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Adultery with Hubby's Permission

The Young Guy Next Door


Reese Cantwell

Copyright 2017 Reese Cantwell

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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Adultery with Hubby's Permission

The Young Guy Next Door

Chapter One

I met my husband in college in California just over twenty years ago. He was the first man I had sex with, I was brought up in Japan by parents who never talked about sex but once I started seeing Tim, he was working on his Master's thesis, I gave myself to him and I think it was the most important thing that ever happened to me.

I'd never had sex and that weekend we spent together in his bed truly changed me forever.

I fell in love with Tim and I fell in love with sex. I simply couldn't get enough and was quite shameless in seducing him even when I could no longer make his cock hard by sucking on it after he finally couldn't keep an erection inside me. I would beg him to lick me and wiggle his tongue in my pussy, something I'd heard of in college but never had before him. Oh, I loved it all, especially oral sex, I loved him tonguing me and I loved sucking his lovely cock. I was endlessly fascinated by his cock, how I had such control over it, how I could make it raging hard whenever I wanted, and when I began masturbating him, I simply loved watching his cum spurt out so high, all because of me.

His was the first penis I ever saw or touched. I thought it was beautiful, so strong and manly, swollen with desire for me, in my hand I could feel it warmly throbbing and when I sucked on it, my tongue felt the soft, silky texture of the round head, the head that would go so deeply up inside me giving me joy like I never thought possible. Our first months together were filled with sex as I learned new ways to make Tim happy, bringing happiness to myself as well.

So, if you think I'm rather sex-mad, you'd be absolutely correct. I love it and, these days, I find that I'm wanting more and more now that I've gone beyond my fortieth birthday, I have simply never felt so aroused in my life. It never goes away now, not even when I wake up in the middle of the night, I roll onto my back and rub my pussy to get back to sleep.

Though he's never said anything, I'm almost certain Tim has noticed my slow masturbation next to him in bed, I try to keep quiet and not move the mattress but, well, I usually go for an orgasm, they are easy for me to have, and I just cannot be totally still. It's just feels too good.

Even at work now, I take a break every morning, it's just always on my mind, always nagging at me, my pussy just controls me now and I've just got to give it release. I work part time and so I'm home by one-thirty or so and naked on our bed with one of my vibrators, Tim has always given me a new one on each birthday and, it's crazy, but I'm needing more and more of them with each birthday I have.

So, I masturbate, often stretching it out to make it last, even doing a second one much of the time before Tim gets home. My pussy just wants more now as I am getting older and I can't ignore it, it's always there.

But I often stay naked, it's part of my wanting sex now before we eat and we often do, my body is quite pretty, even at forty-one, my breasts are firm and high and my nipples are always hard and risen these days. They are really long and I often roll and pinch them when he's down licking me or when I masturbate, they're really sensitive and always help make my orgasms better.

About a year ago, I suggested that we stay nude after we got home from work and, of course, Tim saw through that right away, asking me if it was because I was wanting more sex and I just told him yes, it was. Why lie, yes?

So, we were now having sex even more than when we first met and fell in love, I was just insatiable, wanting it more and more.

Then the couple who had lived next door to us ever since we'd bought the house put their house on the market and it sold within a week.

The buyer, Brett, a young man in his mid-twenties, bought the place and the first weekend after he'd moved in, Tim went over to introduce himself when he saw him working in his yard.

When he came back, he told me how nice he seemed and that he was a commercial real estate broker who, evidently, did pretty well financially. And then he told me he'd invited him over for wine and cheese the next evening, Sunday.

That was fine with me, I'm a pretty social person and when we had him over that's when I saw how handsome he was, tall and solid and in his mid-twenties. I'm a small woman, just over five feet, with a nice figure, B-cup breasts that are perfect on my body and I really look much like I did in my twenties. Tim is five-seven but I've always dreamed of a man much bigger than me, someone who seems strong and powerful, it just makes me feel so feminine.

We had a nice time, Brett has a great sense of humor which I like in a man and, honestly, I thought he was quite sexy. So much so that after he left, I took Tim upstairs and fucked him until I had three orgasms. I'm very orgasmic so that happened pretty quickly.

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