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After Party for Six

A Mars Craves Men Short Story


Bronson Biggs

©2018 by Bronson Biggs

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This frankly steamy out-take from Mars Craves Men: A Gay Time Travel Sci-Fi Adventure features an unexpected six-way group scene in the low gravity of the planet Mars. This short story is around 3,500 words and includes an explicit male-on-male first-time group sex scene.


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After Party for Six

About the Author

After Party For Six

Luca was an extra on the set of the first season of Buff Does Everybody, a reality TV series about gay porno star Buff Brick, his new husband Clark, and the multiple males they, um, encountered both with and without clothes. At the moment, Luca was dancing between Buff and Clark pretty much butt-naked under a pink-and-silver vintage disco ball from a previous century. He was pretty sure the place would lose its liquor license if it was back in Manhattan, so … welcome to Berlin.

It was hot and sweaty under the lights, and camera-aware Buff kept turning Luca's hips to adjust the angles. Those porn star habits were hard to break, and he kept nudging his erect cock between Luca's tight, twenty-three-year-old butt-cheeks. The editors were going to have an interesting job keeping it legal enough to play on American television, even after eleven o'clock, but Luca didn't really care. That was somebody else's problem, as long as they didn't slash so much they left Luca's scene on the cutting room floor.

Man, these guys know how to hump a guy. Wouldn't mind doing a complete threeway...

Clark, in front of Luca, was performing some kind of limbo dance down, down, down, while rubbing hard against Luca's front all the way. The hubby wasn't as muscular as Buff, but he made up for it by being both flexible and insistent. Clark always made a big deal in the press about how Buff was the star, but he possessed a few talents of his own.

“Oh, that's good.” Luca closed his eyes and forgot about the cameras for a minute. Forgot about his big break on reality TV. All that mattered was Clark's lips slipsliding along Luca's waxed torso to taste his chiseled abs and then lower to grip the swollen head of Luca's leaky cock.

Do it. Make me come.

Alas, the director was shouting, “And... cut. That's it, boys. Go home, and get some rest. You were beautiful.”

Luca didn't know the etiquette of asking the show's stars if they wanted to continue this threeway to its natural conclusion in private. It was late, and everybody was heading off in their different directions, and then it was too late, he was walking home alone through the dark of two in the morning. His sweaty skin cooled off in the night air, and there was an extra spring in his step. Luca didn't think he was kidding himself. Buff and Clark weren't just going through the motions. They'd all felt a certain rapport during the threeway dance scene, and Luca figured he was a shoe-in for a bigger part in the second season.


His name was a name that sounded much the same in Europe as it did in Los Angeles, but somehow he knew from the first syllable that the stranger in the shadows wasn't a German.

“Hey, who's that?”

“A friend.” A tall, slender man stepped forward. It was hard to judge age with all the night shadows on his face, but he was young. Twenty-three, twenty-five. Something like that.

Someone from the set, Luca thought. Had to be. After all, Luca wasn't exactly world-famous for his bit part as a member of Buff Brick's entourage.

“I'm sorry, but, um, you have the advantage, as they say. Do I know you?”

The slender man stepped close enough to take Luca by the hip and hand. It was an intimate touch, almost too intimate. “I saw your video.”

Nobody had seen Luca's video except the guys on the set who'd filmed it. “Um, what is this?”

“In the archives. You looked like you really knew what you were doing.” A comment that made no sense, but Luca didn't have time to think about it, because the cute weirdo suddenly hugged him close. He was stronger than he looked, with arms like bands of muscle. Luca couldn't have escaped if he wanted to, and he didn't much want to. “Hang on tight.”

The world blurred around them like they'd stepped into the cone of a tornado. Luca, dizzy, closed his eyes and wrapped his own arms tight around the stranger.

“It'll be all right.” The guy's voice was calm, even cheerful. “Just hang on.”

Then they were somewhere else, just like that. A pink sky above them, pink boulders scattered on a wide plain, purple mountains in the distance. A dome...

Oh, fuck me, is that a domed city in the distance?

Welcome to Mars,” the guy said. “My name is Mason, and I'll be your guide to the Red Planet.”

You know, this isn't really very funny. I don't know how you did that, but...” Luca meant to stride forward to see what was what, a natural reaction, but he couldn't walk right, and he sort of jump-flew much farther than he intended.

His new … friend? ...hookup? ...complication? …snaked out a long slender arm to grasp him around the waist. “Easy. It's lower gravity than Earth.”

This is bullshit,” Luca said. “I can't be on Mars. I'm breathing.”

It's 2899. We've made some improvements to the planetary surface.”

It can't be 2899. I'd be like...” Math wasn't Luca's strong suit. “Nine hundred years old or some shit. Come on, dude. What's going on?”

You have an important contribution to make to science. We need to find out if men from your time can, um, have sexual relations with men from our time in low gravity conditions.”

Oh, very funny. If this is the direction you're going for season two, I don't think the viewing audience is going to go for it.”

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