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Sexual Quest

S.L. Hendrickson

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Charles was very impressed by the view from the living room. Just past the glass windows that went from the floor to the ceiling, there was an Olympic size pool. Inside of the pool, there was an unobstructed view to the ocean. To the left, you could see the marina and the towers of apartments and condos that lined the beach. The house was to be a base of operation and a break from completing the quest. The realtor was describing the amenities of the property, but he wasn’t listening. He wanted the property because of the location. It was near South Miami Beach.

“How much is it again,” Charles asked.
“It's two and a half million, sir.”

“I will pay two million cash.”

“Cash, sir?”

“Yes, the offer is good for twenty-four hours. My daddy always said, never be in debt.”

Charles cleared his throat. He slipped back into the southern slang of his ancestors from Alabama. He had bought diction tapes and used them on the planes and trains to shed his hillbilly past, be more sophisticated, and hide the less than eighth-grade education. It was unbelievable to him that you could pay that much for a house. His daddy paid just eight hundred dollars for the trailer they lived in and called himself a business owner for fixing cars in the yard and drive way.

“If the offer is acceptable, I will wire the money to the seller's bank account.”

He didn’t want him to think that he was a drug dealer and would show up with a briefcase full of money.

“I will call the seller, sir.” He walked outside to talk in private on his cell phone.

Charles stood and looked out the window. There were numerous sail boats on the water, and he could see the yachts at the marina. A boat was out of the question. He had almost drowned in Smith’s Pond when he was just a kid and was scared of the water. The pond was a big hole a farmer had dug that filled with rain water and was used to water the cattle and horses. It was the only relief they got from those hot summer days. By owing beach property, he wouldn’t be a country hick, and it was time for a break. In less than six months, he traveled from Chicago, to Mexico, Las Vegas, Thailand, Japan, Canada and now Miami.

“The sellers counter offer is two, point, two million, sir.”

Charles smiled. He liked being called sir. It was much nicer than a redneck, or hick.

“That’s fine, draw up the paperwork, and I will contact my bank.”

He was tired and didn’t want to haggle anymore and was expecting some questions about the money, but he did look the part in the Armani Suite, and Italian Loafers. His hair and nails were impeccable. He arrived in a top of the line Cadillac, could afford any car, a Porsche or a Maserati. They were too flashy. The purpose was to project the image that he came from a family with money and didn’t have to show it off. He was trying to buy class.

“I could stay in a hotel tonight.”

“We should be able to conclude the transaction today. The house has been on the market a long time, and they are eager to sell. I’m sure you can have the keys by the end of the day.”

The place was completely empty.

“I need some furniture.”

He got on his laptop, and within two hours, arranged the delivery of a complete bedroom, dining, and living room set. One store had offered to send over an interior-design consultant. He didn’t have to be that sophisticated just needed something to sit and sleep on. He sat in his car waiting for the delivery and pondered how far he had come. Before the transformation, he was living in a tiny, studio apartment on the south side of Chicago. As a child, he grew up in a one-bedroom house and had to sleep on a cot in the kitchen.

The sun was setting. He was now sitting on a white leather, couch, twirling the keys to the house on his finger. It had been a very eventful day, and he should be tired but was energized. He opened the laptop and went to the favorites list. On it were five Mail-Order Bride Sites. Recently, he was thinking about buying a wife. He wanted someone who could be Martha Stewart in the kitchen and Elvira in the bedroom. Today, there was the need for something more immediate, so he searched the local ads for escorts trying to decide what he was in the mood for.

There were ads for lady boys. He got a taste of them in Thailand preferring the ones with a natural chest with no implants. It was nice when they were hairless. When he got a cab at the airport in Bangkok, he told the driver that he was looking for women. He offered to take him to a place where he could get children, guaranteeing that they would be five or six years old. Charles was interested in women at the other end of the spectrum. In his month-long stay, he would learn about sexual tourism where men would come to purchase children something that would get you years in jail back in the states. The driver took him to the Soi Cowboy. It was like Mardi Gras but with elephants in the streets. Go-go bars lined both sides of the streets with dozens of women in each one. They would go to your hotel room for a special massage. Of course, it was not prostitution because you were paying for the room and not the women. In one bar, the women wore just pink bathrobes. For two weeks, he was a regular at Spice Girls taking a different one every night, one night; he took three. They were so young, and petite. At the Cockatoo, he got his first taste of lady boys. They were so cute and truly liked the ones in miniskirts and boots. He put three on retainer, and they would come to his hotel. He never sucked them; they just bounce up and down on him, one after another. They had such sweet, tight, little buts, and they loved to kiss and make out. Once in a while, he would have all three of them at the same time. He would go from ass to ass, hole to hole, doing each one for a few strokes until one of them took his load. If he could, he would pay for every man to experience, once in their lives, having three mouths on them. There were also restaurants that cooked the food right out in the open so the smell of food floated down the street. Once he couldn’t get hard for the third one, so he went on the hunt for supplements. In a shop located down an alley, an old man who spoke very excellent English looked at his tongue and said he was extremely healthy. When Charles told him, he wanted something, to stay hard; the old man said he was ninety two even though he looked two hundred. He called for someone in the back, and a young girl came out looking like she was twenty. He said that it was not his granddaughter but his wife. So he took the Red Kwao Krua that he recommended. The old man told him to take two. He took four thinking it would work twice as fast and much longer. It made his heart race. He thought that it was a heart attack. Two pills made him strong like a bull for hours. Before leaving Bangkok, he bought a year’s supply and got on a regiment of one pill three times a day.

Since the best way to get back to the United States was through Japan, he stayed there for a week. Unlike Bangkok, where it was hurry and get into the room and do it, so they could move on to the next and where time was money, in Japan, they took their time. It was meant to be more of a classy experience. Six to ten girls would line up in matching outfits showing very little. He would pick out a girl. He would have tea then sit in a large tub. They would get on their knees and wash him. Next, there was a massage where they would walk on his back then they would ask what he wanted. He couldn’t believe how hairy they were. He enjoyed sucking a woman if she tasted good, but it was like a black forest down there. Some of them were big on top compared with the Bangkok women who mostly were flat chested but with big, dark nipples.

Then he saw ads for massages, and that was just what he needed right now. He chose an ad from Bella a mature woman with a 48DD chest. She arrived with a massage table and a bag. She was wearing a short skirt, high heels, and a blouse that showed off the magnificent breasts. Charles was wearing a robe and just jockey shorts. She set up the table and then removed the skirt and blouse to reveal black panties and a lacy bra. Charles took off the robe and got on the table. She put oil on her hands.

“Would you like me to start at the bottom or top?”

“Start at the top.”

She massaged his temples very gently, and he started to relax then ran her hands over his almost hairless chest, and after that massaged each arm, hands, and fingers. She did his thighs, calves, and he moaned when she ran her finger between his toes. All the stress was melting away, and was in a state of total relaxation when she told him to turn over. She worked her way back up and spent extra time on his lower back. By the time she was done with his back and was massaging his neck, he wanted her. It was difficult to move because all the muscles were relaxed, but he rolled over very slowly and adjusted the shorts to give the erection more room.

“I don’t have sex with my clients.”


“Sorry, I just give massages.”

“Not even for a hundred extra, I have some condoms around here someplace if that’s what you need?”
“Sorry, but I will let you do my breasts.”

“I would love that.”

She unhooked the front-loading bra. The breasts started high on her chest and there was cleavage all the way to the bottom. Each one was bigger than his head, white, with large pink nipples. They were pierced and had huge gold, rings. She reached into the bag and pulled out a short rod with two clamps at each end. She attached each clamp to a ring. The nipples were now just inches apart and keeping the breasts together so she wouldn’t have to use her hands to hold them. She put oil on and rubbed it all over. He was getting so hard just looking at those big mounds glistering now from the oil. She got on the table, and he started pumping between them. The cleavage was long and deep.

“You got a gorgeous pair.”

They were so soft and warm. His shaft totally disappeared between them.

“That’s it baby, pump hard, spear those things.”

He was pumping hard now while she worked the clit harder. It was her favorite thing to do with all her clients, timing it just right, so they would both explode at the same time. He was thrusting, and the mounds were rippling. It was like a flesh vice on his shaft. He pumped a few more times, erupted, and so did she. He got off and she stood by the table, and he ran his hands over them enjoying their size and shape while she massaged his shaft and balls.

“Are you satisfied and relaxed?”

“Yes, completely.”

“A man is most at peace after shooting his load.”

“That is so true.”

“It would be nice if you were a regular client.”

“I would like that.”

He paid her, and she left with a throbbing between her legs. She still had two more clients tonight and was hoping by the third one she would be having a continuous orgasm.

It was almost noon before he woke up. In bed, his mind was racing with all the things he wanted to do but his body was asleep, still totally relaxed. After three cups of coffee, he went in the pool with his tape recorder and continued to dictate his life story. He had been working on it for more than a month, wanted to finish it, and then have it typed to be published. There was very little about how his mother left when he was three and his father only sent him to school when he didn’t have something for him to do so he never finished eighth grade, instead worked in his father’s garage. He was a big, loud, bulldozer of a man. He didn’t want to think or tell about the poor, unhappy childhood besides; he was going to make up for it now.

He got out of the pool, got the Laptop, and stretched out on a lounge chair in the sun. It didn’t take long to learn the controls on the laptop. Being a tactile learner, he could watch a process that took a dozen steps and remember them all. He could tear apart a carburetor, a radio, or even a television and but it back together with little effort. He watched videos about running the computer and the software programs. Since he never learned to type and didn’t see any reason to learn it, a Girl Friday was needed. He put an ad on a website that had ads for escorts, adult jobs, and TS. By the end of the day, it was obvious the ad was not getting the correct response. There were over a hundred responses, mostly from hookers. They would be too much of a distraction, and nothing would get done. The only one that was interesting was from a woman who replied: Yes, I can type and have something you have never seen before. He made an appointment for that evening. Then he called a maid service. She arrived at three and was a short, round, little woman. In a way, he was hoping they would send someone who was sexy but then again, nothing would get done.

“Are you Spanish?”

“No, sir, my name is Amelia, and I’m Cuban. Is that a problem?”

“Of course not, I was just curious.”

She looked around at the mess. There were containers on the dining room table everything was either take out or delivery. From all those years working at the dinner, he was currently on a cooking strike. Clothes were laying all over the couch and chairs. She walked to the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator. It was empty.

“You need food, sir.”

“Yes, and I need the laundry done and cleaning.”

He took out a wad of money and always started each day with a thousand in cash.

“You pay the service, sir.”

He put a Benjamin on the counter. “This is for food.”

He put down another and said, “This is for cleaning supplies and to take a cab to the store. You can keep what is left over. Is that alright?”

“Yes, very good, sir.”

“Thank you, I have to run. I’m late for an appointment. I will try and not be such a slob,” he said while heading for the bedroom to change into the suit.

It was a high-rise condo. He only had her first name; Star. When she opened the door, he stood there and stared at her anyone would. He had never seen anyone that big before. She walked over to the couch, and he sat on a chair across from her still not believing the size of them.

“I’m eighty two inches and my cup size is triple Z. My bras have to be specially made. You can’t buy them off the rack.”

She lifted up the baggy sweater, and they looked like flesh balloons. Because of her, they passed a law limiting the amount of silicone you could put into your body. She had ten pounds in each breast. They looked even bigger because of her small four foot, frame.

“I am trying to get enough money to go to Brazil because they don’t have any restrictions. I want to be over hundred inches, so I have the biggest in the world.”

“A person must follow their dreams.”

“For a contribution, you can touch them and take pictures. You can jack off while looking at them.”

He started taking pictures with his phone as she unsnapped the bra. They were so massive they didn’t move. He put two Benjamin’s on the coffee table.

“In response to my ad, you said that you could type.”

“I can, but with a body like this, should I be typing?”

“You have a point.”

He wondered if she could even see the keyboard. Of course, all breasts were wonderful, small, large, and everything in between. Even tiny man boobs were nice to suck on. These bordered on the grotesque. This was turning into another scam like the woman who claimed to be a hundred and two and still turning tricks. He wanted to know what one that old felt like. He paid the money up front, but she never showed. He ran his hands over them, and they reminded him of inner tubes. He would take a tractor tire tube and patch it, fill it with air, and float on it. The breasts were smooth and hard. He was going to ask to fuck them, but figured it would be like running it between two over-inflated balloons. He wanted soft, natural ones. She got her stomach and it looked like she was on top of two big, beach balls. He took some more pictures.

“If you need someone to type, you should run an ad in the University of Miami, school paper. College kids are always looking for extra money.”

In six months, she would have enough money and become a 175XXX. She was an Internet sensation for a short time had her own web site with over ten thousand subscribers. She had a web cam and then started doing porn videos. The most popular videos had barely legal, tiny girls, feasting on her breasts.

He left feeling like he just went to one of the sex shops that existed years ago where you would put a quarter in a slot, and a panel would go up. A woman on the other side of a glass window would start undressing. The panel would slide down after a couple of minutes. It would take five bucks before you could see her naked. Those places were out of business. They were replaced by the Internet and web cams.

I have to be more careful with my money; he thought. Like his father would tell him; a fool and his money are easily taken. Using the Internet, he placed an ad in the school paper and arranged for an escort that night. He was amused that they were now called escorts. They were hookers, prostitutes, plain and simple. It was a service, a much-needed service, and he thought it was totally ridiculous to be arrested and go to jail for it. In his opinion, it should be legal and readily available everywhere. There should be more whore houses than fast-food restaurants.

She arrived promptly at eight dressed in a low-cut blouse, short skirt, high heels, and dark stockings. She was middle aged. He preferred older woman; younger ones were too much into partying and doing drugs. She sat on the couch admiring the ocean view. Her measurements were as advertised, 32D-28-36, which was not always the case.

“My name is Jade.”

They all had unusual names. You didn’t find anyone with the name of Joan, Ann, or Mabel. It was Desire, Ecstasy, or his favorite, Climax.

“What nationality are you?” he asked while pouring each of them some wine.

“Does it matter?”

“No, I’m just curious.”

He needed to know for the quest of having a man or women on every continent and every nationality.

“My parents are from the old country, the Chez Republic. I was born here,” she replied.

“I’m a mutt myself, part German, Norwegian, and a little Swede mixed in.”

“What kind of entertainment are you looking for? I’m not into anything real kinky.”

“I want to suck tit and get off.”

He could tell by the expression she was put off.

“I’m sorry, am I vulgar. Let’s get down to it; I am looking for a woman to put on retainer. I am willing to pay five hundred a week. Now, I could just get a working girl off the street, but I am looking for a woman who will keep herself clean and will take it until I don't get hard anymore. I want to cut through the crap and just do it. Of course, I will have to check the merchandize before entering into an arrangement. She put down the wine glass, and he was expecting her to say no thanks and leave.

“Do you want me here or in the bedroom?”

“We can start here.”

She pulled up the skirt.

“Go ahead and check it out.”

He started to eat her right through the panties.

“You smell good.”

“I will keep it fresh and clean for you.”

He removed the panties and was glad it was hairless. He got up and removed his pants as she removed her blouse and bra.

“You have such nice, big, nipples.”

They were dark and big as a thumb.

“Go ahead babe, chew on them.”

He did while slamming into her. She was grunting and that always turned him on.

“I hope you like it hard.”

“Yes, I want to feel you tomorrow.”

“I’m going to shoot my load into you, and then we are going to the bedroom, and you are going to ride me.”

“Oh yes, give it to me.”

She was letting him do her just the way he liked, hard; pulling it all the way out and then slamming it back in. He didn’t care about foreplay, kissing, touching, only wanted animal lust, ram it in and get off. She was great because he could hear that sloppy sound, and his balls and thighs were getting wet. She grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them back totally exposing it for the onslaught. After a few more strokes, he pushed it in deep and filled her up. He got off and took her by the hand. He played with her ass as they walked to the bedroom.

“You have a nice ass.”

“I’m not into that.”

“Then I will just suck on it and do your cheeks.”

He liked doing everything. When she got on the bed, he massaged her cheeks then buried his face between them, licking and biting. After he got his fill of that, he put on some lubricant and worked his cock between the cheeks. The cheeks were not that big or deep, but it still felt good working it between them, which made him want more. So, she got on top and went up and down on his wet, half hard, shaft, and it was surprising tight. He massaged one breast while sucking on the other. He started thrusting upward because he wanted to get off again. She thrust down as he thrust up and the tip was hitting a real sweet spot. He grabbed her breasts and hung on while he shot another load into her. As she ran her hand over his balls, he thought about Las Vegas. There was a convention of midgets and dwarfs or as they like to be called ‘little people.’ It didn’t take long to find one that was there to make money. She was pretty and so small with black hair and with skin the color of milk. She was from Spain and when she stood up; her mouth was right at it. Her nipples were pierced. He sucked her, and the juice started flowing like a river. Being such a tiny woman, he thought it would be small and tight, but it was just the opposite. He pumped it in and out, and it was wet, but he didn’t feel anything. She had to suck him, so he could get off. It was a treat because her tongue had a stud in it that made it feel fantastic. After that he went to one of the oldest brothels the Chicken Ranch that had been in business since 70s. They picked him up in a free limo and there was Champaign. It took an hour to get there and each woman negotiated their own fees. He decided to dress down so he wouldn’t think that he was rich. All the women were in excellent shape and looked like models. There was no doubt that it took dedication to stay in shape like that. There were themed rooms with some specially designed for BDSM. He was not into that yet. He chose the Safari Room. Since it had a television, he watched porno while she sucked him. Then he got one of the best rides of his life. She used that athletic body to bounce and rock back and forth. He was shocked by the bill because he had never spent that much on anything in his whole life. He figured it was like Disney Land, a once in a life time experience. His pocket money wasn’t enough so he used a credit card. The bank gave him one when he cashed the lottery check. For most of his life, all the money he had to his name was in his pockets.

It wouldn’t get hard again, and it was so nice to do it until there was nothing left. She agreed to be on retainer and left. It was one of the best sexual experiences of her life. No one used her body like that. She liked letting someone use it for their pleasure. The orgasm was extremely intense while riding him. There was a husband at home, but he hardly looked at her anymore. He never took her like that so now she wanted him to have his way with her, treat her like a sex object. She wasn’t doing it for the money her husband made plenty as a cyber security consultant, but he was gone several times a month. Even after being gone for days he would come home and bore her to tears with talk about platforms and hacking. What she wanted was to be dragged into the bedroom and be taken with animal lust.

On the Laptop was a world map, and he made part of Eastern Europe red. It seemed like so many countries had changed names. When the whole world was red, he would think of something else to do.

There were noises in the kitchen, so he put on a robe and went out. There were bags all over the kitchen counter, and Amelia was putting away groceries. There was also a young man dressed in an obscenely small pair of shorts were the material went between a pair of large sweet cheeks. A red, silk shirt was unbuttoned, showing off his hairless chest, and tucked into the shorts.

“You have a lot of good food now,” Amelia said as she continued to put things away.

“This is my grandson Carlos. He could use a job.”

“No I don’t grandma.”

“All he does is stay out all night and sleep all day. He could use some responsibility. He could clean the pool and take care of the yard.”

“Let me get dressed.”

Carlos followed him to a building beyond the pool. Inside, there was a riding lawn mower, and pool cleaning equipment. Carlos was standing with his hand on his hip in a pose that made it clear he was not interested in any of it.

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