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Motorcycle Man

By Sarah Hadley Brook

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Motorcycle Man

By Sarah Hadley Brook

Chapter 1

Ben Makowski was not looking forward to his Thursday night. The last thing he wanted to do was hang around inside and teach a bunch of wannabe riders about motorcycles when it was so beautiful out. The cool spring weather was perfect for an evening ride.

He sighed as he dragged his booted feet off his desk, letting them clunk to the ground, and looked around the office. Motorcycle parts in varying degrees of disrepair, lay strewn across any and all surfaces, and he grimaced. Leaving things half done was not his style, but this week had been crazy and he was way behind. Now each project would have to wait until he was done teaching.


He turned to the door to see the pretty blonde with multiple tats covering her arms. Her Harley Davidson T-shirt barely covered her bra, and her little plaid skirt was way too short. If his older sister Amelia saw her daughter in that, Candy would be toast. His niece was smart as a whip, but she was also a spitfire, traveling on a path he feared might be a little too wild for her. She might be twenty-two, but she was still young in his eyes.

Shit. He shook his head at his own thoughts. He was only thirty-five and thinking like an old man. He rubbed his eye with the heel of his hand and rolled his neck. He’d been sitting too long.

“What’s up, Candy?”

“Mom called and said to make sure the helmets were all cleaned and ready, so I wiped them all down and set them in the classroom.”

“Thanks.” He rose from his seat. “How many are in the class?”

“Six. Four guys and two girls.” She grinned at him.

“What’s got you smiling like the Cheshire Cat?” he asked, suspicion churning in his mind.

“Mom told me there’s a guy coming tonight who doesn’t want to ride.”

Ben looked at her, confused. “Then why the hell is he taking a motorcycle riding course?”

“Because he’s a writer and needs information for a story or something,” she explained, still smiling.

Fuck. He knew the night was going to suck. Wannabes drove him nuts, but someone who didn’t even want to ride? Shit. What a waste of his time. It also pissed him off his sister let the guy sign up and kept that little tidbit to herself. Just because she was older and part owner of Makowski Cycles didn’t mean she could pull this crap.

Candy laughed. “Look on the bright side, Uncle Ben.”

His eyebrows rose as he watched her.

“Maybe he’ll be cute,” she tossed out as she turned to head back into the front of the shop.

Ben’s lips curved into a frown. He doubted it. A writer? A pencil pusher? Not likely. He liked strong, hardworking men with muscles. Men who sweated and grunted and grappled with him in bed. Someone who gave as good as he got. He shook his head and tried to clear it before his thoughts ran away from him and he would need to take things into his own hands, so to speak.

He sighed and strode out of his office, heading to the classroom down the hall. Technically it was an empty room they used for club and office meetings and occasional staff get-togethers, but once a month they turned it into a classroom.

Ben walked through the door and was pleased to see Candy had already arranged the long tables and chairs so they faced the far wall, where a large whiteboard hung next to a large flat-screen TV. He scanned the room as he moved to the podium in front.

Helmets sat atop the low shelf unit that spanned the width of the room, while handouts sat neatly stacked on the table closest to the front, ready to be handed out. There was a small microphone attached to the podium, but the room was so small he’d never had reason to use it, so he made sure it was off before he tested the remote for the TV. They rarely used that, too, but he wanted to show a few slides in class, so he made sure the batteries were working. Satisfied everything seemed ready, he left to retrieve his laptop and find something to eat before the new students arrived.

* * * *

Ben was hiding in his office later when he heard the bell over the front door ding. He set his can of Dr. Pepper on the desk and sighed before he plastered a smile to his face and forced himself to head out and be social.

Candy was ushering an older, gray-haired woman down the hall to the classroom and his eyes widened in surprise. They certainly didn’t get a lot of elderly students, and he estimated she was on the far side of eighty. The bell dinged again, so Ben pulled his gaze away from the woman and walked out into the showroom.

“Welcome to Makowski’s,” he greeted the two young men standing at the counter. “You men here for the class?”

The guys both nodded eagerly while the blond offered his hand. “I’m Seth and this is Randy.”

Ben grasped his hand and shook it heartily. The blond was sexy. Muscular, broad shoulders, blue eyes, stubble on his cheeks. But too young. Definitely too young. Ben let go and gestured with his head for them to follow him through the door.

Candy showed back up and both guys’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads.

Ben chuckled to himself. It was a really good thing his sister wasn’t here.

“Hi,” Candy said, her voice nearly a purr.

Ben shot her a warning look she completely ignored. “I’ll show them to the class,” she told him, eyes twinkling as she turned around. Ben bit back a laugh as the two young guys followed her like little puppies with their mouths gaping open. Then he pictured them tripping over their tongues and chuckled low.

He heard the bell, indicating another student had arrived, and glanced over at the entrance, ready to welcome them to the shop. Instead, his breath hitched and his eyebrows flew up at the sight of the beautiful man standing in front of him.

The stranger was tall, probably only an inch shy of Ben’s 6’3”. He was thin—too thin, if the loose shirt was any indication of what was hidden underneath. Ben drank him in, from the shock of unruly red curls to the porcelain skin with only a few stray freckles sprinkled across his nose, just above a pair of full, pink lips. Jade green eyes stared into Ben’s and he met the man’s gaze, swallowing hard.

The door opened and the woman entering nearly bumped into the still nameless man staring back at him. Ben jolted to his senses. “Welcome,” he said, his voice cracking. He cleared his throat and reached out a hand. “I’m Ben Makowski. Are you both here for the class?”

“Angus Winter,” the man said quietly, clasping Ben’s hand and shaking.

Electricity shot through Ben and he nearly gasped aloud. What the hell was wrong with him?

“I’m Susan. Susan Miller.”

Ben looked at her and then down at Angus’s hand still in his. He dropped it quickly and smiled at her. “Welcome to Makowski’s.”

He heard Candy enter the room but still couldn’t tear his gaze away from Angus’s. It was like looking into the deep green sea and finding treasures hidden there. He found himself lost in the swirls and swore he felt the water rising around him. Ben’s chest tightened as he felt himself falling under.

“Um, why don’t you two follow me?” Candy gestured toward the door.

Ben blinked a few times as he turned and watched Angus go, feeling a strange hollowness he couldn’t understand. He shook himself and tried to figure out what had just happened. Hell, Angus wasn’t his type. Not by a long shot. And yet he felt a strong pull to be near the man again.

“So that makes five, Uncle Ben,” Candy informed him as she breezed back into the showroom. “Just one more.”


“For the class. That you’re teaching?” she gently prodded. “Um, are you okay?”

He stared at her, still shaken by what had just happened.

“Uncle Ben?”

He cleared his throat. “Um, yeah. I’m…I’m going to head into the classroom. Send the last one in when he gets here.”

“Will do,” she promised and crinkled her brow as she watched him.

Ben swung by the break room and grabbed a bottle of water before he made his way to the classroom. He gulped down the cold liquid and tossed the bottle into the recycling bin just outside the classroom.

Conversations stopped as he entered the room and all eyes turned to him. He moved quickly to the front and grabbed a red dry erase marker. After he wrote his name and the words Basic Rider Information, he turned to face the small group of students.

“Welcome to class,” he said, his gaze landing on Angus. “We’re still waiting on one more person, but it’s already a few minutes past six so I’d like to get started.” Reluctantly, he looked away from Angus and smiled at the rest of them. “Tonight we’re going to cover the basics—familiarizing yourself with a motorcycle, including the focal parts and vital controls. We’ll also discuss safety procedures and road rules.”

The hot blond guy—what was his name?—raised his hand.


“Will we get to ride tonight?”

Ben shook his head. “No, but if we have time, I’ll let each of you sit on one before you leave. Makowski’s has a large paved course out back for test drives and practices for this class, which we’ll be doing tomorrow night and Saturday.” He paused and glanced around the room at each student. “How many of you have actually ridden a motorcycle?”

He couldn’t hide his surprise when the only one who raised a hand was the elderly woman.

“That’s great,” he said, giving her a smile. “Did you ride often?”

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