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The Nibiru Dominion

Book One


Tod Eten


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2017 – The Nibiru Dominion Book One

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It was a dark so deep one could believe oneself incorporeal, trapped in some dreadful limbo. It was also cold. An unfathomable cold capable of swallowing the heat of the sun. No not just a sun, all the suns ever created! He was but a wraith in this terrifying place. With all his being he yearned for escape from this desolation, to feel and touch light and warmth again. To come upon another living thing, any living thing! But all he could sense was emptiness. Again he wished as he had never wished before to be away from this place. But something kept drawing him ever onwards into the dark, into the emptiness. It was all consuming and it was hungry, very hungry! Hopeless like a child he closed his eyes hoping it would all disappear. But still onwards he was drawn by unseen forces.

Suddenly he perceived a presence out there in the cold and dark! And his fear grew even greater, something he had not believed possible. For this thing was far worse than the emptiness that enveloped him. Ahead of him now appeared a hole blacker than the darkness, malevolent and ravenous. The blackness expanded in size filling his vision and with sudden realisation he saw that it was not a hole, it was a planet travelling through the emptiness of space. No sun wanted any association with this wretched place nor did any fellow planets desire its company. In isolation did this dark world travel through the desolate regions of space and the world embraced this solitude!

The world was like the darkest deepest swamp one could imagine, still and lifeless on the surface, yet underneath a myriad of creatures slithering and writhing with an insatiable hunger in their never ending quest to tear each other limb from limb. Pity any creature foolhardy enough to enter into those dark depths be it accident or on purpose. A shiver of fear and disgust trickled down his spine. The creatures that lived on this dark world were the monsters that haunted people's dreams and they were turning their hungry eyes towards him. His very marrow turned to jelly at their gaze leaving him helpless. Again desperately he willed himself away from this abomination, but still he was drawn on. Whether he be ghost or not the creatures of this world seemed to sense him and he knew they waited impatiently to welcome him. No matter how much he struggled to break free still he was drawn ever closer to this nightmare.

The planet impossibly large before his eyes had mountains and oceans he now realised. In some perverted way the place was similar to his own world. It had deep oceans with many continents and islands and mountains that reared up into its skies. But all these were immense in size compared to those of his planet for this world he realised was many times that of his own. He now also saw that the planet was not as dark as he had first imagined. Spots of light he spied for the first time, lights of varying sizes and brightness dotting the world. Looking closer he could see that some of those patches of light were from enormous volcanoes vomiting glowing rivers of molten lava. Whilst others were gigantic storms where lightening flashed and flickered across the skies as if some titanic battle was taking place. But strangest of all the lights were those created by the cities and towns. Which could only mean that there must intelligent life down there!

So close now was he that he could clearly see the creatures that lived upon this world. They were of every shape and great in size. Leviathans, titans and behemoths were the names that leapt into his mind, dreaded monsters of ancient times. These creatures like their world were colossal in size armed with fangs, claws, horns and spikes that adorned scaled and armoured plated bodies. He watched transfixed a creature gigantic in size beyond all comparison, its head like that of some prehistoric crocodile. A forest of needle sharp javelin sized teeth sprouted from its long jaws, its red scaled body was eel like in shape from which numerous spider like limbs and fins grotesquely sprang out. At its end was a long powerful reptilian like tail. With a roar that shook the mountains the Leviathan, with a flick of its great tail sent a huge towering wave crashing against the shore where it smashed against the legs of a Behemoth which roared back in response. How he knew one a Leviathan and the other a Behemoth he knew not, he just knew they were! If he had thought the Leviathan monstrous in size the Behemoth was its match. Black in colour it had a feline like head with a bull shaped body, four deadly horns sprouted from its shoulders and two gigantic sabre teeth sprouted from the roof of its mouth. Its heavily muscled black body was supported by four sturdy legs each ending in a set of vicious claws, a thin whip like tail slashing at the air behind it. He watched as these two monsters challenged each other, one claiming dominion of the sea, the other the land.

His attention was now drawn elsewhere, to another creature. It was much smaller than the two monsters he had just witnessed but still enormous in size when compared to him. Much like a spider did this new creature look, each of its eight legs over twenty feet in length that supported its corpulent grey body and much smaller head. On the top of its head a thousand unblinking black eyes watched the world while below its mandibled mouth opened and closed oozing poison. The spider like creature moved with surprising speed for its size. Forwards it darted then stopped remaining completely still. Then off it would dart again in a slightly different direction. On a zigzagging path went the beast for it was hunting! He watched as the creature caught up with its quarry. Its victim far smaller, looked almost human except that its skin gave off a golden glow. The enormous spider on seeing the human reared back on its hind legs spraying out what must have been some kind of web from the base of its abdomen. But the smaller human like creature was far too quick and easily avoided the sticky threads. The spider warily watched the smaller creature and started backing away. With sudden insight he realised that the spider had no intention of attacking this smaller being. In fact the spider was scared! But if the spider had hoped to be left alone it was mistaken. The smaller creature shot forwards like an arrow sword in hand. So fast was its strike that he did not clearly see what happened. But with a squeal of pain the spider shrank back one of its limbs now broken and useless. So now it was the spider who was the hunted one! The battle continued and with each attack the smaller creature made so another limb of the great spider would be broken or severed completely, until finally the great spider remained inert all its limbs broken. The stricken creature now mewled in fear and pain and he could not help but feel a pang of sympathy for the creatures plight. He watched as the smaller human like creature now swaggered up to the defeated spider and casually plunged its sword between the defeated creatures many eyes killing it instantly.

He looked away from the pitiful scene glancing back over this dark world. It seemed to him that everywhere he looked there was a battle happening. A battle for food, dominance and power as creature fought creature in an orgy of blood and death. He knew that even the weakest of the creatures on this dark planet would be almost invincible if they were on his home world.

The planet now thankfully released its hold on him passing him by and with considerable relief he watched as the world and its inhabitants flew on into the darkness. As he turned to watch the world pass so a myriad of multi coloured lights like diamonds lit up the emptiness. He looked at the lights with confusion then realised that they were stars, billions of stars and he knew now what he looked at was his very own galaxy, the Milky Way! Towards this the fast disappearing planet now sped. His sight was now drawn to where this dark world's destination and he saw that it was coursing towards a small yellow star and his heart began to hammer in his chest and a wordless scream formed in his throat. For he knew that small yellow star was the sun, his sun! The sun that shone over the world he called home. Worse he now knew that the creatures of this nightmare world did not look at him with covetous eyes, no they were looking with hunger at the world he called home!

Chapter 1 - The Goddess Of Books

Aiden awoke with a start wiping the sweat from his face. Looking across at the alarm clock he gave a groan, it was only 6.30 in the morning and it was Saturday! He had hoped to have a good lie in today to catch up on some much needed sleep. Aiden laid his head back against the pillow squeezing his eyes shut. However as soon as did images of the demon planet came back to haunt him making him open his eyes once more. He had been having the same nightmare over the last three weeks now and this one was the most vivid yet. Aiden was beginning to wonder if was having some kind of nervous breakdown. Was it something to do with breaking up with his girl friend he wondered. But then he had been the one who did the breaking up! Well he had actually just stopped taking her calls, replying to her texts or answering the door. Luckily Sally was too proud to actually come round and make a scene thank God! Anyway Sally quickly got the message and had stopped trying to contact him. He was fairly sure she was seeing someone else in any case! But still maybe he should have been a bit stronger, he should have been straight with Sally and told her to her face why he was unhappy. Maybe he was having these dreams because he felt guilty about how he had broken up with her. Aiden shook his head he somehow doubted Sally was the cause of these dreams. Aiden sat up with a sigh there was no way he would get back to sleep now. Kicking his legs out of bed he got up and made his way to the bathroom.

Aiden rented a small second floor flat in London. It had two bedrooms a bathroom and a living room / kitchen and it cost a small fortune to rent. But it was also close to where he worked and the night life was pretty good. Although he was starting to feel his age more and more lately. Or was it that the kids going out were getting younger and younger. These days he seemed to drift towards the quieter bars and pubs, he was approaching 37 after all and according to some that was already over the hill. One thought that did cheer Aiden was that it wasn't so cold in the mornings now spring was here! He switched on the bathroom light, turned on the cold water tap and splashed the freezing water on his face stinging him awake with a gasp. Looking in the mirror he studied his face looking for signs of ageing. But apart from a few wrinkles around his eyes he looked pretty much how he always had. A mop of black hair on top of a fairly handsome face, at least that's what he thought! Dark eyes not bloodshot! A nice smile so people said and he his body was still lean though he did have the makings of a paunch. He still looked OK Aiden thought to himself. But still it wouldn't be long before he was forty and would it be all downhill after that! He squeezed some paste onto his tooth brush and started brushing his teeth. With thoughts of age still in his mind Aiden showered and dressed wandered into the kitchen to make his first of many cups of tea for the day.

Aiden’s galley kitchen was pretty basic taking up less than a quarter of the main room the remainder of which acted as his living room with a breakfast bar acting as the boundary between the two. The kitchen had a small sink, a cooker with an oven underneath. There was also a built in fridge freezer together with a few cabinets on the wall for plates and tins. As for the living room well most would have guessed that it belonged to a bachelor for there was very little in the way of decorations or photos. All there was an old sofa and two worn chairs between which an old stained coffee table sat. A TV against the far wall completed the scene. Aiden grabbed the TV remote off the breakfast bar and turned on the television. He then grabbed his freshly brewed tea and made his way over to the sofa sitting down. As usual the TV reception was poor. It had been like that for some time now and it looked like it was getting worse. Aiden using the remote flicked the TV straight over to the news channels as there would be nothing else on at this time in the morning and he lay back against the sofa.

The news was the same as usual. Another bomb had exploded in a market somewhere on the other side of the world killing and injuring dozens of men women and children. Aiden knew that he should be more shocked and angry than he was but in truth he, just like most others he suspected accepted this kind of thing with an emotional detachment. The TV newscaster then turned her attention to more domestic matters reporting about yet another gang fight in London which had resulted in a small 6 year old girl being caught in the crossfire, the little girl was now critically ill in hospital, the police were still searching for the culprits. Why did they have to use guns Aiden thought, and how on Earth did they manage to get guns in the first place he wondered! The News Readers next story was about reports of the demonstrations in London last night that had turned violent. She said that thousands of pounds worth of damage had been done to local businesses. Both the police and organisers blamed a small minority of trouble makers for the damage. So it continued it's a wonder how we keep going as a race Aiden shook his head.

Aiden's mind switched off from the news his thoughts drifting back to the strange dream he had been having. He wondered if maybe stress was the cause. So what was he worried about, was it his job? Although boring it was at least secure giving him enough money to get by and the guys at his office were a nice enough bunch. Maybe it was to do with him being an orphan Aiden thought not for the first time. Was having no family the cause Aiden wondered? Maybe that was it! Aiden again shook his head, he had got over that years ago. Besides from what he could gather from some of his own friends, their families seemed to be more trouble than they were worth. So he should count himself lucky!

Aiden noticed his laptop on the coffee table and decided a search the internet might find some clues about his strange dream. His first search quite surprisingly revealed that a lot of other people had been having the same dream as him, a dream about a large planet. Looking up what they said he found the usual odd ball views about aliens and secret government experiments that caused these dreams. But as he kept searching he found that there was a common thread. Many people said that this dream was about a planet that actually existed, planet X. They said it was some sort of brown dwarf whatever that meant! And that this planet orbited the solar system every thousand years or more. Curiosity getting the better of him he looked up this planet X and discovered that the Sumerians the oldest known civilisation on Earth supposedly knew of it. Aiden then did a search on ‘Planet X and the Sumerians’ and saw page after page of results. The Sumerians called this planet Nibiru, according to translations they believed that this planet passed by the earth every 3600 years and it was inhabited by a race of beings called the Anunnaki. These beings were far more advanced than mankind and according to the Sumerians these Anunnaki needed the gold which was on Earth. The Sumerians texts also went on to say that the return of Nibiru or Planet X would spell the end of the world and the start of a new age. As Aiden continued searching he found that the Babylonians had similar legends but they called the planet Marduk and it seemed there were many other old civilizations and cultures that believed in this mysterious planet as well. Having nothing better to do that day and his curiosity piqued Aiden decided he would pay a visit to the library to see what more he could find out.

It was midday by the time Aiden got to the library where he found himself gazing at row upon row of books about ancient cultures and civilisations. He then found a sub section on ancient myths and religions and started looking randomly at some of the books on display. The books covered a whole range of topics from American Indian beliefs to Mayan Legends, with of course plenty on Greek mythology. Aiden suddenly felt as if he were being watched and looking up was surprised to see a beautiful women staring at him intently. She looked like she had stepped straight out of mount Olympus with a classical face that was beautiful yet strong, a straight nose, perfect mouth and deep green eyes that seemed to swallow him body and soul. Her golden hair was fastened tightly in a bun which gave her a bit of a school teacher look but she was still beautiful even with that! She looked like one of those classical Greek statues come to life.

‘Hello’ the goddess said smiling, ‘can I help you at all?’

‘Errrrrm... Just after something on ancient myths I guess’ Aiden stuttered feeling himself blush.

‘Well that’s a big area is there anything more specific you are after?’ the goddess asked smiling once more at him.

‘Well errr, well I am looking for information on errr, well it’s some kind of lost planet sort of thing’ Aiden stuttered.

‘Lost planet?’ the woman replied raising an eyebrow

‘Errrm’ Aiden could feel himself getting even redder ‘Well yes its some kind of myth about a planet that orbits the sun every 3000 years or something like that’ Aiden shrugged his shoulders trying to act as if it was not really that important. He really did not want to make himself look stupid in front of this woman. ‘Something to do with the Sumerians I think, planet X they call it!’ he added quickly.

‘Ah yes the Sumerians one of the first human civilizations. I believe that the planet you are talking about was referred to by them as Nibiru.’

‘Yes Nibiru, that’s the planet!’ Aiden agreed.

‘There are a lot of tales about that planet, hmm let me see’ the woman ran a finger along one of the book shelves until it came to a stop at a particular book. She pulled the book out taking a look at its cover and nodded her head in approval. ‘Yes this will give you all the information you need on that subject’ she said about to offer the book to Aiden then paused and thought for a moment. ‘You know that there are a lot of myths that surround this planet, did you know a lot of people say that it actually exists and that it will come back one day?’

‘Well yes I kind of read some stuff on that, total rubbish of course!’ Aiden said to show that he was a normal wholesome type of guy, not in the slightest mad.

‘Yes quite’ replied the woman looking once more at Aiden as if gazing into his soul. ‘Well’ she said after a pause seeming to decide to let Aiden in on a secret. ‘There is a meeting tomorrow night that is about all these myths and ancient civilisations and I am sure they will be talking about this planet of yours, would you be interested in going to it?’

‘Errrr sure yes, why not’ Aiden replied not knowing what else to say.

With that the goddess took out a pen and business card from her jacket pocket and quickly wrote an address on the back of the card. ‘It’s at this address tomorrow evening at 7.00pm. here you are’ and she handed the book with card to Aiden. My name is Aya by the way, maybe I will bump into you at the meeting’ and with a parting smile she turned and left.

‘I’m Aiden’ he said to her back wishing he had something better to say like, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever set eyes on how about diner! Aiden looked at the card, it read Aya Smith and had a telephone number below it nothing else. On the reverse side of the card in neat hand writing she had written;

‘Ancient Civilisation Society, 7.00pm Sunday, Kentish Town Community Centre’

Aiden slipped the card into his pocket and took a look at the book that she had given him. It was a heavy reference book titled Ancient World Myths and Legends written by some professor of history who had both studied and taught at some of the top universities in America. So Aiden assumed that the author must be trustworthy. Finding a seat at a nearby table Aiden sat down. He took a quick look around the library and was disappointed to see that Aya was nowhere to be seen. Aiden then opened the book he had been given and started reading and pretty soon was engrossed in the translations of ancient texts and their possible meanings. What fascinated Aiden even more than the translations were the pictures in the book of wall engravings that seemed to depict things that the ancient humans could not possibly have known about. Like space rockets, light bulbs and even wrist watches. Even though the author was at pains to point out that it all could be just fluke or coincidence.

But most interesting of all was the translations of the Sumerians where there was a whole chapter on Nibiru and the Anunnaki. Aiden discovered that the Sumerians believed that the Anunnaki were Gods and Goddesses who came to Earth and created humans. These Gods were both good and bad and one even tried to wipe out humans in a great flood. It went on to say that these Gods came from a planet called Nibiru. So engrossed was Aiden that by the time he had finished with the book it was already late afternoon. He got up and put the book back where it came from. He took another look around for Aya as he had assumed that she must work there. Not seeing her anywhere he walked over to reception where he asked after her and was surprised to find out that they did not know who she was, well at least he had her phone number Aiden thought.

Chapter 2 - Predictions

Aiden quietly slipped into the hall at the Kentish Town Community Centre where row upon row of neatly arranged chairs had been placed facing a stage on which a podium stood. There were enough seats for a hundred people with many of the places already occupied. Aiden still uncertain about coming to a meeting like this took a seat at the very back of the hall trying to remain inconspicuous. The majority of the people looked exactly as Aiden had thought they would eternal students dressed in jeans and cardigans. Aiden straight away felt out of place, like a meat eater at a vegan feast. However as he looked again at the audience he saw that some of them looked, well normal. There was a well dressed elderly couple a few rows in front of him with what he assumed was their daughter and over on the other side of them there were three Chinese people about his own age sitting quietly together. As Aiden looked more closely at the people gathered around he could see that there were a lot of what he would have assumed were perfectly normal looking people in the hall. In truth Aiden had to admit to himself that most of the audience looked like a typical cross section of people you would find in London on any day of the week. One man sitting towards the front was even dressed in a designer suit and looked for the world as if he was Rockefeller. Aiden now feeling a lot better about being at the meeting tried to see if he could see Aya but she was nowhere to be seen. Aiden glanced over to his right as a slim built man with a narrow hawkish face and neatly cut black hair took a seat on the same row as him just as the hall suddenly went quiet. Aiden looked up at the stage where to his surprise he saw Aya approaching the podium.

She wore a smart black jacket and skirt, her golden hair still in a bun. She now looked more like some high flying business executive for a blue chip company than a librarian. Aya looked around at her audience with a smile, her eyes resting briefly on Aiden giving him a small nod that pleased him immensely.

‘Thank you all for coming, it’s good to see some familiar faces, and some new ones!’ Aya smiled once more addressing her audience. ‘For those of you who do not know me my name is Aya Smith and I am a founder member of the Ancient Civilisations Society. Our aim is to study the texts of our early civilisations in order to learn how they lived and see what meanings and conclusions we can draw from them regarding our modern society’ She paused looking about the hall. ‘For tonight’s meeting we will be discussing some of the biggest, some might say most contentious of topics. Of course what I am talking about are the myths and legends concerning the destruction and salvation of humans and their similarities across the world. Take for instance the story of the great flood which in Christianity is commonly referred to as Noah and the Ark. This same story is also mentioned in other modern day religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. If we also look at other now long dead civilisations such as the Sumerians and the Babylonians, here we also find references to a great flood that deluged the world. So the question we are asking tonight is why so many different cultures and religions that have originated in diverse locations around the world. Why would all these religions have created and recorded what seems to be the same myth? Now I would like to welcome Gagan who will talk about this mysterious great flood. Gagan for those of you who do not know has specialised in Ancient History and has a doctorate in Ancient Languages as well as one in Astrophysics. So please let us give a welcome for Gagan’ Aya smiled and looked at someone at the front of the audience.

Gagan a slim young Indian man with a serious face got up from the front row clutching a small wad of papers and made his way to the podium to a polite round of applause.

‘Thank you’ Gagan said when the clapping had stopped. ‘As Aya said I am a scholar of our ancient history. The flood event is something of particular interest to me because as Aya just said it is so widely mentioned in the texts of many various and geographically diverse civilisations’ Gagan said with an accent that sounded as if he had been educated at Eaton. ‘So what do these texts tell us about this flood? Well if we look at the Sumerian myth first, which was written in the 18 century BC. It tells the story of their gods, Anu their god of the life, Enki their God of water and Enlil their God of sky. According to the Sumerian’s these gods came to Earth and assigned junior gods called Dingers to work the land, doing farm labour and maintaining canals. But the Dingers after 40 years rebel and refuse to do any more work. However they were saved from punishment by the God Enki who suggested that they create man who would do all the work for them. So Enki got their mother goddess Mami to create man which she did using clay and the flesh and blood of the other Gods. Which again by the way has similarities in the book of Genesis where God makes man from clay. So the Goddess Mami creates a womb made from clay in which the first man is created and after nine months the womb breaks open and man is born and so man now begins to do the work of the Dingers.

However it seems that man begins to over populate the earth and the God Enlil in an attempt to reduce man’s numbers sends droughts and famines. But Enki who had first thought of creating man and because he loved his creation did his best to help mankind through these disasters. Finally however the God Enlil decides to destroy mankind with a flood and Enki is bound by oath to keep this a secret from man. But the God Enki breaks his oath and he warns a man called Atrahasis about the coming flood and tells him to build a boat with a roof with upper and lower decks that should be sealed in bitumen. Atrahasis builds the boat as he was commanded. He then boards the boat together with his family and his animals and seals the door. Then there is a great storm and flood that lasts for seven days and nights that terrifies even the Gods themselves and the flood, as Enlil intended does indeed destroy all of mankind. Except of course for Atrahasis and his family’ Gagan paused and looked at his audience. ‘I am sure you can all see the similarities in this story and that of Noah and the Ark. The Babylonians also have a similar account of a great flood that kills all of man but again some people and animals are saved by the building of a boat.’ Gagan said looking at his notes.

‘According to Hindu texts that were written 5th or 6th century BC but are said to record an oral record that goes back 100,000 years, they too also talk about a great flood. This time the hero of the Hindu tale is called Manu who again is instructed to build a boat but this time it is a fish from the sea who warns him that a great flood is coming. Manu does as he is told and again he is saved while the rest of mankind is destroyed. Coincidentally after this flood a moral code of conduct and living was drawn up by the Indians which lead to the creation of the Indian civilization and its divisions in society as represented by its caste system.’

Gagan paused looking at his notes. ‘So you see we have similarities in the Hindu myth where Manu is saved by a fish from the sea and the Sumerian myth who say it was their God of the water that saves Atrahasis. In both tales the hero of the story is told to build a boat to save himself, his family and his animals. Again this is not dissimilar to Noah and the Ark where Noah builds an Ark as instructed by God within which Noah, his family and all the animals are saved. So my question is, are these myths and stories just coincidence, did one culture simply copy the story from the other and so on, or is there some basis of truth in the story? Bear in mind that the Hindu and Sumerian civilisations were centred on two different continents! So would they have even known about each other at the dawn of history let alone exchange myths. Also if we look further around the world we soon find that most civilisations on every continent of the world have similar stories relating to a great flood that destroys mankind. So this story of a devastating flood that destroys humanity, or most of humanity at any rate! Seems to have been experienced by most of mankind, according to their myths at least. Now if such an event like this actually did happen then surely it should come as no surprise to anyone that it would have affected all the human communities around the world. Who in turn would have passed down the story through the generations’ Gagan looked at his notes once more.

‘But still all we have are stories or myths and the scientist in us all need more than just stories, we need evidence, so where is the evidence?’ Gagan paused looking around the hall. ‘The main problem with the evidence is that not only would it by now be tens of thousands of years old, possibly even hundreds of thousands of years old! But it would no doubt also be under several hundred feet of sea and ocean which would make finding hard evidence difficult to say the least. But luckily for us over the past few years and due to technological advances we have seen a rapid growth in marine archaeology’ Gagan said looking at his notes again. 'And discoveries have already been made of lost cities and civilisations hidden beneath our oceans. For instance, off the cost of India and in the Black Sea they have discovered the remains of large cities and towns which seem to date back to many thousands of years in our past. There are more discoveries being made off the coast of Japan and elsewhere around the world of civilisations that pre-date the Sumerians. So here at last we now have solid evidence that a portion of our ancient world was swallowed by the sea. But was it due to a flood? For me this evidence combined with the written records from the past that we have translated convince me that yes, there was a once a great flood that caused immense destruction and death for our ancestors and the memory of this great disaster was passed down through the ages by various communities all over the world. ‘

Aiden listened as Gagan continued his talk on the great flood and then answered a few questions. The main one being what could have caused such a disaster. Gagan hypothesised that it could have been connected to the ending of the last ice age but that no one could be certain at the present time. Gagan then finally finished to a polite round of applause and Aya once more took to the podium.

‘Thank you Gagan’ Aya said ‘that was very instructive. Now I would like to talk about another constant theme that seems to run in all our religions both past and present. Much the same way as Gagan talked about the similarities around the world about the great flood there is also another common theme that these varied cultures and faiths all have in common, which is they all have predictions regarding the end of the world. This is a recurring theme in all our current religions as well as those that no longer exist. Let me start with Christianity and what is written in the bible. I will read a few of the verses that relate to the end of the world as the gospels see it.’ Aya looked at her notes briefly. ‘This verse is from Luke 21:11 which says;

“And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places. And famines, and pestilence: and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven” Aya read out.

‘And this is from Mathew;

“Immediately after the distress of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.
At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.
And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other” Aya paused and looked up.

‘But I don’t have the time to read all the verses relating to this subject, in brief the bible says that there will be a false Christ or Anti Christ, which will lead man astray. That there will be war and revolutions that consume mankind. That there will be earthquakes, famine, plague and pestilence and other fearful events. That there will be signs from heaven about the coming of Christ. That there will be a persecution of believers by the authorities and that those same believers will be betrayed by those closest to them. That Jerusalem will be surrounded and the Jews will fall and be dispersed and that there will be further signs from the Sun the moon and stars. Finally there will be a last battle where the real Christ will defeat the anti Christ and so will it then lead to the end of the world.

‘Pretty grim stuff’ Aya said with a grimace and the audience laughed. ‘If we look at the Koran it also says much the same thing as the bible regarding the end of the world as does the Torah of the Jewish faith. However it is not surprising that these three religions have similar accounts for how the world will end as the history of all three religions are very much entwined with each other’ Aya paused.

‘But what do the other religions believe? Well if we look at the Buddhists, they believe in a never ending cycle of death and rebirth and apply the same belief to the world as a whole. They believe that the ‘Ten moral courses of conduct’ will disappear and that man will follow the ‘Ten amoral courses of conduct’ which are’ Aya now read from her notes, ‘evil speaking, lying, violence, murder, theft, wanton greed, abusive and idle talk, covetousness and ill will, adultery and perverted lust’ she read out and looked at the audience once more. ‘According to the Buddhists when this happens, when man follows these amoral courses, it will result in poverty for all mankind and the end of the laws that govern us and so onto the end of the world’ Aya paused again looking at her notes. ‘The Hindus have similar theme to this in that they believe the end of the world will coincide with the corruption of man and that there would be a rebirth of the world afterwards.’ Aya paused.

‘These are just a few of our modern day religions and their views about the end of the world, but what about the beliefs of those civilisations of the past. Let us take a look at the Sumerians who we so far believe was mankind’s first civilisation. It was the Sumerians that created the first written language and also knew about mathematics and astronomy. The Sumerian culture in turn had a great bearing on the Babylonians who in turn had a bearing on the Egyptians, the Greeks and then the Romans. I say this because if you look at the various Gods and myths of all these cultures you will find that there are remarkable similarities between them all. But as I said let us concentrate on the Sumerians who were the first civilization and look at what they believed. As I mentioned we have learnt that the Sumerians were far more advanced than we had previously thought. Their grasp of astronomy was a thousand years ahead of its time for they had already been able to identify the planets of our solar system something that we thought only happened in the middle ages. But instead of nine planets the Sumerians said there were ten planets and this tenth planet they called Nibiru.

I would just like to take some time to talk about this planet Nibiru as it was central to their culture as well as their beliefs about the end of the world. According to the Sumerians this planet Nibiru only orbited the sun once every 3600 years, although I believe that this figure is a mistranslation. The Sumerians said that this planet was home to a race of super beings called the Anunnaki, who they say came to earth in search of Gold for use on their home world. But the Anunnaki soon grew tired of their labours and decided to use humans to do their work for them and in exchange the Anunnaki taught man new technologies that allowed them to create the first civilisations. But it seems that humans prospered too much and the Anunnaki decided to destroy mankind in a great flood. As Gagan told us about earlier. But the humans survived this flood and grew anew. The Sumerians then go onto say that the next destruction of humans will occur when Nibiru next passes our solar system when there will be great earthquakes and floods and the return of the Anunnaki. So again we have an end of the world scenario involving earthquakes, disaster and floods, this time with an alien race called the Anunnaki coming to Earth.’ Aya paused once more taking a look at her notes. ‘So I hope you can see that there seem to be common thread concerning the destruction of Earth that run through all our past and present religions and cultures, but what does this all tell us?’

So the evening continued and Aiden listened with interest as Aya talked about the varied myths and legends that were connected to the end of the world and how these same themes seemed to come up over and over again she even used slides to confirm her points. As Aiden listened try as he might he could not dismiss what Aya was saying as being just conspiracy theories. It seemed to him she was simply stating facts and was being completely impartial in the telling of them to her audience. She was also extremely beautiful and Aiden would have in all probability believed anything that she said!

Aya after taking the final question thanked everyone for turning up and politely accepted a round of applause. Aiden was deciding whether to leave or try and talk with Aya when she looked directly at him and gestured for him to wait. Aiden as requested waited patiently at the back of the hall as Aya talked with some of the people who had remained behind. Currently she was engrossed in conversation with the business man that Aiden had seen earlier near the front. The guy was taller than Aiden and with immaculately cut blonde hair. He looked to Aiden like he could have been German soldier straight out of one of those old World War II movies. He’d make a great SS officer Aiden thought with some jealousy starting to resent the way the man was monopolising Aya. Looking around the hall Aiden could see that quite a few people had remained behind all of whom were now in earnest conversations. No doubt talking about the great flood and the end of the world! As for Aiden he was still not completely convinced. He had no doubt that what Aya and Gagan had said were based on fact. But there were always a thousand and one ways to interpret anything. Finally the blond haired businessman shook Aya‘s hand and strode away purposefully. Aya looked over at Aiden giving him a quick smile and began making her way over to him stopping to say hello or thank you to a few more people along the way until she finally got to where he was standing

‘I’m glad you could make it, I hope you got something out of it?’ Aya said with a smile.

‘Yes it was very informative. But... I mean do you really believe in all that... that end of the world stuff?’ Aiden replied with a frown.

‘Let me ask you this first’ she replied regarding him thoughtfully, ‘why are you so interested in the planet Nibiru?’

‘Well’ Aiden hesitated ‘it’s silly really’ Aiden paused again wondering if he should tell her about his dreams. But there was something about this woman that made him want to tell her. ‘It really is silly! But I have been having these strange dreams about this planet that is heading towards us, so..’ Aiden shrugged ‘see it really is silly!’

‘Not at all’ Aya shook her head in disagreement, ‘many schools of thought say that dreams are a sub conscious means of showing us things that are normally hidden. The shamans and mystics throughout the ages would induce a state of semi consciousness using drugs in order to dream and so make their predictions. So dreams are never silly! I would like to hear about this dream of yours.’ Aya stopped looking back at the remaining people in the hall. ‘Look I have to talk to some of the people here. A few of us are going for a quick drink in the pub across the road why don’t you come along and you can tell me all about this dream of yours.’

‘Well err sure’ Aiden replied trying to work out if she was actually asking him out.

‘Good I’ll see you over there in 10 minutes, in the saloon bar OK’ Aya smiled.

‘OK’ Aiden nodded with a grin and Aya turned back to talk with some of the other people who still remained in the hall.

Chapter 3 - An Invitation

A short while later Aiden was standing in the saloon bar of the pub across the road nursing a pint of beer with thoughts of Aya tumbling through his mind. Did she actually like him, was this whole evening her way of asking him out! No don’t be silly Aiden thought to himself, she’s just interested in his dream. But that smile she gave, maybe she did like him! Aiden looked around the bar and recognised some of the people who had been at the meeting earlier sitting at a long table at the back of the room. Apart from them there were just a handful of people scattered about the place all deep in their own thoughts and conversations. Taking a sip of his drink Aiden told himself to stop thinking like a kid about Aya just as she entered the bar and on seeing Aiden walked over to him.

‘Hi again’ she said smiling.

‘Hi, can I get you a drink’ Aiden replied reaching for his wallet.

‘No thank you, I should already have one. Come with me I’ll introduce you to the others’ she said quickly guiding him over to the group of people at the long table before Aiden had any chance to object.

‘I’d like you all to meet Aiden‘ Aya said introducing him to a dozen people seated around the table. ‘This is Long and his sisters Li and Hoshi’, Aya said pointing to the three Chinese people Aiden had seen in the hall earlier who nodded politely at him. Long and Li were twins with the same style short cut straight black hair. Hoshi on the other hand had long black hair and a pretty face her features being much more delicate than those of the twins.

‘And this is Dimitri and Oleska and their daughter Ela’ Aya introduced the smartly dressed elderly couple and their daughter that Aiden had seen earlier. Denitri was a stocky man with a neatly groomed head of grey hair and a moustache that sat on a well worn friendly face. Dimitri gave Aiden a grin. Oleska and Ella were both slim women with thin serious looking faces the only difference being that Ela had shoulder length pure black hair where as her mother's hair had streaks of grey in it.

‘This is Bridget and Elden’, Aya nodded towards a homely looking woman with curly red hair and a round rosy face and who sat next to a fair haired man that looked as if he was used to being outdoors, both of whom now nodded to Aiden.

‘And this is Faith and Aaron’ Aya continued, Faith was a small woman with blonde hair cut short into a bob and Aaron was a large West Indian man who dwarfed his small wife but who also had a friendly face.

‘And finally Seth and of course Gagan’ Aya said finishing the introductions. Seth was a ginger haired man about Aidens age who had blues eyes and a square jaw that was covered with a beard. Gagan as Aiden had already seen was a slim brown skinned man with intelligent black eyes and an unruly head of black hair that made him look like some kind of mad professor. They all said hello to Aiden who took the empty seat next to Aya.

‘Here’s your drink Aya’ Seth said passing her a glass of wine.

‘Thanks’ Aya said affectionately squeezing his arm which did not go unnoticed by Aiden who figured that Seth must be her boyfriend. So bang went his ideas that she might like him!

‘So you have found out where it is?’ Demitri said without preamble. He had a heavy East European accent and was smartly dressed in a white shirt, red tie and a brown blazer. From his grey hair Aiden guessed he must have been in his sixties but he still looked fit for his age.

‘Yes I completed the translation yesterday the location seems to be genuine’ Aya answered with a smile.

‘Oh but that is wonderful news’ The woman called Bridget said with a soft Irish accent.

‘So where is it exactly!’ Gagan asked excitedly, in an accent straight from the playing field of Eaton.

‘Yes where is it’ the others demanded hurriedly

‘Well give her a chance’ Aaron rumbled with a laugh. Aaron was possibly one of the largest West Indians that Aiden had ever met his arms looked the same size as Aiden‘s legs. But he also had a ready smile that immediately put Aiden at ease.

‘Thank you Aaron’ Aya said in the resulting silence ‘according to the translation it is somewhere in the mountains of Jordan’

‘Jordan! Not Iraq, well I never, but we should make ready and set off as soon as possible’ Gagan said not pausing for breath.

‘You cannot be serious’ Faith scoffed from beside Aaron a petite woman made smaller by the enormous size of Aaron sitting next to her. She had a somewhat pinched face with fiery black eyes and did not look at all pleased. ‘I have been listening to all these predictions and sanctuary nonsense for far too long now. None of you has a shred of evidence to back any of this up!’

‘Now now Faith’ Aaron said gently enclosing her small hand in his massive paw trying to calm her down. However some of the other members around the table where nodding their heads in agreement.

‘Olesaka you agree with me don’t you, as a hobby this is all fine but they are getting far too carried away with all of this!’ Faith continued undeterred.

‘I simply want to see if this place exists; if it does it will be the find of the centaury!’ Gagan shot back at Faith angrily.

‘Well I wish you luck on your silly goose chase then’ Faith retorted.

‘Come on Faith don’t be like that no one is doing anything as yet’ Seth said trying to calm things down and giving Gagan a warning look not to reply.

‘But I must agree with Faith’ Olesaka said with a thick European accent similar to that of her husband. ‘I really do this for the sake of my Demi here and I know my Demi, as lovely as he is, can get a bit carried away sometimes.’

‘Now my sweet but you also know that sometimes I am right no!’ Demitri said kissing his wife’s hand and giving her his best boyish smile. ‘Aiden what is your story are you a believer like me or a doubter like my wife?’ Demitri continued diplomatically changing the subject.

Well I errr I don’t know’ Aiden replied completely out of his depth.

‘Aiden has been having some strange dreams’ Aya said much to Aidens shock and embarrassment.

‘Dreams what dreams are these Aiden’ Demitri asked with raised eyebrows.

‘Oh nothing really, it’s err well it’s nothing’ Aiden mumbled wondering why on Earth Aya had done this to him.

‘Aiden my friend do not worry you cannot be as mad as we are!’ Demitri smiled waving his hand round the table.

‘Not as mad as you husband anyway’ Oleska scolded him ‘and leave the poor boy alone if he does not want to tell us that is for him to decide’

‘Aiden I would really love to hear about this dream of yours, I think that it will be somehow important for all of us here’ Aya said gently encouraging Aiden on.

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