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Guilty Deception

The morning was warm for Michigan in April. Kayden Morgan walked from her front door to her neighbor's home, her two young children in tow. Megan, a bouncing three-years old held her mom's left hand while Kayden held her year old son in her right arm. Jason babbled as he rode on Kayden's hip.

Walking up the drive, Kayden went to the backdoor, knocked and then let herself in. Kayden could hear the whine of the vacuum cleaner coming from the family room and headed in the direction of the familiar sound.

"Karen," Kayden said loud enough to be heard above the machine.

The noise stopped and Karen turned around. She saw the distraught look on Kayden's face and quickly went to her friend.

"Kayden, what's wrong?" Karen asked as she took Jason from Kayden's arm.

Kayden shook her head and said, "Do you have time to talk?"

"Of course, let's take the kids to the playroom. Stacy and Kim are in there."

Following Karen, Kayden led her daughter to the playroom. The television was on and a cartoon show was keeping Karen's two daughters occupied. Stacy saw Megan, squealed and jumped up. Megan giggled and went over to her friend. Stacy was six months older than Megan. She took the younger girls hand, pulled her to the pillows on the floor and they sat down.

Karen placed Jason on the floor and he waddled across the room to a stuffed tiger he spotted near the toy box. Grabbing the toy by a front leg, he wandered around the room, dragging the tiger behind him.

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