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Cuckolded By My Best Friend


It had been such a crazy week, and I was so happy it was finally over.

“Are you all packed? Don't forget anything!” My girlfriend Rebecca said to me, throwing some of her clothes into our weekend bag. We had been planning this trip with a few of our other friends for awhile... just an awesome few days in Copenhagen, shooting the shit, getting drunk and partying.

It was going to be awesome. We were all pretty close as friends, and I was looking forward to spending some quality time with everyone... especially my girlfriend, Rebecca. It had been such a busy week, and I felt like I hadn't been seeing much of her.

“Of course I packed everything,” I said to her. “And if I forget my toothbrush, I'll just use yours!”

“Gross!” She said, giving me a cute little smirk. My girlfriend was absolutely gorgeous—the epitome of Scandinavian beauty. She had light golden blonde hair which went a little bit past her shoulders (and looked amazing in braids or pigtails), and she had a beautiful slender body as well. Her skin was a pale milky white, which I especially liked because all of my hand prints would show up on her perfectly after we had sex.

But my favourite thing about my girlfriend, by far, were her perfect tits. She had a big C-cup, and her tits were so fucking perky and jiggly. Even when she wasn't wearing anything particularly thrilling... I'd find myself staring at her tits, watching them move... they were so tantalizing and hypnotic.

“Do you think I should bring these?” My girlfriend asked me, holding up a tiny black lace thong. She bit her lower lip seductively... even though we'd be spending a lot of time with our friends, it was clear that my girlfriend intended to spend plenty of alone time with me as well.

“Fuck yes you should,” I said, feeling myself getting turned on as I imagined my girlfriend wearing just that tiny thong for me... topless and completely naked otherwise. Fuck, this was really going to be a good weekend.

Ring ring. Ring ring.

I was snapped out of my day dream by my cellphone. I glanced down to see who it was—it was one of my best friends and our ride for the day, Mark.

Hey loser, I'll be around in about 5 minutes... will you be ready?” He said on the phone.

Yeah,” I said, ignoring the fact that he called me a loser. As friends, we tease each other all the time, and I knew that he didn't actually mean it. “See you soon,” I added, before hanging up and double checking, just to make sure that everything was in order.

Ohhh, I had forgotten Mark was coming,” Rebecca said, a bit of a shy smile on her face. I knew that my girlfriend thought Mark was attractive, but I wasn't prepared to see her blush so profusely after I said:

Yeah, try not to stare at him too much.”

Mark had been my friend for years, and there were constantly jokes being made about how good looking he was. I mean, the guy was definitely built like a Greek God. He was big and tall, with muscular broad shoulders, bulging biceps and a perfect six pack To make it even worse, he had an epically chiselled jaw as well.

Mark was constantly around beautiful women, and was used to women fawning over him. The first time he met Rebecca, she basically stared at him the whole time, and I even caught her pulling down her shirt once... making sure that her cleavage was put on full display for my friend.

It didn't take long for Mark to get here—his big van already had three of our other friends in it. Rebecca and I piled in, stuffing our bag in the back, and we were on our way.

The drive to Copenhagen was a ton of fun. I had never really paid much attention to the countryside and highways before, and I found it pretty interesting to watch everything go by... but more interesting than that, was all the conversation with my friends.

First, we made our plan for the entire weekend. I love food, and was pretty happy with everything we planned to eat over the course of the weekend. It seemed that Mark had been to the butchers, and bought a ton of great meats, and we could even have a steak dinner one night, if we wanted to. One of the girls (Lisa), volunteered to cook, and I felt myself getting hungry as I imagined a great meal of steak, potatoes and greens.

We also planned some of the partying. We were a pretty close group of friends—six of us in total, three guys and three girls. We didn't exactly need to go to the bar or to go out dancing to have a good time. Most of the time we just stayed in and had some drinks amongst ourselves.

My girlfriend, Rebecca, seemed particularly excited for the evening's drinking. She was squished next to me in the seat, and I couldn't help but stare at her tits as they jiggled and bounced as we drove.

I have a feeling I'm going to get pretty wild tonight,” My girlfriend said, shooting me a devious smile, as we talked about all the beer, vodka and whisky we would be drinking. Normally my girlfriend is shy and reserved... but when it comes to partying, she lets loose a bit. My friends seemed to enjoy this.

Well, if you are getting wild, then I am too,” Lisa said, giving my girlfriend a warm smile. I caught myself grinning as well—the prospect of a wild night was definitely a good one, especially after such a long week.

As long as you ladies make room for me,” Mark said from the front seat, causing the girls to blush a little. The way that Mark had emphasized “make room,” was definitely a little bit dirty, considering his reputation. Everybody knew that Mark had a huge cock, it was kind of an unspoken thing in our group of friends... Lisa and Mark used to date, and so word had gotten around.

Admittedly, it made me feel a little bit insecure about myself. I wasn't exactly an ugly or small guy... but compared to Mark, I was. He was the epitome of the alpha male, the good-looking guy that everyone wants to be with.

The rest of the car ride was pretty uneventful, as we just decided who would be sleeping where in the house. Apparently one of my friends had been there before, or maybe had just taken a really good look at the pictures and discerned the floor plan of the entire place.

I found myself distracted, however.

My mind was racing with options for what my girlfriend meant as a “wild” night... and to make matters worse, I noticed that my male friends were glancing back at her with glints in their eyes, as if they had also picked up on her wanting to be wild. I knew that my girlfriend was attracted to other men... and at the end of the day she had chosen me... but still, it was hard for me not to feel a little bit insecure about the whole thing.

Plus, my girlfriend was looking fucking amazing, in her outfit.

We're here!” Mark announced, parking the car and getting out—it was a short walk to where we were going, and my girlfriend Rebecca got out ahead of me excitedly. I didn't mind, as I got a better look at her lovely outfit and body.

She was wearing short denim shorts, which revealed most of her legs... they were slender and pale. She had a curvy hourglass figure, which was framed by her shirt which left some room for cleavage... her two big C-cup tits were put on display for me and my other friends.

I think it's just up here... last on there has to make dinner?” Joked my friend Mark.

You're on!” I said to him. I still remembered the address from the talking in the car, and while Mark and Rebecca were left searching their phones to double check, me and my other friends raced ahead... darting down the street and finally arriving at the place panting.

The key had been left for us, and by the time we found it and got in, Rebecca and Mark had finally caught up with us.

Took you guys long enough!” I said, gloating in my victory and adding “Slow pokes!”

I knew that Mark could outrun me and beat me in most physical contests if he actually tried... but I guess part of me just wanted to live in the fantasy that I had beat him, just this once.

Except it seemed I had been played for a fool, since he just shot me a shit-eating grin and said.

Looks like I'm going to be getting lots of alone time with your girlfriend while we're cooking in the kitchen then!” He said, before getting even raunchier and adding “I hear she's very good around meat.”

My girlfriend went red in the face, blushing profusely. She even bit her lip a little bit, which made my jaw drop... I had always known this was a tell-tale sign that a woman was interested or turned on. I could also see that Mark was clearly interested as well, since he wasn't even looking my girlfriend in the face—instead he was staring at her big perky tits.

Well, enjoy making me dinner,” I said, trying to sound brave and like I had actually won something... but in reality I felt a little nervous about my girlfriend being left alone with Mark, especially since she said she was feeling a little bit wild.

This is going to be so much fun!” Rebecca said, coming into the house and looking around. My friends and I immediately started making ourselves at home, figuring out where everybody was going to be sleeping. It wasn't long before somebody put on some music on, and there was a great casual vibe started as we all unpacked and started talking... grabbing drinks and getting our evening started a little bit early.

My girlfriend and I both grabbed drinks, and she looked me straight in the eye, a devious glint in her eye.

I think tonight is going to be really fun... I'm so happy we're here with all our friends,” She said, giving me a warm embrace that made her big tits press up against my chest. I felt my cock starting to get a little bit hard, as I had a lot of pent up excitement from before. But I controlled myself.

I'm happy too,” I said, returning the smile. “And I hope it's a ton of fun too... you aren't going to be bored making dinner with Mark?”

I wanted to offer to help, without it seeming a little desperate that I wanted to be around my girlfriend because I wasn't sure if my friend was going to seduce her or not.

“I'm going to have SO much fun!” My girlfriend replied, almost a little too excitedly. It made my stomach squirm as I got a little nervous imagining Rebecca together with my friend Mark... her beautiful pale skin getting marked up by him... there's no doubt he'd go to town tasting and groping up her tits as well. The thought of my girlfriend being passed around and shared amongst my friends like a common whore definitely got the butterflies going in my stomach. She was always so shy, sweet and reserved—seeing her let loose even a little bit was an eye opener for me.

Okay, as long as you're sure...” I said to her uneasily.

As if on cue, my friend called her into the dining area.

We're just unpacking the groceries! Since you guys are making us the dinner on the first night, you also get to choose what you make,” Lisa said. In front of her was a wide selection of meats and vegetables... along with spices, sauces and other basic cooking supplies. I was actually really excited for all the cooking we'd be doing this weekend—my friends all ate exceptionally well!

Okay, so how about we make everyone a steak, to go with some potatoes, mushrooms, and maybe some greens as well... just because I know you guys are big on eating all your vegetables,” Mark said, surveying the ingredients to make sure that he had everything. “And hell, I can even make us all lava cakes for dessert, because I'm so happy to be spending time with my friends!”

Show off,” I muttered under my breath. As if being good looking and hung wasn't enough, my friend was also a great cook. Lava cake was one of his seduction specialties, he had told me before... apparently there's something very sexy about seeing the chocolate seep out, and something sexy about the chocolate itself. Regardless, the entire dinner did sound a little ambition.

A steak dinner! That sounds like it might take awhile... are you sure that's what you want?” I said, glancing at my girlfriend nervously, who actually looked like she was salivating as she stared at Mark... I was hoping she was drooling over the food, and not over my friend.

That sounds delicious!” Lisa said. My other friend Tom agreed... as did Samantha. Tom and Samantha were a couple of friends from back in University. Like Mark, Tom was also quite athletic, although he wasn't quite so good looking or suave. He was generally a quiet guy who usually kept to himself.

Samantha, was a bit of a firecracker like Lisa. She was a thicker girl, with curly brunette hair and a big fat ass. She had a flat stomach and big tits... making her look like the epitome of femininity I definitely preferred my girlfriend Rebecca's look, with her big plump tits, but I could see why men fought over Samantha as well.

Pretty soon I was sitting there with three of my friends, sipping our drinks, while my girlfriend and Mark were in the kitchen. I could hear music blasting from the kitchen, as they began to chop vegetables and prepare the meat. I also could hear lots of laughing and giggling... and to be honest, I wasn't sure how it made me feel.

It looks like Rebecca is having a lot of fun in there,” My friend Lisa teased me between sips of her drink. I couldn't help but go red at the accusation. It definitely was something I was worried about, and i wasn't quite sure how to respond.

Yeah man, I'd be worried if I were you,” Tom said jokingly. “You know after Mark has her, she'll never feel the same again!”

The room laughed at my expense, and I felt myself going even more red, as I imagined my girlfriend's pussy getting stuffed and stretched out by Mark's huge cock. The fact that his cock was a bit of a legend amongst our friend group just made me feel more uncomfortable about the whole situation.

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