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The Mating Games 2 Unnecessary Roughness by Cree Storm The Mating Games 2 Unnecessary Roughness by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 23758 words Sample 15%
Being the only saber toothed tiger, left alive, has always made Colby feel different. However, finding Ian, during the mating games, has changed all that. Now Colby just has to keep him alive while they work together to find one of Ian's best friends and take down a councilman in the process.
Behind Closed Doors by K.F. Johnson Behind Closed Doors by Oct. 08, 2015 $0.99 115954 words Sample 20%
Crawl inside the heads of unscrupulous siblings Brian & Brenda Andrews as they take you on a roller coaster ride of deceit! Good looks, money and charm go a long way in the abundant singles scene in Atlanta and these siblings have a track record to be reckoned with. All pawns in their single life games don’t take being manipulated lying down & when family secrets spill out, things get dangerous!
Defiled by the Demon and His Lesbian Coven of Lust by Willow B. Were Defiled by the Demon and His Lesbian Coven of Lust by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 6651 words Sample 20%
Willow B. Were brings you the best in sultry, paranormal erotica. Danny receives notice from the coven that tonight is the night of her initiation. Danny soon learns that if she is to serve the coven's mysterious purposes, then every last inch of her, inside and out, must serve the lustful desires of her new brethren, and that she will be seeded to bear their demon-master's spawn.
The Men of the House Without Protection by Anna Fock The Men of the House Without Protection by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 4745 words Sample 20%
It was a bad night all the way around. I left my wife, Caroline, at the hotel after an argument and came home to find her beautiful daughter, Katrina, and stepson, at home and dipping into the liquor cabinet. Not being in the most rational state of mind, I joined them. After a few drinks, Katrina made a ridiculous offer we couldn’t turn down. The offer is so taboo I can’t even tell you about it.
Aboard the Universe by Linda Jordan Aboard the Universe by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 47084 words Sample 20%
What if you could go on a cruise ship in space? Sailing through the multiverse in style. With a crew of aliens and humans, a cabin that accommodated your every need. Shore excursions on exotic planets. Fellow passengers from across the spectrum of sentient organisms. You could even live on the ship permanently if you wanted. Unless you’re the crew. Trying to keep every demanding life form happy.
DEMON DAYS Boxed Set by Richard Finney DEMON DAYS Boxed Set by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 278751 words Sample 20%
Could NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES all over the world be leading to a dark plot to usher in the End Days? For the first time, the complete DEMON DAYS Saga has been gathered together in a BOXED SET! This Collection of all Four DEMON DAYS Books total 275,000 words / And nearly 1,000 pages of content! And this Boxed Set includes the completely revised and rewritten DEMON DAYS Book One.
A Dance with Tilly by Daniel Kelley A Dance with Tilly by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 5097 words Sample 20%
Jack Wharton witnessed something beautiful, and yet impossible. In pursuit of an explanation, he explores a terrain just outside his front door that he’s never quite noticed before… and discovers quite a bit about himself as well. Set in elegant Marblehead, Massachusetts, A Dance with Tilly follows 14-year-old Jack as he moves briskly through the bewitching worlds of ghosts, grief and girls.
The Transcendent Self~ A Pictorial Guide: Image-Only Edition by Antonio D Barnes The Transcendent Self~ A Pictorial Guide: Image-Only Edition by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 213 words Sample 100%
In this Image-Only Edition, The Transcendent Self: A Pictorial Guide, through creative displays of one of kind imagery, offers a fresh and novel way of understanding the concept of the Self that is beyond All condition. Without words, the reader is invited to set their imaginations in motion and allow the images to unfold one after the other, creating along the way, a transformation of perception.
Framed With Google Maps - The Truth About the Brad Cooper Case by Lynne Blanchard Framed With Google Maps - The Truth About the Brad Cooper Case by Oct. 08, 2015 $4.99 67547 words Sample 15%
Framed With Google Maps describes how pervasive tunnel vision induced by a frantic 911 call steered the course of the Nancy Cooper murder investigation. Police and prosecutors used underhanded tactics to procure a conviction resulting in a false justice that outraged the community, leaving lasting doubt that the crime had truly been solved.
Epic Sh*t with Baby by Julien Boyer Epic Sh*t with Baby by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 9431 words Read a sample
Back from a hitchhiking trip around the world with his two dumb parents, Petit Bibi, 2 years old, goes into detail about how to travel with very young children.
A Transgender Mega Bundle 4 by Carl East A Transgender Mega Bundle 4 by Oct. 08, 2015 $4.99 272629 words Sample 20%
A mass of stories with a mix of sci-fi erotica, paranormal erotica and erotic romance that should keep you entertained for days. There's something for everyone here. If you want to see what's on offer, just check out the sample. All characters depicted within these tales are 18 or older. Enjoy
Seduced by the Baron by Amy Andrews Seduced by the Baron by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 58910 words Sample 20%
Faith’s connection to her family and Sully’s is absolute, and Raf’s business drive and itchy feet aren’t conducive to long term, so it should be an easy break when duty calls Faith back into the fold on the evening of the ball. But running out on the baron is harder than she ever imagined… Will their fling sizzle out, or become something more?
Glyphics: In the Beginning... by J. Richard Singleton Glyphics: In the Beginning... by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 2104 words Read a sample
Two teens get drunk one night overlooking their small town of Smith, New Mexico. One claims that he has uncovered a massive government conspiracy involving aliens colonizing the Earth, but the other assumes that he's just crazy and has had too much to drink...
And They All Lived Moderately Okay Ever After by Adriel Vigo And They All Lived Moderately Okay Ever After by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 2570 words Read a sample
This poetry collection is a satire, mimicking fairy tales I cover many topics ranging from economic inequality to self-image to the meaning of life. Please enjoy!
CPA notes 2015 - FAR by Cristina Agopian CPA notes 2015 - FAR by Oct. 08, 2015 $10.00 3792 words Sample 10%
My approach to CPA exams was to re-write these notes 6-7 times (there are 8 sections). Although it may seems to be an old-school approach, it's working great because you are able to retain more information by re-writing it, than by reading or listening. The notes contain exactly what you are supposed to know in order to pass the CPA exam.
A Visit From the Soul-Eater: A collection of horror stories, flash and short by Talisha Harrison A Visit From the Soul-Eater: A collection of horror stories, flash and short by Oct. 08, 2015 $0.99 32019 words Sample 35%
The first horror story collection from Miss Harrison, features 31 flash fiction and short story pieces featuring various creatures of the night inspired by traditional horror tales, West African and Choctaw myths and creatures, the lyrics of Courtney Love and Dead Man’s Bones, and the author’s own imagination.
The Haley Experiment by Chanel Ashby The Haley Experiment by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 24659 words Sample 20%
Haley's Daddy built himself the perfect princess in the lab but given the choice between a clone and the real thing, he knows what he really wants. This story contains adult themes and explores the taboo.
Heroic Medicine by NCIM Press Heroic Medicine by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 16698 words Read a sample
"Heroic Medicine" focuses on the Nova Cells Institute of Mexico program and approach to treating chronic diseases, which has produced rapid and often highly impressive turnarounds in neurologic maladies, advanced cancer and more.
Bits of Stardust by Matthew Elkin Bits of Stardust by Oct. 08, 2015 $0.99 7898 words Sample 20%
Tara, a med school dropout, has a new life in Huntsville, Alabama; a new boyfriend; and a job as a secretary at a pediatrician’s office, but the memory of her ex-boyfriend still haunts her to this day. And then she finds his journal in the attic…
Foxy Chives by Marvis Parch Foxy Chives by Oct. 08, 2015 $7.99 52817 words Sample 20%
A college dropout documents the 95% of the time a Combat Marine is not engaged in the terror of combat. A day to day log of service in the Vietnamese War describes the emotion and impressions made while in Vietnam.
Muscle Memory: A Bimbo Transformation Story by Sadie Thatcher Muscle Memory: A Bimbo Transformation Story by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 9878 words Sample 20%
Milicent was deep in debt from a gambling addiction and had only one place to turn. Heavenly Encounters stepped in, paying off her debts and giving her a sizable payout, in exchange for spending five years as a bimbo working as a professional escort. When her service is over, she is stuck with her altered body which has its own libidinous demands. Will she be able to hold off Milli the bimbo?
Winter to Spring by Julianne Harvey Winter to Spring by Oct. 08, 2015 $3.99 61859 words Sample 25%
Like a flower pushing its way stubbornly through the snow-covered grass, I feel that my heart is turning to the sun again. Change is brutally hard, but nothing good is gained without pain and effort. I want to keep growing for as long as I'm alive. I spent a lot of years being afraid, and therefore stagnant. Now I want to move forward. I’m eager for the spring. - From essays in Winter to Spring
Both Sides Now by Bob Gabbert Both Sides Now by Oct. 08, 2015 $4.99 74604 words Sample 20%
Emma grows up very poor and hates it. In college, she meets ultra-rich Jill from the Hamptons. Jill seduces her into believing that money is the only important thing in life. Emma is easily converted. A successful and highly paid attorney, Emma is well on her way to becoming a member of Jill’s world when fate causes her to lose everything. She must learn what is truly important.
Down Mexico Way by J. D. Cole Down Mexico Way by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 121065 words Sample 10%
Plata o plomo… “Take my silver; or take my lead.” It was supposed to be a casual lover’s getaway. But when the drug cartel picked them at random and involved them in their smuggling operations, they didn't know Greg Jordan's past. His past will soon collide with their future as he battles the cartel head on to get back his wife.
Sneads' Ferry Tales by Marvis Parch Sneads' Ferry Tales by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 9740 words Sample 20%
A book of short stores. Starts out in Sneeds' Ferry, North Carolina and ends in Punta Gorda, Florida. A Marine Brat recollects his childhood.
Broken Soldier (Book One) by Bruce George Broken Soldier (Book One) by Oct. 08, 2015 $3.99 76305 words Sample 20%
An Iraqi suicide bomber had taken his legs and an eye. Now, years later, as Mike Hurst enjoys a quiet life of retirement, he is accosted and put to sleep by an alien. When he awakens, he has his legs back and his eye. But he is no longer on the planet. When the alien tells him why he was kidnapped, he is quite skeptical. He is extremely reluctant to become the savior of all humanity.
The Pennsylvania Rangers by Marvis Parch The Pennsylvania Rangers by Oct. 08, 2015 $2.99 14485 words Sample 20%
A novella/screenplay that documents history with a fictional dialogue and action of Captain Philips' Pennsylvania Rangers in the 1700;s. The United States of America, through the 13 original states who each cast off their status as a colony of Great Britain, all contributed to the War for Independence. All in this militia fought. British advisors helped the Iroquois attack frontier settlors.
Tiem Nail Viet by Claudette Varnado Tiem Nail Viet by Oct. 08, 2015 $9.99 43128 words Sample 10%
Tiem Nail Viet is a Vietnamese language non-fiction book about the history and evolution of the iconic nail salon business. It is the first book to highlight personal stories of refugee and immigrant manicurists and customers. Entrepreneurship and empowerment of women in small business is the theme.
Tides of Fortune: Escape by Steven Becker Tides of Fortune: Escape by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 13068 words Read a sample
"A gripping tale of pirate adventure off the coast of 19th Century Florida!"
Притчи by Vladimir Megre Притчи by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 8993 words Sample 20%
В сборник «Притчи» включены поучительные истории из глав книг серии «Звенящие кедры России» Владимира Мегре. Притчи, вошедшие в этот сборник, уже приобрели широкую известность не только среди читателей книг Владимира Мегре в России и за рубежом, но также и среди тех, кто ещё не читал эту известную серию: благодаря своей точности, актуальности, яркости образов, и глубокому философскому смыслу...
The Revenge of Her Race by James Landrith, Jr The Revenge of Her Race by Oct. 08, 2015 $0.99 3738 words Sample 20%
A tragic interracial love story between a beautiful Maori woman and English man set in New Zealand in the 1890s.
The Grey Suit Club by Kat Von Wild The Grey Suit Club by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 111122 words Sample 33%
An unconventional offer that leads into a sultry mix of business and pleasure, while distorting the lines of corporate business structure to one woman’s advantage. Fate, sexual pleasures, and exchanges can sometimes work out when only two are involved, yet sometimes a woman can feel lucky when there are choices for her to make.
The Quadroons by James Landrith, Jr The Quadroons by Oct. 08, 2015 $0.99 4408 words Sample 20%
A chaotic and tragic interracial romance set in era that was not yet ready to accept a man and woman loving each other regardless of racial heritage or status.
My Pampered Baby by Shruti Gupta My Pampered Baby by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 5229 words Sample 10%
This book basically talks about how I handled my baby in different scenarios. Being a first time mom, I googled and researched on topics like teething, sleep schedule, feeding, vaccinations, travelling with baby and found so many information that I wouldn't know from where to start. This ebook is about my experience of my son Rishi and how I figured out things by following my motherly instincts. H
Анаста (Том 10) by Vladimir Megre Анаста (Том 10) by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 55844 words Sample 10%
В подобное с трудом поверить смогут люди. И пусть не верит кто-то, что с того? Неверие в могущество своё неверящему что оставит? Рожденье? Да! Но для чего? Коль дальше жизнь бессмысленная, смерть. А дальше вновь вопрос: рождался для чего? Учений множество за миллионы лет существовало. Все об одном, чтоб человечество чего-то от кого-то ожидало. Оно и ожидало, мысль заперев свою и разум...
Lesbianism 101 by Barbara Shumway Lesbianism 101 by Oct. 08, 2015 $1.95 11934 words
A professional woman begins her career in New York. She is from a conservative Midwest city and although dating little, considered herself straight. While living in the city she meets women that are openly lesbians and becomes bi-curious. Experimenting with that life style she visits bars that cater to women. It is when she meets a special lady that she begins to enroll in "Lesbianism 101!"
Shikoku. A Pilgrimage from Maturity to Old Age. by Amparo Espinosa Rugarcía Shikoku. A Pilgrimage from Maturity to Old Age. by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 25930 words Read a sample
Espinosa Rugarcia decided to prepare herself for the transition with wisdom between adulthood and old age.
Новая цивилизация, часть 2 - Обряды любви by Vladimir Megre Новая цивилизация, часть 2 - Обряды любви by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 48339 words Sample 10%
«...Вот потому деянья, связанные с сотворением проекта для поместья, плавно переходили в обряд венчания, готовивший молодых к деянию, связанному с зачатием. И строили они Любви пространство. Жена, зачавшая дитя в таком пространстве, девять месяцев в самых, быть может, идеальнейших условиях жила, и живший в ней ребёнок счастлив был». Анастасия
The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Nine by Trevor A. A. Evans The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Nine by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 5445 words Read a sample
Desperate and out of options, Kaela and Astor return north to the Necromancer, hopeful that they can find in him a powerful ally in unlocking the world stone. But as their journey reaches its conclusion, they discover that they are not alone.
Новая цивилизация by Vladimir Megre Новая цивилизация by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 49737 words Sample 10%
«...Пусть мысль твоя, Владимир, и других людей попробует познать творенья Бога и Его мечту. Тогда твоя жизнь и сообщества людского программу выстроит иную». Анастасия
The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Eight by Trevor A. A. Evans The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Eight by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 4463 words Read a sample
Without Wade and Yori to protect her, Kaela must face the enchantress Mavyn alone and determine what to do next. But as the city's guards close in, Kaela is forced to once again find help from an unexpected source.
Энергия жизни by Vladimir Megre Энергия жизни by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 54353 words Sample 10%
Судьба человека! Многие привыкли считать, что судьбу формирует некто свыше. А этот некто просто даёт в распоряжение каждому человеку самую сильную вселенскую энергию, которая способна и судьбу владельца формировать, и новые галактики создавать. Эта энергия называется «человеческая мысль».
The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Seven by Trevor A. A. Evans The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Seven by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 6245 words Read a sample
After weeks of journeying south, Yori, Wade, and Kaela arrive at Vanguard, the northernmost fortressed city of the plains seeking Mavyn, an enchantress with knowledge of the world stone's true power. But to find her, they must first infiltrate the stronghold without catching the suspicion of those who protect the city.
Родовая книга by Vladimir Megre Родовая книга by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 57472 words Sample 10%
В новой - шестой книге В. Н. Мегре - представлена необычная трактовка представления о прошлом человечества и о прекрасном будущем человеческого сообщества. «...Совсем немного дней пройдёт, и будут родовую книгу создавать, своей рукой писать, страницы заполняя, миллионы отцов и матерей. Их будет множество великое - книг родовых. И в каждой - истина, идущая от сердца, для детей своих...
The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Six by Trevor A. A. Evans The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Six by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 6555 words Read a sample
Kaela and Wade are eager to get south and uncover the truths of the world stone and the growing darkness in the shadows, but to do so, they need Yori's help, something they can't have unless they aid him in hunting a great beast that rampages over the marshes.
Кто же мы? by Vladimir Megre Кто же мы? by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 55703 words Sample 10%
Даже дух захватывает от мысли: «Неужели на пороге нового тысячелетия в России ярким лучом вспыхнула великая национальная идея, с которой начнётся прекрасный рассвет государства Российского?! Или нечто большее произошло в мире и положило начало нового этапа развития всего человечества?». Эта книга из серии «Звенящие кедры России» утверждает в нас прекрасные предчувствия.
The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Five by Trevor A. A. Evans The Outcast and the Survivor: Chapter Five by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 5949 words Read a sample
In the aftermath of several revelations, Kaela is forced to pick allies and risk making enemies.
Melianna Takes Wing by Judith Porter Cooper Melianna Takes Wing by Oct. 08, 2015 Free! 12397 words Read a sample
Melianna Moore - Novice Flight Attendant. Learns what it takes to get her wings
Сотворение by Vladimir Megre Сотворение by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 50085 words Sample 10%
Существует ли в дошедшей до нас литературе более живой образ Бога, чем в этой книге, судить вам, уважаемые читатели. «...Нет ни в одной галактике струны, способной лучший звук издать, чем звук у песни человеческой души». Анастасия
Пространство любви by Vladimir Megre Пространство любви by Oct. 08, 2015 $5.99 49198 words Sample 10%
Эта книга продолжает рассказ о необыкновенной женщине, обладающей даром прародителей и знаниями первоистоков истины. По утверждению Анастасии, в тексте заложены сочетания букв и комбинации слов, благотворно влияющие на человека. Почувствовать это влияние можно при чтении, когда на слух не воздействуют звуки, издаваемые искусственными предметами и механизмами.