a model,

"Same as you, nothing new. We basically found a way to leave home and be there from time to time. Besides, you invited yourself to this nightmare. No one told you to run away." She tells me which makes me a lot more confused.

"What? Why are you lying? I almost saw you every day at home, and what are you doing with ghouls?" I let out my last words feeling the air isn't available anymore. She looks around nodding at one of the men and he rushes out. She comes forward and takes off her mask.

"Because I'm one sis." She whispers.

Oldu's P/O/V

I study Daria, her face becoming as white as chalk with her lips trembling like a candle in the wind. She kenches.

"Oh come on. . . I know you aren't a ghoul. It's the worst lie ever you know. . ." She profanes. I look away, smiling. Good for her. She deserves it all. Guru spins around looking at me with sharp eyes and pressed lips.

"Hi." I patronize. He looks away from me back at Daria. The man Reeve sent came back with a pot in his hand, I instantly pick the whiff of the human flesh in it. Oh, I guess that'll be fun. Reeve takes it in her hands opening the lid, throwing it carelessly on the floor.

Reeve's gloved hand moves rapidly into the pot, Daria backs away as much as she can in her chair as Reeve brings out her hand full of flesh. Daria seems to get what's just about to happen because her mouth gapes open and she starts mumbling a faint no over and over. Her shocked expression draws laughter from the rest of us, we would fight for that chunk of meat and she's looking at it as if it's poo.Reeve grabs Daria's shoulder, jerking her back and forth, making her open her mouth and yell, but the scream fades as her mouth fills up with flesh.

Guru's P/O/V

Daria keeps shaking her head to get rid of Reeve's grip but she doesn't succeed. This's bad. . . so bad. I have to do something!

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