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Beauty Dominates the Beast by Hannah Hale Beauty Dominates the Beast by April 25, 2017 $3.99 3772 words Sample 10%
A curse is placed on an arrogant prince for his selfish lustful misdeeds upon the village women by a witch one fateful drunken night, turning him into a beast. To break the curse the arrogant beastly prince must submit his lustful desires to a willing maiden and unselfishly bring her to ultimate pleasure. Could the arrival of the unexpected beauty be the key to breaking the curse?
More Than Want You (More Than Words Series - Book 1) by Shayla Black More Than Want You (More Than Words Series - Book 1) by April 25, 2017 $4.99 91225 words Sample 20%
I’m Maxon Reed—real estate mogul, shark, asshole. But one tenacious bastard stands between me and success—my brother. Sassy college senior Keeley Kent accepts my challenge to learn how to become Griff’s perfect girlfriend. But she’s beyond charming. I more than want her; I’m desperate to own her. I’m not even sure how drastic I’m willing to get to make her mine—but I’m about to find out.
The Mischief of Apprentice Brown by David Petrey The Mischief of Apprentice Brown by April 25, 2017 Free! 39753 words Read a sample
Apprentice Brown studies magic with the most famous Sorcerer across the Land of Tellus. His impatience often leads to outcomes fraught with darkness. He must overcome encounters with one-eyed giants, man-eating plants, dragons and those using dark magic to take over the world. But most of all, with the help of his friends, he must overcome his own self-doubt on the road to becoming a Sorcerer.
Lagana duhovnost: dodatak knjizi ''Povratak Bogu'' by Vladimir Živković Lagana duhovnost: dodatak knjizi ''Povratak Bogu'' by April 25, 2017 Free! 17366 words Read a sample
Ova knjiga je nastala kao dodatak i upotpunjenje knjizi 'Povratak Bogu'. Kao i originalna knjiga, i ova se bavi duhovnim pitanjima i rešavanjem problema glede duhovnosti savremenog čoveka. Knjiga je riznica duhovnih pouka i spoznaja koje otkrivaju istinu o Bogu i stvaranju.
Shadows of Illyria: Tales from the Realm, Draken Slayer by JM VanZuiden Shadows of Illyria: Tales from the Realm, Draken Slayer by April 25, 2017 Free! 4119 words Read a sample
Draken Slayer is a dark fantasy fiction short story, part of the Shadows of Illyria: Tales from the Realm Series. Written by author JM VanZuiden, the Shadows of Illyria Series is a unique twist on fantasy fiction, incorporating his real-world combat experience into the characters and events of an epic fantasy world.
Sitting for the Polygamist by Hannah Hale Sitting for the Polygamist by April 25, 2017 $3.99 3209 words Sample 10%
Emily has wanted Mr. Johnson since she first started sitting for him four years ago. Now that she's ready to make her dream come true, the only thing stopping her from having him is that he's already married... to TWO other women! Emily knows the only way to get what she wants is to seduce Mr. Johnson.
My Two Sluts by Sara Kitty My Two Sluts by April 25, 2017 $2.99 2070 words Sample 28%
My eighteen year-old daughter wants me to pay for her to go to London. So I'm gonna make a deal with her. If I pay for her trip to London, she will let me take her hard and unprotected as often as I want until I decide that her debt to me has been paid. But she's so loud as I'm giving it to her that my wife has heard us! And now I'm gonna convince my wife to join us.
Callers 5 by Gina Candy Callers 5 by April 25, 2017 $0.99 741 words Sample 20%
They keep calling Jade. They always seem to want a little more.
Unwrapping His Christmas Package by Hannah Hale Unwrapping His Christmas Package by April 25, 2017 $3.99 3246 words Sample 10%
Kendall is looking forward to spending Christmas at their family's cabin after a rough semester at school. She's planning on this being the best Christmas ever, but she's not asking for much. The only thing on her Christmas list this year is unwrapping a forbidden taboo Christmas package.
Forbidden Lust, Power and Money, Factors That Drives The Greedy by Franklin Powers Forbidden Lust, Power and Money, Factors That Drives The Greedy by April 25, 2017 $2.59 4373 words Sample 20%
If you liked Harold Robbins and those who write like him, then you will love Forbidden Lust, Power and Money, as it delivers his style of writing and adds an erotic twists as we follow the life of Kyle Stone. Attempts to take over his Empire, his life, his family and his friends, takes place while the lust for sex is prevalent in the life of Kyle and those he does business with and family membe
Wildflower Stew 5 by Dan Baldwin Wildflower Stew 5 by April 25, 2017 $2.99 983 words Sample 20%
One of the joys of living in my beloved Arizona is my ability to visit our neighboring state of New Mexico pretty much any time I want. The beauty and diversity of The Land of Enchantment is well represented – perhaps best represented – by the variety of wild flowers found throughout the state.
Knocked Up By A Dog Named Texas by Jazzy Paws Knocked Up By A Dog Named Texas by April 25, 2017 $2.99 1584 words Sample 28%
I'm insatiable and there's no one around to take care of my needs. Even if there was a guy around, I know he wouldn't be able to keep up with me. But my dog Texas has suddenly decided now is a good time to start talking to me. And Texas wants one thing - ME. He's claiming me as his own and he's going to pump me hard and unprotected till I'm filled with his puppies!
Sexy Little Cheerleaders- #2 Creaming the Competition by Hannah Hale Sexy Little Cheerleaders- #2 Creaming the Competition by April 25, 2017 $3.99 3597 words Sample 10%
Kinky college cheerleaders Ashley and Cami are off to cheer camp for a crazy romp in the camp boat house. When they meet a couple of sexy, hot guys from two of the other teams, the girls decide the only thing they can do to beat the competition is to cream them. Blazing hot erotic short story.
Murder of the Doctor’s Wife: The 1867 Crimes of Bridget Durgan (A Historical True Crime Short) by R. Barri Flowers Murder of the Doctor’s Wife: The 1867 Crimes of Bridget Durgan (A Historical True Crime Short) by April 25, 2017 $3.99 13217 words Sample 20%
From R. Barri Flowers, award-winning criminologist and bestselling author of Murder During the Chicago World’s Fair, Murder at the Pencil Factory, and Murder of the Banker’s Daughter, comes the riveting historical true crime short, Murder of the Doctor’s Wife: The 1867 Crimes of Bridget Durgan.
Cerise Noire by A.J. Sendall Cerise Noire by April 25, 2017 $3.99 95299 words Sample 10%
Six months after his partner was murdered, Rick Stone returns to Sydney trying to pull his life back together. While he was away, two more women were murdered, each seemingly unrelated to the others. When a third woman is murdered in the same way, and Rick gets caught up in the investigation, he becomes obsessed with finding a link between the murders.
Chasing Fireflies by Imogen Rose Chasing Fireflies by April 25, 2017 $4.99 61659 words Sample 15%
It’s that nothing age—too young to actually do anything but old enough to want to do everything. So, we wait, always chasing tomorrow. But sometimes, there is no tomorrow. That realization hit me hard, a real epiphany. I knew I had to do something to make it all worthwhile, and not just for myself. But also for her.
Vietnamese Cuisine by Thang Vu Vietnamese Cuisine by April 25, 2017 $0.99 2317 words Sample 20%
This book provide information about Vietnamese cuisine for people who has passion for different cuisines in the world. The content includes aspects of Vietnamese cuisine such as typical dishes, factors affect to flavors in Vietnam.
The Counter Terrorist by Donator The Counter Terrorist by April 25, 2017 $3.99 227896 words Sample 20%
We are tired of political correctness. We are the kick-ass Genx who loved this book that foretold coming of Trump. The protagonist who is a dyed in the wool terrorist suddenly meets a Druid like character of unknown faith up in the Himalayas who tells him and his cohorts what lies in store for those who are distorting religion to use it as a political doctrine to endanger human civilisation.
El Califato: Una novela de suspenso post-apocalíptica (Edición en Español) by Anna Erishkigal El Califato: Una novela de suspenso post-apocalíptica (Edición en Español) by April 25, 2017 $3.99 78835 words Sample 20%
Eisa McCarthy vive en la Ciudad del Califato, la cual está bajo el control del grupo radical islámico de los Ghuraba. Siete años atrás, el general Mohammad bin-Rasulullah derrotó a Estados Unidos mediante una despiadada traición y estableció su Califato mundial en las ruinas de Washington, D.C. El líder supremo de los Ghuraba, el Abu al-Ghuraba, afirma que el padre de Eisa le dio el control del...
War and Pieces - Frayed Fairy Tales (Season 1, Episode 2) by Tia Silverthorne Bach, N.L. Greene, Kelly Risser, & Jo Michaels War and Pieces - Frayed Fairy Tales (Season 1, Episode 2) by ,
& April 25, 2017
$0.99 10468 words Sample 20%
This is a serial series. A new episode will be released every two days. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were zombies… That’s how it all started. Authors have created a major problem with stories like Cinder, The Dark Queen, and Asleep, and it’s wreaking havoc here in Ever After. Our queens are fighting for their lives.
Taken by Six Raptors: Submitting to the Beasts by Alis Mitsy Taken by Six Raptors: Submitting to the Beasts by April 25, 2017 $2.99 9548 words Sample 40%
Can Ruby please six raptors while her lust for them grows?
PEREGRINAJE DEL ALMA SOLA  I by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) PEREGRINAJE DEL ALMA SOLA I by April 25, 2017 Free! 9828 words Read a sample
Crónicas viajeras escritas en forma de diario. Relatos y opiniones sobre un monumento, un paisaje, una ciudad, un lugar… y otras narraciones más personales
Los Innovadores: Los Genios Que Crearon El Futuro (The Innovators), Resumen Del Libro De Walter Isaacson by Sapiens Editorial Los Innovadores: Los Genios Que Crearon El Futuro (The Innovators), Resumen Del Libro De Walter Isaacson by April 25, 2017 $6.99 5121 words Sample 20%
Este resumen presenta la historia del desarrollo de la innovación tecnológica, especialmente de las computadoras y de Internet. Por medio de una prosa fluida y en base a investigación, revela las fuerzas sociales y culturales que permitieron que las mentes brillantes más grandes de la tecnología generaran las innovaciones que cambiaron la historia del mundo.
The xXx Files: 3 Book Bundle by Jane Emery The xXx Files: 3 Book Bundle by April 25, 2017 $3.99 31585 words Sample 30%
3 BOOKS OF XXX PARANORMAL EROTICA IN ONE BUNDLE. Join Detective Janis Sparrow as she tries to solve some of the most bizarre sexual cases of gender swapping and ethnicity changing. Get ready to enter THE xXx FILES. 18+ Strong Sexual Content & Graphic Sex.
Whispers under the Baobab by Darlene Jones Whispers under the Baobab by April 25, 2017 $3.99 66825 words Sample 20%
When rebel leader, Sidu Diagho’s life is threatened by evidence of his actions, he must find and destroy the reporter’s files and silence the girl who may know too much.
And He Came Back Alive! by Margrit De graff And He Came Back Alive! by April 25, 2017 $4.00 25466 words Sample 20%
At the end of World War II in 1945 the Soviet Union held three and a half million German prisoners of war. One third died in Soviet labour camps It was not until 1956 that the last German P.O.W.'s were freed following the visit of West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in Moscow that year. Eleven years after hostilities ceased.
Grane by S. C. Dane Grane by April 25, 2017 $3.99 79611 words Sample 10%
In the northern Maine woods, a wolf pack unlike any other reigns the landscape. With the ability to shift into human shape, they are the supreme rulers of their territory. Until the real humans threaten their secret realm...
The Healing of Humanity by Pauline Edward The Healing of Humanity by April 25, 2017 $9.99 66653 words Sample 15%
There is a shift taking place in the world today as many souls are seeking release from far too long a time spent in obscurity and ignorance. Is there more to be experienced, we ask? This work explores a bold new perspective for the healing of humanity as presented in A Course in Miracles.
Moonstone by Jaime Clevenger Moonstone by April 25, 2017 $9.99 97652 words Sample 20%
Time has changed their hometown. Time has changed Kelsey and Joy. But when it comes to two women who have never trusted love—has time changed them enough?
The $8 Man by Brenda H. Christensen The $8 Man by April 25, 2017 $8.99 120149 words Sample 20%
Stories of Indian immigrants who succeeded through resilience, vision, and sacrifice.
Sleeping Dogs Lie by EJ Cochrane Sleeping Dogs Lie by April 25, 2017 $9.99 62848 words Sample 20%
Thrown into a murder investigation filled with cantankerous purebred dog owners, her client’s bitter ex-wife, harassing phone calls and a police detective with no patience. Throw in a lengthy hospital stay for Granny Doyle, a growing attraction for a possible murderer, and a depressed and ill-trained foster dog who refuses to eat, and Maddie’s easy, happy life seems to have fallen apart.
Behind the Pine Curtain by Gerri Hill Behind the Pine Curtain by April 25, 2017 $9.99 78912 words Sample 20%
But living behind the pine curtain, Kay is afraid of her love for Jackie, afraid of what her family will say, afraid of how the town will react. Jackie refuses to hide, refuses to crawl back into the closet, so once again, she leaves Pine Springs...alone. Is it any use going home again? When nothing — and everything — has changed?
Una Vida Con Proposito: ¿Para Que Estoy Aqui En La Tierra? (The Purpose Driven Life) - Resumen del libro de Rick Warren by Sapiens Editorial Una Vida Con Proposito: ¿Para Que Estoy Aqui En La Tierra? (The Purpose Driven Life) - Resumen del libro de Rick Warren by April 25, 2017 $6.99 5372 words Sample 20%
Este resumen es una especie de guía espiritual que lleva al lector a atribuir un sentido diferente a su vida. A través de la reflexión guiada durante jornadas espirituales, se logra comprender el porqué de la existencia, la significación de la vida y el propósito de vivir, conceptos que conducen por el camino de esa vida que cada persona está destinada a vivir, más allá de la mera supervivencia.
Let The Horse Teach by Lydia Rousseau Let The Horse Teach by April 25, 2017 $2.98 16871 words Sample 20%
Let the Horse Teach is one of a kind page turner; taking you on a personal journey through the 22 Ancient Secrets taught by a very unlikely teacher - the horse. A unique horseman with a passion for leadership and self actualisation brings these wonderful mysteries to light for the first time. Let The Horse Teach proves to be a life changing, easily understood and applicable book of truths.
The Adventures of Nick and Billy: The Mystery of the Rougarou by Michael Hoard The Adventures of Nick and Billy: The Mystery of the Rougarou by April 25, 2017 $3.95 46909 words
It's the first day of summer in the swamps of South Louisiana. Twelve-year-old Cajun boys Billy Boudreaux and Nick Landry are preparing their "Swamp Camp" for an upcoming camp out when they encounter Mr. Pierre as he makes a mad dash to escape the legendary swamp monster, Rougarou. Breathless and terrified, he vows to abandon his home in the swamps of Pierre Part, Louisiana, never to return.
Class X by Steven Hall Class X by April 25, 2017 $2.00 8129 words Sample 30%
Elle Carbone team up with Stanley Simmonds to find the missing necklace value a million dollars. What they did not know was that the owner,Norma Watts did not want it found. Norma was dead broke and planned with her girl friend to have the insurance. When the thief was found dead, all leads led to a drug dealer, Nazim Hassan who was a threat to the lead detective.
Callers 4 by Gina Candy Callers 4 by April 25, 2017 $0.99 718 words Sample 20%
They keep calling Jade. They always seem to want a little more.
Tyger Eyes by T. W. Fielding Tyger Eyes by April 25, 2017 $3.99 84946 words Sample 20%
Tom Wilson uses his paranormal ability to find a kidnapped child.
The Cottage by Gerri Hill The Cottage by April 25, 2017 $9.99 45163 words Sample 20%
The Cottage is the non-traditional, heart-aching story of two women pulled by a force stronger than their marriages, stronger than themselves. The story of Jill and Carrie. Two women. One love.
Dawn of Change by Gerri Hill Dawn of Change by April 25, 2017 $9.99 64885 words Sample 20%
Susan Sterling wanted nothing more than to escape her life... and her marriage. The family's secluded cabin in Kings Canyon National Park seemed the only place for her to find peace. But it took Shawn Weber coming into her life for her to find the courage to make changes. The budding friendship between the two women strengthens into an intense emotional bond, a bond that soon eclipses friendship.
La Revelación del Guion de Vida: Una Guía Completa para el Autoconocimiento by Jill Loree La Revelación del Guion de Vida: Una Guía Completa para el Autoconocimiento by April 25, 2017 Free! 44077 words Read a sample
Ahora, por primera vez, las poderosas enseñanzas espirituales del Guía están disponibles en un libro conciso. Jill Loree ha escrito Spilling the Script (La Revelación del Guion de Vida) para entregarnos una perspectiva clara y de alto nivel sobre el auto descubrimiento y la sanación, brindándonos el derrotero necesario para proseguir en esta senda transformadora hacia la Unidad.
Losing Hold by Kellie Doherty Losing Hold by April 25, 2017 $6.50 79164 words Sample 25%
Escaping Donavin’s grasp, Mia and her crew crash on a prison planet and must deal with its inhabitants, beast and criminals alike. Mia hears Donavin in her mind again and knows the transformation into one of his drones isn’t far off. Trapped in her own body, lashing against Donavin each chance she gets, and fearful that she’ll lose it all, Mia has to rely on her crew and Cassidy to save her.
Beyond the Rose by JoAnn Flanery Beyond the Rose by April 25, 2017 $2.99 129342 words Sample 20%
Book #1 of the Rose Series begins after the death of Sydney Armstrong's father. She felt lost as now both of her parents were gone. Her father's last words haunted her, why the mystery? She put her law practice on hold and moved to Michigan hoping to find the answers he promised in the old family home she inherited. After many shocking twist and turns, she finally found what she was seeking.u
Ricochet on Neptune by Mike Donati Ricochet on Neptune by April 25, 2017 $1.19 387 words Sample 35%
Discover the best space adventures of Selfi and Rocky, the rover martian! The solar system has new pioneers with Thomas as a guide! they are landing on Saturn after testing the Xflr-43 Shuttle around the moon with Captain Nicholl! For the second time, humans are walking on another planet ... But suddenly, Selfi is attacked by strange robots: The Horlogkes. Saturn is a trap!!22 pages in color.
Sister & Brother - Hooker & Pimp by Ginny Watson Sister & Brother - Hooker & Pimp by April 25, 2017 $1.99 4127 words Sample 20%
Clara needs a loan, a big loan and the bank manager has been sympathetic, yet still said no. But he has hinted at where she might be able to find the cash she needs... her brother Brian. But can she really ask to borrow so much from family, does he really have that much spare cash... what does he even do for a living? Innocent Clara is about to find out, and she will be shocked!
The Forsaken by Patti Larsen The Forsaken by April 25, 2017 $3.99 58647 words Sample 10%
Ethie's loss of elemental magic lingers, tied to the locket she's bound to. Unable to break the control keeping all but her dark sorcery from her, she’s confronted with the truth—the crazy old woman owns her and can get to her any time she chooses. Ethie must choose the Hayle way and pursue her enemy on her own terms. But there are worse things in the big, bad world than one clever sorceress...
Atlantis by Cicero Atlantis by April 25, 2017 $4.99 23596 words Sample 30%
The rise and fall of a nation, and the inner-conflict of its people.
Okowy zmysłów by Bruno Wioska Okowy zmysłów by April 25, 2017 $6.80 30966 words Sample 5%
Autor zastosował niespotykany dotąd chwyt – połączył historie z różnych epok w jedną całość. I choć w pierwszej chwili może się to wydawać zagmatwane i bezsensowne, to... jest po prostu genialne. Dzięki temu zabiegowi poznajemy Rzym z różnych okresów, spotykając historyczne postaci, oglądając zmiany, jakie zachodziły przez setki lat zarówno w zabudowie, jak i ludzkim podejściu do życia. Szybko się
The Mouse Who Poked an Elephant by Mark Piper The Mouse Who Poked an Elephant by April 25, 2017 $5.99 55704 words Sample 20%
The Trimp administration has been in power in the US for two years, and Canadian Prime Minister Dustin Trudel is up for re-election. But there’s a new smoke show in town, and his name is Elijah. Elijah—just like Cher, Bono and Jesus—goes by one name only. He’s hip, funny, black, bisexual, trilingual and dangerously handsome…in other words, Elijah is a Canadian demographer’s wet dream.
The Remnants: Dead Loss by Jonathan Face The Remnants: Dead Loss by April 25, 2017 Free! 13894 words Read a sample
The world has ended, the dead walk the earth, and a profound silence has fallen over the land. Two children, brother and sister, survive the end of the world together on an isolated Montana farm. Their days are simple — find food, avoid the dead. They are the remnants of civilization, refugees from a vanished world. Part one of a continuing series, Part Two coming June 1 2017.