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How To Write an EBook From The Scratch and Sell It

A blueprint for writing a profitable book with efficient sales tips

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This book is dedicated to every intellectual giant who has decided to bless humanity with the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise using eBook writing as a tool.

The gift which you give to people will sure be a blessing to curate beliefs, ideologies, practices which are deformed and self limiting.

Keep blazing a trail of greatness.



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I wish to appreciate my Lord and King, Jesus Christ. Thank you for infusing in me innate supernatural abilities, ideas and grace to write bless my world with the gift of wisdom and writing. Thank you for helping my ink flow always.

To my wonderful parents, Elder and Deaconess Ikoro Onuoha Ikoro, you are my inspiration and number 1 Fan. I appreciate your constant support, trust and prayers for me.

I appreciate my special lieutenants and sisters-in-law: Onuoha, Okocha, Igbani, Ogbuja, Florence, Nnenna, Lilian and Gifty. Thank you for being the special squad that inspires me to do more.

My gratitude also goes to my Pastor; Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DD. Dsc., Thank you for teaching me the Word of God through the years and training me for success in life.

I will like to send a special thanks to my MVP, Henry Eme. I appreciate you so much for always being there. Thank you for your support and encouragements during this project and other times which have always been helpful.



The thought of writing an eBook is what many dreaded from and saw as a mountain too high to climb and a precious stone difficult to find.

Before, I wrote this book, I was planning to have another book in publishing yet because my mind was on hitting a certain financial target over my written books which I wanted to share about in my forth coming book in publishing.

But, it just happened that I decided to help some persons to get it right and guide them birth their first eBooks. At the course of teaching them, I needed to proof to them it’s doable and possible to write an eBook in no distant time.

Moreover, their testimonials motivated me to put the teaching into a PDF and make it available to many more persons. My love for humanity to help many achieve greatness in their lives is my motivation.

Hence, this book’s contents were majorly extracts from the training.

If you have been wondering on how to start from, where to get eBook ideas, contents, title, ways to finish and sell your eBook when you finish, sit back for a great ride as this book reveals to you the answers beyond your imaginations.

Starting from finding connection between your career and unique message for your eBook, you will be able to identify your core purpose for writing the book which will help you in setting a goal for this journey.

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