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Dangerous Temptations Book 2
ISBN: 9780463901649
By: Tawanna Cain
Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

Copyright©2016 by Tawanna Cain

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“I can’t believe we’re going to Cornell University together.” My best friend Trini Lopez squeaked in my ear on the other end of my phone, like a mouse whose tail had been stepped on. All our lives we had talked about going to CU and being roommate; so, imagine my surprise when I came home from two months of photo shoots in Hawaii, Japan and Puerto Rico and discovered that large white envelope with the words “CORNELL UNIVERSITY” and my name “Titiana Bradley” written on it, while my mother and father stood there smiling like idiots waiting on me to opening it.

Even though the letter was in one of those big envelopes that pretty much guaranteed my acceptance into the school of my dreams, I was still nervous. I mean I had back up plans and with my perfect score on the ACT’s and almost perfect score on the SAT’s, I had my pick of the litter; however, this school had been my dream ever since Trini and I went with her mother to visit the campus when we were only six years old, for a business trip for their company. Trini and I fell in love with the beauty and class of it all, and in that moment decided that this was the life for us.

Holding the envelope as steady as I could in my shaking hand, I used, the other to slowly tear the envelope open; gently sliding my finger through, careful not to rip the paper. Once it was opened I looked up at my parents with a nervous smile. My father’s long arms resting on my mother’s shoulders, while she had her hands pressed to her thick lips in a prayer form as if she was asking God to let it be an acceptance letter. “Here goes nothing,” I said, slowly drawing in a breath and holding it until finally pulling the paper out of the envelope.

The moment I saw the word “CONGRATULATIONS” I released the breath I had been holding and screamed, “I’M IN!” I said jumping up and down. Both my parents embraced me and we cried together excited that after everything we had been through, I could accomplish my dream. “I’m going to call Trini,” I said, running up the steps of our two-story house in Wyoming. We lived in a gated community and had one of the biggest houses on the block. My father was the chief brain surgeon and my mother owned a line of jewelry stores throughout the country and was on the verge of expanding to other countries including China, France and Mexico to name a few, so my siblings and I never wanted for a thing.

Rushing into my room I grabbed my phone off my night stand by my queen size bed and dialed my best friend. The moment she answered the phone, she screamed. “This is going to be the best four years ever.”

“I know, right.” I said, just as giddy as she was. “What did your mother say when you told her?” I asked, while looking through my Prada bag for my Bluetooth headphones so I could place the phone back on the charger before it could die.

Trini snorted, “Really T, did you just asked that question?” She said with a hint of sarcasm coming through loud and clear over the phone, but in her defense, I should have known better. Amira Lopez knew everything and I don’t mean that in a mother knows best reference; this woman really knew everything like she was some damn psychic or something. It was both creepy and annoying at the same time.

“Right, I don’t even know why I asked. She probably just gave you that told you so look.” I said, finally finding my headphones, and connecting it to my phone.

“Yes. Dad was excited though.” She cheesed. “Pelar and Mei, not so much.” Pelar and Mei were Trini’s little sisters. Pelar was only 12 and already a troublemaker with boys following her around school and asking to walk her home. One in particular, was the heir to a multi-trillion-dollar corporation and had declared since preschool that he was going to marry Pelar. While Mei who was eight, tend to keep to herself. I don’t know why considering she really was a sweet girl, with a great sense of humor. On the other hand, she could have just been going through a phase where she just wanted to be left alone, seemed logical considering who her mother was.

“That’s good, about your dad, as for your sisters, they’ll get over it, besides, Pelar has a wedding to prepare for.” I joked, while flopping down on my bed and kicking my shoes off. I was wearing some 4 and a half inch heels so taking them off was a relief.

“Don’t jinx her. Matthew is sweet but delusional, besides, I still believe he will grow out of that someday.” She laughed, though it was clear to the both of us, that he was never going to let this go unless she agreed to marry him or married someone else.

“Right. You said that, what 7 years ago,” I asked touching my finger to my cheek while looking to the left corner of my eye trying to remember the time. I could hear Trini laughing on the other end of the phone, trying to come up with something to say back, but coming up short, so I changed the subject. “But anyways, I should call Dillion, talk to you later?” I said more as a question than statement.

“No, he can wait. You can see him anytime you want. I live in another state I won’t see you until August.” She scorned.

I wiped my brow with the back of my hand and chuckled. Trini was such a drama queen, it was funny, grant it she was right about being able to see him anytime, but still, it had been two months and my hands and my toy, was no longer helping with the urges; if anything, they were making it worst. Sighing I tried to level with her, “But…”

“No,” she said, cutting me off. “Besides, I have something to tell you, but if you’d rather talk to that conceded bastard then…

“Fine.” I said, giving in. “Tell me.”

“Ricky Gonzalez is going to Cornell.” I hopped up so fast. My heart racing a mile a minute while my mind tried to wrap itself around what Trini had just told me. “Please tell me this is a joke.” I said, bitterly. Ricky Gonzalez was everything wrong with the world. I had known him since preschool, and even then, he was an ass. After moving from Saint Louis to Wyoming five years prior, I had lost contact with him, but have seen him on TMZ with four women on his arms and an entourage of at least 10 behind him, like he was a Rockstar and not the heir to The Gonzalez Empire; however, I couldn’t deny that he had grown rather nicely since I had seen him last and had sometimes appeared in my dreams at night.

“Sorry T, besides he might not even recognize you.” She said, trying to sound optimistic. The last time I had seen Ricky, I punched him in the stomach and shoveled him against the wall, for kissing me. We were twelve and I was leaving for Wyoming with my family, and he kissed me, stealing my first kiss. I still remembered the taste of his lips, and the way my stomach felt after I could digest the entire situation. Though I was confused at first, his action made me realize that I liked him too; however, that was before he started sleeping with the entire female population at school minus Trini and a few Hollywood starlets.

“Why is he coming to our school?” I asked pacing the floor.

“I don’t know either, but you know he will be taking over his father’s business when he retires, and Cornell has a great business program.” Trini informed me, her voice a lot calmer than mine.

“So, does SLU and it’s closer to his parents.” I retorted.

“Why are you getting so upset T, do you still like him?” She asked in a way that sounded like more of an accusation than a question.

I stopped pacing and just stared at the phone for a second thinking about what she had just said. Why was I so upset? It was a big school and it wasn’t like we’d see each other. And even if we did, it wasn’t like he’d recognize me or even talk to me. Suddenly the thought of him not talking to me, began to cut like a knife. He had to recognize me. He followed me around a lot, told me I was going to be Mrs. Gonzalez, surely, he had to remember me. Dramatically I dropped to my knees and began to sulk, completely forgetting that I was on the phone with Trini until I heard her call me for the third time. “Sorry, I was thinking.” I said trying to shake away the thoughts of Ricky. “I don’t know why I’m so upset about him coming. Maybe it’s just nerves of seeing an old sometimes friend again. I don’t know.”

“Right,” She said, in a way that made me feel like I was 10 years old and had just been caught with my fingers in the cookie jar. “Anyways, my folks are calling me for dinner, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay.” We hung up and for the next five minutes I sat there on the floor of my room balled up with my knees to my chest, trying to figure out how in the hell, I was going to get through this.


“That’s it.” I moaned loudly while my ex-math teacher Mrs. Greer deepthroat my swollen cock. Her head going up and down like a bobble head. She was a tall, leggy blonde with curves for days, and God she was beautiful, and strict to. Thanks to her, I found myself in the principal’s office, almost every day, grant it, my smart mouth may have had something to do with it, but still half of the shit she was talking about was stupid. There was no way I was going to use it in my everyday life, that is what accountants are for. My life had already been planned for me, my little brother, sister and two of my brother’s friends and I would take over my father’s company when we reached a certain age, which was fine with me. The company was huge so having four partners would be real beneficial—as long as they didn’t fuck it up.

Now all that was left for me to do, was to graduate from college. I figured I do my stint in college, then settle down after college and take on my dad’s company with the who ever my father chose for me. But first I had to accomplish my childhood dream, and to do that, I had to go to Cornell University. My grades were okay, but my athleticism is what got me through the door. I was the star quarterback at my high school, and though Cornell didn’t have a great team, there business program was great and I needed that in order to show my father that I was worthy of taking over his company.

That aside, the real reason, I chose that school had to do with a certain super model who lately had been occupying my dreams: Ms. Titiana Bradley. After leaving me in pain both physically and mentally, she started modeling and God I must say she had really filled out in all the right places. That smooth honey brown skin, that tight fat ass and them melons she called breast; my God, she was breath taking. I even kept pictures of her from the magazines she posed for, locked away of course, can’t have my parents find it.

I know it’s stupid to follow a girl to school, but them dreams have been killing me. If she wasn’t sucking my dick in the shower, I was fucking her on the kitchen table, I just needed to get it off at least once, so she could be out of my system and going to Cornell would be the best way to do it. I already knew what dorm she would be staying in and made sure Jarrell and I rooms were right down the hall from the girls. We were two growing men, so of course we had to have our own room, with his being right next door to mine, couldn’t be that far away from my friend.

I looked down at my teacher, whose head was still moving up and down, and began to picture Titiana. Her tongue rolling around my cock like it was a lollipop working me while moaning loudly as I fucked her mouth until finally releasing my seed down her throat, then she sucked it up like I was a straw. “Damn.” I said, panting, and trying to hold onto that image, but failing. Mrs. Greer raised up and looked at me. That once dagger stare replaced with a naughty vixen begging for me to finish her off.

“My turn.” She asked softly, while crawling off me slowly pulling her panties down and looking up at me waiting. I sat back in my chair and looked at her. We were in my father’s guest house one of the smaller ones just far enough away from the main house, for us not to get catch. It had three bedrooms, two baths, a living room, basement and kitchen. It was my escape pad, when I wanted to get away from the chaos that was my life. “Please.” She begged.

I laughed. Hearing this woman beg was the one thing I swore to my friends that I was going to make happen. Shows you just how powerful my will power is. Leaning forward, I pressed my hands together and looked at her. “You sure you ready for this bitch?” I asked boldly, just to see her responds and to my surprise she shook her head yes, completely ignoring the fact that I had just called her a bitch. That just made it even more entertaining, so standing up, I grabbed my wallet and pulled out a condom, I might like to fuck, but I’m not an idiot.

“You don’t need that, I’m on the pill.” She said, lustfully eyeballing my dick.

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