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Monkeys in the Garden by spochron Monkeys in the Garden by June 29, 2016 $4.99 14057 words Sample 20%
Irven DeVore and the Revolution in the Science of Social Behavior
Tragedies + Tortured Butterflies by Israel Roland Tragedies + Tortured Butterflies by June 29, 2016 You set the price! 262 words Sample 10%
Being grateful for time spent with you; learning from life, and gaining the courage to continue after the sun has set.
Teaching My Son the Ropes by Amber FoxxFire Teaching My Son the Ropes by June 29, 2016 $2.99 3347 words Sample 5%
It was the middle of the night when I got the call. My 19-year-old newly-wed son texted me to meet him and his new wife at their motel room. He didn’t say what was wrong. It turns out that my son just needed a little…help in the bedroom. Him and his wife wanted me to take his virginity. While she watched. I was only too happy to help.
Red by Cat Oars Red by June 29, 2016 $2.99 23499 words Sample 20%
What's red? Blood? Roses? Wine? A dress? Lipstick? These stories have lots of red things in them. But nothing of any other color. There is a lot of red in these stories. You could say this book is red, redder or maybe even the reddest book that's ever been written. Meet the red dragon. Meet mean museum guard Toby. Meet the loves that were struck out of your life story by the red pencil of fate.
A Missionary Heart And a Missionary Life by Zacharias Tanee Fomum A Missionary Heart And a Missionary Life by June 29, 2016 $3.99 58315 words Sample 20%
"Our aim in this book is to bring God’s people back to the missionary purposes of God. The missionary heart and the missionary life find their origin, base and model in the heart of God. He is a missionary God. The missionary heart and the missionary life are to be judged, viewed and appreciated the way God judges, views and appreciates them.
Begin Anew by Richard Brant Begin Anew by June 29, 2016 $1.99 88022 words Sample 20%
In the aftermath of war that sees mankind cast from paradise, a force awakes deep in the planet with the ability to redress the balance of power. The prize? Nothing less than Earth herself.
The Sexiest Social Worker by Priscilla Laster The Sexiest Social Worker by June 29, 2016 $1.99 23582 words Sample 20%
Justin has been harboring a secret social*worker fantasy. He meets a beautiful siren named Teresa. This brunette was hardly his idea of a social*worker. She's the type of women who comes with a side-serving of sizzling romance. It's no wonder he couldn't stay away from her. #Enjoy
Finding More Families by Tim Learner Finding More Families by June 29, 2016 $8.95 163238 words
Because of space shortage at the local hospital, a group of pregnant girls meet in the large party room at Rochelle’s house for exercise classes and soon become involved in the parties themselves. Three of them share a house with their husbands and enjoy each other’s company. One by one Rochelle’s mother discovers that many of them need to be included in her expanding family tree.
Finding Families by Tim Learner Finding Families by June 29, 2016 $8.95 179989 words
While mourning the death of her older brother, Amber finds a link on his inherited computer to some ebooks. With the help of her friend Rochelle, they buy all the books and enjoy reading them, even though they are initially shocked. Slowly they canvass their friends, both male and female, to join them in their flat for parties very similar to the ones they read about in the ebooks.
Altar Bound by Linnea Alexis Altar Bound by June 29, 2016 $1.99 29219 words Sample 2%
Tabloid-infamous rocker Sarah Richman is going to quiet, picturesque Crystal River, Wyoming, to escape her devolving life—and to meet the most perfect man she almost knows she can never be with.
The Innkeeper's Daughter - The Druid’s Staff - A Hard & Fast Tale by Molly Dawn The Innkeeper's Daughter - The Druid’s Staff - A Hard & Fast Tale by June 29, 2016 $0.99 1967 words Sample 35%
Sexy Druid Maitland Dunn enjoys the hayloft with the innkeeper’s daughter. These Hard & Fast stories are packed full of steamy action!
Cream for my Boss: Hucow Revenge Sex Erotica by Veronica Storm Cream for my Boss: Hucow Revenge Sex Erotica by June 29, 2016 $2.99 5801 words Sample 5%
The story of a selfish man who had little self control when it comes to beautiful women. Especially lactating women. Thinking he can use his power to get what he wants, he finds that sometimes we chain ourselves to the things we covet.
The Fix - How a More Integrative Body-Mind Approach Creates Lasting Health by Dr. Alison Caldwell-Andrews The Fix - How a More Integrative Body-Mind Approach Creates Lasting Health by June 29, 2016 $4.99 77773 words Sample 20%
This book is intended to help you create change. You may be stuck, discouraged, or frustrated. You may have already decided to give up. Perhaps you think you can't change, or that your physical or emotional health problems are too overwhelming. A fresh approach to how your mind and body work together to create total health will help you get on track to a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.
Marie Curie: The Discoverer of Radium by Jeannie Meekins Marie Curie: The Discoverer of Radium by June 29, 2016 $0.99 2958 words Sample 20%
Maria Sklodowska was a Polish girl who wanted a proper education. She changed her name to and went to university in France. She met and married Pierre Curie and began to work with radioactivity. Marie Curie became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person to win two Nobel Prizes. Hers was a life filled with firsts. Find out more about this discoverer of radium in this short bio.
Dairy Maid for the Billionaire: Hucow Billionaire Sex Erotica by Vanessa Robinson Dairy Maid for the Billionaire: Hucow Billionaire Sex Erotica by June 29, 2016 $2.99 6652 words Sample 5%
A Cinderella Erotic story of a lactating lass whose endowments attract the attention of her billionaire prince.
Erotica: Daddy Blows His Load-5 Daddy Daughter Sex Stories Collection by Sapna Patel Erotica: Daddy Blows His Load-5 Daddy Daughter Sex Stories Collection by June 29, 2016 $0.99 14260 words Sample 20%
A Collection of 5 Daddy Daughter Sex Stories. Stories Included: 1. Repaying Her Daddy 2. Daddy Tries to Convince Her 3. Shower With A Stepdaughter 4. Getting Better (Taboo Erotica) 5. Helping Out (Taboo Erotica) For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Sin Pecado Concebida by Publio S. Colmenares B., Sr Sin Pecado Concebida by June 29, 2016 $9.99 30842 words Sample 20%
El autor narra la experiencia vivida por un adolescente de 17 años cuando se enamora perdidamente de una joven de 16, quien le confiesa su adicción a las drogas, y le cuenta la horrible experiencia que vivió a los 13 años, de donde le viene un trauma que le hace sentir odio por su primer nombre (Eva), y por todo lo que está asociado con el pecado original.
Shaded Chance by Shaun McLaren Shaded Chance by June 29, 2016 $4.99 107302 words Sample 15%
After escaping from Green Valley Asylum, Paul Weeks must find and rescue his kidnapped daughter. Now on the run from both the law and his own broken mind, it will take everything he has to find his daughter and keep her safe.
Urges by Oliver Thrust Urges by June 29, 2016 $2.99 9599 words Sample 20%
When Austin has money troubles his gorgeous roommate Connor offer a solution he never expected--to be a cam boy! The shy and newly out guy can’t resist the temptation of making money for doing what he does best, even if he does have to do it in front of his crush. But that’s just the start, after proving himself worth Austin is offered an invitation into the mysterious Eden.
Gitmo... Guantanamo Bay by Jay Lillie Gitmo... Guantanamo Bay by June 29, 2016 $4.99 67719 words Sample 20%
The third book of the Washington Trilogy brings the nations of the hemisphere together to do what none could manage alone. We are introduced to a brilliant young woman, Naval Academy graduate, born in Cuba and married to an officer in the U.S. Department of State. She leads the President’s parade, and old friends , through life-threatening challenges in and out of Havana and Foggy Bottom.
¡Ojalá! El gancho de ropa by Claudio Valerio Gaetani ¡Ojalá! El gancho de ropa by June 29, 2016 $9.99 5786 words Sample 15%
El gancho de ropa, es una farsa grotesca de sobre los significados e la existencia, los personajes se desenvuelven en forma caricaturesca en situaciones extrañamente realistas pero al mismo tiempo son una paradoja, igual no es una farsa en lo absoluto no es absurdo al interno de su estado dramático, llegando casi a una relación preexistente entre la palabra y la metáfora de las sensaciones.
Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5 by Tess St. John Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5 by June 29, 2016 $7.45 288467 words Sample 20%
FBI agents who risk their lives for the job and everything for LOVE.
Vivir Intensamente by Emma Lorival Vivir Intensamente by June 29, 2016 $5.98 67288 words Sample 12%
Los protagonistas son de dos nacionalidades diferentes, viajan por varios países. Deciden vivir en Europa con retos por superar: ideologías diferentes, actitudes ante el amor, oportunidades para lograr una vida plena sin sentirse oprimido por roles impuestos por la familia y costumbres que vienen del entorno donde crecimos. La pareja es libre de expresarse como es en realidad, sin atavismos.
Un hombre acabado by Giovanni Papini Un hombre acabado by June 29, 2016 $7.99 68551 words Sample 10%
Un hombre acabado (autobiografía) es considerada la obra maestra de Giovanni Papini. Un libro lleno de fuerza, con un deseo ferviente de traspasar los límites impuestos al hombre por el tiempo y el contorno. Como diría Jorge Luis Borges: “una melancólica autobiografía”. Como comienza el libro: Yo nunca he sido niño. No he tenido infancia...
Mr. & Mrs. Black by Roy Glenn Mr. & Mrs. Black by June 29, 2016 $5.99 64079 words Sample 10%
With all of their enemies defeated and Rain Robinson firmly in control of his Family, Black and Shy have put that life of constant war and death behind them. When Shy is presented with the opportunity to import hand-made women’s apparel, a meeting was arranged in Palermo, Sicily to negotiate a deal. That’s when the trouble begins and that's when Shy is glad she brought her gun.
Love's Surrender by Samantha Kane Love's Surrender by June 29, 2016 $2.99 35553 words Sample 20%
An Erotic Romance Brothers in Arms, Book 9 Nick and Oliver have been constant companions since Waterloo. They share everything, including women and a bad reputation. When Lady Vanessa catches them in a compromising position, they are seduced by the longing in her eyes. Cool, distant, unattainable—the more she protests, the more they want her. Can they convince her to surrender to them forever?
Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita by Sri Chinmoy Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita by June 29, 2016 $5.99 48947 words Sample 15%
This book brings together in one volume Sri Chinmoy's commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, three ancient Indian scriptures which are the foundations of the Hindu spiritual tradition. His approach is clear and practical and at the same time profound and richly poetic. In a style unmistakably his own, Sri Chinmoy establishes direct and personal contact with the reader.
Virgin Anal Brat (First Time Age Difference Anal) by Tori Westwood Virgin Anal Brat (First Time Age Difference Anal) by June 29, 2016 $2.99 3391 words Sample 15%
I was a reckless little brat. I mean, I deserved to be punished, seriously. So when I went one step too far and took a car from the dealership out for a spin without permission, I knew I had it coming, big time. What I didn't know though, was that the boss's punishment would involve the first hard ass-fucking of my life. I thought he was just gonna shout at me, but he went waaay further!
Polly Ticks by Mary Nova Polly Ticks by June 29, 2016 $2.99 37125 words Sample 20%
Dark, and erotically tense, this is a story about one woman, three men, and sexual politics…Polly Ticks.
Countess in Exile by Ross Richdale Countess in Exile by June 29, 2016 $2.99 91114 words Sample 20%
In 1939 Poland, all teenage Countess Anna Vladisciuszko wanted was to lead an ordinary life but the world wouldn’t let her. Nazis hated her grandmother's Jewish ancestry while after the war; communists hated the old aristocracy of pre-war Poland. This is a story of human endurance that reaches across the world from Europe to New Zealand through the second half of the twentieth century.
Tales of Blood And Sulphur:Apocalypse Minor by J.G Clay Tales of Blood And Sulphur:Apocalypse Minor by June 29, 2016 $2.99 84523 words Sample 15%
J.G Clay takes you on a journey through the voids of Reality and into dark places where demons, mutants and inter-dimensional creatures taunt, taint and corrupt Humanity. Survival is not guaranteed, sanity is not assured and death lurks in every corner. These are the Tales of Blood and Sulphur: Apocalypse Minor; eleven twisted tales of terror.
Susan - A Taboo Tale (Taboo Erotica - 3 Story Bundle) by Arabella Keppler Susan - A Taboo Tale (Taboo Erotica - 3 Story Bundle) by June 29, 2016 $3.99 13776 words Sample 20%
Lisa's sister Susan surprises Luke at night in the bathroom. Over the next few days, their affair grows into something much bigger. Luke must confront his feelings, or forever remain caught between these two beautiful women. The three chapters in Susan – A Taboo Tale are also available separately: Midnight Surprise Inevitable Attraction Caught In The Middle
A Dangerous Deception: Volume 2 by L.R. Olson A Dangerous Deception: Volume 2 by June 29, 2016 $2.99 44657 words Sample 20%
Volume 2 After almost a decade of fighting for the military, William is back in England a broken and injured man. He's spent the last eight years determined to forget the woman who destroyed his heart. Now that he’s returned home, he’s finding it more and more difficult to put her from his mind.
Beyond Within by Sri Chinmoy Beyond Within by June 29, 2016 $5.99 125403 words Sample 15%
“How can I carry on the responsibilities of life and still find spiritual fulfilment?” When your yearning to know the purpose of life and the reality of God has you swimming against the tide, then the wisdom of one who has successfully crossed these waters is priceless. In this book Sri Chinmoy offers with sound advice on how to integrate the highest spiritual aspirations into daily life.
High Desire by Paige Coal High Desire by June 29, 2016 $2.99 7657 words Sample 20%
Mitchie Pierce has been going to see the doctor for over a year now. But, not for the reasons anyone would guess at. He's always proper and professional. The last person Mitchie could see herself with. But that doesn't seem to matter when Mitchie inhibitions are lowered. It was just a job to make some quick money. Now everything is complicated.
Scorched by Mary Nova Scorched by June 29, 2016 Free! 109673 words Read a sample
This is the first book in the Scorched Trilogy, The Nicoletta Clark novels. Up-and-coming photographer, Nicoletta Clark, meets billionaire Zavier Soto igniting a fiery hot romance that will leave you...Scorched.
Old Man Joe by Chris Young Old Man Joe by June 29, 2016 $0.99 3119 words Sample 20%
At 69 years of age, there are only a few small pleasures that Joe has in life. One of them is watching his neighbors stunning daughter, Annabel, getting changed at her bedroom window and the other is a nice cold beer. When Joe decides to clear out his garage he gets an unexpected visit from Annabel, who offers to help him clear out more than his garage.
Unliving the Dream by Sandra Vischer Unliving the Dream by June 29, 2016 $6.99 94341 words Sample 10%
Unliving the Dream is the hilarious and inspiring novel of Alex's journey through divorce, single parenting, and navigating the big questions of who she really is and what she really wants. No longer living the dream, Alex uses her calm logic, internal dialogue, and sizzling wit—not to mention her friends—to turn the shock of a lifetime into an adventure of self-discovery.
STOP You Don't Need An Attorney by Juris Prudence STOP You Don't Need An Attorney by June 29, 2016 $19.95 10607 words Sample 20%
Whether you need a lawyer or not (and this book will tell you), this book will pay for itself hundreds if not thousands of times over, from the higher settlement offer you'll get from the insurance company. Lawyers use "the unknown" to their advantage, scaring you into engaging them to represent you. Knowledge is power and this book is full of power that you can use to make informed decisions.
Six Flavors Of Lust by Mary Wade Six Flavors Of Lust by June 29, 2016 $2.99 16140 words Sample 10%
There are many flavors of lust. Here are six for you to enjoy. Once you try these flavors, you may discover you develop a taste for them.
Daddy’s Anal Bundle 5 XXX Stories (Taboo Incest Daughter Anal Creampie Box Set) by Tori Westwood Daddy’s Anal Bundle 5 XXX Stories (Taboo Incest Daughter Anal Creampie Box Set) by June 29, 2016 $5.99 16805 words Sample 5%
Daddy just loves to fuck his daughter’s asshole and you can read all about it in this 5 story bundle of explicit, taboo incest erotica that’s sure to have you hot under the collar. Oh and one more thing—Daddy isn’t a big fan of pulling out! These brats are gonna get it all!
Peace, Love, & Liberty by SFLove Peace, Love, & Liberty by June 29, 2016 Free! 57664 words Read a sample
War Is Not Inevitable There is no such thing as being 'undecided' about war. It is a binary choice. If you re not for it, you have to be against it. The essays in this book offer evidence and arguments for peace.
The Greylands: Volume VII by Susan Skylark The Greylands: Volume VII by June 29, 2016 Free! 112333 words Read a sample
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet, William Shakespeare A land of shadows, of mystery, of obfuscated Truth. Welcome to the Greylands, that strange world, within the bounds of Time, peopled by mortal men. We cannot see truly, only as through a glass, darkly. Discover a collection of stories inspired by such imaginings.
Global Warming: An Essay by Edward E. Rochon Global Warming: An Essay by June 29, 2016 Free! 1833 words Read a sample
Summary of potential causes of global warming: CO2, build up of heat in the earth core. Some counteracting forces at play suggested that might resolve the problem in the short term. Exhortation to tame the earth to resolve the problem.
In The Mist of Gods by Glannant Ty Publishing In The Mist of Gods by June 29, 2016 $7.99 30736 words Sample 10%
In The Mist Of Gods explores the enigma of the fairy, also known as the Old-Gods, and examines their metamorphosis into the modern extraterrestrial phenomena. Personal experiences and first-hand accounts take the reader deep into the underworld; a world we walk above every day. Venturing into the depths, it is revealed that that these legends of old have an element of truth behind them.
Legally Raped in America by Richard Young Legally Raped in America by June 29, 2016 $1.29 11646 words Sample 15%
This book reveals the travesty and breakdown of our justice system.
The Moon 1101 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 1101 by June 29, 2016 $4.99 4784 words Sample 20%
Features work from Belle DiMonté, Lyn Lifshin, Gary Every, B.Z. Niditch, T. Kilgore Splake, Michael Lee Johnson, Margaret Boles, Michael Estabrook, Ron Koppelberger, Charles P. Ries, Holly Day Simon Perchik, Peter Baltensperger, and Anna Bohn.
¿Y tú, crees aún en Peter Pan? by Claudio Valerio Gaetani ¿Y tú, crees aún en Peter Pan? by June 29, 2016 $9.99 5751 words Sample 20%
Peter Pan descubre que el Capitán Garfio, no está muerto, al contrario se ha salvado y continúa sus malvadas empresas, pero algunos niños descubren que Capitán Garfio está por cumplir años y deciden de convencer a Peter Pan de prepararle una fiesta de cumpleaños a sorpresa.
Boxer Briefs & Boots by Aine Blaze Boxer Briefs & Boots by June 29, 2016 $0.99 64963 words Sample 5%
Virile. The word blinked in her head like a neon sign. He was not runway-worthy gorgeous. But certainly, handsome enough for commercials and magazines. His lips were full, sensual begging her to sample. She reached out and traced his mouth with the tip of a finger. Giggling at her boldness, Jacy snatched her hand away when the man moaned in his sleep. "No touching," She admonished.
Alone by Charissa Dufour Alone by June 29, 2016 $3.99 79451 words Sample 20%
Bethany is home. The only thing is, she is no long convent with home life. It is not that her home has change, but that she has change. After more than a year away--living as a slave and fighting her way back to freedom--Princess Bethany is ready to defend her home. The only is, she cannot do it Alone.