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JAH and Messiah keep me alive. I am so thankful that They allow me to live. I love and worship Them.

My beautiful wife is so amazing. Her name is Lady Berdiah. She is my fantasy. I love her so much. She has helped me become the success that I am today.

My mom and dad are incredible. They support me in whatever I decide to do.

My younger broski is uber cool.

My favorite nephew is awesome.

My awesome customers are so beautiful. I love all of you! You support me and push me forward. Thank you for making Antarctica Reckoning 2, Kingfroth, and Electrical Frothism all successful books!


Revelation 15:1. After the race war, then other things must happen.

Revelation 15:2. There is a Sea of Glass. Certain humans will elevate high enough to where JAH and Messiah will rescue them before the 7 Last Plagues begin.

Revelation 16:1. After the race war, then it’s time for the 7 Last Plagues.

Revelation 16:2. The first angel will unleash the first Plague. The whole earth will be hit. Boils will fall on all of those who go to church on Sunday. Boils will fall on all of those who join the White Order.

Revelation 16:3. The second angel will unleash the second Plague. The whole earth will be hit. The seas will become as the blood of a dead man. Every living creature will die in the earth’s seas.

Revelation 16:4. The third angel will unleash the third Plague. The whole earth will be hit. The rivers and fountains of waters will turn to blood.

Revelation 16:8. The fourth angel will unleash the fourth Plague. The whole earth will be hit. The sun will scorch all of the wicked with fire. Why? Because they go to church on Sunday.

QFBook36 is an awesome creation.

Creation (Legendary) is an awesome creation.

Revelation 16:10. The fifth angel will unleash the fifth Plague. The whole earth will be hit. Darkness will plague the whole earth.

Revelation 16:12. The sixth angel will unleash the sixth Plague. The whole earth will be hit.

I need for at least 90 of you to read my next 10 books. So far, over 300 of you have read my past books. I am honored. Indeed.

Revelation 16:17. The seventh angel will unleash the seventh Plague. The whole earth will be hit.

The purpose of a man is to become a king. The purpose of a woman is to become a king’s queen. Those who join the White Order will perish.

I am here to improve the condition of humanity. The 144,000 is what matters.

Humans, you must wake up. Satan and his army of Demons are about to attack you. They will put many of you in slavery. They will lead you all to demonic possession. Wake up so that you can avoid their attack.

The earth has a dark future.

The year is 2030.

The End of Racism is near. The weak humans are being pushed around and destroyed by the White Order.

The year is 2032.

Me and another individual are meant to preach to this entire flat earth. We are honing our skills.

Her Berdiah Scorpion = Unit 5 = Her Berdiah Scorpion.

Vaglypso = Unit 5 = Vaglypso.

Electrical Frothism 2 = Unit 6 = Electrical Frothism 2.

The year is 2022.

These are more than just mere words on a page. Interaction is done face to face in order to elevate humans to the next Level.

Jasher 19:3.

Jasher 19:45.

Jasher 19:51.

Jasher 20:13.

Jasher 20:15.

Jasher 20:16.

Jasher 20:25.

Chapter One

Benohni is led to Emzara. There is a reason why Edna has gone into hiding. There is something very important for her to do. Emzara is using her Black 144,000 wealth to push forward the breaking of the 400 year curse. The curse breaks in 2019.

Jasher 20:26.

Jasher 20:27.

Jasher 21:5.

Jasher 21:28.

Jasher 21:31.

Jasher 21:34.

Jasher 22:9.

Jasher 22:11.

I need more light sources that are powered by battery and flame. I need more flashlights and more candles. I need to purchase these things very quickly. I must be prepared for when the electricity goes out forever.

Jasher 22:12.

Jasher 22:13.

Jasher 22:40.

Jasher 23:5.


Jasher 23:14.

Jasher 23:15.

Jasher 23:24.

Jasher 23:27.

Jasher 23:28.

Jasher 23:33.

Jasher 23:34.

Jasher 23:36.

Jasher 23:37.

Jasher 23:38.

Jasher 23:39.

Jasher 23:42.

Jasher 23:44.

Jasher 23:54.

Jasher 23:72.

Jasher 23:73.

Jasher 23:75.

Jasher 23:76.

Jasher 23:77.

Jasher 23:78.

Jasher 23:86.

It’s important for the White Order to hide the fact that the real Jews are black. The White Order will not be able to do this anymore once 2019 arrives. How do I know this? Trust me. The Prophecy states this. The White Order will witness the Changeover Process. The Black 144,000 will rise into power.

The White Order will make laws to take away our homes and lands. They call it eminent domain. I call it racist robbery. They will target black Jews.

Chapter Two

The White Order wants black Jews to be poor. The White Order has secret labs. Those labs make depression medication. However, the depression medication does not help the black Jew. This is intentional. The depression medication actually makes the black Jew even more suicidal. Along with other insane side effects including death. As a result of the White Order’s depression medication, more and more black Jews die off. Sound far fetched? Really? If you think so, then look at the side effects of multiple depression medications. Medications that are approved by the White Order. You will have your eyes opened to the White Order’s game. You can thank me later. How? By continuing to read my awesome books.

The White Order has spread a ton of Satanism throughout this earth. We are black Jews. We must stop the evil that the White Order is pushing forward.

Revelation 17:8. Satan and his evil army of demonic angels will ascend from the bottomless pit. This will happen in the future.

Let’s once again take another look at the back of a one dollar bill. Who were the alleged designers of the pictures we see on the back of a one dollar bill? Yes, these are evil pictures. The first guy is Charles Thomson. He helped design the Seal of the United States. Not surprisingly, Thomson then later decided to write his own version of the Bible. Uh oh. We got a problem. You can bet I won’t be reading the Thomson’s Bible anytime soon.

The second guy who helped design the Seal of the United States was William Barton. Barton was elected to Benjamin Franklin’s American Philosophical Society. So, what in the world was that?

For now, let’s concentrate on the eye that is above the pyramid. They call it the Eye of Providence. That’s what the White Order calls the eye. They also say all seeing eye. It is not representative of JAH or of Messiah. That eye is representative of Satan. If you doubt that, I would really be surprised. You see, that eye is tied into Freemasonry. That eye is also tied into the Illuminati. These designs do not happen by accident, my friends.

Now, let’s switch gears. To be a hermaphrodite. Is that a blessing or a curse? Which is it? According to the Bible, it’s a curse. To have both a vagina and a wang is a curse. It’s a disorder of sexual development. It’s not natural. It’s a curse. How do I know that?

Genesis 2:7. Man became a living soul. That man would later be known to us as Adam. Adam had a wang. He didn’t have both parts. Ergo, Adam wasn’t cursed with being a hermaphrodite.

Genesis 2:18. Now it’s time for Adam to get himself a woman.

The year is 2037.

Benhoni is dressed in blue. He speaks to Emzara.

Genesis 2:22. A woman was made. That woman would later be known to us as Eve. Eve had a vagina. She didn’t have both parts. Ergo, Eve wasn’t cursed with being a hermaphrodite.

Genesis 2:24. The man and the woman shall marry each other. They then become one. This is what happened between me and my wife. Me and my wife have different parts. I’m not cursed with being a hermaphrodite. She’s not cursed with being a hermaphrodite. Ergo, our parts work with each other. That’s how JAH intended it to be.

Jasher 24:7.

Jasher 24:9.

Jasher 24:12.

Jasher 24:13.

Jasher 24:17.

Jasher 24:30.

Jasher 24:40.

Jasher 24:44.

The years of 2019 – 2022 will be exceptional for the Black 144,000.

Jasher 24:45.

Jasher 25:5.

Chapter Three

Jasher 25:9.

Jasher 25:12.

The year is 2037.

Jasher 25:17.

Jasher 25:28.

Jasher 26:1.

Jasher 26:6.

Jasher 26:12.

Jasher 26:14.

Jasher 26:15.

Jasher 26:17.

Jasher 26:21.

Jasher 26:22.

Jasher 26:23.

Jasher 26:26.

Jasher 26:27.

Jasher 26:28.

Jasher 26:32.

Jasher 26:36.

Jasher 26:37.

Jasher 27:2.

Jasher 27:3.

Jasher 27:5.

Jasher 27:7.

Jasher 27:9.

Jasher 27:10.

Jasher 27:12.

Jasher 27:13.

Jasher 27:14.

Jasher 27:16.

Jasher 27:17.

I want to apologize to my peeps in Europe. I have quite a few fans in Europe. However, now I must stop selling products to my European family. Why? Because the White Order is pushing forward GDPR. I’m not following their absolutely stupid rules. Unfortunately, that means that my European family won’t be able to receive all of my products.

I talk about whatever I want to.

I don’t want to become A-list famous. However, if I happen to become A-list famous, I want it to be for doing JAH’s work. Nothing else.

The Victor occurs at 38 years old. Make sure that you are a Victor by the time that you are 38 years old.

Revelation 18:4. The reason I write books is not so that I can get famous. Screw fame. The reason I write books is so that you can escape from the White Order. I do not want you to receive any of the Plagues that will happen in the future.

2033 = Level 3B = Arsenic = 33 = As.

2034 = Level 3C = Selenium = 34 = Se.

2035 = Level 3D = Bromine = 35 = Br.

2036 = Level 3E = Krypton = 36 = Kr.

2037 = Level 3F = Rubidium = 37 = Rb. Hebrew Benhoni is 24 years old.

2038 = Level 4A = Strontium = 38 = Sr. Benhoni the Jew is 25 years old.

2039 = Level 4B.

2040 = Level 4C.

2059 = Level ?

Benhoni is working hard to get people to start preaching for JAH. He’s trying to get at least 35 people to start preaching for JAH.

The year is 2019.

Jasher 28:1.

Jasher 28:2.

Jasher 28:4.

Jasher 28:7.

Jasher 28:11.

Jasher 28:12.

Jasher 28:13.

Jasher 28:14.

Jasher 28:15.

Jasher 28:18.

Jasher 28:20.

Jasher 28:22.

Jasher 28:28.

If you are a Gen Xer, listen up. Do you have a 401(k)? If so, then borrow against it. This is one way that you can keep getting easy money. And guess what? There will be some people tell you that it’s stupid to borrow against your 401(k). Don’t listen to them. Why not?

Think about it. Which sounds more fun? You get to go on ahead and use thousands of dollars of your own money while you’re still young? Or, you have to wait until you are over 60 years old and then get to use thousands of dollars of your own money? Also, when you’re over 60, you are probably going to be really decrepit and have horrible health. You won’t get to enjoy it because you’ll probably be not much more than a corpse by this time. And who can even promise that you will make it to over 60 anyways?

I personally recommend that you go on ahead and use thousands of dollars of your own money while you’re still young. I mean, that’s why you work, right? My wife and I consistently borrow against our 401(k)s. It’s a safe way to get our money. Thousands of dollars of money that we are actually borrowing from our own selves! By the way, the checks look really awesome! I just enjoy seeing all of those numbers!

Here’s another thing that should convince you. Remember Enron? Did you know that some of those people had over $100,000 invested in 401(k)s? I’m going to safely assume that you don’t have even close to that amount. I’m going to give you an example. We’ll use me. Let’s say that I was an employee for Enron back then. Of course, I wasn’t. I was still in school. But I’m just speaking in hypothetical terms here, folks. Okay. So let’s say I had $100,000 in my 401(k). Do you know what I would have already done before the company went belly up? I would have already cashed out $50,000 from my 401(k) and borrowed against it. Why only half? Well, that way, the remaining $50,000 would have automatically covered the amount that I took out. I would have basically covered my butt just in case the company went belly up. That way, when the company went belly up, at least I would have came out ahead with $50,000 as opposed to losing the entire $100,000. Do you understand why my wife and I always borrow against our 401(k)s? It’s because we don’t trust the market!

My wife and I do the same thing with stocks. Well, my wife recently stopped playing stocks. She cashed out and came out well ahead. She did really great in her stock investing. Me? I’m still all in, baby! I like to play stocks. I haven’t lost yet. Why not? Because I know the perfect time to sell. I must admit that I have a natural instinct when it comes to knowing how to play stocks. Michael Jordan is awesome at basketball. Jerry Rice is awesome at football. Barry Bonds is awesome at baseball. I’m awesome at playing stocks. I have a knack for knowing what to do. And guess what? I always buy stocks, no matter how bad the stocks plunge. I keep on buying them.

Now, could it be where one day I lose my stocks? Sure. But guess what? The money from my 401(k) will more than cover any losses I take from my stocks. Ergo, I get to take as many risks as I want when it comes to playing stocks. I could give you some more pointers. However, if you can’t follow what I’m already telling you, then what’s the point?

Immortal Gurmanaffe = Unit 5 = Immortal Gurmanaffe.

Jewish Gurmanaffe = Unit 5 = Jewish Gurmanaffe.

7/24. Sunset October 12, 2018 to sunset October 13, 2018. This is the Sabbath!

7/25. Sunset October 13, 2018 to sunset October 14, 2018.

7/26. Sunset October 14, 2018 to sunset October 15, 2018.

7/27. Sunset October 15, 2018 to sunset October 16, 2018.

7/28. Sunset October 16, 2018 to sunset October 17, 2018.

7/29. Sunset October 17, 2018 to sunset October 18, 2018.

7/30. Sunset October 18, 2018 to sunset October 19, 2018.

8/1. Sunset October 19, 2018 to sunset October 20, 2018. This is the Sabbath!

Do you notice how I am able to give you certain pieces of information for free? How? Why? Well, the customers of my Black Jewish Business are pushing the timeline forward at a very fast pace. Of course, you all are not getting the entire picture. Only my customers get that. However, if you put the clues together, you will be able to figure out quite a bit of the digital hieroglyphs. More will be revealed at a later point. For now, this will overwhelm your mind.

The End?

About the Author

Dr. Steward 7K Lar is a debonair gentleman who lives in a nomadic castle in Texas. For some reason, certain hot women find him irresistible. What really matters to him is that his beautiful wife, Lady Berdiah, finds him irresistible. She does. He still realizes that he has a bunch of hot female fans. He makes computer games and a bunch of other stuff for his customers. Read Dr. Steward 7K’s Smashwords Interview at if you dare!

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