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Going Through .... Even if the Door is Closed by Bill Bathman Going Through .... Even if the Door is Closed by Nov. 30, 2015 $3.00 100692 words Sample 20%
Veteran missionary Bill Bathman has served the persecuted Church in communist countries for over 38 years. Going Through contains powerful stories of missionary exploits in Europe, East and West, during ..the dramatic events of the Cold War. You will.be inspired, encouraged and challenged as you read this uplifting book.
Trojan Whores by Syra Bond Trojan Whores by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 62556 words Sample 15%
She groaned and dropped to her knees. She stretched her arms out like the girl, reaching forward as she bowed down and raised her buttocks as high as she could. She wanted her wrists tied in the same way as the girl. She wanted to feel the drying leather thongs tightening. She wanted to experience the pain of captivity, of submission.
Out of a Dark Reflection by Lexie Conyngham Out of a Dark Reflection by Nov. 30, 2015 $2.99 107398 words Sample 15%
Letho, Fife, 1816: Murray and his guests all have good reasons for not attending Edinburgh’s winter season, even down to the new maid. But then an old woman is found dead in the village, and murmurings of witchcraft are abroad. Suddenly everyone seems to have secrets – but who would kill to keep theirs?
To Have or to Haunt by Ishabelle Torry To Have or to Haunt by Nov. 30, 2015 $0.99 13006 words Sample 10%
Can Melanie pull off the greatest party the town's ever seen? Or will Leah's ghost crash it before it starts?
How To Plan your Diet, For People Living With Diabetes by Jeremiah Kemboi How To Plan your Diet, For People Living With Diabetes by Nov. 30, 2015 $1.99 4155 words Sample 20%
This book will help you with some suggestions of making changes in your diet without losing your enjoyment and variety of food. Moreover, I have included tips for making healthier food choices, planning well-balanced meals, managing a healthy weight, and reducing some of the complications mostly associated with eating and weight management.
Trojan Slaves by Syra Bond Trojan Slaves by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 62977 words Sample 15%
The belt swept down again. She strained to react, to save herself, somehow pull away, but she was so tightly secured at the wrists and ankles that all she could do was move her head. The tautness of her body accentuated the pain and heightened her feeling of captivity. She felt completely under his control. She was his victim, and his to humiliate. She could only receive the pain he gave her.
An Unstable Mind (Dirty Little Kinks Series) by Sophie Sin An Unstable Mind (Dirty Little Kinks Series) by Nov. 30, 2015 Free! 5970 words Read a sample
An unstable mind does not benefit from the cheating ways of a nasty ex-girlfriend and when inspired by a father who offers marriage to a woman with features no man could bear hardness for, that unstable mind finds a way to survive, to escape, the horrifying trap of erotic nature it is trapped in. One man digs his way out of agony through erotic means.
The Princess Cursed (Kinky Fairy Tales Series) by Sophie Sin The Princess Cursed (Kinky Fairy Tales Series) by Nov. 30, 2015 Free! 5845 words Read a sample
The gorgeous milk skinned princess of times gone by came to me in the park while I was suffering from the bane of my existence: Boredom. What we did next was definitely not boring. Not one bit.
When Study Goes Wrong by Tia Mitsis When Study Goes Wrong by Nov. 30, 2015 $2.99 38489 words Sample 15%
A unique exploration of outcomes for graduates unable to find work in their field of study. Graduates are interviewed and discuss the tolls of long-term unemployment and underemployment on their lives and physical and emotional well-being.
Unknown by Phil Price Unknown by Nov. 30, 2015 $5.00 142743 words Sample 20%
Every year across the world thousands of people disappear. Many return home safe and well. Some are never found. A select few end up far from home, harvested by two feuding brothers who need their blood. How on Earth can this happen? It doesn't happen on Earth.
Foodie goes Primal: A Low Carb Cookbook by Heidi Visser Foodie goes Primal: A Low Carb Cookbook by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.49 13390 words Sample 15%
This book is all about the enjoyment of food – in its real form – and to show you that you can eat well and healthy without compromising on taste or pleasure. All the dishes are low carb and real – nothing processed; no sugar, wheat or other nasties. Quick, easy & tasty LCHF dishes for the whole family.
The Parcel by Morgen Bailey The Parcel by Nov. 30, 2015 Free! 26577 words Read a sample
‘The Parcel’ is a collaborative novella written by the attendees of the 2015 winter-term ‘Creative Writing – Intermediate’ ten-week class hosted by co-contributor Morgen Bailey. The authors wrote their chapters while knowing only the size, weight and destination address of the parcel, together with the chapters’ starting and ending locations – chosen by the authors themselves.
Covenant by Andreas Christensen Covenant by Nov. 30, 2015 $3.99 44786 words Sample 15%
The Rift Saga continues… From the ashes of what used to be North America, a new nation was forged by survivors of the Fall, and they called it the Covenant. Two centuries later, the Covenant is stronger than ever. Covenant is the second book in the Rift Saga, which is set more than two centuries after the events of Exodus.
The Hunt for the White Eyed Man, Book 1: The Beginning of a Quest by Mark Mulle The Hunt for the White Eyed Man, Book 1: The Beginning of a Quest by Nov. 30, 2015 Free! 11178 words Read a sample
Throughout her adventures Alex felt as if the same force that had led to her village burning was following her in the shape of a man with white eyes. Who was this mysterious character? And why was he always creating so much chaos?
Extraordinary Experiences of Sister Daisy A Delfin by Daisy A Delfin Extraordinary Experiences of Sister Daisy A Delfin by Nov. 30, 2015 Free! 8529 words Read a sample
Join Sister Daisy A. Delfin on a spiritual journey of awakening as she recounts several unique personal experiences in her own words. Daisy recalls significant spiritual events in her life, extending from her childhood into her golden years. Through sharing her memories of these events, Daisy invites readers of all ages and beliefs to view life with an eternal perspective.
Job Hunting Secrets -Just Discovered  2016 - Combining Proven Success Techniques And Universal Principles To Get Any Job You Really Want by Wayne C. Robinson Job Hunting Secrets -Just Discovered 2016 - Combining Proven Success Techniques And Universal Principles To Get Any Job You Really Want by Nov. 30, 2015 $12.99 17721 words Sample 20%
The book contains the author's personal testimony on how he obtained every job he ever really wanted, including becoming an executive flight attendant for Fortune 500 Companies, for an Academy Award Winning actress, and for a Grammy Award Winning music artists, and many other affluent clientele. Job Hunting Secrets - Just Discovered book is a tell-all discovery of the habits of successful people.
An Immigrant's Tale by CP Linde An Immigrant's Tale by Nov. 30, 2015 $3.99 31974 words Sample 15%
Hilarious comedic Africana. A newcomer is baffled by the subtleties of the New South Africa.
Kospotte van Egipte en Italië by Alet Gardner Kospotte van Egipte en Italië by Nov. 30, 2015 $7.99 57649 words Sample 15%
Vertellings van 'n kok se dramatiese en soms grusame wedervaringe in die Tweede Wêreldoorlog; sy gevangeneming en ontsnapping in Italië. Ook sy optrede as lid van die versetsbeweging, die Partisani.
Freeing The Unloved Girl: A Woman's Guide To Healing From Childhood Abuse And Conditioning by Marisa Russo Freeing The Unloved Girl: A Woman's Guide To Healing From Childhood Abuse And Conditioning by Nov. 30, 2015 $19.99 46128 words Sample 15%
Abused as a child, Marisa Russo feared commitment and fell into a lifestyle of poor choices and negativity. Finally able to reclaim her true identity in her forties, she made it her life’s work to help others in the same predicament. Heal past hurts using a combination of examples and exercises, alongside words of encouragement and validation. Includes 25-Step Self-Discovery & Empowerment Program
Always Golden by Gina Dickerson Always Golden by Nov. 30, 2015 $0.99 56389 words Sample 15%
Growing up in a castle, Oriana was accustomed to security...until the day an evil tore through the fortifications. Wanted by a ruler known as “The Collector” Oriana now has a battle on her hands to escape his clutches. One problem is that Oriana didn’t expect her heart and head to also be at war. Will she do what's right for the kingdom or lose both the realm and her heart?
A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Millionaire by A. A. Roi A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Millionaire by Nov. 30, 2015 $99.00 40694 words Sample 1%
A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Millionaire
Deluge: Stories of Survival & Tragedy in the Great Flood by Allen Taylor Deluge: Stories of Survival & Tragedy in the Great Flood by Nov. 30, 2015 $0.99 42068 words Sample 20%
This weird speculative fiction anthology features 17 authors presenting the Great Flood through flash fiction, narrative poetry, short stories, and one novelette. Meet the new face of Mythpunk through the Biblical Legends Anthology Series.
Nore by Christopher Elmer Nore by Nov. 30, 2015 $1.99 14110 words Sample 30%
The age of Nore. A time of hardship, war, enchantment, and evil. These events lead of to the story of Tecoco's Earth, where the inhabitants within the world of Tecoco, are embroiled in a tide of suffering and terrible predicaments.
Uniform by Sara York Uniform by Nov. 30, 2015 $2.99 79040 words Sample 10%
Meet the men in uniform. These are everyday men who put on a uniform and become our heroes. Through good times and bad, they are there to save the day, sacrificing more than most of us can imagine as they put their lives on hold in service to us. Love doesn't wait until life is calm, and sometimes it's the pressure of the job that throws two men together. Under stress and demand, they find solace.
Gerard by Kathi S Barton Gerard by Nov. 30, 2015 $5.99 61014 words Sample 20%
Susie knew from his scent they were mates. But he’d be better off without her because if her father found out he’d kill them both….
Just Physical by Jae Just Physical by Nov. 30, 2015 $9.99 116216 words Sample 20%
After being diagnosed with MS, actress Jill takes herself off the romantic market. On the set of a disaster movie, she meets stunt woman Crash, whose easy smile makes her wish things were different. Despite their growing feelings, Jill is determined to let Crash into her bed, but not her heart. As they start to play with fire on and off camera, will they be able to keep things just physical?
Times of Our Lives by Jane Waterton Times of Our Lives by Nov. 30, 2015 $9.99 61791 words Sample 20%
For the residents of OWL’s Haven, Australia’s first exclusively lesbian retirement community, life is about not being afraid to take chances. Together, Meg, Allie and their spirited group of friends share their lives, hopes and dreams, proving that whatever the setbacks, hearts that love are always young.
Mark of the Leopard by Kathy Stewart Mark of the Leopard by Nov. 30, 2015 $2.99 86342 words Sample 10%
From the author of Chameleon comes this historical novel, Mark of the Leopard, a story of romance, mystery, danger and betrayal set against a backdrop of wild lands and raging seas. From the jungles of Madagascar to the mountainous beauty of the Cape of Good Hope, follow Lucien Castle as he tries to uncover the truth about his family's fate.
The Possible Estate by Nick Ashton-Jones The Possible Estate by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 91909 words Sample 20%
A recurring motif in The Possible Estate is the question of identity. To the other ex-pats in the South Pacific island coffee plantation community, Harry is an ‘oddball', a ‘Steppenwolf', a man out of line with company demands for a higher yield from the Kanga plantation. Harry is more than a plantation manager; so the company's demands can only and inevitably head towards collision
Together To The End by M.M Bowden Together To The End by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 70154 words Sample 20%
Falling in love with your best friend should be the surest way of securing your future happiness. But what if your love isn't returned and you have to watch their life with someone else? What if something more devastating than unrequited love should threaten to separate you forever? Could you survive losing them?
Lust is a Four Letter Word by Thyssen Carlisle Lust is a Four Letter Word by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 172142 words Sample 20%
Lust is a Four Letter Word unzips and penetrates the synthetic world of celebrity exposing the darker side of the fashion, film, music and sport industries. Follow the five principle enigmatic characters as they claw their way to the top.
Drug Smuggling by Maria Caviglia Drug Smuggling by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 45497 words Sample 20%
For a year, Sandra has been sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean with her partner, Alex. Having shrugged off the restrictions of their previous lives, the small sailboat has become their home. However, when news reaches them that two young tourists have gone missing in Belize, their adventure takes a sinister turn.
Art Angel Tattoo: Piercing the Surface by Beaudette De Lahaye Art Angel Tattoo: Piercing the Surface by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 54376 words Sample 20%
A skilled tattoo artist, Jaimie Diamond is passionate about her work. In this emotional memoir, she explores her development and growth as an artist. Conversely, she also reveals the dark and dangerous side of the tattoo industry.
The Courage of Existence by Michael Destefano The Courage of Existence by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 110549 words Sample 20%
Even from the darkest of shadows and depths of human frailty true heroism can emerge-During a time of unimaginable struggle, the dark paths upon which they had once walked are revealed, and from these confessions blossoms a depth of human spirituality once believed unattainable.
The Snowman by Barbara Etherington Dilks The Snowman by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 7845 words Sample 20%
On Christmas Eve, the children are woken by a blinding light in the back garden. Another snowman stands in place of theirs - and he's alive!
The Medicine Tree by C D Field The Medicine Tree by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 25700 words Sample 20%
Whilst dealing with troubles at home, year seven student Emily is also having to adjust to life at secondary school, which itself comes with its own problems, from trying to fit in yet still staying true to herself, to befriending those in a similar situation.
Iron Fe by David J Field Iron Fe by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 10514 words Sample 20%
In a dystopian future, America and Russia are at war.The Russians have unleashed a deadly virus, which disintegrates metal substances, on their enemy's continent.Will America be able to stop the virus before it attacks their military reserves, rendering them powerless?
The Scorpion and the Knight by George Garner The Scorpion and the Knight by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 282233 words Sample 20%
Robert Simmonwood crouches back into the shadows in desperate search from the burning sun.Unknown to Robert, through certain actions of fate, he is to undertake the biggest challenge of all his missions and will find himself up against some of the most formidable and wicked characters of that time.
2040: Seeing Double by Barbara Goulter 2040: Seeing Double by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 78712 words Sample 20%
What if you could hire a warm-bodied flesh-&-blood clone of your favourite celebrity? Who would you choose? How much would you pay? And what if it were against the law? Combining erotic romance with mystery-suspense in a near-future San Francisco setting. 2040: Seeing Double will grip you from first page to last - and haunt you long afterwards.
The Dentist, The Fairies and The Wise Old Birds by Christine Gibson The Dentist, The Fairies and The Wise Old Birds by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 62541 words Sample 20%
The Dentist, The Fairies and The Wise Old Birds is a charming story placing fairy tale characters in the tranquil setting of the English countryside to deliver an important message about our duty to protect the world about us.
Twenty-One Days by Mohannad Halaby Twenty-One Days by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 36962 words Sample 20%
When the author, Mohannad Halaby, is given potentially tragic news about his physical health, his mental wellbeing also becomes enveloped in darkness. With the aid of some wise elders Halaby embarks on a journey to seek the truth, with the help of God's words.
Ruby and the Luminarian Cross by LLoyd Hopkins Ruby and the Luminarian Cross by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 79264 words Sample 20%
Gorghan is just about to launch himself into total domination of the entire Universe and the only thing that stands between him and his monstrous plan, is a hummingbird called Ruby.
They've Taken Lewis by Norah Humphreys They've Taken Lewis by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 118430 words Sample 20%
As the Hampton family come to terms with the shock of recent events, it is down to one man to bring a sense of calm back into their lives and to repair broken bonds in a way that none of them could have predicted.
Freddie and the Garden Circus by John Jeffery Freddie and the Garden Circus by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 9831 words Sample 20%
Freddie is awestruck when Waldo, a circus escapologist and his wife, a fortune teller, move in next door. He quickly makes friends with their children Daniel and Daniella and is persuaded to perform in their next circus show!
Eighteen Lives From The Eighteenth Century by Robin G. Jenner Eighteen Lives From The Eighteenth Century by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 314383 words Sample 20%
Robin Jenner's book Eighteen Lives From The Eighteenth Century introduces the reader to the lives and careers of eighteen people who made their mark in the eighteenth century. Eighteen mini biographies of eighteen influential people in the Eighteenth Century,
Somebody Up There Likes Us by Roger Knowles Somebody Up There Likes Us by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 102272 words Sample 20%
This fascinating autobiography of both the man and his company is a masterclass in establishing, developing and expanding a business, with all the rationale thrown in. Who would think a book about dispute resolution in the building industry could be so riveting?
Lord Grott of Grott Hall by Steve Matthews Lord Grott of Grott Hall by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 10618 words Sample 20%
Lord Grott is without doubt the stingiest, meanest, most uncharitable, tight-fisted Lord in the whole of England. He spends all his time trying to save money. But one day, quite by accident, he comes across the greatest scheme ever. One that will make him even richer. All without spending a single, lonely penny.Matthews' book features a likeable cast of characters who will make you giggle
The Forbidden Locket by Sonia A. Nazarian The Forbidden Locket by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 113912 words Sample 20%
When Melik the blacksmith notices that his horses are being frightened and are running wild in the fields, he determines to discover the cause and bring closure to the startling mystery. He finds his wizard-friend, Artimiz, for counsel, who gives him a choker with a magic lock to secure the culprit when he or she is captured. But little does he know how this simple device will affect mankind!
Gestalt Hospital by O O Olayinka Gestalt Hospital by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 65306 words Sample 20%
Shade, Fiona and Beverly are devastated by the sudden loss of their best friend Kim Richards. She went into hospital with a minor injury - but was dead before morning. They think her philandering husband is to blame, so when there's another suspicious death in the same hospital, they decide to get to the bottom of things before anyone else gets hurt.
Passage of Destiny by Deborah L. Pearson Passage of Destiny by Nov. 30, 2015 $4.99 77005 words Sample 20%
Melanie is one of a tight-knit group of girlfriends. She has been brought up by guardians and her origins are obscure. As she comes into her inheritance, and she and her cat and girlfriends move into the country, it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems.