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Dewer Falls by Henriette Peitorchid Dewer Falls by Aug. 28, 2015 $5.99 102043 words Sample 20%
Charlize Dewer steps out of the comfort zone she has created at her station, Dewer Falls, to rightfully claim her inheritance from her father. Upon arriving in California Charlie is quite literally swept off her feet by business tycoon Simon Stevens. The battle they face starts from both being strong willed, living in different countries and their lifestyle are just the beginning of their journey
MEDITATION: Meditation for Beginners - Reduce Stress and Anxiety Beginning Today with this 22-Day Course by APBUASI MEDITATION: Meditation for Beginners - Reduce Stress and Anxiety Beginning Today with this 22-Day Course by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 21826 words Sample 20%
Meditation for Beginners Helps You: * begin meditating today - in minutes * reduce stress immediately as your mind and body calm down * learn meditation without religious undertones - easy terms used
Un Contratto Inaspettato: Serie BDSM con il Miliardario, Libro Primo by Seth Daniels Un Contratto Inaspettato: Serie BDSM con il Miliardario, Libro Primo by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 5467 words Sample 20%
Sylvie Burne è una giovane studentessa al college le cui speranze di una vita piena di agi a New York sono state spezzate dal continuo lavoro a cui si sottopone per pagare i suoi numerosi prestiti e debiti. Un giorno, la ragazza di campagna priva di esperienza incontra il signor Daniel King, un attraente e seducente presidente d'industria.
Targeting Telepathy by Stefon Mears Targeting Telepathy by Aug. 28, 2015 $5.99 45667 words Sample 20%
Telepathy can’t stop a bullet. Nineteen and home from college, Rick Blackhall starts a great summer vacation. His first chance to enjoy full mastery of his telepathic powers. Only one problem – someone starts killing telepaths. And that someone's coming for Rick. Targeting Telepathy, a fast-paced science fiction thrill ride and the exciting conclusion to The Telepath Trilogy.
Flightline Fillup (gay, erotica, first time, charity, military, backdoor, taboo, barracks pounding) by C.R Alvery Flightline Fillup (gay, erotica, first time, charity, military, backdoor, taboo, barracks pounding) by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 11026 words Sample 20%
Bradley Connor is your average, every day airman who wants nothing more than to get his work done and stay out of trouble. But when the subject of his fantasies happens to be his ex-roommate, now an officer in the air force, steps back into his life unexpectedly Bradley is thrown for a loop. With an upcoming deployment and a passion that could cost him his career
Lusty College: 3 Sensual Stories by Claudia D. Zawa Lusty College: 3 Sensual Stories by Aug. 28, 2015 $3.99 11554 words Sample 8%
Three hot stories guaranteed to satisfy your carnal cravings. Includes: Hawaii Lesbian College, Vampire Lesbian Train, and Lusty Werewolf In Space. Publisher's Note: These stories contain explicit scenes of bizarre, sensual activity. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult readers only. May induce disturbing dreams if read before sleep. Includes bonus sample from Nasty Vampire Nun.
Where the Werebears Were by Bubba Marshall Where the Werebears Were by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 13769 words Sample 20%
Calverse Thorton’s burly black frame, his muscles and his swagger earn him the idolization of the gay community in Garrett County, Maryland, where he hides out from the law with a few fellow bangers. One of those gay men takes the step of agreeing to sexually service Calverse and his gang, the Nine Bears, who turn out to be something more than they seem...
Mundane Moon Maze by Artisan Publishing Guild, LLC Mundane Moon Maze by Aug. 28, 2015 $0.99 8389 words Sample 20%
Joshua Raintree finds himself more than 500 years in the future, discovering a world where machines have reinvented the gods of mythology, in the middle of a maze and fighting for his life. Can a Mundane from 500 years in the past finish the maze? If he does will the new gods present themselves as prophesized? Or will Joshua find that his plea for help finds him lost in the Mundane Moon Maze?
Redneck Gang Induction Downlow by Forrest Manacre Redneck Gang Induction Downlow by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 8970 words Sample 20%
Barney Tilson is a new member of the Dixie Arms gang of drug traffickers and dealers, and he must go through a rough and rude initiation process to be seen as an equal to the others. But the stakes keep getting raised, and every time he thinks he's done what he needs to do, he finds out there's just one more line to cross!
The Soggiest Biscuit by Ethan Scarsdale The Soggiest Biscuit by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 8939 words Sample 20%
Kevin is no longer a freshman at Kappa Gamma Pi, but he's not the big guy on campus either. He and his fraternity brothers are stuck in their house for a day with little to do when Kevin accidentally commits a very minor faux pas, which one macho senior decides to turn into a disgustingly sexy lesson!
The Furnace by Damien Lutz The Furnace by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 2406 words Read a sample
Buddy, a military android on an assassination mission, parachutes down into enemy territory with his four-legged robotic companion, Spot. When he suffers a near-death experience mid-mission, Buddy struggles to reconcile his new sense of mortality with his killer directive.
Naked Hearts - Book 3 in the Stolen hearts series by SL Hughes Naked Hearts - Book 3 in the Stolen hearts series by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 121234 words Sample 20%
Mick’s alive? Evie discovers the truth but not how to protect the ones she loves from the ones that want her dead. Determined to save her daughter, Evie stops at nothing to create a world where they’ll be safe… even if that world is built on a foundation of lies.
Book 24 - Streets paved with Gold by Clive Cooke Book 24 - Streets paved with Gold by Aug. 28, 2015 $0.99 7702 words Sample 20%
The first of these two short stories is the African version of the Sasquatch Legend. If the Sasquatch exists anywhere, the most likely place would be in Africa. The continent is ancient biologically speaking and relatively unexplored. The second story is about growing up in the wrong part of town. In Sarie October’s own words: she was born with a wooden spoon in her mouth. But she is a survivor.
A Wolf in Senator's Clothing by Ell Von L A Wolf in Senator's Clothing by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 18007 words Sample 20%
Marius Garou, is a freshman senator and the Alpha werewolf of his pack. However the Council is beginning to question if he can meet the needs of both. When a plane crashes on his Colorado ranch, Marius confronts an even bigger challenge, the blonde in the red dress! Will he be able regain focus and meet the requirements of the Pack’s or will Marius be another casualty of a bad Washington Policy?
Big Gay Mega Bundle (10 Story Collection) by Briony Summers Big Gay Mega Bundle (10 Story Collection) by Aug. 28, 2015 $8.99 49181 words Sample 10%
This collection contains 10 erotic tales of hot, young gay men. It includes stories of best friends sharing their first time together, college students seducing their hunky, horny professors, and sexy alphas giving innocent young men the night of their lives. This bundle contains 45,000+ words of sexy guy on guy action! It includes the following stories and more!
Pumped by Briony Summers Pumped by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 4048 words Sample 20%
Brandon was the master of Iron Strong Gym. He found peace in his 5 AM workout sessions in the empty gym 5 days a week. That is, until Tyler began showing up. Something about Tyler's perfect body pumping and flexing in front of him every morning is driving Brandon crazy with lust. Maybe a steamy locker room encounter could be just what he needs to get his mind clear again.
Texting Teacher by Briony Summers Texting Teacher by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 4528 words Sample 20%
When browsing a smartphone app designed to find hookups in the local area, Ben is shocked to find his sexy teacher's profile. There's no way he can resist contacting him and finding out if there's a different personality under Dr. Serna's cold exterior. But will the professor be willing to risk everything for a hook up with his student?
The Mind Dump by Jake Lasprogato The Mind Dump by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 3888 words Read a sample
A thoughtful and curious young man becomes an unwitting traveler through the layers of the human mind.
Infinite Drift by Jeffrey Bartone Infinite Drift by Aug. 28, 2015 $1.99 78634 words Sample 16%
A witty, dark literary novel that follows the turmoils of Eggers, a simple man who must confront infidelity, erratic women and the social woes of his city.
Partly Gone by Cara Long Partly Gone by Aug. 28, 2015 $1.99 31549 words Sample 20%
The collection touches on the impact of grief, love, sorrow, and hatred experienced in the everyday lives of characters who may or may not be prepared to handle the outcomes of their choices.
Seriously Witchy by Piper Lane Seriously Witchy by Aug. 28, 2015 $3.99 72216 words Sample 5%
Fall into the world of Seriously Witchy, where anything can happen and usually does. Written for ages 8-15, This book is full of supernatural fun and thrills.
Turning the Jailhouse Cop (First Time Gay MMM Menage and Prison Domination Erotica) by S M Partlowe Turning the Jailhouse Cop (First Time Gay MMM Menage and Prison Domination Erotica) by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 8427 words Sample 20%
Officer Chris Yale is bringing crime boss Aaron Dennisov into the station, but when a staffing problem leaves the precinct headquarters empty, Chris gets stuck guarding the holding cells until the bail hearings in the morning. When he samples the drug that was the reason for the boss's arrest, Chris quickly finds out he's in for a lot more than he bargained for.
Illicit Lusts (Book 9 of Illicit Lusts (Book 9 of "The Hazard Chronicles") by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 6327 words Sample 20%
Father Andrew hadn’t meant to break his sacred vow of celibacy with pretty Sara Gardner…and he was trying really hard to keep from straying into temptation again. But Sara’s father believed that he’d be a good influence on her, and had thoughtlessly thrown them together for the afternoon. How could they keep from getting burned when the passionate sparks started to fly?
Potato Surprise: A Brimstone Prequel by Angel Martinez Potato Surprise: A Brimstone Prequel by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 26551 words Read a sample
Before Ness, before Corny, before Leopold and Heckle and Mac, there was just Shax and Verin and a newly stolen, er, acquired cargo ship. Join Shax on his first adventure in space in which a pampered demon prince has a lot to learn. When a steel trap of celestial and infernal politics threatens to close around them, Shax and Verin flee Earth’s system in a stolen ship, leaving everything behind.
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 by Bill Peschel Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 by Aug. 28, 2015 $4.99 121978 words Sample 20%
“Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches: 1900-1904” collects more than 55 pieces — short stories, poems, newspaper clippings, and cartoons — published during the opening years of Conan Doyle’s literary career. Included are works by Mark Twain, P.G. Wodehouse, and Bret Harte. Also included are many of the original illustrations and more than 200 footnotes.
Lie Catchers by Paul Bishop Lie Catchers by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 81785 words Sample 20%
LAPD detective “Calamity” Jane Randall thought she knew all about interrogation until she met legendary "lie catcher" Ray Pagan. Scarred by past tragedies, the two detectives threaten to tear the city apart searching for a duo of missing children – a search where the right answer to the wrong question can mean sudden death.
DeVante's Curse: Katarina's Castle by SM Johnson DeVante's Curse: Katarina's Castle by Aug. 28, 2015 $0.99 10068 words Sample 10%
Growing up in Katarina's castle changed a boy named Ernesto into a cold-hearted creature who calls himself DeVante. But which came first, the monster or the man? DeVante's Curse is a 10,000 word companion story to the Vampire DeVante series.
No Hero by Zach Neal No Hero by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 1396 words Read a sample
It was the Second Battle of Ypres. They gave him the Military medal and called him a hero. He was just one of the ones that survived the first gas attack in history. A short story of the Great War.
Travel Your Way by Robert Bauer Travel Your Way by Aug. 28, 2015 $4.99 52729 words Sample 20%
Travel Your Way has been written to help readers gain a basic understanding of the travel and tourism industry, and how it plays into and impacts their travel decisions. It also will help them create travel plans that meet their unique needs, interests, budget and travel safely and comfortably.
Experiment 753 - Part 2 by Cat Summerfield Experiment 753 - Part 2 by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 3978 words Sample 20%
Starship captain Nick Valdez and the alien pirate Datell are ex-lovers, and they're captives of grey aliens. They're being experimented on: mist being pumped into their cell makes them uncontrollably horny and unable to resist each other while the greys watch. But being near Datell has reminded Nick of how good things used to be together, and this time, he wants Datell on his own terms.
The Sane King by Matt Knott The Sane King by Aug. 28, 2015 $4.99 98787 words Sample 15%
Heroes are not born, but forged. A lone warrior takes up the cause of a hunted boy. A desperate nation seeks to bolster its fragile army. A malevolent god feasts on the nightmares of men and seeks to bring ruin to all. When events collide, and a monstrous power threatens to drown their world in blood, Rayle and his unlikely allies must fight to stop the tides of carnage.
Нетрадиционный психоанализ. Избранные научные статьи и выступления на конференциях by Andrey Davydov Нетрадиционный психоанализ. Избранные научные статьи и выступления на конференциях by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 48806 words Read a sample
Данная книга посвящена теме «Системное исследование в области психофизиологии человека». Исследователей изначально интересовал вопрос: «Почему при принципиальной психофизиологической одинаковости человека качества свойств разные?». Ответы на этот и другие вопросы были найдены в результате 40-летних фундаментальных исследований специалиста в области китайской культуры А.Н. Давыдова и его коллег.
The Weather Girl by Barbara Shumway The Weather Girl by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.95 35231 words
When a young woman from a depraved and incestuous family marries an older senior executive in hopes to escape her past and advance her career in television, she discovers that what went before catches up to her. The physical beauty she has opens doors, some that she should never enter. Even her loving husband cannot stop what will occur. Adultery, incest and a lesbian affair follows.
Catch God's Train of Blessing by Tony Egar Catch God's Train of Blessing by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 12146 words Read a sample
My name is Tony and I am going to take you on what could be the: ”RIDE OF YOUR LIFE.” I coach people into believing they are special. This is a new way of thinking for most people. I love to see your personal value increase. My job is to provide a ladder with steps that will assist you into your best self-image. Your new level of self-esteem is imminent. Why don’t you get excited? ALL ABOARD!
His Virgin Babysitter Surprise (Older Man Younger Woman Contemporary BBW Pregnancy Erotica) by Julia Bryn His Virgin Babysitter Surprise (Older Man Younger Woman Contemporary BBW Pregnancy Erotica) by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 3750 words Sample 20%
Joanie is sick and tired of dating immature guys who don't know what they're doing and are more focused on themselves. She just doesn't understand why they can't be a little more like her employer Mr. Baxter, who is experienced and mature. When Mr. Baxter asks for more, he's such a good catch that Joanie is willing to do just about anything he desires, hard and without protection!
That Which Maddens and Torments by Christopher Keating That Which Maddens and Torments by Aug. 28, 2015 $0.99 96863 words Sample 20%
Jo Black was the key to a puzzle. The only problem was, no one bothered to tell her. As a result, she found herself in a crossfire between people who wanted her dead and those who needed her alive. The people using her were ruthless. But there was something they didn’t understand - so was she. She was going to have to see this fight through to the end. And, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Locked In by Ashlynn Elliott Locked In by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 1212 words Read a sample
As the sixth addition to the Cat and Dog short stories series, Locked In follows foolish Carmella the collie, as she finds herself stuck in a locker. Now she must try to get out, even though Henry the bulldog tries to make it impossible.
Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Selected Scientific Articles And Presentations At Conferences by Andrey Davydov Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Selected Scientific Articles And Presentations At Conferences by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 51752 words Read a sample
This book is devoted to the topic of Systemic Research In The Field Of Human Psychophysiology. The following question was interesting to researchers: "Why with principled psychophysiological sameness of humans, qualities differ?" Answers to this & many other questions were found as a result of 40 years of fundamental research carried out by an expert in Chinese culture A. Davydov & his colleagues.
Justice by Willow Brooke Justice by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 63133 words Sample 20%
In book one of Fight Club- Brooke Winters has traveled through the burning pits of hell and back, taking the scenic route before she finally found herself enough to escape the hell she called marriage. Life was a struggle, but she was free. Free to spread her wings and fly. Can a group of badass fighters stop Brooke's ex before things go too far and time runs out?
The Surprise He Wanted: Sex With My Sister by Reese Cantwell The Surprise He Wanted: Sex With My Sister by Aug. 28, 2015 $4.99 23771 words Sample 10%
What could I get my husband for his birthday? Maybe a surprise? Something really special I knew he wanted and would never forget? Sex is always nice and I decided that I would have my younger sister provide it. And he wouldn't know I'd set it up. It was only fair that my brother-in-law didn't get left out, I decided to handle that part of it myself.
The Water Nymph's Tale by Ali Noel Vyain The Water Nymph's Tale by Aug. 28, 2015 $6.99 29802 words Sample 20%
Violet is orphaned as a baby and raised by her Uncle Clyde and his business partner, Bonnie. As a child, Violet exhibits magical abilities thought to be a part of her inheritance from her water nymph mother. As she grows older, she meets Antoni in dreams. When they finally meet on the Martian colony, he is kidnapped by vampires. With the help of the water nymphs, she gets him back.
Total War by Russ Crossley Total War by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 19721 words Sample 20%
The five stories in this collection are about ordinary people who have suffered during war or who experience small victories magnified by the bloody conflicts they are asked to face head on. I hope you enjoy these stories and that they make you think about war and the people who fought them. The book will be offered at a lower price for 30 days after release.
Overheard & Overhead by Mike Bozart Overheard & Overhead by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 1826 words Read a sample
Agents 32 and 33 of psecret psociety take a harrowing bike ride through east Charlotte to a Taco Bell. They recognize the uber-courteous African American employee (from previous visits) behind the counter and exchange pleasantries. Their food arrives and all seems quite ho-hum normal. The 5-star employee then returns to their table. They both share some startling revelations. Approx. 1800 words.
The Girl in a Kilt by JJ Argus The Girl in a Kilt by Aug. 28, 2015 $2.99 15199 words Sample 20%
When the rich, handsome man who owned the whole restaurant chain she worked pulled her into the pool to fool around Kaley was shocked, but then he drew her behind a waterfall, chained her naked to a fake wall, and promised to drive her insane with pleasure! And proceeded to do just that!
The Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past by Joshua Pinon The Order of the Acolyte Sins of Generations Past by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 71977 words Read a sample
This is the second installment of the Acolyte, Dawn of a New Hero. The Acolyte returns from his trip with his extra ordinary allies, only to return home to chaos. However, he wasn’t alone with additions to his cause against the newest enemy and the real enemy, the Faceless Foe.
What Are Friends For? by JC Dixon What Are Friends For? by Aug. 28, 2015 Free! 69053 words Read a sample
Nick and Chris had been friends since they met at college, ten years ago. While Chris was gay and Nick was straight, that was irrelevant to their friendship. They had been there for each other through thick and thin. So, what would it take to break that friendship?
Solar Power by Alex R Casey Solar Power by Aug. 28, 2015 $0.99 1777 words Sample 10%
A book for the person thinking about setting up their own solar power system. A clear, tried and proven method is provided. Know the facts, where to begin and how to finish economically
Xmas by Iza Moreau Xmas by Aug. 28, 2015 $1.99 11594 words Sample 20%
Someone shoots Santa Claus off the roof of an expensive house in Coral Gables. Xande and Yolande Calhoun from XYZ Investigations are the first on the scene.Who would shoot Santa? And who will be next? This is the fifth short story in the XYZ Mysteries saga by Golden Crown Finalist Iza Moreau.
Basic College Mathematics - Trigonometry - Right Triangle by R.N. Cherchuk Basic College Mathematics - Trigonometry - Right Triangle by Aug. 28, 2015 $6.24 6245 words Sample 10%
This eBook deals with solving “Right Triangles” and understanding angles. It deals with the Pythagorean Theorem, the “Sin” Ratio, “Cos” Ratio and the “Tan” Ratio.
Zane: Hollywood Boys by SabrinaClare Zane: Hollywood Boys by Aug. 28, 2015 $3.49 64892 words Sample 20%
In the final book of this two-book series... all hell breaks loose. Because, really? How well can you know a person?