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The Prophecy

David Ash

With Matthew Newsome & Susan Saillard-Thompson

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copyright David Ash 20th October 2018

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To my family.

I’d rather be one of the devotees of God than one of the straight, so-called sane or normal people who just don’t understand that man is a spiritual being, that he has a soul.

George Harrison


Chapter 1: The Ascension

Chapter 2: The Earth Changes

Chapter 3: Sunrise in the West

Chapter 4: The Four Ages of Mankind

Chapter 5: The Peter Deunov Prophecy


A Vedic Prayer for Liberation and Ascension

About the Author


The Prophecy reviews the source of the Ascension predictions as they came to me. It also describes the planetary transition in terms of a cycle of predictable geo-physical change as endorsed by Albert Einstein. This book concludes with a corroboration of these predictions as foretold by the remarkable Bulgarian master, Peter Deunov, whom Einstein in his own words “bowed down before”. This extraordinary prophecy, delivered to the world, in 1944, two days prior to Peter Deunov’s death, upholds the message of Awaken.

When they come, the sweeping earth changes will coincide with an extremely valuable opportunity for humanity to Ascend into super-physicality. The reading of Awaken may well be the chance for you and many others to awaken to this opportunity prior to the planetary transition.

Life just keeps on going, free of feelings of suffering, joy, sadness, pity; like a river it tumbles each day into the next. How you wake up and perceive the day is up to you. How you choose to perceive others and yourself is also up to you. But notice how judgment and anger leaves you feeling inside; notice how when you don’t communicate with people you are left feeling suffocated, blocked - even sick. Is the feeling of being right or better than others worth your own suffering? Notice then how when you give with love and understanding you are left with the feeling of joy and wholeness. There’s no right or wrong, no good or evil, only a fresh new day with every sunrise. Finish each day knowing that everything is complete; there is nothing more to do or worry about. Relax into sleep in the knowing that there is nothing more important than the day that will awake you.

Rebecca Ash, 2004

All Love Excelling

They say you will be waiting for me when I arrive

That it will be just as it was before, and more

They say you will greet me in an ethereal gown

And we will communicate most wondrously

More so than ever we knew

And there will be other of family, stretching on and on

Across myriads of cosmic miles

Through oceans of plasmic space

No longer measured by earthly time

Back and back generations

Onwards and towards the Divine

Friends will embrace us, and angels will sing

As they help lead the way, to the all seeing and all being

With no bags, no belongings, or so it would seemor the mind and the body is all spirit beyond dreams

All this, all I know now, in this home, on this Earth

Which has housed me so well, since the day of my birth

Will one day be replaced, when it’s time to move on

Beyond the fine line which divides us

From the spiritual realm

All love excelling. All blessings from above

Deeply I thank you with all of my love

Oh Gloria in the Highest. Look well on us here

As we travel our earthly life


Susan Saillard-Thompson © January 2016

Chapter 1: The Ascension

In 1991, on a visit to Australia, I was introduced to a set of five cassette tape recordings from America predicting an event called: The Ascension. An American, by the name of Eric Klein, had made these extremely compelling voice recordings and said that he channeled them from the fifth dimension. Subsequently published in his book, The Crystal Stair, the channellings detailed how the predicted Ascension would occur and how humanity could prepare for it.

I was galvanised by the Ascension information. As a vortex physicist I was aware that the process of super-energy resonance provided a viable scientific underpinning to this phenomenon. I was electrified by the compatibility of this spiritual transmission with the vortex model in physics I had been developing for twenty years prior. Subsequently, I devoted four years to lecture tours around the world propagating a fusion of paradigm busting physics and transformative spirituality based on the Ascension prediction.

The message from the super-physical, fifth dimensional intelligence – speaking through the physical conduit, Eric Klein, in our third dimension – was that humanity is living through a singularly unique period of planetary history. Everyone on the Earth is going through an immense spiritual transition. The message also spoke of how our planet is approaching a time of rapidly sweeping Earth changes. In the Eric Klein channellings it was explained that there would be three waves of Ascension giving everyone an opportunity to ascend from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. The waves would coincide with three increasingly disruptive events on the Earth. The third wave, just before the final Earth changes that will sweep away our current civilisation, would include an evacuation of babies, little children and innocents. An assurance was given for those who choose to ascend that children and pets in their care will be evacuated with them.

The main superphysical source of the Eric Klein channellings, known in the Vedic scriptures as Sananda and in the Christian scriptures as Jesus, described the ascension process as follows:

So what is the process? You have grown accustomed to reincarnational experience – that is, having your soul incarnate in a body and going through a lifetime of a certain number of years, experiencing death, and leaving your body to return again to the earth. You have gone to some fourth-dimensional areas. There are heavens and hells galore, with many experiences. Yet always you return to the body, for the body is the platform from which your launch will take place into the fifth dimension. This is the intention, let me say, of having a physical body, at this time especially. I would say that your Ascension will be all but identical to my own. You will not leave your bodies behind and go to a higher state of consciousness. Your bodies will be transformed also. The molecules and atoms, your subatomic particles, all that you are, will be transformed and accelerated into the fifth dimension. So you do not have to die. Well, that’s some good news. Despite the fact that human beings have grown so accustomed to dying that it has become a common awareness or common belief, I am telling you now: you do not have to die. And you will not.”

In the channellings Sananda (Jesus) said that the earth is due to undergo unavoidable, geo-physical changes. This prediction was also given in the Marian apparitions at Garabandal in Spain in the 1960’s. It was said there that when the time comes for the Earth purification, it would be preceded by a light which everybody would see.

In the Eric Klein voice recordings and in his follow on book it was predicted that human beings will be offered the opportunity for evacuation and then Ascension, prior to the Earth changes, through the experience of a phenomenon of light. A doorway of light will appear, without warning. Each of us will have the same opportunity to enter into it. Whether awake or asleep, we will all be fully conscious of the door of light. The door of light will last only a few moments. If we hesitate or choose not to enter, it will fade away.

In the Marian apparitions of Garabandal, Mary said that for fifteen minutes everything would emit light. This would be followed by a miracle and then a chastisement by fire that will bring about the end of human civilisation. She said the light would be a worldwide phenomenon which would result in everyone experiencing a revelation of conscience. The Ascension fits with the rapture predicted by Christians, when the elect are lifted to heaven to save them from the end time events.

In the Eric Klein channellings it was made clear that the elect are not an elected few but are the few who elect to enter the door of light when it is offered to them. If the ascension predictions are true, entry into Heaven (the fifth dimension) would seem to be a self-selection process. No heavenly agency is judging us. We, each of us, will judge ourselves.

Civilisation with all its distractions, distortions and temptations could be acting as an Ascension filter. Never in history have there been so many things available for people to become attached to on the physical plane. In the final days of this age the population may be about to ‘sit their spiritual finals’. How will we fare in the spiritual examination which is essentially a test of our priority for spirituality over materialism? Will we be able to let go of the physical for the sake of the spiritual? In a few moments of decision, when the invitation to Ascension opens before us as a door of light, will we be able to let go of everything we are attached to in the physical world in order to step voluntarily into the spiritual world? This is the choice point?

It will be the most extraordinary test. The vast majority of people who ever lived have died. Only a tiny minority have ascended. At death we have to leave everything behind, but death is involuntary. We have no choice. Ascension is voluntary. In order to ascend we have to choose to leave the physical plane and leave everyone and everything physical behind. In that respect, it may be an exact equivalent of death, but the criterion is different. With death there is no choice. With Ascension we have to choose.

Ascension is not an easy choice. Perhaps it is the hardest decision anyone could ever take. It requires faith and detachment, total trust, spontaneity, fearlessness and courage. Most important of all, in order to ascend a person has to prioritise the spiritual over the material and be more at home in their hearts than their heads as the heart tends to be attracted to the light whereas the head tends to be attracted to separation, darkness and attachments, what is known and familiar.

Those who do not elect to ascend will die sooner or later. Death may come shortly after the ‘event of light’ if the changes to the face of the Earth proceed as predicted by the earth sciences (detailed in the next chapter). How death comes is inconsequential. It will come eventually to all who don’t ascend.

In the Eric Klein channellings it was said that souls can ascend from the fourth dimension (hyperphysical plane), where people normally go after death so no one will be lost if they are ready to ascend. And there is no doubt the Earth could benefit from purification before we completely destroy it. In that sense everything we may choose as priority over Ascension will go anyway, when civilisation is swept away – as has happened to every civilisation that has gone before our own.

Super-energy resonance provides a scientific account for how the Ascension could happen; if it happens. The opening of light, acting as an invitation to Ascension, could be the end of a fifth dimensional super-energy resonance beam. If so, as each one of us steps into this doorway of light, or even moves toward it in our minds, we would be choosing to enter a beam of superphysical super-energy. Should we decide to do so every single particle of energy in our body would resonate with the super-energy contained inside that beam. During this resonance, between the worlds, the intrinsic speed of energy in the physical body would accelerate to a point of equivalence with the speed of the fifth dimensional super-physical energy in the beam. We would then experience a ‘lifting’ and find ourselves ‘beamed’ out of the physical plane and into a safe-holding in the fifth dimension. Like Captain Kirk, we would have been ‘beamed up’ from what is likely to become ‘a hostile planet’ if predicted Earth changes proceed.

I trusted the channellings because of who they came from. While I was not a practicing Christian nor did I believe Jesus is God I believed, and still do, that he was one of the most authentic men in history and I have implicit faith in his authenticity as a planetary guardian. When the voice that came through in the first channeling, identified as Jesus, my heart told me it was him. I trusted then that what was said on the tapes was true.

I was also excited by the idea of Ascension because of the vortex super-physics. I realised immediately that super-energy resonance could account for the Ascension. I imagined Ascension could happen through the same technology I had predicted to account for miracles performed by Jesus when he was on Earth. I perceived it as the same science behind UFOs, psychic surgery, Marian apparitions and Sai Baba’s manifestations. I had referred to all of this in my book The Vortex: Key to Future Science prior to hearing of the Ascension.

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