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The Last Of The Flowers by Brandi Miller The Last Of The Flowers by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 3258 words Sample 20%
In a city full of buildings, steel, and concrete stands a house unlike all the others--a simple brownstone with a picket fence between apartment buildings. An oddity to see, but what lies in the backyard might just take your breath away..
Como passar na Abin - o Caminho das pedras por um Oficial de inteligência by Prometeusdelacroix Como passar na Abin - o Caminho das pedras por um Oficial de inteligência by Sep. 04, 2015 $4.99 2117 words Sample 20%
Dicas importantes de um Oficial de Inteligência para ser aprovado no concurso da ABIN. Um ebook essencial para você alcançar seu objetivo.
Dumb Blonde by AJ Scudiere Dumb Blonde by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 5080 words Read a sample
What is a girl to do when she comes home to scary music playing in the background? She knows nothing good can come of this scenario. This is a short novella by A.J. Scudiere
Tourist Trap by Chris Campanioni Tourist Trap by Sep. 04, 2015 $6.99 86724 words Sample 20%
In suburban New Jersey, in the summer of 2006, a recent college graduate answers a Help Wanted ad from a travel agency seeking tourists for "direct sales distribution." It doesn't take him long to figure out the function of the company-issued camera. During an initial trip to London, he also discovers his real role: Terrorist.
The Spirit of Lao Tsu by Masahisa Goi The Spirit of Lao Tsu by Sep. 04, 2015 $7.99 39560 words Sample 15%
Masahisa Goi's unique explanation of select chapters from the Tao Te Ching vividly reveals Lao Tsu's way of Mu-i, a path that supersedes thought and action, and which remains an essential teaching in today's world.
Hypnotized into a Bimbo by Viktoria Skye Hypnotized into a Bimbo by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 12339 words Sample 10%
Studious and career focused Sara never had a hair out of place. Until she agrees to let a new friend hypnotize her at a party just for fun. his hypnotic suggestions seep into her mind and unleash her innermost hidden desires. Before anyone knows what's happening, she's been transformed. Body and mind changed, forever. Sara became a man hungry, airhead bimbo.
The Shadow of Silver Birch by Black Rose Writing The Shadow of Silver Birch by Sep. 04, 2015 $6.99 83945 words Sample 20%
Tanks are rapidly approaching Riga, Latvia, and a family must decide what to do. Juris, the father, finds a love that sustains him from Siberia to the new postwar Latvia. Laura has left for Spain with a Division Azul soldier who was sent to fight in Russia. Olga escapes Latvia but ends up in a displaced persons camp in Germany until she and her family immigrate to Canada.
33-La profecía by Diego Fortunato 33-La profecía by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.00 87863 words Sample 20%
La extraña muerte del Papa Santiago I despierta las sospechas de un periodista investigador sin saber que un alcohólico vagabundo presenció el momento del deceso. Viaja desde Nueva York a Italia tras una pista filtrada desde la Santa Sede que hablaba de un misterioso treinta y tres. Para descifrar el enigma se traslada junto a una joven teólogo hasta las fascinantes ruinas de Palmira, en Siria.
Chastity Revenge (Femdom, Chastity) by Isobel Tearle Chastity Revenge (Femdom, Chastity) by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.05 5094 words Sample 20%
When Lily discovers that the man she has been online friends with, and flirted with, for nearly four years has lied about his true identity, she decides to take her revenge. She knows that he is desperate to keep his submissiveness a secret from his wife, but it's going to be incredibly difficult to, given that Lily decides to lock him up in an indestructible chastity cage.
The Devil's Vial by Byron Brumbaugh The Devil's Vial by Sep. 04, 2015 $6.99 135118 words Sample 20%
The threat of global warming pushes some well-organized and very powerful people to scheme something drastic and lethal. Central to their plans is a small clear vial. These plans remain undiscovered until Richard Gregg, a convert to Buddhism struggling to apply what he's learned to a westerner's life, and four companions stumble across the conspiracy.
Unspoken Words - A Real Story by Jorge Klaus, Sr Unspoken Words - A Real Story by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 42653 words Sample 10%
Hassan is a Harvard graduate and comes back to his country to take control of his father's business. Contrary to his father's personality, he is arrogant and a suave business tycoon. Maniha is a witty, clever and a friendly girl who's studying in a good medical college. When she meets him, she dislikes him instantly because of his snobby attitude.
High Heels and Wedding Rings (Hotwife and Cuckold Interracial Erotica) by Katie Cramer High Heels and Wedding Rings (Hotwife and Cuckold Interracial Erotica) by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 7864 words Sample 5%
It’s the biggest day of Samantha and William’s life, but he has no idea what’s in store. His new bride has arranged a gift he will never forget for their wedding night - and her best friend’s husband, a muscular stud who knows how to really satisfy a woman, is just the man to oblige…
Into the Wet by Jerry Coker Into the Wet by Sep. 04, 2015 $6.99 166697 words Sample 20%
The spring/summer of 1942 bore little good news for the Allies. The Japanese Army steamrolled south, poising at the doorstep of Australia. In a surprising turn that lifts the Allied spirits and captures the American press, U.S. Marines land and hold Guadalcanal despite a brutal onslaught of fresh Japanese forces. For the first time, the press reported, the enemy stopped.
Gardener’s Guide to the Cucumber by Abe Edwards Gardener’s Guide to the Cucumber by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 15756 words Sample 20%
Growing cucumbers in the vegetable garden is easier than you might think. Fresh cucumbers provide a tasty vegetable treat for the table and excellent addition to salads. Pickled cucumbers extend the eating season for the cucumber well into winter, as well.
Unexpected Perks (Two Erotic Short Stories) by Susan Hart Unexpected Perks (Two Erotic Short Stories) by Sep. 04, 2015 $4.50 8347 words Sample 20%
A Sexy Tip For The Pizza Guy -- Short staffed and on the night of the full moon, the pizza delivery guy has the night of his life when he makes several sexy deliveries.cStretched At The Bachelorette Party, is about a maid of honor planning a bachelorette party for someone she doesn’t like; and it’s only when the party gets started that things begin to get a whole lot better.
The Shadow Constant by AJ Scudiere The Shadow Constant by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 129226 words Sample 20%
An old plantation house, schematics for a mysterious machine, and people willing to kill for it. Should they have ever built it? And who is trying to stop them?
Fiachra's Druid Prince by Brenda Williamson Fiachra's Druid Prince by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.99 16763 words Sample 15%
Fiachra and Bowen's disappearance will start a battle between two clans that only be stopped if she and Bowen return to Kerne.
Thanking Daddy (Daddy Daughter Erotica, Taboo Erotica) by Shelly Pasia Thanking Daddy (Daddy Daughter Erotica, Taboo Erotica) by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 5153 words Sample 20%
She knows she can handle herself in her filthy neighborhood. Her step father taught her well, but this time, she is overpowered and outnumbered. Will daddy save her and when he does, what happens next? Brenda can only hope that he comes really fast or she will be in big trouble.
Cleaning Daddy’s Mess (Daddy Daughter Erotica, Taboo Erotica) by Shelly Pasia Cleaning Daddy’s Mess (Daddy Daughter Erotica, Taboo Erotica) by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 5161 words Sample 20%
Michael is running for senate and things seems to be going well. He is not as blind as last time when he lost so badly that he was sent to a hospital. And he is leading, but then again a past starts coming after him and he knows what it will do to him. His family helps, however.
MT Headed Things To Be Vindicated: Volume 2 by MT Danielson MT Headed Things To Be Vindicated: Volume 2 by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 10178 words Sample 20%
MT Headed Things To Be Vindicated, Volume 2 is yet another collection of 50 random thoughts culled from my brain. Enjoy!
O Aprendiz do Arquimago by Michael Iora O Aprendiz do Arquimago by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 124821 words Sample 20%
No mundo de Herannon os chamados “heróis” nem sempre são dignos de tal título e às vezes são tão perturbados e cruéis quanto seus inimigos. Mesmo quando a amargura de um guerreiro é tão forte quando o braço que empunha a espada, ou o poder arcano de um mago é tão intenso quanto seu ódio, são realizadas façanhas lendárias – e se elas culminam em algo Bom, pode ser por mero acaso.
Rewarding Daddy  (Taboo Erotica, Daddy Daughter Erotica) by Shelly Pasia Rewarding Daddy (Taboo Erotica, Daddy Daughter Erotica) by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 5148 words Sample 20%
Tiana is supposed to be a good girl, and she tries so hard, but things keep going wrong. But she is not the only one; her step father also needs a stroke of good luck. He needs it more than she does as a matter of fact and she suddenly realizes she can help.
Termination: The Eugenics Agenda by Chris Deggs Termination: The Eugenics Agenda by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.00 64020 words Sample 20%
A passenger jet crashes in the peaceful English countryside. Secret documents on board go missing, along with Lisa Parton, the air crash investigator.
Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World by Janice Ladendorf Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World by Sep. 04, 2015 $6.95 41902 words Sample 15%
Discover the answer to three questions. What did the Mexican vaqueros contribute to the foundations of western horsemanship? What kind of horses did the Conquistadors bring with them from Spain? What happened to the Spanish horses after they reached North and South America?
The Broken Court by Denny B. Reese The Broken Court by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.99 42240 words Sample 10%
They call her Selene. All they have told her so far is that she is a warlock, Tarin is her teacher, and Lord Naruze owns the estate. She is put to work as one of the house keepers until Tarin has time to teach the magic that she has forgotten, but the more that she learns about the people that care for her, the more she suspects that she is not the person they claim.
Die Eden-Seuche by David VanDyke Die Eden-Seuche by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.99 69042 words Sample 20%
Als Veteran Daniel Markis eine mysteriöse Frau zusammen mit bewaffneten Eindringlingen in seinem Haus vorfindet und alles schiefläuft, wendet er sich an seine Waffenbrüder, um zurückzuschlagen. Auf der Flucht vor einer undurchsichtigen Firma findet er sich im Kampf um den Besitz eines gentechnologischen Rätsels wieder, das den Fortbestand der ganzen Welt bedroht.
As Seis Coisas Que Você Tem Que Fazer Para Ter Uma Saúde Fenomenal by Dr. Adolfo Duarte As Seis Coisas Que Você Tem Que Fazer Para Ter Uma Saúde Fenomenal by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 9273 words Sample 20%
É comum vermos, em muitas mídias, uma infinidade de informações sobre como emagrecer, prevenir doenças, tratar enfermidades e ter saúde. Parte destas informações é boa e, infelizmente, outra grande parte ou é incorreta ou passeia por grandes excessos.
The Airbag by Vivid Mind The Airbag by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 5532 words Sample 20%
A paranormal and extreme horror short story about a woman who, after suffering whiplash and concussion, begins to have psychic visions of horrific and terrible things her friend has been doing to many women. As she tries to escape his clutches, matters escalate when he realises she can see his past, present and future. Who tries to rescue her? Do they succeed and what happens to the killer?
A Haunting Remembrance Book II by B.G. Sawyer A Haunting Remembrance Book II by Sep. 04, 2015 $7.99 42226 words Sample 15%
The author of A Haunting Remembrance Book I invites you to continue to explore with her the horrors of coming of age in a home oppressed by malevolent spirits. A Haunting Remembrance Book II continues where the first book ended, with the author attempting to take control of the paranormal nightmare playing out daily in the lives of her and Fern.
Billionaire Romance: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE (Book One) by Violet Walker Billionaire Romance: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE (Book One) by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 10041 words Read a sample
★★★★★ "POWERFUL! Violet Walker creates an intensely romantic world for young and old alike. A place where there is darkness and light, love and hope, and if you dare to go there you will never want to leave."
Poetizando by Deisi Porto Poetizando by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 8602 words Sample 20%
O poeta é aquele que filtra através da fina nuvem de fumaça que se descortina diante do cotidiano. Assim, poetizar é a arte de reconstruir com palavras a beleza de cada dia, a normalidade da rotina, a leveza do amor.
Liver Cleanse with Coffee Enemas by Simon Benjamin Liver Cleanse with Coffee Enemas by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 1967 words Sample 20%
Simon Benjamin was very sick. After doing some research, he changed his diet and started doing coffee enemas. In this e-book, Simon recounts his journey trying to improve his liver's health using coffee enemas. Find out what happened.
Outro Deus Para Ospithos by Saibreira Júnior Outro Deus Para Ospithos by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 52083 words Sample 20%
Um nome estranho como Espite designa uma extensa freguesia com mais de 800 anos, entre Ourém, a cujo concelho pertence, e Leiria, a sede da sua diocese, fazendo geograficamente com estas duas cidades um triângulo.
Shadows in a Library Corner by A.E. Spangler Shadows in a Library Corner by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 5233 words Sample 20%
Teresa, a student going about her studies in an old corner of the university library is suprised to discover one night that her seat comes with some unusal properties, including a strange visitor with a deft touch and a very persuasive tongue. After Teresa is seduced she finds herself pulled down into an eerie mirror world of shadows until she falls back on her own skill and experience to escape.
Trade by Delores Swallows Trade by Sep. 04, 2015 $1.99 5673 words Sample 20%
When Ray brought up the subject of swinging, Denise thought he was suggesting she no longer satisfied his needs. But when he explained he’d been obsessed with the idea of wife-swapping for years, she did a little on-line research and realised the idea of it was giving her a warm feeling, too. Neither of them wanted a different life-partner, but maybe a short-term trade could be a lot of fun…
You Have To Think Positively (A Pair Of Fantasy Short Stories) by Susan Hart You Have To Think Positively (A Pair Of Fantasy Short Stories) by Sep. 04, 2015 $4.50 9558 words Sample 20%
Radiation Can Really Mess Things Up, is a classic Sci-Fi story about what happens when you aren’t monitoring the site of a nuclear disaster like Chernobyl, quite closely enough. We Must Increase Our Bust, is about a woman who feels she is perpetually skinny, no matter how hard she tries to bulk up at the gym.
A Sane Tear by Rabie Soubra A Sane Tear by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 15550 words Sample 20%
Based on true events, this is the story of Jacques, his journey into madness and his discovery of love in the most an expected manner
Breaking the Fall by Lisa Sachs Breaking the Fall by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 62201 words Sample 10%
Breaking the Fall opens as Sherry Berger, a therapist on the northwest side of Chicago, contemplates how to reconcile her apparently middle class life with the life and death emergencies of her clients. Sherry has secrets of her own and she hopes that these secrets won’t impact her ability to help her clients.
The Right Triangle by Mike Bozart The Right Triangle by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 1821 words Read a sample
The author (future Agent 33) visits the infamous knowhere [sic] San Francisco bar (in the Outer Sunset district), Sidle on N, yet again in September of 1992. There, the Amerasian bartender, Dash, tells him about his uber-smart friend's plan for a memorable 'soaring' experience. Dash tells the author that he will film the spectacle. On a Sunday evening in October the bizarre 'stunt' takes place.
The Beast - The First in the Fairytales for Modern Times Trilogy by Sadie Miller The Beast - The First in the Fairytales for Modern Times Trilogy by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 15342 words Sample 20%
“I know you must have heard stories about me. They aren’t true. Well, not all of them.” Zoë Fields is running from her past and Forest Pines looks like the perfect place to get lost. But Forest Pines has a secret. Beau’s family has owned Forest Pines for generations. He doesn’t like strangers and his mansion on the hill has kept them out for years. But he hadn’t counted on Zoë Fields.
A Walk through Winter by Shannon Buchbach A Walk through Winter by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.49 73866 words Sample 20%
Lance is tormented by his recent divorce from Amanda, blaming himself for their troubles having let go of his relationship with God. He is now on the messy road to rediscovering God's grace and mercy in the midst of pain. Lance must walk the arduous journey of healing amidst difficult business decisions and family criticism.
Resurrection Day by Bill K. Underwood Resurrection Day by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 32873 words Sample 20%
This is the weirdest, best day of Steve's life. A middle-aged man who died late in the old world, Steve is now alive, young, healthy, and just beginning to understand what life can really be like, as the earth is slowly being rebuilt into a paradise. Follow Steve's first day of impressions of this new world, as he gets answers to his questions, including what happened to the old one.
Christmas Dinner Party Games by John Jester Christmas Dinner Party Games by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 5690 words Read a sample
Tired of the same old Christmas games being dusted off every year? Fed up with the same person winning the quiz board games? Stuck trying to find a way to keep the family entertained? Well, its time to liven up your Christmas dinner with Christmas Dinner Party Games. Full of fun challenges, quizzes and family games, you are sure to have the best Christmas dinner party ever.
Quantitative Aptitude - Crash Course by Abhishek Verma Quantitative Aptitude - Crash Course by Sep. 04, 2015 $1.29 102889 words Sample 10%
This is a book on Quantitative Aptitude and will be used by candidates appearing for various competitive exams such as SNAP, MAT, CET, IRMA, ATMA, IBSAT, Bank PO, Campus Recruitment, PSU Competitive Exams, etc.
Irontop Gym of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Afra Zaman Irontop Gym of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 9548 words Sample 20%
Wilson Tipper opens up new markets for the Irontop Gym chain of male fitness centers. He's an openly gay man, so he knew moving to Saudi Arabia would entail some compromises and more than a little risk. But when he finally does open, virtually no one signs up! Until one outrageous Saudi prince and his bodyguard come in, and end up getting serviced by Wilson's alpha-loving mouth...
My Billionaire Stepbrother 2 (Forbidden Romance) by L.E. Joyce My Billionaire Stepbrother 2 (Forbidden Romance) by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 7871 words Sample 10%
"Hiding, lying, sneaking—that’s what people do when they're doing something wrong. There is nothing wrong with Bran and I loving each other. My stomach turns. But if Margaret still holds my reigns, what choice do I have? Hide and lie, or live without Bran?"
Brazilians Downlow by Hector Bugarro Brazilians Downlow by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 12326 words Sample 20%
Gary is an American businessman who has come to Brazil on vacation, and he hopes to get laid by some hot chicks while he's there. But a chance encounter with a macho taxi driver sends him down a different path. Though women abound, he finds himself crossing sexual boundaries he never thought he'd cross, and even the sexually adventurous Brazilian Flavio is astonished by what comes next!
Christians Wanted by VC Edwards Christians Wanted by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 5187 words Sample 15%
There is no shortage of jobs for you, if you are a Christian, but you must search for jobs different than advised by today’s secular experts, in order to find them. “Christians Wanted” shows you what to look for in your search. Discover the Christian advantage, not only to find quality work, but to make a difference for Christ.
The Irontop Gym of Rio de Janeiro by Hector Bugarro The Irontop Gym of Rio de Janeiro by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 9167 words Sample 20%
Wilson Tipper opens the first Irontop Gym in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As he always does, he stumbles on a bunch of muscle-bound gym rats who don't mind a little downlow action, and Wilson is only too happy to oblige. The legendary sun-soaked hunks of Brazil start off with a game of Soggy Biscuit that they push Wilson into joining in on.
Clothes Make the Man: Shredder by Hector Bugarro Clothes Make the Man: Shredder by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 8798 words Sample 20%
Ricky is a sexy Puerto Rican gym rat, who loves wearing shredders -- those sleeveless t-shirts with a partially open side. They're simple, comfortable and make sure everyone can see the fantastic body he spends so much time sculpting. When Ricky makes a new friend at the gym, he doesn't know what he's in for!