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Çağdaş Liderlik by Haluk Oztekin Çağdaş Liderlik by July 26, 2016 $3.00 37264 words Sample 20%
Lider ya da Önder, mensup olduğu halkın toplumuna yarar sağlayan değişimi yönetmek için, sorumluluğu; sezgi, zekâ ve bilgiye dayalı karar ve uygulamalarla taşıyan kişiye denir. Lider; elindeki gücü kullanabilme kapasitesine bağlı olarak, çevresini etkileyen kişidir.
Aunt Sarah's Answer To Everything by Luca Satana Aunt Sarah's Answer To Everything by July 26, 2016 $0.99 2089 words Sample 20%
Guy Huffman's world was crumbling around him. In the last year, he lost his job, his wife, and was sinking into full-blown depression. So, on his Aunt Sarah's invitation, Guy and his daughter moved up to New Hampshire to live with her and her family. In Aunt Sarah's mind, she had just the thing to bring her nephew out of his depression. Her answer to everything.
That Big Bad Monster - Cancer by Jonathan Sumner That Big Bad Monster - Cancer by July 26, 2016 You set the price! 6481 words Sample 20%
Greg, father of two wonderful children named Jonas and Lucas suffers an internal crisis with his wife Erin and himself over the ethical issues on handling the harsh truth about the cancer Jonas suffers. Jonas is diagnosed with a 98% chance of death and Greg is torn whether to euthanize his poorly son Jonas in order to safe keep Lucas's future financially.
Series 1: Episode Collection (1 - 5) by Selina I. Series 1: Episode Collection (1 - 5) by July 26, 2016 $0.99 7393 words Sample 10%
This collection features four women (Raven, Samantha, Ishizu and Skye) in very different worlds/situations.
The Rock of Magus by Toni Pike The Rock of Magus by July 26, 2016 $2.99 81564 words Sample 20%
Jotham Fletcher returns in a conspiracy thriller that takes him to the heart of the Vatican in his hunt for the Simonian Sect. One cardinal has sinister ambitions and the deadly Brotherhood returns. Jotham rescues a preacher in Seattle, becomes a murder suspect in Spain and a hero on the run after a devastating event in Rome. But nothing prepares him for the final confrontation in Castel Gandolfo.
The Fizzles - Book 1: The School Play by Kenzie Ash The Fizzles - Book 1: The School Play by July 26, 2016 $2.69 6769 words Sample 5%
For the first time in years they’re putting on a school play and everyone is extremely excited. Everyone except for Ella that is... Ella would so love to take part, but she just doesn’t have the courage to perform in front of an audience and is much too scared to join in with the auditions.
The Master's Maid - Bought by the Billionaire by Simone Leigh The Master's Maid - Bought by the Billionaire by July 26, 2016 Free! 3928 words Read a sample
The first book in a tale of Cinderella Erotic Romance, a Billionaire Alpha Male Master, a submissive woman, BDSM and bondage
Effortless Meditation by Swami Madhurananda Effortless Meditation by July 26, 2016 $9.99 68219 words Sample 20%
Effortless Meditation is a state of inner rest and calm, where the mind is not deliberately directed at any specific object – internal or external. It is a state of pure, spontaneous awareness – a state of ‘being’. By being open to Effortless Meditation, you may just stumble upon the most important and meaningful discovery of your life.
Fly Butterfly by Lauren L Carpenter Fly Butterfly by July 26, 2016 $2.99 10540 words Sample 20%
Prologue I write a story within my own heart. Words spilling across the page, revealing secrets only my past knows of. I live in a world created by my own mind, never knowing where it may lead. Every secret, every truth, every lie, every smile, every tear, creating a world from a memory. And in the memories… Forever lays the dream of being free.
Black And Blue (Quentin Black Mystery #5) by JC Andrijeski Black And Blue (Quentin Black Mystery #5) by July 26, 2016 $4.99 100407 words Sample 20%
Black wakes up in a nightmare he couldn’t have foreseen, with no way out and no idea how he got there. Robbed of his psychic sight, he can’t even call to Miri for help, or use his abilities to figure out where he is, who took him, or what they want from him. Little does he know, he’s the first strike in a war with an alien race so powerful they could wipe out his entire species.
Deixe A Vida Fluir by Ramesh Balsekar Deixe A Vida Fluir by July 26, 2016 $9.99 465 words Sample 10%
Ramesh Balsekar nos dá a melhor descrição da essência deste livro: "Estar ancorado na paz e na harmonia enquanto se encara a vida a cada momento, significa estar em silêncio enquanto a energia primordial opera através do corpo e da mente gerando movimentos físicos e mentais que meramente testemunham o que acontece, não como algo que foi feito por um ou pelo outro. Este é o significado de DEIXE A V
Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers on New Patient Tower, Sibley Memorial Hospital by David J. Stclair Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers on New Patient Tower, Sibley Memorial Hospital by July 26, 2016 $1.00 376 words Sample 20%
This project comprises the addition of a 9-story, 450,000 sf addition that will be utilized for inpatient beds at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, part of the Johns Hopkins family of healthcare institutions.
The Scribe by Liam Robert Mullen The Scribe by July 26, 2016 $9.99 51154 words Sample 20%
After the crucifixion of Jesus, the aftermath and the birth of the gospels.
Naero And The Quick War by Mason Elliott Naero And The Quick War by July 26, 2016 $0.99 48463 words Sample 5%
This prequel to Naero’s Run portrays Naero at 13, navigating the hectic life of a Spacer tween through long work details and constant training within the Maeris Clan Merchant Fleet. Without warning, Naero and her brave Spacer Clans rush into a hot war with the Interstellar Crime Syndicates in a lightning conflict known as... THE QUICK WAR!
HEROEN DES ALLS (Bd3): Das Erbe der Ellio’sh by Jens Fitscher HEROEN DES ALLS (Bd3): Das Erbe der Ellio’sh by July 26, 2016 $0.99 7871 words Sample 10%
Commander Tarik Connar übernimmt das Erbe der Ellio’sh. Sein Ziel ist, zurück zur Erde zu gelangen. Dazu benötigt er jedoch ein neues Raumschiff und die Koordinaten.
HEROEN DES ALLS (Bd2): Der Robot-Herrscher by Jens Fitscher HEROEN DES ALLS (Bd2): Der Robot-Herrscher by July 26, 2016 Free! 9002 words Read a sample
Commander Tarik Connar, sein engster Freund Wayne-Zeno Uelisch sowie Dr. Markus Weidenreich, Albert Scheuning, Abigot Temmson, wie auch Melani Klein und der Rest der 27 Mann starken, ehemaligen Besatzung des Transportraumschiffes MERLIN treffen auf dem Planeten Tartmos auf den Robot Herrscher Tart-prio und versuchen eine uralte Technologie für ihre Zwecke nutzbar zu machen.
Heal Yourself by Valentin Matcas Heal Yourself by July 26, 2016 Free! 69170 words Read a sample
You learn to identify, approach, heal, and prevent over eighty distinct illnesses and related health issues that everybody may encounter throughout life, presented, studied, and explained here in sixty-six distinct chapters. Among these are Diabetes, strokes, allergies, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Obesity, Depression, Headaches, Nausea, Heart Attacks, Insomnia, Arthritis, etc.
Gildas Haven by Margaret S. Haycraft Gildas Haven by July 26, 2016 Free! 77156 words Read a sample
In the peaceful English village of Meadthorpe, the church and chapel have existed in an uneasy peace. Now a young curate arrives at St Simeon's, bringing high church ritual and ways of worship. Gildas Haven, the daughter of the chapel minister is furious to discover the curate is enticing "her" children away. The ending of this sensitively told romance is likely to come as a surprise.
Brink of the Blue by Janice Gallen Brink of the Blue by July 26, 2016 $2.99 64930 words Sample 20%
When Meg & Clyde go on a cruise with Clyde's brother, Mick, things start to go awry. Mick falls for Josie, but Meg spots her as a con artist. Clyde meets Jim Morrison who says he's a reporter, but his actions don't jell. When Meg meets Tina the mayhem escalates. Then Meg senses her cabin has been burgled. Are Meg & Clyde's lives in danger? Can they depend on ship security? Who is Jim Morrison?
Das Schwert Des Buddha by Gautam Sachdeva Das Schwert Des Buddha by July 26, 2016 $9.99 561 words Sample 10%
Vorwort Von Ramesh Balsekar Dieses Buch ist eine einfache Schritt für Schritt Untersuchung dessen, was 'das tägliche Leben' ausmacht und was es ist, das wir im Leben am meisten suchen. Es zeigt den Weg zu wahrem Glück durch einen friedlichen Verstand. Gautam Sachdeva suchte den Advaita Weisen Ramesh Balsekar zum ersten mal im Februar 2000 auf und hat seitdem regelmäßig seinen Gesprächen beigewohnt
Crystals And Us by Gulrukh Bala Crystals And Us by July 26, 2016 $9.99 25713 words Sample 10%
In Crystals and Us, we learn how to heal ourselves and our planet. We are also shown how to prepare ourselves for wholeness in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Crystals speak the language of light...
Office Team Building Activities For Adults by Nauris Svika Office Team Building Activities For Adults by July 26, 2016 $5.49 5557 words Sample 20%
GREAT BOOK FOR MANAGERS AND TEAM BUILDING PROVIDERS! Are you looking for effective office team building activities for small groups? Get this book right now! This book includes 11 high quality new and tested professional exercises. It's not about funny icebreakers or "500 never use it again games." Every activity is: - 20min-40min long; - explained with clear step-by-step guidlines.
Finding joy in an unhappy marriage by mike daniel Finding joy in an unhappy marriage by July 26, 2016 You set the price! 8978 words Sample 20%
Are you sick of being unhappy? If so find out the secrets to finding happiness in an unhappy marriage. This book will tell you how to know you are in an unhappy marriage. How to make sure your unhappiness doesn't affect your children. How to save your marriage and so much more. This is a product of 5 years of research to determine the what, the hows, and whys of any marriage.
Finding joy in an unhappy marriage by mike daniel Finding joy in an unhappy marriage by July 26, 2016 You set the price! 8978 words Sample 15%
Are you sick of being unhappy? If so find out the secrets to finding happiness in an unhappy marriage. This book will tell you how to know you are in an unhappy marriage. How to make sure your unhappiness doesn't affect your children. How to save your marriage and so much more. This is a product of 5 years of research to determine the what, the hows, and whys of any marriage.
Kundalini A Gentle Fore by Santosh Sachdeva Kundalini A Gentle Fore by July 26, 2016 $9.99 43209 words Sample 10%
Kundalini A Gentle Force is a touching revelation of the mystical experience, brought to us by a modern woman of the Nineties. The book is a first hand account of an extraordinary voyage into the subtle realms; with the author’s own illustrations of the visions seen in her daily meditations.
Thunder Road by Sierra Dean Thunder Road by July 26, 2016 $4.99 79866 words Sample 15%
Tallulah Corentine was told being a chosen cleric to a god was a gift. Now she's running for her life, trying to save the son of the storm god Seth, and has only the help of a bad-luck priest on her side. Will she survive this challenge, or will Seth be looking for a new Rain Chaser before it's all over.
Confessions of a Wedding Planner by Michelle Jo Quinn Confessions of a Wedding Planner by July 26, 2016 $0.99 67359 words Sample 20%
He may be the best man, but he's the worst man for her... Or is he? Believer of HEA, wedding planner, Veronica, agrees to organize the dream wedding of recent ex-boyfriend she still has feelings for, only to be wooed by Levi, the best man she cannot stand.
The Thief Steals Her Earl by Christina McKnight The Thief Steals Her Earl by July 26, 2016 $3.99 81771 words Sample 20%
When Jude is caught in possession of Cart’s long-lost family heirloom, completely unaware of what it really means, can she convince him that things are far from what they seem?
Rocking the CEO (1Night Stand) by Catherine Peace Rocking the CEO (1Night Stand) by July 26, 2016 $2.99 18649 words Sample 20%
Amid the biggest weekend of her band’s career, Joss makes a mistake that could cost her everything. When Madame Eve sets up her 1Night Stand, can the man who holds her future in his hands also convince her to give him her heart?
Her Black Tiger by Marissa Dobson Her Black Tiger by July 26, 2016 $3.99 43197 words Sample 15%
Carran opens a new world to Brooklynn, but it’s her who saves him. She forces him to come to terms with his past. Will she accept the future he’s opening up to her?
The Body in the Box Room by L. A. Nisula The Body in the Box Room by July 26, 2016 $2.99 52789 words Sample 20%
When Cassie Pengear agreed to spend the evening with her cousin Milly, and Milly’s latest gentleman caller and his mother, it was with the promise that Milly and her gentleman would not trouble her again unless there was an impending marriage. She did not expect Milly to stumble over a body in her prospective mother-in-law’s box room.
By Quarry Lake by Josephine Myles By Quarry Lake by July 26, 2016 $0.99 12975 words Sample 20%
Still waters run deep… Tommy’s been away from his home for three years. He’s out and proud, now—and he’s coming home to claim back what he lost. Rob’s the one who stayed behind, working on the farm. With Tommy coming back into his world, he could have a lot to gain—and everything to lose. He’s going to have to take a leap of faith. Straight into the ice cold waters of Quarry Lake.
Always Our Love: A Small Town Georgia Romance by Tawdra Kandle Always Our Love: A Small Town Georgia Romance by July 26, 2016 $3.99 71648 words Sample 20%
Jenna isn’t looking for love, and Linc definitely doesn’t want any attachments. And neither of them are ready for the sparks that fly when a huge project brings them together. Still, the road to true love has more bumps than they could imagine. Making their way to a happy ending won’t be easy. But this is Burton, and happily-ever-afters are a specialty of the house.
Ginger: Orphan Filly by Frank Roderus Ginger: Orphan Filly by July 26, 2016 $2.99 31372 words Sample 20%
A filly has lost its mother and will be killed if Leonard and his sister, Lynn, don’t step in and save her. But talking their parents into letting them raise an orphan filly isn’t easy! They know nothing about horses, but they want to save Ginger and make her their own. Taking care of sweet Ginger brings the Dawkins kids more excitement—and love—than they ever could have imagined.
Sociopath's Revenge by V.F. Mason Sociopath's Revenge by July 26, 2016 $2.99 73181 words Sample 10%
Sociopath In the hopes of destroying Sociopath, my enemies hurt and used my only weakness. Sapphire. My Sapphire. The time had come for my ultimate revenge, so those who wronged us would answer for every scar and pain they’d inflicted. Warning: It is necessary to read first Sociopath's Obsession, before starting Sociopath's Revenge.
Priscilla the Great: The Bottom of the Sea by Sybil Nelson Priscilla the Great: The Bottom of the Sea by July 26, 2016 $0.99 11754 words Sample 20%
Things are getting crazy here in River’s Bend. And coming from me that really means something. I thought I could handle things on my own, but when shape-shifting aliens show up trying to kill me it’s time to enlist the help of old friends.
Kindred Intentions by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli Kindred Intentions by July 26, 2016 $4.99 55675 words Sample 10%
It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jennings arrived at the law firm Goldberg & Associates for a job interview to investigate a series of murders involving some well-known lawyers in the City. But her plan is doomed to fall apart before it even starts. In less than twenty-four hours she will be the prey in a man hunt and her destiny will become entwined with Mike Connor’s.
Landscaper in Paradise by Robin Stone Landscaper in Paradise by July 26, 2016 $0.99 27899 words Sample 20%
Kyle joins the Dawsons on their winter vacation to Hawaii. He learns more about their past, and the threesome find new heights of pleasure in the sultry setting. But when Tracy bursts into tears and Eric shares his doubts about the relationship, Kyle is thrown into a tailspin. Can they resolve their differences and stay together forever? This is the final searing chapter in The Landscaper Series.
Using QuickBooks Online for Small Nonprofits & Churches by Lisa London & Eulica Kimber Using QuickBooks Online for Small Nonprofits & Churches by
& July 26, 2016
$19.95 45297 words Sample 20%
The Accountant Beside You, Lisa London, is joined by CPA Eulica Kimber to explain how to set up a nonprofit or religious organization in the online QuickBooks® program (QBO®). In a reader-friendly and engaging style, aided by hundreds of screen shots, they explain how to enhance QBO for your organization's needs. Includes example charts of accounts for a variety of small nonprofit types.
Truthsong by Elisabeth Hamill Truthsong by July 26, 2016 $2.99 80820 words Sample 20%
When Telyn’s song magic freed ancient spirits of the Wood, it also awakened a long-slumbering evil. Now she and her beloved Mithrais must battle a spreading shadow that ignites crippling fear, and deal with the unexpected consequences of magic’s return.
Burn the World: Changeable Skies, Volume 2 by Shannon Cooper Burn the World: Changeable Skies, Volume 2 by July 26, 2016 $0.99 62072 words Sample 20%
The friends and family of Fiona Lee have caught her contagious Bad Decision-itis! In an epic display of poor judgment, one of our circle has destroyed his own future, and another may have built a doomed future. As our cast of wild things plays musical partners, the only things hotter than the sex, are the tempers in boiling-over Miami!
Fight the Tide by Keira Andrews Fight the Tide by July 26, 2016 $4.99 72311 words Sample 20%
A virus that turns the infected into zombie-like killers spreads through a burning world thrown into lawless chaos. Lovers Parker and Adam have escaped to the open sea when they hear a message over the airwaves from a place called Salvation Island—a supposed safe haven. Danger on the high seas can surface in a heartbeat, and if Parker and Adam aren’t careful, the current will drag them under.
Wedding Bell Blues by Caroline Fardig Wedding Bell Blues by July 26, 2016 $2.99 75382 words Sample 20%
Lizzie Hart’s crazy love life has been leading up this moment…when she finally gets to marry Blake Morgan. But with their luck, will they make it to “til death do us part” before the wedding even starts?
Losers Weepers (A Jane Barnaby Adventure) by J.J. DiBenedetto Losers Weepers (A Jane Barnaby Adventure) by July 26, 2016 $2.99 60342 words Sample 20%
Jane Barnaby had everything going for her - a prestigious internship and a fantastic apartment in Manhattan. Until a casual lunch with her friend's new fiance set off alarm bells, and led Jane to the English countryside to try and find the truth about him. Now she's caught up in a 50 year old secret, the hunt for priceless lost art treasures, and an honest-to-goodness Nazi...
Rannigan's Redemption Boxed Set by Pandora Spocks Rannigan's Redemption Boxed Set by July 26, 2016 $5.99 170347 words Sample 20%
This boxed set includes all three Rannigan's Redemption novels: Resisting Risk, Running Rogue, and Ransoming Redemption.
Bloody Acquisitions by Drew Hayes Bloody Acquisitions by July 26, 2016 $5.99 91042 words Sample 20%
The third book in Drew's outrageously adventurous and satirical series, including THE UTTERLY UNINTERESTING AND UNADVENTUROUS TALES OF FRED, THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT (Book 1) and UNDEATH & TAXES (Book 2).
The Faarian Chronicles: Inheritance by Karen Harris Tully The Faarian Chronicles: Inheritance by July 26, 2016 $3.99 123223 words Sample 20%
When gymnast Sunny, age fifteen, was forced to move to her mother’s home planet, blood-sucking kidnappers attacked. Now she must go to warrior school, complete with bullies, drill instructors, and vicious sports. But, when the kidnappers strike again, can Sunny use her gymnastic skills and her unique genetic inheritance to save herself and her friends?
Mettle: A Spartan Riders Novel by J.C. Valentine Mettle: A Spartan Riders Novel by July 26, 2016 $2.99 84371 words Sample 20%
Tucker “Country” Abrams believes in two things: brotherhood and women. When a night with a beautiful stranger threatens to change everything, he’s quick to apply the brakes. But when a little detective work reveals that Talia may be much more than a one-night stand, Tucker is tasked with an impossible decision. Will he push her away, or go against every instinct he has and pull her closer?
Bearliest Catch by Bianca D'Arc Bearliest Catch by July 26, 2016 $3.99 39218 words Sample 15%
Drew spends his days fishing in the Pacific, far from Grizzly Cove, seeking the peace of the ocean. Jetty lives in the ocean, part of a hunting party of mer folk, in near-constant danger now from the evil creature that roams the deep. When they meet, sparks fly and the ocean comes alive with danger. Can they get her people to safety?
All Tyed Up by Julia Harlow All Tyed Up by July 26, 2016 $1.99 86951 words Sample 15%
The past can be murder on relationships. A young woman scarred by her past. A man single-mindedly driven to succeed. When they meet, sparks fly. But the past won't die. And it can be murder. Follow the luscious Isabel Beachwood and the gorgeous alpha, Ty Griffin, on their journey as they fall in love. And try to keep Isabel alive.