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Flint, Michigan

August 1958

Teamsters Union

Business Agent

Is Torture Burning Victim?

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On Monday, August 4, 1958 Teamsters Union employee Frank Henry Kierdorf (1902-August 8, 1958), 56, was the victim of a torture attack. A resident of 613 West Stewart Avenue in Flint, Michigan, he was business agent for Teamster Local 332. A 63-year-old uncle, Herman Kierdorf, was business agent for Teamsters Joint Council 32 in Detroit. He was an aide to Teamsters boss James Riddle Jimmy Hoffa.

Treated at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in nearby Pontiac, he was burned almost from head to foot. He told authorities that his captors had poured an inflammable liquid on him early Monday. Lured from his Pontiac home to a wooded area, his captors had doused him with an inflammable liquid, before setting him afire.

He told law enforcement about his ordeal, while speaking through swollen, blackened lips. The Teamsters official told Assistant Oakland County, Michigan Prosecutor George F. Taylor of his incredibly horrid experience. At first the burned man only communicated by whispering from his burned lips that he was John Doe of Washington, DC. His identity was eventually established from prints of his fingertips. While he was consumed in flames Kierdorf had dug his fingertips into his palms.

Kierdorf recounted the hellacious experience at the hands of his sadistic abductors. They had lured him away from his Flint home before driving him to a wooded area. Then they had poured an inflammable liquid on him before lighting a match. On August 5th the victim had recounted his experience in detail, in much the same words he’d used initially. On both occasions he’d related the torture to Asst. Prosecutor Taylor.

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