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Mega E-Book 1 – Life Strategies – Part One

Hello there – and welcome to Mega E-Book 1 – Life Strategies – Part One (of Two). This is my effort to help you get ahead in life, based on many events that have occurred in my life of (now) over 70 years. It is always helpful to have a plan, but also to be adaptable to making changes in that plan as needed over time.

To get started, you need to take that first step of action, now!

What is a Mega E-Book?

Simply put, for me, a Mega E-Book is a compilation of several shorter e-books that have already been published and achieved success in the public realm. The choices of e-books to include here are carefully thought out to span a range of issues you may encounter during a lifetime, from your initial career work into retirement years. By combining these smaller editions into one larger package deal, the offering is more complete and definitely more economical for the buyer.

Here is a brief outline of the two Mega E-Books I currently am offering:

Mega E-Book 1 – Life Strategies - Part One consists of the following six smaller e-books that deal with common life issues:

  • Positive Thinking Success and You

  • Make a Business Plan for Life

  • Everybody Makes Mistakes

  • Benefits of Stress Free Living

  • Stuff – What to do with Stuff

  • Boomer Living Without a Schedule

Mega E-Book 2 – Life Strategies - Part Two consists of the following six smaller e-books that deal with managing life issues that deal with money:

  • SMART HOME TIPS Credit, Money, etc.

  • Money Mentor eBook

  • Switch Back to Cash

  • How to Land a Good Job

  • All You Need to Know About Payday Loans

  • Personal Injury Lawsuits and Settlements


Okay – ready? Here we go – Life Strategies – Part One

Positive Thinking Success and You

Positive Thinking, Success & You!

by Linda Carol Everett

Smashwords Edition – Copyright 2012

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Author Notes

I originally thought this would be my easiest ebook to compose, but it so happened that my life was filled with a lot of negative events while I attempted to write it. I took my own advice, and decided I could do this, and do it well. Each time I was stumped, I reread whatever amount of the ebook I had completed, and yes, it did help me to realign my attitude, boost my mood and focus on the positive thinking needed to succeed at this project. I hope you will have similar results from reading this ebook and rereading it as you strive for positive thinking and successful results throughout your life.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Think Big

  • Expect Change

  • Staying Motivated

  • Stepping Stones to Success

  • Explosive Blessings in Your Future

  • Never Say Never

  • Enjoy Your Success

  • Recommended Reading, Listening & Viewing



Positive thinking is definitely related to successful living and maintaining a positive mood. You don’t have to look very far to find a long list of books, tapes, records and programs that promote the power of positive thinking. This subject is nothing new; in 1952, Norman Vincent Peale wrote and first published his fabulous best seller titled “The Power of Positive Thinking” and it remains a best-seller 60 years later, helping untold numbers of readers. Thinking positive has been advised by wise persons throughout the ages; the Bible is filled with sage advice regarding this topic. It is encouraged in many religions and in New Age and other philosophies. No matter where or how you hear about positive thinking, you should also have heard that dedicated use of it can improve your life, if you can just incorporate positive thinking into your everyday living.

Two more directives commonly associated with positive thinking are:

1. Make it a habit

2. Have expectations that positive things will happen to you

Positive results and the potential for success are what cause proponents of positive thinking to be so enthusiastic in their avid support for this practice. The key to success seems to lie in replacing negativity in your life with positive thinking, truly a habit that is worth developing. Give it a try today, and watch what happens tomorrow and beyond. Remember that this is a choice you are making. Choose positive; choose success.


Think Big

Accentuate the Positive; Eliminate the Negative – This is a phrase I heard at least 50 years ago, from my mother, who said that when she was in school, the teacher made the class repeat it with special, almost musical, dictation of the phrase. “Ac-cent-uate the positive; E-limi-nate the negative.” It was, in fact, an important part of lyrics written by Johnny Mercer in 1944 and a hit song by crooner Bing Crosby with The Andrew Sisters, and by others.

This is such a true thought, and it is one to cultivate in order to maintain your focus upon the positives. By focusing on the positives, there is little room for negatives to sneak in. Here’s one example from today: the political news on television was so argumentative, I swear I could see an aura of bad karma spreading outward from the screen about to envelop me, so I turned it off. I switched to another program that happened to be about positive thinking – how fortunate – and later turned that channel off in favor of some peppy solid gold oldies music.

Dwell on the Positive Thoughts – Avoid the Negative – By keeping your focus on positive thoughts, it is much easier to avoid the negatives, if you are able to indeed identify the negatives, as I did in the above example. One reason is that your brain controls the body; by controlling what goes into your brain, you can influence the reactive effects that set the emotional tone for your feelings and body. Your attempt to control what goes into your brain is like watering the garden or spreading fertilizer around the crops. You gain a better harvest with good food than with garbage or rotten spoils.

Negative thoughts will only cause you pain, suffering and delay in your quest to achieve success. Avoid negatives like the plague; cultivate your attitude with positives. Be consciously aware of your thoughts and recognize when they are positive or negative. Whenever you slip and are going down that trail of tears of negativity, recognize the danger and turn things around with positive replacement thoughts. This makes perfect sense and is a great way to accomplish things you want to do.

Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind – The subconscious mind is a powerful resource that you can use if you apply dedicated programming to it. This means that you need to incorporate positive thoughts into your life, throughout each day. Your daily positive affirmations help you to steep the brain and the subconscious mind with powerful tools to shape your mood and your ability to find success. With an improved, positive attitude and mood, you are more willing to attempt projects that might otherwise be set aside or never done. Some coaches recommend visualizing success as an important first step along the route to achieving success.

Think of the subconscious mind as a type of storage area for the conscious mind, and remember that it is not the deeply hidden unconscious area of thinking that Sigmund Freud was so concerned with in relation to negative behaviors. Freud, in fact, condemned the word subconscious, accepting only conscious and unconscious as terms relevant to psychoanalysis. Subconscious thought has also been seen by some professionals to be that area of natural instinct that functions as a warning center for the conscious mind.

Napoleon Hill was a great proponent of the power of deliberate placement of positive thoughts into the subconscious mind in his remarkable best-seller, “Think and Grow Rich”, as was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale in his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking.” A basic premise of this theory is that whatever the human mind could conceive of and believe in could be achieved. Whatever the dispute may be among professionals, it is evident that using the power of the subconscious mind is a tool anyone can have access to merely by thinking positive thoughts.

Naysayers Point the Way to Defeat – In your efforts to carefully use the power of positive thinking to reshape your life and future, it is important to avoid negativity. Naysayers in your arena will only point the way to defeat. For best results, surround yourself only with like-minded people who understand this concept and who also believe in this powerful personal resource. People are naysayers for a variety of reasons, from ignorance to jealousy and envy, to deliberately trying to get in your way. When you discover that your associates or friends are not what they seem, and that they are impeding your quest for happiness and success through positive thinking, find new friends and associates. It is sad, but true, that the negative people in your life are stuck and need to be left behind if they cannot see how your way is better.


Expect Change for the Positive

Get a Bigger Vision – In addition to setting your mental attitude for expecting change to result in positive results, it is important to have a big enough vision in the first place. Get a bigger vision to achieve better and bigger results. It is one thing to expect a good day; it is quite another to expect an outstanding day. As part of this bigger vision, you need to prepare for the incoming blessings by having a bigger basket for catching those blessings. Think big! Why stop at a handful when you can have a houseful? Positive results are attractive; they generally pull in additional elements of reward along the way, so get ready. The mind is unlimited; use that power to imagine the vast rewards you can reap. This takes a little practice, and making wish lists is one good way to get started. Then, reread your wish list at least every morning and maybe even at night before you sleep. Think positively about your list items and sink them deep into that subconscious storage area of your mind.

Visions of the Unlimited – Start with a wish list. Put on this list anything and everything you can possibly imagine that you want to have as long as the items are of a positive nature. This could be personal or business in nature. Wish for untold riches, winning the lottery, getting an unexpected check in the mail, finding that special someone you always dreamed of, travel to exotic locations, building up a secure retirement fund, buying a new home, refurnishing your home, sending the children to college, going back to school yourself, and so on. Include anything and everything you ever dreamed about.

Next, prioritize the list. Break it down into categories: family, household, business, monetary, travel, possessions, etc. Within each category, try to relist items in order of their importance to you. Don’t do it by order of how able you feel to achieve each goal; put the one thing that is most important to you first, and so on. Start your subconscious mind working on ways to achieve those goals.

Next to each item on each list, write down a date for when you might expect to be able to reach that goal. If you want to go to school, this date could be several years ahead to obtain a degree. If you want to start a retirement fund, you might be able to begin that project today. Be realistic in terms of what you can do right now, under present conditions. At the same time, be aggressively dreamy and set goal target dates according to what might be possible if all conditions were favorable and you had some luck along the way. Set two days if you need to, for motivation.

Now, highlight the first goal in each category. These are the ones you start focusing on, but do not lose track of the lower priority goals; you will be working on those simultaneously and may even achieve one or more of them before you complete the top priority goal. The important exercise here is to get started thinking positively about this group of goals and to begin concrete work towards achieving at least one of them. It is, in a way, like trying to pay off all your debts in a prioritized manner. Some people say to pay off the littlest one first for motivation; others say pay off the one with the highest interest rate to save money in the long run.

In either attempt, doing something to get started is the most important thing. Create a vision, put it in writing, and start making your dreams come true. As you accomplish each goal, mark it completed in some manner. Make the text a different color, like green, for “done” or reset the type in bold, so it stands out. Eventually, the entire list should again match for style and then you can celebrate all your accomplishments. Of course, you can also readjust, reprioritize, and add to your list along the way to success.

10-Inch Frying Pan and the Big Fish in Your Future – Be careful that you are not limiting your future by staying in the same rut today. A Joel Osteen sermon (#548 – “Make Room for Increase”) addresses this issue with a cute story about a man who was fishing. He kept all the little fish but threw back the big ones. When asked why, he replied, “that’s easy, I only have a 10-inch frying pan.” Restricting your vision to what you now have keeps you in the same rut. Enlarge your vision and go beyond that 10-inch frying pan; catch a bigger fish in your future and be ready with a larger frying pan.


Staying Motivated

Believe – To stay motivated, you must, as the saying goes, keep your eyes on the prize. Not only must you focus on your objective, you need to actually believe that, somehow, some way, you can reach that objective – that it is realistically possible. You do not need to look very far to see instances where people have overcome outstanding odds, such as amazing people who compete in athletic running competitions following the loss of their legs, yet they still are able to succeed at winning races. Put your obstacles into comparison with others who are worse off and you will feel much better about your chances for success.

Of course, for some goals, you will operate on pure faith and hope for miracles, and those are both within the realm of possibility. If you think back to things that have happened in your lifetime, you should be able to find some events that truly were miraculous. Praying for a miracle is fine, but at the same time, you need to do your part to be ready for it when it does appear. Believe and prepare; your opportunities are on the way.

Your belief system does incorporate the power of the subconscious mind. As Napoleon Hill taught, you can achieve whatever you can possibly believe. If you can conceive of it, you can achieve it. Your beliefs and positive affirmations work together in the subconscious mind to lay out plans, seek opportunities and open your eyes to seeing those opportunities when they do arise. Sometimes it is necessary to just go ahead and live only based on a strong faith that good will happen and that things you need will come your way. There is an element of attraction in faith that does result in activity. It may not materialize on your personal timetable, but eventually, what you believe in can become reality. Persons with religious faith talk about things happening on God’s time, not theirs. Use your positive beliefs to stay motivated.

Faith, Prayer, Belief & Attitude – When we talk about miracles, most people assume that refers to religious beliefs. Faith, prayer, belief and attitude are tied together; they walk hand-in-hand through life. If you are lucky enough to have learned about faith and prayer, you have a head start. If not, you can still learn about those things, if you want to. Sometimes you just have to operate on faith; hope and trust that what you need, the people you need to help you, and events that need to occur will happen in order to allow you to finally reach your goals. At least start in faith, and believe that you can do. This all affects your attitudes toward the project, the goals and about life in general. A person who has a positive attitude about life is far more pleasant to be around than the endless complainer and naysayer. If you operate in faith, with hope and prayer, and if you have beliefs that are positive, your attitude will be that of an unstoppable winner. Other positive people are instinctively drawn to winners.

Keep Priorities Straight – Trying to keep priorities straight can be a major challenge, especially if you are at all an adult with ADD (attention deficit disorder). Any number of things can interfere with your attempts to stay on track and focused. It helps to keep that list handy and refer to it frequently, to refocus your energies on the items you have decided are most important. If this means turning off the television or listening only to background “elevator” music or no music at all, do it! Environmental clutter interferes with focus. Anything that will draw your focus away from the priority at hand is a negative influence.

Another thing to remember about keeping priorities straight is that your work time needs to fit into your lifestyle somewhere. It may not be top priority, and other more important things, like your children, will displace work at times, as is proper. Just consciously remember to return to your stated list of priorities, and try to work on at least something every day so you can acknowledge your new accomplishments each night before you sleep.

Positive Affirmations – These can work like a charm to help you maintain a positive attitude. Sometimes we forget how many good things we do in life, how much we have accomplished, and how important it is to also praise ourselves on a regular basis. Look at it like your attitudinal well-being is a vehicle gas tank that you must continually keep refueled in order for you to keep running. Never let it run dry; use your list of positive affirmations to begin and end each day. When you pass by a mirror, take a quick peek and tell yourself how handsome or beautiful you are or how intelligent and clever you are. Focus on the good things in your life by repeating your positive affirmations to yourself. No, you don’t need to tell others, but you do need to remind yourself. Say these affirmations aloud, to get a double reinforcement via audio cues.


Stepping Stones to Success

Be Open to Success/Opportunity – To make that giant leap forward, begin with small Stepping Stones to Success. Be open to actually seeing opportunities when they present themselves smack dab in front of you. This can become a matter of habit, and it is a good habit. Constantly review your lists and events around you that might be opportunities. If you do not pay attention, you definitely will miss opportunity. Success comes, not because someone has opportunity, but because that person can recognize it and pursues it from that point. Be open to opportunity and success should follow.

Create a Habit of Positive Thinking – affirmations, I AMs – When you develop the habit of saying positive affirmations daily, you also are consciously creating a habit of positive thinking. Saying “I am” this, that, or the other thing, will become second nature and you will stop second-guessing yourself about whether or not you can do something.

What are affirmations? Affirmations are simply positive self-talk. Now, you can tell yourself bad things or good things. You will get much farther in life with the positive self-talk and positive affirmations of your goodness than you will with the negatives. These can be simple, like how good-looking you are, or that you are smart, or they can be pats on the back for things you did that worked out well for you. Affirmations can be about any subject: weight loss, health, happiness, love, peace, self-esteem, romance, success and more.

You were programmed with thoughts as a child, based on what others said to you. Like being fed food, as an infant you were fed thoughts about yourself. Some unlucky children were steeped in negatives; others were lucky to have parents and others who fed them words of encouragement and uplifting thoughts. The good news is that, as an adult, you can re-program your inadequate or negative self-thoughts by using positive affirmations. Replace the negatives with positives; you will feel better and begin to believe those self-talk thoughts. Even if your inner self does not at first believe what you are saying, keep doing it and eventually the inner self will realign with your newer self-thoughts. And, please give yourself more than a day or a week; try this for several months and then examine the results.

Success with your name on it - “Success is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Arbitelle. Now here’s a great little thought to remember. When you employ positive thinking and affirmations in your daily routine, slap your own name on it. You are forging the path towards success and it will be all yours. You will build it, not someone else. You are taking responsibility for your own life and your own rewards. You are able to control your thoughts and thereby can influence your subconscious mind to work for your benefit 24/7.

Reaching success is not a final destination; it truly is an ongoing journey that changes as your life situation changes. What seems like success today may look different tomorrow, depending upon your life circumstances. When you have children, suddenly work may look less important, replaced by the awesome and daunting task of love you now have before you to raise these new human beings you have been blessed with in your life. As you age, your goals will be different. What once was important may now have little or no importance and you may be pursuing other goals, like travel, socializing or healthy living.

Each day will bring new challenges and new opportunities. There may also be new roadblocks to conquer as well. You are the sole possessor of your inner self-talk. Use it to uphold, uplift and encourage your inner self along this journey that never ends. As you achieve each goal on your list of priorities, there will be new things to add to your list. Here’s a tip: the list will never be complete because each day is different. You want to reach all those goals, but not stop with a short list of achievements. The measure of a person will be seen in the memories left behind after they leave this lifetime. Think about how you want to be remembered, and add that to your list of goals.

One good break is all you need – Winston Churchill said in a famous speech at the Harrow School in 1941, “...never, never, never, never give in.” He closed that paragraph with another gem, “Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” We do well to remember these encouraging words, spoken shortly after Britain was bombed in the Blitz.

One good break is all you need; never give in to despair and lose faith. Keep trying; if you have a hard time one day, hope for a better tomorrow. Wake up and begin again, never give in to depression or negativity. Think how your entire being can change if you get just one good break. With positive thinking, even a little good break can have a drastic effect upon your mood and attitude. A small win is still a win. Each win is a stepping stone to success. Take all that come your way and enjoy them thoroughly. Keep a list of your achievements; highlight goals completed. Review this list and as you do, be sure to give yourself a self-pat on the back and high praise for your achievements. You are a winner!


Explosive Blessings in Your Future

Be Bold – Ask for Blessings – Having a loving God in your religious beliefs is indeed a blessing in itself. You know you can ask for blessings and feel confident that your prayers are headed to a loving God who will care for you forever. If you do not have a belief in God, perhaps you are willing to ask for blessings from the Universe. It really doesn’t matter what omnipotent being you believe in, or even if you have no God in your Universe; be bold anyways and ask for blessings in your life. No one knows what the true answer is with regard to this; but asking for blessings has worked and is working for an amazing but unknown number of persons. It is much more comforting, in this author’s opinion, to have a loving God who is there for you, no matter what. You can get this from an all-powerful God, whereas you may not be able to find a human who is this amazing in life.

Be bold when you ask for blessings. There is no reason not to, and this boldness will carry into your subconscious as a type of personal power. There is no reason to think small; you can enlarge the prospects for your personal success by asking boldly for blessings in your future. The second part of this boldness is expecting those blessings in your future. And, do not just expect blessings; expect explosive blessings. When God moves, He can move mountains. You can also move mountains with the right frame of mind. With confidence and knowledge, you can do astounding things. The USA landed a man on the moon and put an exploring rover spaceship, Curiosity, on the planet Mars. No one else in the world did this, but people right here in the USA did accomplish this dream. They went boldly on a mission and were exceedingly successful. Also, the technological developments and discoveries over recent decades that allowed for these successful missions have changed and improved the lives of all who live on this planet.

Obviously, you are not likely to be asking for a trip to the moon, although some people might want that journey in their future. Still, be bold. For example, don’t ask just for money, ask for a significant amount. Remember, with blessings and prayers, you are not on your timetable, but God’s timeline. You most likely will get what you need, when you need it, but not “extra” as you might wish. Focus on the facts that your needs are met; you have what you need. Then move on to the next step and be a blessing to someone else.

Believe That You Can Help Someone Else – Many of the most successful ventures in history have resulted in being helpful to others. Development of preventive vaccines, like Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine, and other things, such as the development of the Internet, have touched and improved the lives of billions of people. The success of one person can spread to help others. If you believe that you can help someone else by your goals for success, that success will be sweeter as well for you.

You may believe that your goals are just for yourself, but take a closer look. Isn’t it likely that if you succeed at your goals, others will be affected? Also, if your goal involves any aspect of anything that can help or be of value to others, there will be increased demand and your success will be even greater. Think about it.

Stay in a Receptive Mood – Be always in a receptive mood so you can catch the waves of success when they come your way. This is being open to opportunity, ready for opportunity and prepared to dig in when an opportunity does open up to you. If you are not in a receptive mood, the inkling of success will pass you by and you might not even realize what you missed out on. Part of being successful is seizing the opportunity. Carpe diem – seize the day, enjoy the present, grab onto what is here instead of always wanting more or waiting for tomorrow. You may as well enjoy today’s bounty; you may not be able to or even be here tomorrow. There is another appropriate saying to remember: Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never comes, today is here, so get busy. Or, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. This is it; live in the present and make the most of every moment. If you do not, you have forever lost opportunity and possibly the success you are seeking. Be receptive to those explosive blessings that you expected to receive in the future; the future may be here right now.


Never Say Never

Keep a Close Counsel – be careful who you disclose your plans to – A word of cautionary advice is necessary here. When you embark upon your journey to success, be careful who you disclose your plans to. Keep a close counsel, a small circle of like-minded friends you know will support your efforts. This does not mean to throw caution to the winds and charge ahead like a bull in the proverbial china shop. There are good reasons for not telling everyone you know about your plans.

Depending upon the aspects of success that you seek, you may be giving away proprietary information that you should keep quiet if you disclose your plans to others. You can never be sure that anyone will keep a “secret” secret. This could end up costing you your money, a patent, an invention or another measure of successful completion of your goals. Yes, it does happen; betrayal can happen to the best of us.

Keep a close counsel; the best and most secure route is keeping your plans to yourself. If you must share thoughts with a trusted confidante, be sure that you are choosing the right person. You may have several friends you think can be supportive, but when push comes to shove, if you select the wrong person, your plans could be in jeopardy. It takes a very special person to counsel another without interfering or being judgmental. Emotional and mental support is hard to do; everyone else also has their own problems to manage. If you try to get someone else involved too closely in your pet projects, you err.

As Shakespeare so eloquently penned in Hamlet, “to thine own self be true” – do not let even the best of friends somehow move you off track from your quest for success. Only you know what will be satisfactory, when success is achieved, and what you must do to achieve that success. Your counselors can support your efforts with positive thoughts, suggestions and even sound guidance. Just don’t rely upon them for the type of inner security that can only be found within your own mind. Develop a strong confidence and you will not need to look to others except for complimentary support along your journey, and “never say never.” The steps to success must be taken by you, alone.

Spot Opportunity, Not Problems – If you get bogged down in problems, you will have neither time nor ability to spot opportunity. Spotting opportunity requires keeping an open mind, paying attention, and seeking out possibilities along the way. Remaining passive is not the way to find opportunities. Overcome or overstep problems, deal with them, solve them and move forward. Yes, problems do arise, but they should not stop you cold in your tracks. For every problem, there is a solution. For every opportunity, there is an opportunist ready to grab onto that opportunity and try to make it work for them. When you practice your new habit of positive affirmations and positive thinking, you are opening your view to upcoming opportunities. You should have a new, heightened awareness. Your ability to see and seize opportunity will increase and your chances of finding success are greater. It’s not hard; actually, the process is quite simple, and now you know how to proceed.

Your next step is to relish and enjoy your successes, but remember that your journey thorough life is never-ending, until life itself ends. As long as you can still draw a breath and think, you can think positively.


Enjoy Your Success

Stop and Smell the Roses – As you go happily along your way to successful achievements, take moments occasionally to “stop and smell the roses” along that pathway to success. You deserve to relax and enjoy what you are accomplishing as part of your positive thinking and reinforcement. Going back to that thought about success being the journey and not a destination, take time to enjoy your journey to success. You can take some time to enjoy friends, travel and do other activities that are pleasing and enjoyable. Be sure to let your close counsel of friends who helped you along this journey know that you have reached the pinnacle of success – and that you are starting a new journey now. Be sure to thank them for their support; it will also help them feel positive about their part in your success.

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