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The Keto Reset Diet

Mark Sisson

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Introducing The Keto Reset Diet

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Introducing The Keto Reset Diet

Mark Sisson is the bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and a foremost voice in the Evolutionary Health Movement. His co-author, Brad Kearns, also worked on Primal Endurance with Sisson and is President of Primal Blueprint Publishing. “The Keto Reset Diet” is another collaboration by both authors. Together, Sisson and Kearns have created a straightforward guide to ketogenic dieting, offering their personal and background knowledge alongside tips that readers may use to consider fasting and implementing a highly effective ketogenic diet in their lives. “The Keto Reset Diet” begins with an introduction describing the perils of the modern American diet, emphasizing the unhealthy aspects and dangers of eating improperly. The authors present ketogenic dieting as an effective and efficient alternative to other methods of dieting, stressing the fact that it is a diet that allows for off-plan eating without putting one’s body or plan in danger. Informed by their individual work as athletes and health enthusiasts, Sisson and Kearns offer informal and relatable advice about the efficacy and process of completely overhauling diet. As the book continues, the authors divide the material into sections; each section covers important aspects of dieting, from an overview of which foods to replace and keep to a plan for advancing progress during the diet. “The Keto Reset Diet” is a dense book, covering all aspects of the dieting program and its benefits; it features a resource section at the very end that helps the reader refer to help with supplements, testing, and other details. Both authors contribute to “The Keto Reset Diet”, making it a successful collaboration that explores the motivation and benefits behind ketogenic dieting.

“The Keto Reset Diet” begins with a chapter detailing the specific about ketogenic dieting- what it is, why it is beneficial, and how to implement the diet program. Mark Sisson begins the chapter by explaining his experience with ketosis and how he initially believed ketogenic dieting to be extreme and temporary when put into practice; however, he details his attempt at following keto and how it drastically affected his mental clarity and hunger. The author defines the process of ketosis, explaining the way the human body is able to produce ketones, a source of caloric energy, when carbohydrates are extremely restricted. The insulin, blood sugar, and liver glycogen levels that drop cause a production of ketones, which pushes the body to burn fat rather than the sugars the body might typically consume in the Standard American Diet. As the book continues, the authors push the ketogenic diet and its benefits, comparing it to other forms of dieting. As the authors define it, ketogenic dieting allows the benefits of fasting without requiring the individual to truly stop eating; it forces the body to shift from burning sugars- which, as they describe, is as useless as continually burning twigs in a fire- to burning fat, which is akin to burning logs. Ketogenic dieting is thus upheld throughout the guide, supported by the encouragement of the authors, who describe themselves as “understanding, supportive, patient, and focused [coaches]”. The authors make a point of addressing the state of the diet and fitness community, pointing out the huge turnover rates in those attempting to join gyms or try the newest fad diet to lose weight quickly. As they explain, the confusion and contradictory messages often result in crash dieting and false hopes and promises. The keto diet, they stress, is not like these other diets. It is more effective, healthier, and long-term.

Both prominent voices in the health and fitness communities, Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns provide much sought-after information and motivation for readers considering pursuing a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. “The Keto Reset Diet” explores both scientific and historic support for keto, making a case for it as an immensely successful and healthy alternative to fad diets and failing programs. The book follows the format of many lifestyle and dieting books, providing factual information and practical, step-by-step guides alongside recipes. Each section of the book allows readers to follow along and plan, giving encouragement and pushing the reader to make a positive change in their life that will be long-lasting and extremely beneficial to health. “The Keto Reset Diet” is a compelling read, combining science and motivation to encourage readers to overhaul their metabolism and diets.

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