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More Than a Suit: John by J.D. Walker More Than a Suit: John by June 30, 2016 $2.99 12580 words Sample 20%
John DeWitt loves men and sex, as well as his job with EnerGen International. Wei Pearce, club owner and judgmental prick extraordinaire, thinks John’s just a brainless slut who’ll do anything to get it up the ass. John has to prove to Wei that he’s wrong about him, and when he does, sparks fly in the best way possible, burning through their barriers to create something unexpected.
Can’t Buy His Love by J.D. Walker Can’t Buy His Love by June 30, 2016 $2.99 12731 words Sample 20%
Wheeler Ridley is attracted to relationship-phobic daycare owner, Gregory Wang. Which is funny, since Wheeler usually avoids commitment like the plague. Wheeler despairs of making any progress, until he saves a child’s life. Suddenly, Gregory sees him with new eyes. Together, they work to forge a new beginning for both of them: one man learning how to open his heart, the other, how to let love in.
Of Paws and Pet Rocks by J.D. Walker Of Paws and Pet Rocks by June 30, 2016 $1.99 12333 words Sample 20%
Barry Dunning is a lonely pet groomer and painter of rocks. He’s been burned badly by an ex-boyfriend who left him with tons of debt. Then Sheldon Svenson, the owner of the animal shelter where Barry volunteers on weekends, asks him out on a date. It ends badly, but Sheldon pursues Barry and convinces him to give them another chance. Maybe this time, they’ll get it right.
Morris & Dickson Co. Since 1841: The Story of an Enduring Family Business by Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald Morris & Dickson Co. Since 1841: The Story of an Enduring Family Business by June 30, 2016 $16.95 157142 words Sample 10%
Once a main-street shopfront dispensing tonics, Morris & Dickson Co. of Shreveport now competes with the major players in pharmaceutical distribution. Since 1841 presents an in-depth case study of a family business that has weathered wars, fires, recessions, and the sudden death of four chief executives. How did it survive? By grit, gumption, and the loyalty of its extended business family.
Your A Game: winning promo for genre fiction by Damon Suede Your A Game: winning promo for genre fiction by June 30, 2016 $8.99 143670 words Sample 10%
Your A Game is a guide to genre fiction promotion built around the idea that playing to win should be fun for everyone involved. Rather than dictating cookie-cutter instructions, the book is structured as a chooseable adventure which examines the unique challenges of genre promo and proposes a strategy of authentic engagement and participation for long-term career success.
Good Vibrations by J.T. Marie Good Vibrations by June 30, 2016 $1.99 8855 words Sample 20%
When Kiersten’s vibrator, the PleasureWand 3000, almost electrocutes her, it’s time for a new toy. She stops by a local shop to pick up a replacement, where Amy introduces her to the Genie 500. It’s Amy’s favorite, and she’s more than ready to give Kiersten a demo to prove her point. Can her sales pitch change Kiersten’s mind? Will the Genie really make all Kiersten’s dreams come true?
Damsel in Distress by J.T. Marie Damsel in Distress by June 30, 2016 $1.99 11546 words Sample 20%
Angie notices the cute cashier at RVA Burgers, and is a little intimidated by Christina’s flirting. She retreats to the restroom to build up her courage, and she's in the stall when Christina come in. But someone else enters, too -- a man who, unaware they aren't alone, assaults Christina at gun point. Will Angie be able to help a damsel in distress ... and maybe win the girl in the end, too?
The Quran Code by Mustafa Pehlivan The Quran Code by June 30, 2016 $3.00 36030 words Sample 30%
This book teaches how to obtain spiritual ranks and powers and also provides predictions regarding future events from the secrets of hidden miraclous Quran codes which have not been noticed in anyway before. With these aspects, it will shock the reader.
Tournament of the Dead by C. Mahood Tournament of the Dead by June 30, 2016 Free! 9508 words Read a sample
A base book for anyone interested in the "Tournament of the Dead" project. http://ch6280.wix.com/tournamentofthedead
Star-Eater Chronicles Trilogy. Volume 1 The Edge of the Galaxy by Dennis E. Smirl Star-Eater Chronicles Trilogy. Volume 1 The Edge of the Galaxy by June 30, 2016 $4.99 102050 words Sample 10%
Book 1 of the Star-Eater Chronicles Trilogy. (A combined volume of the first FOUR novellas) The year is 2452, Seth Gingko is one of a thousand MacCollie Survey-Scouts sent out to map the galaxy. As he finally reaches the very edge of his assigned spiral arm, he finishes his contract and prepares to take ownership of the ship he'd been using. That's Seth's payment for his five years of service.
Hotwife Tales: Darcy by C.K. Ralston Hotwife Tales: Darcy by June 30, 2016 $3.95 49828 words Sample 20%
Darcy and Julian Roper met in college; she was a student and he was a professor. He had stayed strictly away from her while class was still meeting, but at the end of the semester—since she technically not his student anymore—he didn’t see anything wrong with asking her to have a cup of coffee with him. And she hadn’t seen a thing wrong about it either...
A Perfectly Good Man by Amanda Hamm A Perfectly Good Man by June 30, 2016 $2.99 50336 words Sample 20%
The third book in the Coffee and Donuts series finds Heidi facing some important decisions.
Gondell's Quest - Book 1 - Destiny - Free Sampler Edition by Andy Lang Gondell's Quest - Book 1 - Destiny - Free Sampler Edition by June 30, 2016 Free! 73449 words Read a sample
Read the first 20 chapters for free. An epic adventure into the world as it was before the rise of man. A story that races from deep and inhospitable deserts to the frozen lands of the north, from the high seas to the highest mountain peaks. A titanic struggle between the forces of good and evil. A story of friendships forged and loyalty won, strategies revealed, deception, fear and doom.
Set's Assassin Book One: Entombed by J. C. Lyndon Set's Assassin Book One: Entombed by June 30, 2016 $3.99 101371 words Sample 30%
Set's Assassin is the first book in a series of three planned novels, that follows Sinway through all of his trials and tribulations. This story is filled with love, laughter and loathing, and should provide the reader with a wonderful experience.
Vessel of Abaddon by Christopher Hamel Vessel of Abaddon by June 30, 2016 $1.00 3540 words Sample 5%
In a world he once knew, Joel finds himself in the middle of a ruined world. Random piles of debris lay scattered. as if by some invisible hand, used a broom to sweep them into a corner. There is no life. Until he hears clickity-clack of horses' hoofs, the presence of celestial beings, and the destroyer that sleeps inside him.
Trekking in Nepal: Introduction and Packing List by Kirsty Bennetts Trekking in Nepal: Introduction and Packing List by June 30, 2016 Free! 8768 words Read a sample
This booklet is one of a series of downloadable giveaways from Kathmandu & Beyond. The series deals with trekking in Nepal and is based on the author’s own trekking experiences and covers the following routes: Annapurna Foothills, Annapurna Base Camp , Around Annapurna, Upper Mustang, Everest Base Camp, and Gokyo Lake.
Cure Tooth Decay! : Get the Fast and Easy Tips to Avoid the Agonizing Pains of Tooth Cavity Trouble and Totally Dismiss Any Form of Periodontitis Onset Today! by Stephanie Ridd Cure Tooth Decay! : Get the Fast and Easy Tips to Avoid the Agonizing Pains of Tooth Cavity Trouble and Totally Dismiss Any Form of Periodontitis Onset Today! by June 30, 2016 $4.99 6918 words Sample 20%
It is no secret that in the field of dentistry, the issue of pain is typically a major concern …as its fear is very high; as a matter of fact, lots of people deliberately refuse to visit a dentist until their pain gets out of control! Thus, forcing them to visit their dentist because they no more choice! Besides that, several persons are intimidated by the dental chair and the numbing shots...
Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude by Kennie Kayoz Diaries From The Field - Chapter 3 - Holy Shit Dude by June 30, 2016 Free! 915 words Read a sample
Follow my journey into a third chapter that your not going to believe... HOLY SHIT DUDE
Hooked by Ashley V. Hooked by June 30, 2016 Free! 63810 words Read a sample
It's a love/hate thing now, the two of them. They get strung out on each other, just like they get strung out on the drugs. Sometimes they don't see each other for days or weeks, but she always comes back. And he's always waiting. He loves her because she needs it, and she loves him because he has it. But he hates her for keeping him tied to the business, and she hates him for getting her hooked
Genres of Love: Expansion of the Heart by Willa Robinson Genres of Love: Expansion of the Heart by June 30, 2016 $1.99 15418 words Sample 20%
The Star-Eater Chronicles 8: The Ark of Humanity by Dennis E. Smirl The Star-Eater Chronicles 8: The Ark of Humanity by June 30, 2016 $2.99 25577 words Sample 20%
It was all going so well... Seth Gingko has the fastest ship in the galaxy. He has a mate, Carol, and a baby daughter, Weiss. He has a plan to re-invent the Human species... not bad considering he was the one who's idea all but destroyed it. Unfortunately, Carol is at death's door... Running out of ideas, Seth sets course for the Ark. What can go wrong? Yeah, we’ve asked that question before...
Healing the Hurt: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance by Jill Loree Healing the Hurt: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance by June 30, 2016 $3.99 32393 words Sample 20%
The work of healing our fractured inner selves takes a little finesse, a lot of stick-to-it-iveness, and the skilled help of someone who has gone down this road before. Now, with Healing the Hurt, everyone can understand the important skills needed by a Helper to assure Workers find what they’re looking for.
Storm Princess by M. Garnet Storm Princess by June 30, 2016 $4.99 53905 words Sample 20%
If a woman finds a way to break out a prison on one world, why does it seem that she creates another world’s prison to lock her heart into?
Source of Deviance: Stay Home and Play with Me by Candace Mia Source of Deviance: Stay Home and Play with Me by June 30, 2016 $0.99 1177 words Sample 20%
Why do all the older guys have to go to work? Can't they see she wants to play?
The Shadow Twin and The Vampire by Jon Herrera The Shadow Twin and The Vampire by June 30, 2016 $2.99 108407 words Sample 20%
Master Vampire Wilhem Walengrave spends his nights in Fort Worth, Texas chasing down Rogue Supernaturals and working on his relationships. Among the Rogues he chases down are a Vampire Ninja, a female flasher, and a Bruja. He continues to have problems with the Elf Goddess Desiara and his long time Vampire companion Kilestra.
Whispers of Lioberty by Heidi Sprouse Whispers of Lioberty by June 30, 2016 $5.99 83550 words Sample 10%
Charlotte Ross, by her own admission, is a history geek. When trips over her own feet and falls into the middle of the American Revolution, she finds being a modern girl fitting into the 18th century isn’t so hard...then she meets Benjamin.
The Weatherford Trial by John Janovy, Jr. The Weatherford Trial by June 30, 2016 $3.99 72872 words Sample 20%
Geology prof Charlie Weatherford is arrested for murder of a colleague who’s maybe solved the problem of making big earthquakes occur on purpose with fracking techniques. Connie Bergen, attorney for the company supporting Weatherford for proprietary access to research, is sent to defend him. The trial brings out the deadly potential of scientifically illiterate men in high places.
Atom by L J Hick Atom by June 30, 2016 $3.99 85516 words Sample 20%
Louise has fallen in love with Felstar, the new man in town, but her son, Scott, hates him. Actually, everyone in Atom hates Felstar. Sheriff Newell thinks that Felstar is a serial killer because someone has developed a taste for the townsfolk of Atom. The fingers of suspicion are pointing firmly at Felstar and he intends to do an awful lot more than just point back.
The Known Soldier by Dylan Flynn The Known Soldier by June 30, 2016 $0.99 66648 words Sample 30%
A war mystery with a crazy twist.
The Jackals of Sundown (A Bear Haskell Western Book 2) by Peter Brandvold The Jackals of Sundown (A Bear Haskell Western Book 2) by June 30, 2016 $2.99 49260 words Sample 20%
US Marshal, Bear Haskell has been assigned to throw the cuffs on a notoriously mysterious and slippery-as-hell regulator named Jack Hyde whose cunning and devious methods of killing has gotten him dubbed “the Jackal.” As the bodies pile up on the west Texas desert, Haskell finds himself rethinking not only who Jack Hyde might be riding for, and why he’s killing, but also just who he really is.
Gun Trouble in Diamondback (A Bear Haskell Western Book 1) by Peter Brandvold Gun Trouble in Diamondback (A Bear Haskell Western Book 1) by June 30, 2016 $2.99 43213 words Sample 20%
Meet Bear Haskell, former union war hero, former Pinkerton agent, current deputy United States marshal, and lover of some repute. Bear rides into town to find out who killed town marshal Lou Cameron of Diamondback. Cameron and Haskell fought alongside each other in the War of Southern Rebellion, and Haskell wants justice for his old friend. Danger, excitement and lust abound in this premier book.
Presence In Relationship by Susan Groves Presence In Relationship by June 30, 2016 $2.99 46731 words Sample 10%
Susan Groves takes the respected form of Core Process Psychotherapy out of the therapy room and into everyday life. Always accessible to the reader, she suggests that Core Process can address the malaise in relationship which is so prevalent in the western world. Core process was an early pioneer of mindfulness practice, long before it became a widely accepted, mainstream psychological tool.
Awesome Truths: Confessions of a Believer by LadyAGlobal Awesome Truths: Confessions of a Believer by June 30, 2016 $5.99 9131 words Sample 20%
Awesome Truths is an interactive book journeying to the mind of God.
El hombre que lloraba en un banco - Siete relatos de una crisis sin paliativos by Carmen Cuenca El hombre que lloraba en un banco - Siete relatos de una crisis sin paliativos by June 30, 2016 $3.00 22118 words Sample 10%
¿Puede una crisis económica despojarnos incluso de nuestra identidad? En estos siete relatos las vidas de los personajes se cruzan durante un mismo día formando un laberinto de emociones perfectamente entrelazadas. Un amasijo de sentimientos que, al ser evocados en cada relato, se convierte en un grito desgarrador al que el lector no permanece indiferente.
The Stargate Source Code X1 by V Bertolaccini The Stargate Source Code X1 by June 30, 2016 Free! 51405 words Read a sample
An action-packed thriller of mind-bending alien encounters in Antarctic regions! A voyager/entity of colossal magnitude/origins crashes in the Antarctic and Russian intelligence agencies uncover it near an American ice station, and astronauts crash at Mars's Antarctica when they encounter an unidentified force/voyager that has been waiting on their arrival since the beginning of the universe!
Los Malos Están Aquí by Elmer Ruddenskjrik Los Malos Están Aquí by June 30, 2016 $3.00 22568 words Sample 20%
Dos relatos ambientados en el mundo de la novela Elangel Pulois.
In Need of Repair by Lizzie Ashworth In Need of Repair by June 30, 2016 Free! 12059 words Read a sample
Samantha Hunt only has three weeks left before her deadline. Then the noise starts--air compressor, hammering, table saw. She marches out of her garage apartment and confronts Mr. Biceps, lord over the chaos wrecking her concentration. She should know better when he offers her use of his house so she can pursue her project in quiet.
Unendliche Märchen by Branislav Rybar Unendliche Märchen by June 30, 2016 $3.99 10150 words Sample 30%
Wir bringen Ihnen ein neues Buch, das Sie in die Welt der vergessenen Wesen der Weiden, Wälder und Felder führt. Die Wesen der Luft und des Wassers erzählen Ihnen uralte Wahrheiten und lehren Sie über Sachen, die die Meisten schon vergessen haben. Die Wesen der Wälder erinnern Sie an ihre große Rolle in der Natur und die Geschichten über Tiere zwingen viele zum Nachdenken.
Sex on the Road by Mary Suzanne Sex on the Road by June 30, 2016 $2.99 7275 words Sample 5%
Jackson Grant realized his youthful indiscretions had finally come back to haunt him. When his wife, Tosha, wanted to attend a concert by two of her favorite performers, Jackson feared going might open up a door to his sordid past. His memories were ones he didn’t want to share. Who doesn’t dream of life on the road with rock stars and a life of unlimited sex?
Mature Delight - 5 Woman of the House Stories by Cheri Verset Mature Delight - 5 Woman of the House Stories by June 30, 2016 $6.99 31704 words Sample 10%
This bundle contains 5 hot stories featuring mothers and stepsons. 31,000 words
Coming Out To Jesus by Matt Stratton Coming Out To Jesus by June 30, 2016 $3.99 20550 words Sample 15%
As humans we have struggles, as Christian's we have struggles, but have you ever thought about the struggles you may face being a Christian and being gay? To some this is a situation that many do not think about and for individuals that do think about it, they face the abuse that other Christian's can put you in while practicing your faith and trying to be true to yourself.
The Slyburn Girl and Leonard by John M. Williams The Slyburn Girl and Leonard by June 30, 2016 $5.99 45579 words Sample 20%
In The Slyburn Girl, Reuel finds Nedra, a Lunakolb Girl and a kindred spirit in a depraved world. In Leonard, the title character gives an ordinary young man the gift of stopping and re-starting time in exchange for eliminating a mysterious character he calls Traveler.
Skyjackers - Episode 5: Beaten to the Punch by J.C. Staudt Skyjackers - Episode 5: Beaten to the Punch by June 30, 2016 $0.99 16989 words Sample 20%
The Caine family makes a public appearance; Jonathan takes a new post; Vivian meets someone; Misty reigns supreme; an individual from Poleax's past is looking for him.
The Accidental Cannibal by Dale Rutter The Accidental Cannibal by June 30, 2016 $1.99 92449 words Sample 20%
Shortage of food. Needs must and Samuel becomes a cannibal without knowing it. Not only that, once discovered, it becomes an addiction but there is benefits amidst the dire consequences. Abilities. Samuel, however is tormented; is cannibalism right? But if he quit, would he still have abilities? Add in another powered cannibal who has big bad plans for the world and it soon begins to complicate...
Escape from Endeavor by Daniel A. Jones Escape from Endeavor by June 30, 2016 $0.99 97531 words Sample 20%
Escape from Endeavor is a classic science fiction story set on a distant planet similar to Earth. A world where science has met magic and lost, where evil has triumphed over good and the few remaining human inhabitants struggle to hold onto what little humanity they have left. Escape from Endeavor is book one of the Children of the Rift series.
Stargate Atlantis SGX-05 - The Wild Blue by Melissa Scott Stargate Atlantis SGX-05 - The Wild Blue by June 30, 2016 $3.99 38168 words Sample 20%
When their friend, Mel Hocken, goes missing during a reconnaissance flight over the mountains, Ronon and Zelenka find themselves leading a search and rescue mission instead... Tracking Hocken into the deep Wild Blue mine, they discover a dangerous and suspicious people for whom the war with the Wraith is far from over...
Intern by Arabella Stark Intern by June 30, 2016 $2.99 5365 words Sample 20%
Nancy is the Marketing Manager for a Tech company. When her team falls ill, and her job is on the line, she is forced to join the hot black male intern in a tight, intimate costume. Things get hot and heavy quickly, and they soon find their bodies betraying them. Will Nancy be able to control her lust, or will they give in to their desires and please each other in front of their colleagues.
Mere Alfaaz by OnlineGatha Mere Alfaaz by June 30, 2016 $1.00 1564 words
फोजी लिखता है अपनी पत्नी को शहादत पाने से पहले जब पता होता है उसको उसकी शहादत तय है। मुजरिम हूँ मैं तेरा, जो तेरा साथ ना निभा सका... कर के तुझसे विवाह, वो कसमे ना मै निभा सका... फर्ज से हूँ मैं मजबूर, जो आखिरी लम्हो मे हूँ तुझसे दूर...... दुआ करना खुदा से, जब मौत आए तो कम ना हो मेरे चेहरे का नूर... जब आऊ मै शहादत के बाद, तो तुम रोना नही... रख लेना मेरी यादों को संभाल तुम उनको खोना नही...
Holiday Cry by Marilyn Countryman Holiday Cry by June 30, 2016 $29.99 44987 words
Late at night, no lights. Wind prosperous slips from the window scratched, leaves plane trees whipped the dark green glass over pressure to keep the moon was forced to make only a faint ray.
A Biography Of Ten Of The Wealthiest Female Entrepreneurs Part Six by Thomas J. Strang A Biography Of Ten Of The Wealthiest Female Entrepreneurs Part Six by June 30, 2016 $1.99 11116 words Sample 20%
This ebook consists of ten female entrepreneurs. The book is part six in a series. The female entrepreneurs are: Athina Onassis Roussel, Benedicta Chamberlain, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba, Chen Ningning, Giuliana Benetton, Kelly Zong, Marguerite Harbert, Nichola Pease, Nina Wang and Slavica Ecclestone.