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(for Zoe Sophia)

Copyright 2018 W.Wm.Mee

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The ARTWORK in this

book was done by three

very talented people.

Pascal Moguerou ,

Jean Babtiste Monge

& Brian Froud

Fairies, it seems, are almost always females.

There must be some ‘boy’ fairies out there,

but they are hardly never seen.

It seems to be the girls that always

turn up in books, stories and tall tales.

Depending who you talk to,

Fairies seem to come in all

colours and all sizes.

Some wear pretty dresses and cute slippers.

Some of the ‘wilder’ kind,

like Akee the Acorn Hunter,

wear leaves and bark for clothes.

Some Fairies dress very bright

and wear long, striped socks.

This is Belladonna the bubble blower.

Some spend their time gathering berries

of all kinds. Here Belinda Blackberry

picks what she needs to bake a pie.

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Here is another ‘wild’ fairy,

Dathruda Darkhair, waiting

to take a shower in the rain.

Where do you take your shower?

Here is Sasha Seabreeze collecting

seashells on a beach early in the morning.

This is Gaileath, a fairy princess.

What is she holding in her hand?

Fairies love all kinds of animals.

Small ones like this baby chicken.

And BIG ones like these!

Hooter the owl and Daisy-Mayfly

Kind hearted Fraya helping Mrs. Mouse

And her younger sister Frieda does

the same. They both have adopted

all Mrs. Mouse’s very large family.

Meredith Meadowlark

and her rabbit, Hop-A-Long

live in the rose bushes by the garden.

Robina Blackfeather and

her best friend, Crow.

And Robina’s big sister,

Princess Striped Socks

and her raven Sharp Beak.

Natasha Nightflyer only comes out in the dark.

She and Hum chase dragonflies in the moonlight.

Natasha is always on the lookout for nasty

Bandersnatches that try to steal the bee’s honey.

Meadowlark Lemmon and her buddy,

Rob Robin, take over for Natasha

when the sun comes up.

They are also part of the

‘Bandersnatch Patrol’.

Some fairies even have

a dragon as a friend!

And some, like White Light,

like to dance on a cat’s wet nose.

Minni Moonbeam likes to sit on a

mushroom & gaze at the Man in the Moon.

But remember that most fairies,

like most girls, just want to have fu-un!

Oh ya! Girls, just want to have fu-un!

And FUN includes singing, dancing

laughing and lots of snacks!

So remember kids, the next time

you are in the woods, keep an eye out


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