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Marine Pook Esquire by Peter Pook Marine Pook Esquire by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.99 53657 words Sample 10%
What a shock for Pook! What a blow for Honners! It’s happened at last. As the massive Japanese war-machine remorselessly advances westward the Royal Marines are rushed to a remote desert island in the Indian Ocean to construct a defence base against the enemy.
Pook's Curiosity Shop by Peter Pook Pook's Curiosity Shop by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.99 50067 words Sample 10%
Set against Pook’s accurate background of business practice we see our hero encounter the hazards of the profession in the shape of eccentric dealers, awkward customers and difficult situations. In his search for success Pook meets the girl of his dreams, the lovely female Viking called Tora, while Olga is wooed by Yosseff, a wealthy Arab prince.
Weird Urges 5 by Candace Mia Weird Urges 5 by Feb. 13, 2016 $0.99 1203 words Sample 20%
Time to go back to the library. She'll be needing two nerds this time, though.
Torn Apart by Khaleel Jooste Torn Apart by Feb. 13, 2016 Free! 3686 words Read a sample
Bismillah “Why didn’t you help me? Don’t know why I came here. I would have gotten more sympathy from a rock. You have no emotion whatsoever. I’ve never encountered such a cold person. I thought you were my friend.” As Allah wills
The Darkest Legacy: Hints of Betrayal (Book One Omnibus) by Jennifer Lynn Catz The Darkest Legacy: Hints of Betrayal (Book One Omnibus) by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.99 162883 words Sample 10%
Cara Corsi craves a normal life but after discovering the life-altering secrets, a chance for normalcy could be destroyed forever. Cara's mother has successfully kept the family hidden for fourteen years. But when the family is suddenly located, a sinister plan brews to rip the family apart. When Cara is pulled into the unknown world of magic, she must find the strength to face her deepest fears.
The Role of a Lifetime - Book Two: Moving In by Derek Pulse The Role of a Lifetime - Book Two: Moving In by Feb. 13, 2016 $0.99 26891 words Sample 17%
Donnie DeGeorgio, former teen actor, has been hired by billionaire Nelson Burke to take on the "role" of his newly-adopted son. Purpose: to move into Burke's household and seduce EVERY member of the family, for the tycoon's voyeuristic pleasure. But as Donnie studies up on his part, he is pulled in by the charms of the home's beautiful Latina maid, Maria. This temptation wasn't part of the deal...
Hope House - Part Three - The Hills Are Alive by Fabian Black Hope House - Part Three - The Hills Are Alive by Feb. 13, 2016 $0.99 4240 words Sample 20%
Hope House - A Serial - Part Three The Hills Are Alive. Gordon’s suspicions are roused when an old tune on the radio seems to spark a downturn in Nat’s mood. Investigation follows. Gordon isn’t too pleased with what he discovers. Angels, musicals and masked figures also feature - it’s just another day at Hope House.
In Love With An Assassin 2: A Good Girl Gone Bad by Michael Linen In Love With An Assassin 2: A Good Girl Gone Bad by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 78375 words Sample 20%
In this urban action-thriller a ruthless assassin name Da'Quan "Blaze" Jackson's girlfriend Latasha Grant murders her father. Not only has Quan stood by her side, but he also helped her cover up the murder. But he begins to worry, because once a beautiful, sweet, innocent, precious angel, Latasha has become cold and devious, and no longer seems to have a heart or a conscious. She becomes him!
Francesca's BDSM Story by Katrina Millings Francesca's BDSM Story by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 5155 words Sample 20%
BDSM. Punishment. Anal Sex toys. Master and Slave.
Liaisons by Habu Liaisons by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.99 25298 words Sample 15%
In this steamy novella of non-stop fetish gay male sex, the plans and needs of charismatic and dominating Austrian munitions manufacturer, Baron Josef von Holst, in the 1920s lead to the subjugation to his purposes at a Venice resort beach hotel of Lady Elizabeth Winslow and her son, Paul. Von Holst’s first-time taking of Paul Winslow leads the young man down an ever-more intense road. . .
No Safeword by Claire Thompson No Safeword by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.99 82698 words Sample 10%
“My safeword,” she said hurriedly. “We forgot to discuss my safeword.” “This isn’t some amateur scene at a BDSM club. There’s no negotiation. There is no safeword. You signed that away when you joined The Enclave.”
The Punishments of Miss Pendleton - Castlbridge Hall Book 4 by Michaela Francis The Punishments of Miss Pendleton - Castlbridge Hall Book 4 by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.95 68482 words Sample 5%
Alice Pendleton has fallen on hard times in more ways than one. With her father's business ruined she has no option but to seek employment at Castlebridge Hall, where her privileged upbringing ill suits her to domestic service. As a consequence she is frequently on the caning stool.
The Birching of Victoria - Castlebridge Hall Book 3 by Michaela Francis The Birching of Victoria - Castlebridge Hall Book 3 by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.95 55044 words Sample 5%
Victoria's life at Castlebridge Hall can hardly get any worse. She faces the prospect of a public birching in front of the Hall's entire complement of servants at the hands of the butler. It seems as if her enemies have won the day but Lady Castlebridge is about to take a hand and it could be that the butler's rods will be destined for other, shapely female rears.
The Canes Of Autumn - Castlebridge Hall Book 2 by Michaela Francis The Canes Of Autumn - Castlebridge Hall Book 2 by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.95 38165 words Sample 5%
The beautiful young Victoria Partridge is in trouble! Her employer is not happy with her work and he doesn't have any truck with written warnings. She is summoned for her monthly punishment but finds to her horror that he is sending her to his country seat for further and more radical discipline than that she is used to.
Consequences - Castlebridge Hall Book 1 by Michaela Francis Consequences - Castlebridge Hall Book 1 by Feb. 13, 2016 $6.95 49038 words Sample 5%
Lord Castlebridge runs his stately home with a rod of iron and when his wife fritters away seven thousand pounds at Ascot, she knows that she is destined for the rod! But even his Lordship’s rigid discipline cannot ensure the smooth running of Castlebridge towers unless his faithful butler, Greenwood is prepared to use the birch as well.
The Last Messenger by F. A. Ludwig The Last Messenger by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.99 56098 words Sample 20%
When given no other recourse, the Earth sends out her last message... and it isn't to save the planet.
The Procedure by Roy Ellison The Procedure by Feb. 13, 2016 $7.99 43726 words Sample 20%
July getting an experimental back-room procedure to radically change her body was probably a bad idea. As she crashes at Ed's apartment, she involves him in a vast and frankly bizarre story about alien technology and monstrous transformations. This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, height growth, transformation, fighting and aliens. All characters are over 18 years old.
A Parcel of Promises - Victoriana Trilogy, Book III by Rita Stella Galieh A Parcel of Promises - Victoriana Trilogy, Book III by Feb. 13, 2016 $5.95 86504 words Sample 20%
Separated by class barriers, an aristocrat and a kitchen apprentice at Windsor Castle cannot ignore a mutual attraction. But Charmian believes her mysterious family history will ruin Nick’s life, so she pretends to be betrothed to another. Believing she has lost him forever, Charmian escapes to use her culinary skills in a new land. But then a tragic event causes their paths to cross again.
Sweet by L.F. Blake Sweet by Feb. 13, 2016 $5.99 59987 words Sample 15%
An incubus makes a terrible boyfriend. But then, so does a fairy. David and Connor have been best friends forever, and with his life spiraling into a dark place, David needs that friendship desperately. So what happens when Connor decides he wants more? Can a fragile modern fairy ever really entrust his heart to a creature like an incubus?
Captain Skulldug and the Unburied Treasure by Greg Troup Captain Skulldug and the Unburied Treasure by Feb. 13, 2016 You set the price! 13648 words Sample 20%
A pirate fantasy story set in a pseudo-magical world
The Tie That Binds - Victoriana Trilogy, Book II by Rita Stella Galieh The Tie That Binds - Victoriana Trilogy, Book II by Feb. 13, 2016 $4.95 85995 words Sample 20%
How can Charlotte Cantrell escape the domination of Cornelia, her so-called mother? Despite a growing love for Marcus, her brother’s tutor, and with an arranged marriage in her near future, she faces sure heartache. Hope of a cure for her disabled brother clashes with her freedom to choose her own marriage partner. One thing, alone, is powerful enough to remove the ties that bind them to defeat.
Делая учеников в народах (Discipling The Nations) Russ Tatro by Serhiy Kravchenko Делая учеников в народах (Discipling The Nations) Russ Tatro by Feb. 13, 2016 Free! 31029 words Read a sample
Ключи к оснащению, мотивированию и вызову Божьего народа, способствующие исполнению Его плана для их жизни.
Dried Eggs and Spam by Rosemary J. Peel Dried Eggs and Spam by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 18894 words Sample 20%
Dried Eggs and Spam provides a new slant on an old war. Written jointly by Al Molaison and Rosemary J. Peel. World War II memories exchanged via email and the conflict viewed from a child's perspective.
What if - With me by Adriana LS Swift What if - With me by Feb. 13, 2016 $1.00 231120 words Sample 20%
El pasado atenaza con aparecer de la forma mas dolorosa posible. Un pasado que Jorge pensó que nunca podría afectar a su nueva vida. Y cuando intente proteger a su familia de los peligros a los que por ello se enfrentan, puede que no este haciendo mas que llevarles cada vez mas al abismo. Pero Jorge daría su propia vida por salvarles.
Signed Sealed Delivered - Victoriana Trilogy, Book I by Rita Stella Galieh Signed Sealed Delivered - Victoriana Trilogy, Book I by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.95 88246 words Sample 20%
London, 1840. How could she believe in her future when she couldn’t escape her past? Employed as a governess, Megan did not suspect the turmoil she would soon be facing. After secretly marrying her great love, Charles, he left for the battlefield, and her nightmare began. Expelled from the household by its scheming mistress, she faced transportation to a penal colony. Would Charles ever find her?
What if - Always by Adriana LS Swift What if - Always by Feb. 13, 2016 $1.00 206829 words Sample 20%
Laura siente que tomó una decisión equivocada. ¿Y si ella no es capaz de soportar la vida aristocrática? ¿Y si el constante contacto con Enrique en su nuevo trabajo hace que las cosas funcionen? ¿Y si el amor platónico es solamente eso y Laura tiene que comenzar a vivir en la vida real? Pero, ¿y si Jorge renunciara a todo, a su legado familiar, a su fortuna y sus títulos por ella?
Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker (Bi Cuckold Humiliation Creampie) by Amanda Mann Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker (Bi Cuckold Humiliation Creampie) by Feb. 13, 2016 $0.99 10700 words Sample 20%
Daniel has been taken, humiliated & passed around by his big black bully. Now the man shares his insidious plan to take Daniel's wife & he wants Daniel to help him do it! But the double-cross is in, & Daniel finds himself helpless to stop his wife and his tormentor. He is both repulsed AND turned on! Nothing is as it seems, but in the end, there are enough twists & turns to satisfy your effort.
What if - You by Adriana LS Swift What if - You by Feb. 13, 2016 $1.00 91749 words Sample 20%
Enrique Guzmán, político español de la nueva generación, arrogante y seguro de si mismo, es el candidato perfecto para que Laura pase página. Laura tendrá que elegir entre su amor platónico o el amor que le haría todo mas sencillo. Jorge deberá confesar algo a Laura que puede que haga que la pierda. Tiene que hacerlo si quiere intentar mantenerla con el de por vida.
The Programmable Weight Loss Complex System by Arkadiy Kalashnikov, Sr The Programmable Weight Loss Complex System by Feb. 13, 2016 $14.00 10286 words Sample 40%
This book was written on the base of the activity of the Medical Center of weight correction and its results. The book describes a consistent method of weight loss and discloses the mechanism of fatty tissue splitting, that will enable any reader to reduce the weight by oneself, on average 150-300 daily. That is why this method is called programmable weight loss.
The War for the Oil of Libya : 1955-2015 by Iakovos Alhadeff The War for the Oil of Libya : 1955-2015 by Feb. 13, 2016 Free! 15262 words Read a sample
Libya is the richest African country in oil reserves, and one of the richest in the world. The following seven chapters explore the Libyan energy industry and the Libyan foreign policies during the 20th and 21st centuries, and the emphasis is on the wars that were fought for Libya's oil.
What if by Adriana LS Swift What if by Feb. 13, 2016 $1.00 113838 words Sample 20%
A Laura se le paraliza el corazón con alguien que es una mezcla entre Mr Darcy y el Capitán Vonn Trapp, que no se ha fijado en ella en más de diez años y que es el hombre más atractivo, misterioso y frío de cuantos conoce. Ella sigue con su vida amorosa estancada mientras que él está casado y es padre. Todo está perdido y sin embargo Laura es incapaz de olvidarse de él. Pero... ¿Y si...?
Discipling The Nations -  Russ Tatro by Serhiy Kravchenko Discipling The Nations - Russ Tatro by Feb. 13, 2016 Free! 36010 words Read a sample
Keys to Equip, Motivate, and Challenge God’s People to Accomplish His Plan for Their Lives
Become a Flight Attendant: The 7- Day Preparation by Jaimie D. B. Become a Flight Attendant: The 7- Day Preparation by Feb. 13, 2016 $4.99 25286 words Sample 30%
This book outlines the flight attendant’s job,Interview Process and basic qualifications you must acquire to be an aspirant for the position. It includes a worksheet of 30 Sample Final Interview questions and 111 English and Math Questions with answers.You will be well prepared for the recruitment day, gaining all the and qualities of what a flight attendant should uphold.
My Undead Lover by Misty Vixen My Undead Lover by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 21437 words Sample 20%
Darren is an archer, a wandering warrior looking for adventure. When he meets Brooke, a fellow wandering archer, he thinks he's found someone special. She's interesting, independent and skilled. But she's a little odd. Secretive and covered head-to-toe in armor, she's slow to trust. Even more interesting, it seems that she is undead...
Year’s Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction 2014 by Alisa Krasnostein Year’s Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction 2014 by Feb. 13, 2016 $4.99 100993 words Sample 20%
Fans of Kaleidoscope will find more tales of wonder, adventure, diversity, and variety in this collection devoted to stories with teen protagonists.
Warrior's Possession by Gianna Simone Warrior's Possession by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.99 84955 words Sample 20%
Ordered to wed by a king, will secrets and a deadly rebellion doom the fiery passion of a marriage between a powerful warrior and an independent woman?
Fate's Prison by Tara Fox Hall Fate's Prison by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 78685 words Sample 20%
When a simple loving encounter with Devlin raises the ghost of his long-dead paramour, Rene, Sarelle intervenes, saving Rene’s soul from the demon Shaker. Forced to share her body with Rene, Sarelle works diligently with the sorceress’s ghost to magically build her a new body, even as attacks by vampire hunters escalate, threatening all Sarelle holds dear.
Quando Eu Te Abraçar by Lucy Vargas Quando Eu Te Abraçar by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 100916 words Sample 15%
Para os Ward a vida sempre é turbulenta. Depois de lutar contra a separação, Sean e Bea descobriram que o final feliz existe. Porém, nada para eles é previsível. E turbulência é tudo que podem esperar do final feliz que conquistaram. "Se você mudar de ideia e resolver que não era isso que queria quando voltou para mim. Você vai me deixar de joelhos e dessa vez eu não vou conseguir levantar."
Zeena And The Mermaid by Victoria Zigler Zeena And The Mermaid by Feb. 13, 2016 $4.99 12333 words Sample 20%
The adventures of Zeena and Saarik have already taken them through the woods and up the mountains. Now they’re answering a plea for help from a mermaid named Naia.
Cupidon, tête de con by Caroline Huyghues Cupidon, tête de con by Feb. 13, 2016 $4.99 74692 words Sample 15%
Une quête de l’amoûûûr zigzagante au gré des rencards plus ou moins réussis. Avec des hommes, du sesque, des poils, une chatte et aussi un kangourou albinos.
The Female Charm by Amelia Price The Female Charm by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 29604 words Sample 20%
Book 4 in the Mycroft Holmes Adventures series Politics is Mycroft's focus for the moment, calling him to Scotland, very much outside of London. When Sherlock refuses to help and enlists Amelia, Mycroft has to decide if his personal amateur is up to the task. Despite all the scrapes and bruises, Amelia is still willing to learn from the Holmes brothers, but does she have the skills to survive?
A View for Dad by Cory Lee Markert A View for Dad by Feb. 13, 2016 $5.00 4137 words Sample 33%
Blimny F. Markham is buried at Rolling Hills Memorial Park. The funeral goes well and many people attend. Unfortunately, Blimny isn't happy about his new burial spot.
One More Night by Rhonda Strehlow One More Night by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 80585 words Sample 20%
If love can transcend time then perhaps hate can, too. While preparing an old saloon for auction, Honor Horton meets Jonas and Ruby... and Captain Davis, a love triangle that played out, unhappily, more than one hundred years ago.
Sword of Doom by Richard Dawes Sword of Doom by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 41206 words Sample 20%
King Tancred, the ruler of Korava, plans a sneak attack on the kingdom of Argos. Princess Uralia, the daughter of the Argosian king, hears of the plot and asks Valka the Wolf Slayer to take her back to her father so she can warn him of the impending attack. Valka agrees, and embarks on a blood drenched journey that pits him against the whole army of King Tancred, who intends to stop them.
Where Angels Fear ~ Christy Bristol Mysteries ~ Book 2 by Sunny Frazier Where Angels Fear ~ Christy Bristol Mysteries ~ Book 2 by Feb. 13, 2016 $2.99 66814 words Sample 20%
Amateur astrologer Christy Bristol and her best friend Lennie Watkins find themselves on the fringes of Kearny society and a “members-only” sex club as they reluctantly take on a missing persons case. A prominent business man has disappeared and his wife says she can’t go to the authorities. Armed with only a prescription bottle and matchbook as clues, the two young woman infiltrate a sec club...
A Thousand Reasons by R. L. George A Thousand Reasons by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.99 182557 words Sample 20%
By the year 2060 the world’s population has been drastically reduced by a proliferation of wars and diseases and, because one disease specifically targeted males, females are now the vast majority. And thus begins the ultimate battle of the sexes. Peace now reigns in the new society, but is it possible for peace to prevail against weapons of mass destruction?
Internet Brides by John Blandly Internet Brides by Feb. 13, 2016 $0.99 2013 words Sample 30%
Females are in short supply in some solar systems. It is often needed to resort to ordering them, online, sight unseen.
Ersatz World by Richard Godwin Ersatz World by Feb. 13, 2016 $1.49 23887 words Sample 20%
Samuel Verso is an ordinary, old-fashioned publisher trying to resist the lure of e-books while his wife fills the hallway with prosthetic limbs and his business partner is replaced with an exact replica. Abducted and beaten, his reality becomes as malleable as the narratives in his books, fading away to be replaced by the mysterious code. And only a missing author holds the key to the code
Hacking the Mission by Peter McLennan Hacking the Mission by Feb. 13, 2016 $0.99 59398 words Sample 25%
Jason expects the loggers to be furious because he trashed their stuff. Why aren't they? And why don't they just give up, since the greenies have found something that means they can't cut down the trees anyway? Weirdest of all, why are they messing with other people's computers? The nerd in Jason can't resist investigating, but what he discovers jeopardises the whole campaign to save the forest.
The Code Beneath by Rose Sandy The Code Beneath by Feb. 13, 2016 $3.99 124061 words Sample 20%
The object: survival. The target: her DNA. A New York athlete with the right DNA to stop a spiraling global epidemic finds herself at the mercy of an aggressive government plot that only a mysterious vaccine doctor can rescue her from.