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Divorced Daddies Society


Dark Heat

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This book contains very strong and realistic sexual content.

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This story and all its characters are make believe and not based on real people or real events.

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All characters depicted in this erotic story are 18 years and older.

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Copyright © 2018 Bakerman

Title: Divorced Daddies Society

Author: Bakerman 

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

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I did some research the other day to find out how high the highest structure is that can be erected. I was quiet surprised at what I found. Engineers are actually planning a five hundred storey building. With the space age materials that are available the only problem in erecting such a high building is money.

This set my story-mind working. What if people are living in a building that is eight hundred floors high? If the elevators in such a building break, there is no way for people to get down. It would simply be too far to walk even if there were stairs. So people are trapped on the top floors and there is no way for them to get down. But these huge buildings will have shops, amenities, pools and maybe even parks up there. So it won't be that much of a problem for the residents. Many maybe would not even bother going down ever, so they won't even notice the broken elevators.

Now what if a father and daughter are also trapped up there, BUT there is a group of people who wants them to join their illicit society. What would happen if this illicit group (let’s call them the Divorced Daddies Society) put something in the air conditioning that affects these two innocent people in a weird way?

And this is how THE DIVORCED DADDIES SOCIETY started out.

Enjoy and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

In The Clouds

Although there was a big problem now, Stewardt knew when he bought the apartment in the clouds that he was making a good investment. The Atlantis State Building was the first eight hundred storey building in the world and with his apartment almost at the top, they could look down on the clouds on many a day. Sometimes when it was raining down below, they had full sunshine on the seven hundred and fifty fourth floor and higher up.

The thing he liked most was the silence. Here there was nothing of that irritating and continuous droning of vehicles in the city. They were too high for the sound to reach up here.

Now he and Melissa, his beautiful daughter, was relaxing outside in the sun under the strong dome that protected them from the high winds up here. The building is big and although there are many residents, they almost seem to be alone in the world with only the blue sky around them.

As always, when outside here, they are wrestling. His daughter is already almost as tall as he is, but he is still much stronger than she is. In addition to that, she takes full advantage of the fact that she knows he will not hurt her. This actually gives her an edge and she makes fully use of it.

She now grabs him at the hips and quickly brings him down to the softness of the very natural looking artificial grass. She laughs out loud as she does this, falling down with him.

In the time that they both are falling down towards the grass, he can almost swear that Melissa just touched his cock. But it can't be. His sweet daughter would never do something like that. Would she?

He immediately brings the thought down to his own horniness. He was ashamed to admit it, but he had been having weird sexual thoughts since the elevators broke down almost two weeks ago.

Those sexual thoughts centered on his very own daughter. She WAS a superb female specimen, but he was not suppose to have such thoughts about his own daughter. So for the past two weeks he had been fighting it to the best of his ability, despite the fact that she didn't make it easy for him.

But he is sure she is not as horny as he is and would never touch his private parts.

But then he feels it again. He was correct.

It is so. Her sweet little hand is all over his cock and he can already feel the organ filling with blood and expanding rapidly - all on its own without waiting on permission. The small hand of a beautiful young girl will have that effect on any male sex organ, no matter how prude the owner is. EVEN if that owner is her very own father.

He is too slow and doesn't stop her in time. Before he knows it his cock is hard and ready to plunge into the sweet heat of a pussy. Once a man's cock is hard, all his brain power is transferred to it and it suddenly becomes the controlling pilot of the body. Even the courts had agreed on that simple fact.

And she just giggles beautifully like a naughty little girl now. The damage had been done and she knows there is no turning back for him. She lazily allows her hand to go into his shorts as they both lie on the soft grass under the strong dome, kilometers up in the open sky with no one to bother them.

He weakly struggles to get up, but she holds him down as her hand gently caresses over his hard cock.

"Oh, Daddy, what have you here? It is soooo hard...” she says as she vigorously starts to masturbate his hard cock right inside his pants. "How can you have all of this between your legs all the time?"

"Melissa, we...” he starts saying. This happened to fast and too suddenly. He will have to put a stop to this.

"Shhhhhhht..." She says. "Just enjoy it. I might just take my hand away and you will never feel it there again. Just enjoy it." She urges him as she keeps on masturbating his rapidly hardening sex organ.

Well, like his mother always said: If you can't beat them, join them. He now starts moving his hand over her very young teen body. Who is he fooling? He had been thinking of her sexy body for weeks now. He did not feel good about it, but how can you stop something that is already inside your brain and someone you lived with your whole life long. So he might as well follow her advice and just enjoy it.

His hand goes down to where her legs meet in her swimsuit. He immediately feels her fat, very soft pussy lips right through the light material of the swim suit. God, his own daughter's pussy feels so great. Even when he started thinking of her in a sexual way, he never thought her pussy would be this great. Soft and pliable and big.

One's own family members always seem sexless to you. That is actually the way it should be, but sometimes nature has its own plans. And nature definitely had a plan when it created this young girl's little pussy. It was created to tempt all of mankind.

Thick, gelatinous cunt lips that feels as soft as a piece of heaven. The temptation is too great and he moves his fingers in under the hem of the swimsuit to the open flesh.

An involuntary gasp comes out his mouth as he touches the soft, very inviting flesh of her naked pussy.

"Do you like it, Daddy?" Her laugh vibrates clearly and loud through the inside of the dome. "It’s all yours. It always belonged only to you."

He pushes his thick forefinger into the slit and feels how it struggles to go into the virgin pussy. But then the inside walls of the vagina starts giving off smooth juices to make entry as easy as possible. His fingers go in easier now and he starts finger fucking her. He is so worked up that he does it hard and fast, really not caring if he's hurting her.

But she seemingly enjoys this hard treatment of her little cuny. Her breathing becomes fast and loud. Her hips slowly start moving against his hand as if she is doing a very sexy, very slow dance.

Minutes later, with his cock so hard that it feels as if it will burst from its skin at any moment, he is ready for the deed. He maneuvers her out of the swimsuit and suddenly his beautiful daughter is completely naked in front of him there under their dome with the blue sky surrounding them.

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