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I had suspected for days, and last night a confrontation over a bottle of wine revealed the whole story. My husband was fucking his personal assistant!

Not that I could blame him of course, his dirty little secret was as horny as hell! Twenty-four, slim, petite and pretty. I would have got in there myself given half a chance and his permission. Because that was where Gareth had gone wrong, you see. We had an open marriage where he could go after other girls and, well, so could I. But the foundation of our pact was that we did nothing behind the other spouse’s back. It was a matter of trust!

Gareth had lots of excuses. It was a spur of the moment thing, she threw herself at him, etc. The bottom-line was, we both knew he had broken the rules and that meant I was owed one. Oh course, it also meant I was going to be spoiled rotten long after he had forgotten the reason why!

We were a successful partnership in business and marriage. Money and success had come easy to both of us throughout life and when we met in our early twenties, it seemed only logical to combine our resources and make something bigger than its parts. That worked so well that in our early forties, we were on the board of a publicly-listed company with a billion-dollar turnover. Along the way we met many young women, just like Jennifer, who thought they could use their feminine wiles to come between us and get a slice of that fortune. Working together as always, we had used and then discarded them when their shine was burnished. So why was Jennifer different? The question vexed me. And it worried me more than a little!

Tonight was a big occasion; the celebration of a huge government contract that would effectively double the size of the company within two years. It was at our lakeside home and of course Jennifer had done most of the organisation. I made polite conversation with a group of my managers as I nursed a bowl-shaped glass of Champagne. I could see her down in the courtyard, with a similar group and she was in her element. I was biding my time but pretty soon, I was going to thank the little slut in my own special way.

I stopped at a bathroom on my way down to check my appearance. I was in pretty good shape for my age. My Double-D bust was big but firm and my waist was still a thirty. I checked for lines and preened my hair. All good enough to compete with the young pea-hen downstairs!

“Hello Jennifer,” I gushed, and air-kissed her cheeks. "You have done such a great job for Gareth and me!” I beamed like I really meant it and bit my bottom lip in an unmistakably flirty way. I took her hand and led her out of the admiring throng. “Come with me. I have something to discuss with you.”

Now she looked worried. But why wouldn’t she? She was fucking my husband after all! I found a relatively quiet corner near the kitchen and gently but firmly pushed her up to the wall. “I just wanted to discuss your considerable contribution to the company and particularly the board!” I spoke professionally but reached up as I said the words and brushed a stray tendril of hair away from her eyes in a n intimate way that clearly confused her.

“Gareth and I were only discussing you last night in fact,” I went on. “We came up with some ideas for getting more from you."

“You did? You were?”

“Of course,” I laughed. “But then, he tells me he had a similar conversation with you on Wednesday night… Right when he was filling your fertile little womb with cum!” Without warning, I reached under her skirt and grabbed hold tight hold of her sex to emphasise my words.

Jennifer’s mouth and eyes opened wide in complete incomprehension and shock. “Wha…What?”

“Now, you’re going to listen very carefully to me, little slut,” I hissed. “Gareth and I share everything and that includes young women who can’t keep their panties on in the boardroom.”

I paused and let that penny drop, still gripping her fleshy mons tightly in my hand. Then she had a light bulb moment. “I can’t… I don’t! I’m not a lesbian!” Then she got a little brave. “This is assault. You need to let go of me right now, Mrs Ryan or I’ll call the police!”

My left hand didn’t budge but my right one did. Slap! My open palm left a big red mark on her cheek. “The only calling you are going to be doing is little cum noises if I decide to let you cum! If you walk away from me now, you will never work in this industry again. In fact, I’m quite sure our very talented private investigators could put together a strong enough fraud case to get you some jail time. Maybe you want to learn your lady love from the three-hundred-pound Queen Bee? I stroked her red cheek. “Or perhaps you would prefer rapid advancement in my company instead?”

“I-I’m not a lesbian,” she repeated quietly in a quiet voice.

“Neither am I,” I laughed, taking Jennifer’s hand again and leading her upstairs. “I’m a married woman. I love cock but then, I love cunt too!”

Our master bedroom was the furthest door on the top floor, giving the best view of the lake. It was far enough from the party to pretty much guarantee privacy but once I had her inside, I locked the door anyway and put the key in my private drawer.

“Let’s take a good look at you,” I grinned, containing my excitement. I held the smaller woman by the shoulders and looked her slowly up and down.

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