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Tolin And The Thieving Trolls

Anita Hasch

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9780463803806

Copyright 2018 Anita Hasch

All rights reserved

The cliffs looked like giant stairways, each step forming great shelves which ran far back into the rock walls. Tolin felt very small and lonely as the pony plodded up the great gorge. Arizona was like a furnace during the day, but it was still early evening and had cooled down. However, the full moon provided light as clear as daytime. The scenery was amazing. Tolin had been riding since lunch time. Riding up and down looking for the entry into the canyon, he was looking for his sister Bruno who had been missing since the previous day. She had gone to look for her goats and did not return. For the past month many of the farmer’s goats, ponies, and horses had disappeared.

At last he found the mouth of the canyon. There were footmarks in the sand. He could see that goats had passed this way. At last he saw the footmarks of his sister. But next to her footmarks were very large footmarks. In fact they were enormous. Could it be the footprint of a troll? Tolin thought that perhaps he should return and get help. Just then he heard a grunting sound. Somebody was coming out of the canyon. Luckily there were very large boulders that he could hide behind with his pony. Peeping out he saw an enormous and ugly troll walking past, grunting to himself.

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