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This book is dedicated




For his supreme blessings


I am thankful to Big Boss (Bade Sahib), who granted me permission to write this book.

I am thankful of Kartik from Germany, who supported this book.

I am thankful of my friends.

Md Taslim


It is an intriguing story of my encounter with invisible people. This story will give you shrill and force you to sit and wonder, what lies in this world and beyond. Brace down to take a journey never taken before. Unleashing for you a story gravely real, a tale of shamans, the fortune tellers, the faith healers and the godman, who are so-called mediums, connectors between worlds

In most of the societies around the world, faith healers and fortune tellers are found. These faith healers claim that they treat people by spirits. They claim that they call these spirits whenever they wish. These faith healers call themselves the medium for these spirits. These mediums claim that through their so-called rituals, will protect individuals from evil spirits, bad omen and help individuals in becoming rich, etc. Unknown, unseen and invisible thrills people. It is a big business, big industry.

People are mad for the name, fame, money, big house, a big car, beautiful woman and a luxurious life. These dreams of people are exploited by many people by different means. I met one such Godman (Baba- called in India), who was solving problems through a group of invisible people. He was calling him by the name of “Big Boss (Bade Sahib)”. I started talking with Big Boss (Bade Sahib) and his group members.

Before writing this book, I took permission from Big Boss (Bade Sahib) because I know they can harm.

Md Taslim


Characters and incidents written in this book are real, in the sequence, as it took place. 

I always spoke with Big Boss through Mr. Jabbar. I am calling him Big Boss because Mr. Jabbar always called him by this name. He used to tell; Big Boss is coming. Otherwise, I never saw him.

Once, I asked Big Boss, "Can I write this, in the book?"

"Yes, you can," He said.

So, I have written this book, in the sequence it happened.

I met Mr. Jabbar, and he helped me to get rid of my physical problems through Big Boss.

This story highlights the intentions of Godman or Baba (As called in India) like Mr. Jabbar, who use people for their benefits on the pretext of help and humanity, play with people's problems and emotions, do not hesitate even to swear by their children. For them, human beings are nothing other than a commodity. They have no compassion for anyone in their heart. When readers will go through this book, they will understand the psyche of a person like Mr. Jabbar, so called Baba.

It will prevent people from superstition and save them from falling into the trap of such as Baba.

It is a story which started from a meeting with Mr. Jabbar to get rid of my physical problems by Big Boss and the story beyond that. 

One day, a person named Kari called me from village Khawaspur, "Elder Brother, Hazrat (wise one) wants to talk to you."

He gave the phone to Hazrat. The voice came from that side, "Hello."

I replied, "Hello."

'' Are you Mr. Taslim? '' He asked.

"Yeah! I am Taslim," I said.

"I have an important work with you."

"Please tell me. If possible, I will try my best to do your work.,"

"We can complete this work, only when we meet. If you allow me, then I will come to your place.,"

"If, not very urgent, then why you will travel in Ramadan? When I go to my hometown on Eid (Idul-fitr) festival, then I will come to Khawaspur to meet you.,"

''That's better.''

"Ok," I said.

After Eid, I went to Khawaspur and met him.

Hazrat was a lean and thin man of about five feet six-inch in height. He was like an ordinary man but, his eyes were shining. He was sitting with about ten persons on the veranda. When we reached then after Exchange of Greetings, he asked everybody to leave the place. Everybody left the place. When Kari was about to go, he asked him to stay.

When my younger brother wanted to leave the place, he asked him to stay. Now I was with him, along with my younger brother and Kari.

Hazrat said, "Taslim, Archangel Gabriel has sent you Greetings."

I said, "Greetings to him."

"Taslim, Archangel Israel (Azrael) has sent you Greetings." 

I said, " Greetings to him."

"Taslim, Archangel Israfil (Raphael) has sent you Greetings."

I said, " Greetings to him."

"Taslim, Prophet Ishmael has sent you Greetings."

I said, " Greetings to him."

Then, he said, "Taslim, Angel Khizer (Khidr) has sent you Greetings."

I said, " Greetings to him."

Then, he looked towards the sky and said, "Today, I have completed my work."

Then he told this to my younger brother.

It surprised me.

Then there was Adhan for Afternoon Prayer.

"Let's go to the mosque for Prayer." He said.

I made Wudu. My younger brother also made Wudu, and we went to the Masjid across the road.

After prayer, when we came back to the verandah, Hazrat told me, "On the day of judgment, GOD willing, we will be at one place. I will recognize you, and you will recognize me.,"

 I said, " If GOD wills."

I invited him to come to my hometown, Supaul. 

"I will come at the right time." He said

I said, "please come at the time of Bakrid (Idul-azha) festival.,"

"I will try," he replied.

We drank tea and then I came back with my younger brother.

On Bakrid festival, I reminded him, but he expressed his difficulty and said, "I will come any other time."

Often, I met such people. Why I do not know?


But I would like to mention, one more incident here.

Once, I met Hussaini uncle in Bhagalpur. I met him through my younger brother. He was a Horse cart driver, a very good-natured person, never missed his five-times prayer and always helped people in need due to which, many days, his family was living on the one time meal.

One day, after Evening prayer, Hussaini uncle became unconscious on the Ja-Namaz (Mat used for worship). Everybody in the house became upset, but soon he came into his senses. No one knew the reason, but after the Evening Prayer on Monday and Friday, Hussaini uncle used to become unconscious. After coming back to his senses, he used to talk in a changed accent. If someone asked him about his trouble, he used to tell them about their problem and treat them by giving them water or sugar, after reading the Quranic verse on it, without charging a penny.

When he was becoming unconscious for the second time then after gaining consciousness, he used to talk in a different accent. He was answering the written questions or questions spoken on a blank paper.

I was in the 3rd year of Engineering at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. While going to my hometown Supaul, I was traveling by bus from Dhanbad to Bhagalpur, where my younger brother was studying at Bhagalpur university college. We used to cross the Ganges river by power boat to reach Mansi railway station, to travel by train to reach Supaul.

Once, my brother told me about Hussaini uncle. I could not believe but to find out the truth, I wrote ten questions on a piece of paper and read it on a blank paper. Then, we went to meet him. I gave my blank paper to him. He read from the blank paper in the same order and replied, but after the last question, he said, "you wanted to check me. Did I read your questions in the same sequence in which you have written on the piece of paper kept in your pocket?”

He read it in perfect sequence and same words. It surprised me to see this, but I remained silent.

Once, Hussaini uncle came to our hometown, Supaul. He looked an ordinary person, but his eyes were different and while talking he used to keep his gaze downward.

It was around ten o'clock in the morning, Husaini uncle was sitting on the chair in our verandah. He asked me to sit next to him on another chair. He took my left hand in his right hand. People gathered around him. He talked to them. Suddenly, he whispered " Ask them to make way for a person who is about to come."

I told them to make way for someone, who is coming. They made way for that person. 

An old man, whose hair and beard were completely white, came in white clothes with his elder son. His son was twenty-five or twenty-six years old.

After an exchange of greetings, Husaini uncle asked him to sit on a chair. A man sitting in front of Hussaini uncle offered his chair to the new man. He sat on the chair, and his son stood behind him. Husaini uncle said, "Your youngest son committed suicide by pouring kerosene oil on his body. You want to know the reason for his suicide. ''

"yes," the man replied.

"And you think this happened because of your daughter-in-law." Hussaini uncle asked.

"Yes," said the man.

Hussaini uncle asked his son "You are his elder son?"

"Yeah," He replied.

"So, your father is talking about your wife."


"Your wife takes care of your children, and she takes care of all of you."

''yes ''

"You have no complaints about her."

'' yes ''

"So, when your father said something against her, why you did not ask your father that why you are thinking like that about my wife?"

The boy was silent.

Hussaini uncle said, "What do you think? By saying accepted, accepted, accepted thrice. You married a maid and brought her home. You do not fear GOD. What will you answer to him? Or, you think you will never go to him,"

The boy was silent.

Hussaini uncle asked the man, "You are one who writes on stamp paper for the land registry in registrar office."

"Yes." That person replied.

"Do you remember? It was a cold day, and Friday. You snatched cotton bedsheet from a man and went for prayer, just for half a rupee. That man was hungry. He remained to waiting for you. When you came, he asked for his cotton bedsheet and said, “I have no money.”    

You did not believe his words. He wept and said, “I am telling you the truth. I am feeling cold. I swear that my son may die if I am lying.”

Then you gave him back, his bed sheet. He went home. He was telling the truth. That very moment your son died because he was telling the truth and he wept from his heart. Mr., without fail you do Prayer, five times a day that too in the central mosque of your town regardless of weather. People talk about you, your adherence to prayers. They praise you for your dedication. You wished that. I am sorry to tell you; there is nothing left in your bins at Almighty's place. He heard your prayers and granted you, your wish. " Hussaini uncle told him.

Hussaini uncle's hand trembled, but he went on saying, "Now you want to blame your daughter-in-law. I must tell you; your death will be excruciating. Get up and go away from here, at once." He told him angrily.

Then he whispered in my ear " Tell everyone to come in the evening. I made a mistake in my anger. I should not have told him about his death. Now I will apologize to almighty. Until I open the room, do not ask me for a meal. ''

He stood up, "Give me a glass of water."

I gave him water to drink. He closed the room. Everybody went away. I learned that day...

First - keep asking for forgiveness from God. Always ask for other’s wellbeing and make yourself a part of that.

Second - Do not distinguish between religion, caste, and creed. Everything belongs to God only (Poor man's weeping and suffering reached him. Even, this old man's prayers could not save his son from his anger.).   

Third - GOD only likes truth and just the truth.

I wrote it here so that the human being should understand that the owner of everything is one. The path can be different. He is the one who decides the right and wrong. There is none other than him.

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Chapter One

One day my younger brother, who was Additional District Magistrate in Betiya, came with his family to Siyal, Jharkhand. I was working at Siyal. I along with my wife, son and daughter had physical problems.

I had a problem with my left knee. I used to walk on stairs with one foot at a time, and there was swelling in the middle of my left foot sole, which was making me restlessness. I was feeling very comfortable by pressing it. To get rid of this discomfort, I used to keep a bundle of small cloth in the middle of my left shoe to keep that point pressed. Apart from this, there were other problems too.

Likewise, my wife had a similar problem in her left knee. She was climbing the stairs with one foot at a time. She was having constant pain in the middle of her head due to which she used to be restless.

My son was often experiencing the severe pain in his head and used to cry for an hour.

My daughter had a pain in her pelvic area.

One day on the breakfast table, my younger brother asked, "Have you get the check-up and test done by a Doctor?"

"Yes, but they found everything normal," I told him.

"This may be the black magic. Shakeel knows a man. He could be of the help," My brother said.

We were in trouble. There is a saying that sinking man tries to take support even from a straw. I said, "OK, please talk to Shakeel."

After breakfast, my younger brother called Shakeel.

Shakeel said, "Mr. Jabbar is still at Bagodra. Please talk to him.,"

He gave his mobile number.

My younger brother telephoned him.

Mr. Jabbar asked, "From where did you get this number?"

"Shakeel of Muzaffarpur gave me your number."

When he came to know, Shakeel gave his phone number, and the caller is Additional District Magistrate of Betiya, then he told that he is at Bagodra. If we want, we can come and meet him there.

Both of us went to Bagodra by my younger brother's car. Bagodra is on GT Road. We reached Bagodra through Hazaribagh. When we reached Bagodra, my younger brother asked Mr. Jabbar about the place, where we can meet him. He gave direction of the house of a person named Dinesh.

We reached Dinesh's house. Dinesh works in the railway at Kolkata. His father, who retired as a drug inspector from the Bihar government was constructing a house at Bagodra. After the introduction, Dinesh's father and my younger brother talked about Betiya. I interrupted their discussion and asked Dinesh's father to inform Mr. Jabbar about us.

Dinesh's father asked a boy to inform Mr. Jabbar about us. The boy went inside the house. After some time, he came and said, "Please wait. He will come in a while. "

Dinesh's father and my younger brother once again got engrossed in their discussion. After a while, a lean and thin man about five and a half feet tall, came wearing banyan and trouser. Dinesh's father introduced my younger brother to him.

My younger brother introduced me to Mr. Jabbar.

After Exchange of Greetings, he took out a bunch of black thread from his pocket and measured me from head to toe by that black thread. He gave that thread and asked, "please hold this thread in your right hand and sit on the chair."

I sat on a chair with the thread in my hand. Mr. Jabbar sat on another chair. After a few minutes, he said, "Give me the thread, which you are holding in your hand and please stand. I will measure your height with that thread."

My younger brother helped him in measurements.

This time thread became smaller than its prior length. It came up to the lower end of my forehead. It surprised me to see that. It also surprised my younger brother.

He said, "The thread has become smaller. I will have to come to your place. I am at work here, right now. After finishing it, tomorrow, if time will permit, I will try to come to your place."

My younger brother said, "Please try to come tomorrow."

"OK," He said.

My younger brother gave him his phone number and direction to reach our place on a paper.

We came back to Siyal.

Next day after breakfast, my younger brother called Mr. Jabbar. On the third ring, he picked up the phone.


"Hello, are you Mr. Jabbar?" My younger brother asked.

"Yes," He said.

"I am Additional District Magistrate of Betiya speaking from Siyal."

'' Siyal, Where? ''

"We met you yesterday."

''Oh! I do not remember. Where did you get this number? '

It is his style to assert his importance in front of others.

"Shakeel gave this number." My younger brother said.

"Who is Shakeel?" He asked.

"Shakeel of Muzaffarpur. We met you at Bagodra, yesterday evening at Dinesh's place."

"Oh! Yes, I remember. You are ADM Sahib.,"

"Yes." my younger brother said, "When will you come here?"

He said. "The work which I am doing here is not yet complete. It will be complete at ten o'clock in the morning. Today, I have a reserved train ticket for Calcutta from here. It will be difficult for me to come.,"

"Please try to come." my younger brother requested him.

"Ok, I will try." He said.

"Please try to come for a while.," My younger brother requested.

That's what He wanted to hear.

"Ok, I will come."

And in this way, Mr. Jabbar came for the first time at about five o'clock in the evening at Siyal. He measured everybody by his thread at our place.

We asked him for a cup of tea.

He refused by saying that "Wherever he goes for work, he does not drink tea or water without permission. So, he will not take tea.,"

Then he gave two mobile numbers of Kolkata and said, "Contact me on these numbers, I will try to come. I have an excessive workload, and people come from faraway places. I keep a record. I will give you a number."

Then, he started for Bagodra saying, "I have come here by a hired vehicle. I will have to pay seven thousand rupees to the driver.,"

For forty kilometers two-way journey, it was high, but we gave Mr. Jabbar seven thousand rupees.

He went back to Bagodra.

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Chapter Two

One week after Mr. Jabbar's departure, I called him on both numbers. An unknown person received the call and said: "Mr. Jabbar has not come yet. When he comes, only then you can talk to him.,"

"When will he be available on the phone?" I asked.

"Around two o'clock." He replied.

I called around two o'clock in the morning. someone replied, "Jabbar has not come."

"when will he come?" I asked

"Don't know." the person replied.

"Tell him about me," I said to that man by giving my introduction.

"But I told him about your phone calls.," That man said


'Then, what he said?'' I enquired.

"He said okay, I will talk to him." He replied.

"But he did not talk," I said.

"What can I say?" He replied.

"Tell him again today and ask him to talk.," I requested him.

"I will inform him, but I will not tell him to talk to you." He replied.

"Why?" I enquired.

"He becomes angry. I am afraid of him." He said.

"Ok, then just inform him about my call," I told him.

"Ok, I will tell him."

He behaves like this, with others. It is a well-calculated manner of Mr. Jabbar. He threatens others by telling that if Big Boss becomes angry, then he will punish him with dire consequences.

I called him at 2 o’clock in the night. One day his elder brother picked up the phone and said, "He has not come yet. I am going to the station. When I reach there, I will ask him to talk to you."

''Thank you.''

His elder brother called at around 2.30 o'clock in the night and said, "Talk to Jabbar."

Mr. Jabbar's voice came from another side, "I was not calling you because Big Boss asked me not to enter your name in the register. Tonight, when he will come then, I will ask him about your case. Please call me tomorrow on this number."

"Ok, fine," I said.

Next day, when I called, Mr. Jabbar said, "Yesterday Big Boss did not come. He will come tonight. I will ask him about you. Call me tomorrow.,"

Next day, when I called him, he said, "Send me a ticket or I should buy my train ticket and inform you."

'' It will be better you, please buy your ticket. When you come, I will pay you the money here. "

"Well then, I will buy the ticket and inform you."

Next day, he called. " Tomorrow I am coming to Ranchi. My train will reach at six o’clock in the evening. Reach at the station on time, but If you will arrive at the station after six o’clock then Big Boss will go back. He never likes to wait for anybody.,"

'' Ok, I will reach before six o’clock. ''

It is Mr. Jabbar's way to use the necessity of another person. He never misses an opportunity to show off his importance.

Next day, I reached the station in time.

Mr. Jabbar came.

On the way, we took tea, bought his brand of tobacco product, a small box of Saffron and reached Siyal.

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