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Mommy Does Duke


Nikki Blackmore

© 2018 by Nikki Blackmore

Cover design © 2018 by Nikki Blackmore

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

It had been six months since my boyfriend and I had broken up. He had turned into a real asshole and I wanted nothing more to do with him. I had kicked him out of my apartment and kept our dog, Duke because I didn't feel like he deserved to have him. He didn’t really care for Duke and wasn’t very nice to him. Duke was my buddy and constant companion from that point forward. I think he knew I had removed the one person who treated him poorly from his life.

So here I am,  six months later sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine as I scrolled through my Twitter feed looking for something interesting. I was horny and feeling lonely. I had not had sex since we had broken up, and it was starting to get to me. Sure, I had my dildo and vibrator, but nothing could take the place of a hot cock filling your cunt. I longed to be filled by a real cock.

And just like a hundred nights before, there sat Duke over in the corner of the room licking his red cock like he did a thousand times before. I watched as his cock got bigger and bigger the longer he licked it. Was he giving himself a blowjob? I had not gotten Duke fixed, and his huge balls hung down between his legs like a couple of oranges. I wondered how much cum those huge things held.

I don't know if it was a wine I was sipping or what I was seeing on Twitter, but the sight of Duke licking his cock that night just seem to turn me on for some reason. I began to wonder what it would be like to touch his cock, to stroke him and make him cum. I wondered what it would be like to have that cock inside of me fucking my pussy and shooting his cum deep inside of me. I guess that's the moment that my dog fantasy actually began.

I set my glass of wine down and got on the floor, crawling over to Duke. I took my hand and began to stroke his fur and talking to him softly as if I was trying to seduce him. My hand slid down his belly further and further with each stroke until my hand grabbed his red cock and began to stroke it slowly. It was silky smooth and yet hard, but not completely hard. I talked softly to him as I stroked his cock, making it get harder and harder. Soon, the bulb at the base of his cock was protruding out of his sheath and I was amazed at how large he was. 

Sitting there looking at his cock I wondered if Duke would be interested in licking my pussy. I let go of his cock and removed my shorts and panties exposing my pussy to him. I rubbed my juices up and down my slit and then slid my pussy into his face. He sniffed me for a few seconds and looked up at me as if to say is this okay? I patted his head as a reassurance as he looked back down at my pussy and began to lick up and down my slit. I watched as his long tongue went up and down my cunt trying to get at the sweet juices that were dripping from my hole. 

I arched my back, then lay down spreading my legs wide for him. I wanted to ensure he had plenty of access to lick my hole and get all of my juices. I began to flick my nipples through my bra as he continued to lick my pussy, licking up and down my slit and flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue. I could feel my orgasm building as I lay there watching him lick my pussy and licking his chops off and on. 

All of a sudden I felt the swelling of my orgasm hit me sending rushes of passion up and down my body as I came. I came hard that first time, probably because of the taboo nature of what had just happened. But as my orgasm subsided I chastised myself for having given in to my animal instincts. I couldn't let this happen again. This was wrong and I knew it. But in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to fuck Duke. But I tried as hard as I could to push that out of the back of my mind. 

The next day, I had a hard time concentrating at work. I had let a dog lick me to orgasm, and I felt like I had committed some sort of animal cruelty act. But how was it bad? I didn’t hurt him, and he didn’t hurt me. I loved my dog and justified what had happened as a natural thing. If he didn’t want to lick me, he would not have. So I guessed that it was ok since I did not force him to do anything. He licked my pussy because he wanted to.

I went home and ate my dinner, my mind still torn about our encounter. After dinner, I put on my nightgown and sat on the couch sipping my wine. I think Duke knew what was coming because he came over to me and sat down right in front of me. I patted his head and talked to him.

“You like mommy’s pussy?” I said. “Yeah, you like mommy’s pussy. You want to lick mommy’s pussy again, don’t you boy?”

I swear I saw him nod his head, yes, or at least I imagined it. I lifted my nightgown to reveal my pussy, spreading my legs wide and slouching down on the cushion. Duke went right to work licking me. I moaned and tugged at my nipples while he licked me. I watched his tongue going up and down my cunt as I moaned and inched closer and closer to my orgasm. Yes, I was now addicted to my dog’s tongue.

With one hand, I reached down and stroked his head while he licked my clit. That huge tongue of his had a lot of real estate that covered my pussy. I lifted my legs exposing my asshole hoping he would lick it. Duke did not miss a trick. He moved down and began to lick my asshole, sending chills down my spine. He licked me from ass to clit with long, lapping licks.

I was at the point where I could no longer hold back my orgasm. I exploded onto his tongue as my body convulsed from the ecstasy he was giving me. His tongue flicked in and out of my hole as he tried to lick my juices. With my orgasm done, I closed my legs and patted his head, then hugged him. He had satisfied me yet again with that tongue of his. I felt bad for him satisfying me while he went unfulfilled. Soon, I was going to have to return the favor.

The next night as I was sitting on the couch, I again watched Duke as he licked his cock. I needed to touch his cock again to feel the heat of his sex. I got on the floor with him and lay in a sort of sixty-nine on my side, spreading my legs wide and rubbing his cock while he licked me. I wondered what his cock would taste like, how it would feel in my mouth. I began to stroke his cock and inched my face closer and closer to his red-hot cock, tempting my mouth. In one quick move, I sucked his cock into my mouth and began to bob my head up and down his shaft. 

The feel of his cock was hot and the taste of his pre-cum was sticky sweet unlike a man's. It was clear and dripped from his tip. I took his cock as deep into my mouth as I could while he continued to lick me. I stroked his cock and bobbed my head up and down sucking hard as I could while my orgasm built to its climax. Duke began to squirt his cum into my mouth just as my orgasm exploded all over his tongue. He seemed to come forever as load after load of his jism shot down my throat. I swallowed every drop as I came hard yet again. With his orgasm finished, Duke's cock began to retreat back into its sheath.

I had just given my dog a blowjob! If you had told me I was going to do that, I would have thought you were a crazy person! Yet I had done just that. For some reason, I loved his cock and could not get enough of it. I was turning into a dog nympho! Bestiality was not something that had even entered my vocabulary until now.

I got up and got dressed satisfied with what had just happened. But I wasn't finished with him yet. No, I needed to fuck that big cock of his. I made up my mind that the following evening I was going to ride Duke's cock. I knew it was wrong and I didn't care. He had turned me on to a level of ecstasy that I hadn't felt since the first time I slept with my ex-boyfriend. 

All day I thought of Duke and his beautiful cock. I imagined it sliding in and out of my cunt while I fucked him. I couldn’t wait to feel him stretching my cunt as he penetrated me for the first time. By the time I got home, my panties were soaking wet. I had worked myself into a sexual frenzy by daydreaming of Duke’s cock. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.

Later that evening as I finished dinner, I called Duke into the bedroom and had him jump on the bed with me. I lay there naked next to Duke petting him and talking to him softly. It was as if I was having pillow talk with him.

“Does Duke want to fuck mommy’s pussy?” I asked. “I bet you can’t wait to get a piece of ass from mommy, can you? How about mommy plays with your cock for a while?”

I moved my hand down and began stroking his cock. My pussy was dripping wet as the anticipation of fucking him began to arouse me. I felt like a school girl getting laid for the first time as I worked to control my breathing. I could feel his cock getting harder the more I stroked it with my hand. Once his cock was fully erect, I straddled his body and began to slide his cock into my pussy.

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