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Gay Erotika


Part Two

Written by Lucas Loveless

Chapter One 

Best Friends 

It was Friday night and the fourth game of the football season for Bum University. The players hollered and cheered as they left the field. They won again, four in a row, and they were high on the thrill of victory. "Alright, guys, good job,” Coach Carter told them in the locker room. "But don't let it get to your head. We still have the rest of the season to play.” 

They showered, dressed, and got on the bus to head back to Bum. After the rowdiness subsided, the players were quiet on the dark bus ride across the Texas country highway. 

Randy and Gregory sat next to one another in the back. They hadn't thrown fists at each other since the one day at practice before the season started. But the two hot young players still teased one another. 

Gregory looked to Randy, who was laying his head back against the seat, to see if he was awake. He saw his friend's eyes were closed. He nudged him anyway. "Hey,” he whispered. 

Randy woke up and in a sleepy voice he answered. "What the hell do you want, man?" 

Gregory smiled, thinking how cute Randy was when he was this sleepy. "I just wanted to say you did alright tonight.” 

Randy shut his eyes, but he smiled. "Alright? Dude, I did fucking amazing.” 

"Yeah, you did. Just make sure you don't drop the ball next time." 

Randy laughed quietly then punched Gregory playfully in the chest. "That was one time, asshole."

They started rough housing, quietly, keeping their noise to themselves. Gregory grabbed at Randy’s hands as Randy tried to poke him in his ribs. They leaned closer to one another. They stopped messing around. They paused, their faces only inches apart. 

"You really did do great,” Gregory whispered. 

"So did you.” 

Gregory leaned in and kissed Randy. Randy paused, not sure if he liked it yet. They hadn't done anything since the one time in the locker room, but Randy had definitely been thinking about it. He kissed Gregory back. They sucked on each other's lips. Randy let Gregory slip him the tongue and probe his mouth with it. 

Gregory groaned as he put his hands on Randy’s thigh and squeezed. Randy’s cock began to swell inside his jeans. He grabbed Gregory’s hand and guided it up his leg and to his crotch. 

Gregory squeezed Randy’s swollen dick and rubbed it. He kissed Randy harder. They panted. They groped. 

"I've been thinking about this for weeks,” Gregory whispered. 

"Me too.” Randy grabbed in between Gregory’s legs and felt his large cock. It was swollen like Randy’s. He sucked Gregory’s lips. He loved the way his fellow player kissed him, rough and firm. He knew he wanted him badly. He could feel it in the way Gregory’s cock twitched in his jeans. 

"I've been craving this cock for weeks,” Randy whispered. 

"It's all yours right now. Take it.” Gregory raised his hips and undid his jeans. He pulled the fly open. 

Randy dug into Gregory’s pants. He slipped his hand under the players boxers. His fingers combed through Gregory’s dark pubic hair. He loved the way Gregory didn't shave. It was manly. It made Randy unbearably horny. He gripped Gregory’s thick shaft at the base. It was warm and pulsing. He could feel the veins in his beautiful cock. Randy’s mouth watered. 

"Suck on it,” Gregory whispered. He traced his fingertips along Randy’s mouth. "Man, I've missed these pretty cock sucking lips.” 

Randy pulled out Gregory’s cock. He leaned down and opened his mouth. Gregory’s thick head slid in between his lips and he gave it a lustful kiss while using his tongue to swirl it. 

Gregory leaned his head back and groaned. "Fuck, yes.” 

Randy wrapped his fingers around Gregory’s shaft and stroked him at the same time. In less than a minute he had Gregory aching and throbbing. His balls were full and dripping with Randy’s spit. 

Randy loved the way Gregory’s cock tasted. He moaned for it. He moaned for the musky scent. He dug into Gregory’s jeans to feel his large testicles, so hairy and swollen and full to bursting. It made him thirsty for Gregory’s come. 

Gregory grabbed the back of Randy’s head and pushed him down onto his cock. His mouth was wet and warm, his lips full and soft. He groaned deep. He put his hand up his shirt and pinched his hardened nipples. His skin was hot. His muscles flexed. Randy was earning gooey precome, and Gregory could feel it drain from his cock like a never-ending fountain.  

Randy undid his own jeans. He dug into them to play with himself. He squeezed his cock. He massaged his balls. He dug in deeper until his fingertips were at his tender little asshole. He whimpered as he sucked on Gregory’s cock and played with his little hole. 

Gregory saw that Randy was playing with himself. He put his hand on Randy’s butt and squeezed. "Is your ass horny?" 

Randy nodded, his mouth full of Gregory’s dick. "Uhuh.” 

Gregory slipped his hand into the backside of Randy’s jeans. He squeezed his bare butt. "Do you need me to fill your ass?" 

Randy stopped sucking. He leaned up, and he had Gregory’s precome hanging off his lips. He stroked Gregory’s wet and hard cock. "I've never been fucked before.” 

Gregory smiled. "Really? You're a virgin?" 

Randy nodded. "But I want to get fucked. I want you to fuck me.” 

Gregory looked around to see if the other players were still quiet and asleep. They were. He put his hand on the side of Randy’s face, his fingers stroking along the scruff on Randy’s cheeks. "Are you sure?" 

Randy nodded. "I'm very fucking sure, man. I want you inside me.” 

Gregory pulled Randy to him and kissed him hard. "You're so fucking hot, Randy.” He grabbed Randy’s jeans and yanked them down. 

Randy lifted himself off the seat. He let Gregory pull his jeans down to his ankles. His cock was standing up, thick and erect. His balls were tight and full. His asshole was puckering at the mere thought of being stuffed full of Gregory’s hard rod. 

"Let me eat your ass,” Gregory whispered. "Here bend over this way.” 

Randy got onto his knees on the seat. He leaned against the back of the seat and stuck his rear out. Gregory leaned over and took a hold of Randy’s firm butt. 

Randy bit his bottom lip and waited eagerly. 

Gregory spread Randy’s cheeks. He groaned. "Fuck, that's a nice hole.” 

Randy shivered in excitement. The other players were so close that if they were too loud they would get caught. But Randy wanted it in his butt so bad he didn't care. 

Gregory gave him a firm lick on his virgin hole. 

Randy bit his lip and whimpered. He shut his eyes and tried not to be too loud. 

Gregory licked him again, going slower, taking his sweet time going from Randy’s swollen taint and up into his little, puckering hole. Then he used the tip of his tongue to do a circle on Randy’s rim. 

Randy’s fingers curled into the seat of the bus. He had never felt this horny. He had never felt this ready to explode. His cock was dripping precome. His nipples hardened, and goosebumps formed on his skin. 

Gregory groaned and massaged Randy’s cheeks. His cock was screaming to be balls deep inside Randy’s hot ass. He put his lips around Randy’s hole and pushed his tongue inside. He did circles. 

Randy started moving back and forth on his knees. It felt so damn good to have a strong tongue inside his ass. He could feel the scruff of Gregory’s face against his butt. 

Gregory swirled his tongue around Randy’s hole. He left him soaked. He left him craving to be stretched and filled. He licked two fingers. Then he gently pushed them inside Randy’s ass. 

Randy flinched. It hurt, but the pleasure was immediate. His rim squeezed around Gregory’s fingers. "Fuck yes,” he whispered as he shuddered in delight. His eyes rolled back and he arched his back. He pushed himself onto Gregory’s fingers to get them deeper inside. 

Gregory curled his fingers inside Randy’s ass and found the player's sweet little prostate. He stroked it gently. 

Randy was starting to moan so loud that he had to bite the bus seat to keep quiet.  His butthole squeezed around Gregory’s fingers in delight. He loved it. His legs began to quiver. His cock twitched and threatened to explode with come. 

Gregory spit into his palm and used it to lube his thick shaft. He was hard as a rock and ready to fuck his friend's virgin ass. He slipped his fingers out. He smelled and licked them, savoring the taste of Randy’s butt. He grabbed Randy by his hips and sat down. 

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