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My Family Secret

by Alexis Ellison

Copyright 2018 Alexis Ellison

All Rights Reserved

My Family Secret

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A steamy look at what’s inside:

Daddy chuckled softly and slowly freed his own cock. Now Nick was my frame of reference, and Daddy’s was much larger. I didn’t mention it, knowing that it would hurt Nick’s feelings to know that I wanted his father’s cock more than I wanted his, but I hoped that I wouldn’t have to choose.

“Daddy… it’s beautiful,” I gasped. I could feel my pussy moisten, and I knew that it had something to do with the two exposed cocks that had been revealed to me. “What now?” I asked, hoping that I didn’t sound too terribly eager.

In a moment, Nick was hovering over me. It frightened me for a moment, the way he towered over me, but I owned my fear and reclaimed my arousal. I wasn’t a child any longer- certainly not after today. I could feel his breath against my face as he leaned in and kissed me gently. It wasn’t a brother’s kiss, but one from a lover- hard, firm and passionate.

He ran his hands over my body, feeling my breasts through the shirt and making my nipples harden, and explored my whole body as he lowered himself between my legs. I was nervous, and held them together to hide my sex, but he gently parted my knees and thighs, and kissed his way towards my aching pussy. When he kissed my thighs, it sent a tingle through my body. It was much like when I masturbated, but this time it came from deep inside me.

I felt Daddy’s hand wrap around mine, then close my fingers around his cock. It felt so good in my hand; the weight of it was both arousing and comforting. I slowly started to stroke his shaft in slow, inexperienced motions, listening to his moans and to his body’s reactions to learn what he liked. I could tell that he liked it when I slid my delicate fingers over the tip, then down to the base, and I repeated the motion to give him the pleasure that he deserved. I could feel my fingers getting sticky, and wondered if he had cum. But I figured that he would stop me when he was done, so I continued.

It was hard to focus on Daddy, however, when Nick was busy with my pussy. What he was doing felt so good, and I kept losing myself (and my rhythm) in the feeling. I felt his cheeks slide against my inner thigh, and I couldn’t help but moan when he parted my labia and licked my clitoris. “Oh, Nick!” I moaned. “Don’t stop, that’s amazing!”

“I won’t,” he replied. His voice was muffled, and I nearly laughed when I realized that it was muffled by my own pussy.

I watched his head move as he licked my pussy lips and clit, alternating between the two as if to delay the orgasm that so desperately wanted to overtake me. I could feel a heat, which I first thought was his breath, start to spread through my body, growing hotter and brighter as it filled my stomach. It took me a moment to realize that the desperate pants and squeals were coming from me, and I pushed my hips towards him in order to give him complete access to my body; anything that he wanted from me was his.

I barely noticed when Daddy reached across me to pull my shirt off, and I helped him eagerly. I was proud of my breasts, too, and I slowly ran my hands over them to heighten the sensations. “Oh, God; Oh, God; it feels so good. I had no idea…” I trailed off, losing myself in the sensations once again. I felt Nick’s tongue slide into my hole and collect my juices. He ran his tongue around my hole and over my lips, then worked into me once again.

I stroked Daddy eagerly now, wanting only to share the pleasure that I was feeling deep inside myself. I moaned and screamed, there was no reason to keep quiet now, and could feel the familiar stirrings of an orgasm building in my body. But it was far more intense than any that I had ever experienced before, and I was desperate for it to come. Nick continued, and I heard myself moaning and mumbling meaningless words. But the words belonged to someone else- I was too far away to be the one making the sounds.

The Household Secret

I sighed as I sealed the last of the boxes which contained all of the possessions that would be coming with me to the university, and looked longingly at the room that had become a monument to my childhood. I looked at the pink walls that were painted before I was born… The trophy from the sixth-grade spelling bee... The framed picture of my mom, my dad, and my brother Nick. We were all very close- even for family. Sure, we had the occasional fight or argument, but what family doesn’t?

I only wished that Mom was in town today to help me pack, but at least she would be back in time to see me off. Daddy said that I was the spitting image of her, which I took as a compliment. I had her smooth, delicate features and dirty-blonde hair. And although my breasts were smaller than hers, they were firmer and hung delicately on my thin frame; the advantages of youth, I suppose.

With my bags and boxes packed, I started downstairs for a late breakfast. Or maybe it was an early lunch. My complaining stomach didn’t really care what I called it, as long as it meant food. I was already starting to drool, just thinking about the leftover barbeque in the fridge. I doubted that I would be eating that well in the dorms, so I figured that I’d better take advantage of it while I could. I padded down the stairs, dressed only in my panties and a loose shirt; both Daddy and Nick were at work, so there wasn’t much of a reason to be modest.

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