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The King's Pleasure


Mia S. Moor

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 by Mia S. Moor

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Chapter One

A loud bang followed by several shouts woke twenty-year-old Lady Danielle from her slumber. Startled at first, she sat up and looked around her darkened room. Only the glow from the moon offered any light in her chamber. She strained to make out the words that were being shouted below but there was too much other noise. Glass was breaking and what sounded like somebody hammering.

The noise grew closer until she could hear her siblings’ bedroom doors being forced open. Her brother yelled out “Let me go! Let me go now!” She could hear the panicked sobs of her sister passing her door. Within minutes all of the bangs and crying and yelling dissipated. Danielle started to push the covers down while her mind tried to come up with a plan. Should she sneak down the back stairs or should she venture forth to discover what was going on.

Her thoughts were interrupted with the sound of boots casually walking in the hallway. This person was not in an urgent rush like those before. The footsteps came closer until they stopped just outside her door. Danielle could hear her own heart beating and thought surely this intruder could hear it as well.

Suddenly her bedroom door burst open and the silhouette of a large man stood looming in the doorway. Danielle gasped and grabbed the covers to her chin. “Get up!” he barked. Too frightened to react, she froze. The man stepped into the room, and she saw that he was one of the King’s guards. The door slammed shut. “Get up!” he shouted again as he grabbed the covers from her and threw them on the floor. He reached for her, but she quickly scooted across the bed away from him to stand on the other side.

“I’ve no time for games, girl. Get yourself over here right now!” He started towards her causing Danielle to move away and closer to the window. The man froze in place and then smiled wickedly. “Oh, yes. You are a fine one,” he answered in a lustful tone.

Danielle realized that the light showing through her thin nightgown was leaving little to the imagination. She quickly tried to cover herself only for the intruder to laugh. He slowly moved closer to her. “I must search you for weapons,” he whispered hoarsely.

“And where would I have a weapon?” Danielle asked.

“That’s what I shall discover,” he replied and quickly grasped her hands together and bound them with a piece of leather. He walked her over to the bed and tied her bound hands over her head to the bedpost. “Now let’s see what you might have.” With one quick jerk he ripped her nightgown off leaving her naked to his wondering eyes.

Danielle could not take the embarrassment any further and closed her eyes. “Please, sir,” she begged. “I am yet a maiden, and I have not known a man before.” She felt tears come to her eyes.

Hot breath touched her hair as the guard whispered into her ear, “And sadly, I will not be your first, but I must make sure you are unarmed.”

One arm quickly came around her waist and pulled her tight against him. With the other his hand roamed freely over her exploring her stomach up to her breasts. When he gently pinched her delicate pink nipple, she felt a strange sensation burn deep within her. She did not notice at first that his other hand had drifted lower to touch her between her legs. Danielle gasped and tried to cross her legs. Again the hot breath whispered to her, “Relax and this will go much easier.” The breath moved down to her neck and she felt the man run his tongue along her neck. His hand began to move back and forth between her legs and Danielle felt herself grow weak at the sensation.

His tongue on her neck, the hand on her breast and nipple, and his fingers dancing across her secret woman place left Danielle’s heart racing. A pulsing sensation was building in her and she didn’t understand why. Then she felt one of his fingers move inside her, slowly at first and the faster. Danielle suddenly found herself flying, soaring and diving over and over until she was out of breath. Her spent body sagged against the guard. He chuckled. “Let’s go downstairs and join the party.”

He untied her hands and told her to put on a nightgown and robe. Danielle quickly obliged only to find her hands tied again. The guard led her to the door and just before he opened the door, she was pinned against the wall by his massive body. The man lowered his face to hers. “You are magnificent,” he whispered in a low tone.

Danielle was taken into her father’s study. The root of all the noise she had been hearing lay before her. A table overturned, a broken chair, lamps shattered, her father’s papers were scattered everywhere. Her father was the first person she saw. And she winced at the sight.

He was tied to a chair and gagged. His left eye was bruised and turning darker every second. And he was angry! His chest was heaving. Danielle had never seen anybody seething with such hatred and anger as her father, the Seventh Duke of Loxley. On the couch was her mother sobbing quietly in her bound hands. Her nineteen-year-old sister, Raelyn, was beside their mother. Her hands were also tied. She wasn’t crying now and appeared to be in shock.

Danielle then saw her eighteen-year-old brother, Jamie, lying on the floor. His hands and feet were tied together behind his back. His eyes were as angry as her fathers, and his yells were muffled by the gag that had been placed in his mouth. A thin smear of blood flowed from his nose across his cheek. Jamie was still trying to yell and fighting his bonds.

“Everything alright here,” her captor asked.

“Bloody hell! That young buck nearly tore us apart. Took four of us to calm him down. I had no choice but to bind him so, Captain!” the man nearest Jamie exclaimed. He looked down at Jamie, who started another muffled round of what Danielle assumed was the vilest insults.

The man called Captain walked over to her brother and pulled out his knife. “Will you behave?” Her brother’s eyes widen in fear showing he was still a youth, and he quickly nodded. The man bent over and cut the rope tying his feet to his hands. He helped Jamie stand up and hop to a chair.

“Now, Loxley,” began the Captain. “Unlike your family, you are well aware why we are here. King James was deeply disappointed when the evidence of your betrayal was put before him. He does not take treason lightly.”

Danielle gasped as did her mother and sister. Her brother stared not at the accuser but at the accused. She could read the betrayal in his eyes. Then she turned to look at her father. He did not seem to flinch. He did not blink. His breathing did not change. He did not try to deny the charge. She felt a knot in the pit of her stomach. “Oh Father, what have you done?” she thought.

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