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Pentacostal Pulpit by Ken Chant Pentacostal Pulpit by Oct. 13, 2015 $4.99 45148 words Sample 20%
I have not written this book, I hasten to say, to encourage three-hour sermons (we do well today to hold the interest of a congregation for thirty minutes). But preachers might at least learn how to end a sermon with the congregation yearning for more, rather than wishing it were less!
Final DIET BOOK You'll EVER Need to Buy: 24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Results by Teresa Mathis Final DIET BOOK You'll EVER Need to Buy: 24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Results by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 5435 words Read a sample
The “Final Diet Book You’ll Ever Need to Buy: 24 slim down steps for everlasting results,” is a treasure trove of diet information in a terse and succinct form. It covers most everything in a capsule style: why diet, how to diet, and what choices you have today. It is also motivational to help you get over your reticence and procrastination because you haven’t believed in dieting before.
MTW by thesolodawg MTW by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 0 words Read a sample
making teams work
Grieve 2015 by Hunter Writers Centre Grieve 2015 by Oct. 13, 2015 $5.00 55799 words Sample 15%
An anthology of 138 stories selected by the judges of the Hunter Writer's Centre Grieve Writing Competition in honour of Grief Awareness month (August).
Paleo Diet: Release the Power of the Paleo Diet! Make Your Waist Slim, Get More Energy, and Change Your Life for the Better. by Linda Stone Paleo Diet: Release the Power of the Paleo Diet! Make Your Waist Slim, Get More Energy, and Change Your Life for the Better. by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 5343 words Read a sample
The modern diet that most westerners eat is not health in any way, and leads to dietary deficiencies and other diseases. Paleo followers believe that the key to optimum health is to regress our eating habits back to the time when our lives were simpler. Here we'll give you the basics of the paleo principals and some suggestions on how to follow them, even if you're out at a restaurant!
A Moral Dilemma by Zara Kingsley A Moral Dilemma by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 78418 words Sample 15%
A Moral Dilemma is a British romantic comedy that will make you laugh out loud! Anyone who enjoys Chick Lit will love this!
Guide d'accueil de votre nouveau chat by Morgan laVieDesChats.com Guide d'accueil de votre nouveau chat by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 4949 words Read a sample
Pour installer au mieux votre nouveau chat chez vous, voici les conseils de base. LaVieDesChats.com vous donne les astuces pour mettre très vite à l'aise votre chat sur son nouveau territoire.
Adventures of the Nurse - Part. 01 by Sabibrav Adventures of the Nurse - Part. 01 by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 3026 words Sample 30%
She is a health visitor. But she finds herself in the situations that are not in her job descriptions. 18+ only!!! Including lesbianism, soft BDSM.
The Keepers of the Persian Gate by Sydney Maurice The Keepers of the Persian Gate by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 75869 words Read a sample
Legal and Spy Action Thriller: The story follows Captain Paddy Trimble of the British Army, who after heading an investigation which leads to the arrest of a rogue nuclear scientist, decides to retrain as a clandestine lawyer.
Grandmother's Cookbook, Preserves & Pickles, Authentic Antique Recipes from 100+ Years Ago by Mimi Riser Grandmother's Cookbook, Preserves & Pickles, Authentic Antique Recipes from 100+ Years Ago by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 3467 words Sample 15%
A mouthwatering collection of three dozen genuine old-time recipes for homemade jellies and jams, preserves and pickles, relishes and condiments. Includes: Rhubarb Jam, Carrot Marmalade, Apple Butter, Quince Honey, Cherry Jelly, Cranberry Conserve, Corn Relish, Cabbage Pickle, Mushroom Catsup, and lots more.
The Girl in The Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz The Girl in The Spider's Web by Oct. 13, 2015 $11.99 144217 words Sample 20%
This fall, Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist return in the highly anticipated follow-up to Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. In this adrenaline-charged thriller, genius-hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist face a dangerous new threat and must again join forces.
Immune System  And  Function,  A  Simple  Guide  And  Related Conditions by Kenneth Kee Immune System And Function, A Simple Guide And Related Conditions by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 29623 words Sample 20%
This book describes the disease Immune System and Its Functions. Every human body has an inbuilt immune system which protects it from diseases and germs. TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction 1 Immune System 2 Lymphatic System 3 Function of Lymphatic System 4 Life Cycle of a Lymphocyte 5 More about Immune System 6 Lymphadenitis 7 Lymphoma 8 Tonsillitis 9 Autoimmune Disease Epilogue
knjiga o čovjeku by Nedzad Dzakulic knjiga o čovjeku by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.99 25134 words Sample 20%
Strašno je i pomisliti koliko strma je nizbrdica kojom je krenuo čovjek upravljan životom; da, jer odavno čovjek ne kontroliše svoj život. Ne može ga kontrolisati jer ne zna o sebi ništa.
Surviving  The   Dreaded  Cancer  And  Anti-cancer Tips by Kenneth Kee Surviving The Dreaded Cancer And Anti-cancer Tips by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 16922 words Sample 20%
This book describes the Cancer Survivor and the Post Cancer Recovery or And Anti-Cancer Tips. What You Need to Know to Survive a Cancer and live a full Life. TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Chapter 1 Advice from a Cancer Survivor Chapter 2 Cancer Survivor Chapter 3 Cancer Treatment and Recovery Chapter 4 Cancer Survivor after treatment Chapter 5 Phases of a Cancer Survivor Chapter 6 Anti-Cancer Tips
Oh No, Not Again... by Ofelia Grand Oh No, Not Again... by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 1196 words Read a sample
Tristan has been away for a few days. Even before he steps over the threshold to his cottage, he realises his mistake. He knows how to keep a healthy pet; he has the right cage size, a regular feeding schedule, plenty of playtime…but it's easy to forget. With a heavy heart, he starts cleaning up the mess. Luckily there are new companions to be found. WARNING: This Flash includes gory remains.
Don't Be Sad -Be Happy by baldevbhatia Don't Be Sad -Be Happy by Oct. 13, 2015 $6.99 94045 words Sample 5%
The knowledge gathered through this book will be a morale booster to each and every one that nothing is in their hands except to work hard and harder. That one’s life is predestined and gathered to move in the direction where the planets are positioned and their movement carry specific influence on their lives. This book will definitely be an asset in ascertaining the real facts of life and the d
心坛撷英新版 by yinxin 心坛撷英新版 by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 3177 words Read a sample
应各方同仁恳请,印心宗师兄弟们辛苦搜寻整理,现将多年以来齐老师就有关众多学法之人的佛法答疑整理成册出版,虽然这些资料只是齐老师众多答疑中的很小一部分,且因整理仓促,难免挂一漏万,但滴水知味,希望各位佛弟子勿因易得,便生轻想。当恭敬参学,殷勤自省,则于自己的修行解脱一定可以有所裨益。 普愿一切众生,速开智慧,同成正觉。
Moonshine by Louise Blaydon Moonshine by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.50 51593 words Sample 20%
James O'Hare has made a name for himself - in certain circles - rum-running in Prohibition-era New York, leaving the city for long stretches when his boss requires it. The outlaws and queers of NYC tend to frequent the same places. James thinks he doesn't need anybody, until he meets Kit, a newsboy his friend Steve's brought in off the street, and everything changes.
Muzhik i kamen'(In Russian) by Anna Aleksandrovskaya Muzhik i kamen'(In Russian) by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 27140 words Sample 20%
Главный герой – мужчина, презирающий любовь во всех ее проявлениях. Он считает любовь человеческой слабостью, заблуждением, басней, рассказанной в детстве, и на дух не переносит тех, кто поддался ее власти. Кроме того, живет Гомозов, этот самоуверенный мужчина в особенном городе, где все влюбленные поднимаются в воздух и парят над землей, поэтому упустить их из вида просто невозможно.
Fish Ponds by Owen Jones Fish Ponds by Oct. 13, 2015 $7.99 9547 words Sample 10%
The information in this ebook on various aspects of keeping fish is organised into 17 chapters of about 500-600 words each. I hope that it will interest those who are hoping to make money on line. As an added bonus, I am granting you permission to use the content on your own website or in your own blogs and newsletter, although it is better if you rewrite them in your own words first.
Wannabe A Loser by Appletee Wannabe A Loser by Oct. 13, 2015 $9.95 3178 words Sample 5%
This is a book not only on weight loss, but taking the reader behind the concept of losing weight. It is a combination of mental, discipline, exercise and diet were the one can not be without the other. This is my personal experience on my road to losing weight.
Fangs of the Dragon by David J. West Fangs of the Dragon by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 16577 words Sample 20%
Blessed by a holy man, Porter Rockwell was promised that if he never cut his hair he would not be harmed by bullet nor blade . . . But what if monsters strike with tooth and claw? Well this time might be Port’s last ride . . . Or will he send them crawling back to the abyss? Either way it’s gonna be a helluva fight!
Bless The Child by David J. West Bless The Child by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.99 70643 words Sample 20%
Impelled by a quest for redemption, the man known only as The Spartan finds unholy work in The Holy Land. And work is good, there is no end of service amongst kings and robber barons for a man who sells his sword so well. But blood won’t wash away blood and The Spartan finds himself compelled toward something greater than himself. Bless The Child is a romance of redemption and glory.
Jesień w kolorze miłości by Monika Holyk-Arora Jesień w kolorze miłości by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 3017 words Read a sample
Miłość potrafi eksplodować feerią barw i uczuć niezależnie od pogody panującej wokół nas...
The Inner Circle: Holy Spirit by Cael McIntosh The Inner Circle: Holy Spirit by Oct. 13, 2015 Free! 91478 words Read a sample
I will always love him, although his blood is on my hands. I doubt anyone has ever killed another so close to them as I have. I still feel his throat closing between my fingers. I squeezed. I squeezed and I squeezed.
South Africa - Renaissance or Reformation? by Dr. Peter Hammond South Africa - Renaissance or Reformation? by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.00 51735 words Sample 20%
This positive and practical book shows how ideas have consequences. The inevitable consequences that flow from humanism are very tangible and very tragic. An "Africa Renaissance" which eradicates God and His Law from our society would devalue human life and erode the only possible foundation for true freedom and justice.
Weird Tales of Horror by David J. West Weird Tales of Horror by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.99 82139 words Sample 20%
Like a season of The Twilight Zone these 21 Tales and Poems of Weird Horror span both centuries and continents, but are always disturbingly close!
Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Retribution by Eric Meyer Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Retribution by Oct. 13, 2015 $4.99 78965 words Sample 20%
Afghanistan is a land ripped apart by unending warfare. Inside this seething cauldron of violence, Rafe Stoner, a former Navy SEAL, maintains a precarious existence. His business, selling surplus machinery, is a cover for his real work. Stoner is a gun for hire, and his services are in constant demand. When a CIA agent offers him a small fortune to take on a contract, he smells trouble.
Torment Me by Annabel Joseph Torment Me by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.99 73066 words Sample 10%
Chere, a high-class escort, takes on a mysterious new client who won’t share his name, or even allow her to see what he looks like. Their first session is a headlong tumble into tantalizing sensation and fearsome control that leaves Chere picking up emotional pieces she didn’t know she had. “W” is roughly seductive, and dominant to the core. His demands shock her as much as they turn her on...
Satan's Sorority by Graham Wynd Satan's Sorority by Oct. 13, 2015 $1.49 22280 words Sample 20%
1958: Sandra Delites is packed off to college in Connecticut. Her father thinks a small town university will straighten her out, only he hasn’t reckoned on the sisters of Sigma Tau Nu. Their rites are bloody and the girls are hot – but not for the boys! Halloween will be extra scary this year. Forget black cats, you don’t want one of these sisters to cross your path.
Ivan vs Ivan by Princess S.O. Ivan vs Ivan by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 37836 words Sample 10%
Every man, even saltie bears like Ivan, deserves love... but nobody said it was going to be easy.
Good Investigations by Ben Westerham Good Investigations by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.49 85238 words Sample 15%
David Good, a morally confused and womanising private investigator operating in early 1980s South London, is hired by a ridiculously beautiful blonde to help her fend off the attentions of a serial blackmailer. But he's barely got to grips with the woman's keen sense of self-interest when he stumbles on to something far more unpleasant.
Midnight: Rise of the Black Vampires by MG Hardie Midnight: Rise of the Black Vampires by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 66362 words Sample 10%
15 year-old Amber has all the problems of an average teenager, except she's a vampire. Abilities: None Yet
Redemption Absolute - Holy Ghost School Series 1 by John B. Joseph Redemption Absolute - Holy Ghost School Series 1 by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.00 11923 words Sample 20%
This book offers basic understanding of what the Christ's gospel and the christian faith is all about. It is written as self-training manual to enlighten and broaden your understanding of the saved life, and to make you rich in faith and victorious in life. It is good for personal and group studies. Every new believer in Jesus need this book to grow in faith and go on conquering in life.
Stacked to Death: A Jamie Brodie Mystery by Meg Perry Stacked to Death: A Jamie Brodie Mystery by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 65960 words Sample 15%
When Jamie Brodie finds Austin Sharp dead, strangled in the library stacks, the police have plenty of suspects. When another student is found strangled, the focus of the investigation shifts – both were from the same hometown. Then a third student is found dead. A serial killer is on the loose, and the police send in the elite Homicide Special Unit. And their favorite suspect is Jamie.
The Eat What You Want Stair Diet by Trainer King The Eat What You Want Stair Diet by Oct. 13, 2015 $9.99 7682 words Sample 15%
 The Eat What You Want Stair Diet is designed to meet you where you are. It allows you to still be you yet burn off pounds and pounds of weight. Once you begin the diet you will have much more energy and a clarity fueled by a new desire to go, go, go.
Lily and Mesquite Joe by Kristy McCaffrey Lily and Mesquite Joe by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 12227 words Sample 20%
Ranch hand Mesquite Joe Riordan has always considered Lily Kingston out of reach. As the daughter of a prominent rancher in the Arizona Territory, she’ll one day inherit an empire. When Joe’s past threatens not only himself, but Lily and everything her father has built, he knows he can’t stand by and do nothing. But can he give Lily his heart when he believes she deserves better?
The Crow and the Coyote by Kristy McCaffrey The Crow and the Coyote by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 11589 words Sample 20%
In Arizona Territory, Hannah Dobbin travels through Cañon de Chelly, home to the Navajo, in search of a sorcerer who murdered her pa. Only when she retrieves the silver cross taken from her father's corpse will she be able to free her pa's spirit, and allow him to be at peace. Among the red-rock canyons of the Navajo, Bounty Hunter Jack Boggs aids Hannah Dobbin in a quest to save her pa's soul.
Whispers Out Of The Dust by David J. West Whispers Out Of The Dust by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.99 52424 words Sample 15%
A Haunted Journey Through The Lost American West. Documents spanning centuries relate the story of a forgotten valley brimming with magic, ghosts and evil. Published here for the first time these newly discovered papers grant a rare glimpse of the awful truth about this very real American Nightmare. Join us on a supernatural treasure hunt—but don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Sexy Designs by Desiree Holt Sexy Designs by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 15585 words Sample 20%
Little did Ben Randall know when he hired Grace Traynor to design the décor of the main buildings of Paradise Ranch he would meet the dream woman of his middle years. A refugee from a bad marriage, Grace has been single for twenty years and isn’t looking to hook-up with a man who reminds her of her ex-husband. Can Ben ease her fears and convince her she’s exactly the sexy design he craves?
Seducing Susan (Ladies of the Library series) by Alexis Lusonne Montgomery Seducing Susan (Ladies of the Library series) by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 35399 words Sample 20%
The matriarchs of a small western town are determined to provide suitable marriage candidates for their sons. Their solution? Build a library and hire a librarian. Susan Benjamin has a year contract and a year to decide which Gemstone son to marry. Though grateful she's accepted into the small community, will a relationship with the town’s reclusive widower be her biggest scandal of all?
Betas Unraveled (Lone Wolves Book 3) by Tielle St. Clare Betas Unraveled (Lone Wolves Book 3) by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 37470 words Sample 15%
With the other Lone Wolves partnering up, Random finds himself at a loss with what to do. Teasing the prissy, uptight Cledwyn provides him ample entertainment. Cledwyn values duty and responsibility. Random’s casual attitude about life—and his irritating flirtation—puts Cledwyn’s teeth on edge. When old enemies return, the two Betas must band together to protect their Pack and each other.
Feisty Princess (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Two) by Michelle A. Valentine Feisty Princess (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Two) by Oct. 13, 2015 $0.99 27337 words Sample 10%
Naughty Billionaire Romance Serial. Dirty talking alpha male meets headstrong feisty female!
Never Let Me Sleep (The Melissa Allen Trilogy Book 1) by Jennifer Brozek Never Let Me Sleep (The Melissa Allen Trilogy Book 1) by Oct. 13, 2015 $5.99 53170 words Sample 20%
What would you do if you discovered everyone in your house, on your street, and in your town dead? Then discovered you weren’t alone and what was out there was hunting you? Melissa Allen knows exactly how it feels. With only a voice on the phone for help, she must stop what is happening before the monsters find her. "This is genuine nightmare territory." - Jonathan Maberry, NYT bestselling author
Old Silk Road by Brandon Caro Old Silk Road by Oct. 13, 2015 $9.99 79879 words Sample 20%
Norman “Doc” Rodgers is in a world of pain. A young combat medic in Afghanistan, he’s eager to avenge his father’s death in the World Trade Center and make sense of a new world that feels like it’s fallen to pieces. Haunted by hallucinatory encounters his only solace is a barely concealed addiction to the precious opiates he’s supposed to dole out sparingly to those beyond help.
Christmas at the Zoo by Angela Schroeder Christmas at the Zoo by Oct. 13, 2015 $2.99 1482 words Sample 20%
Christmas is fast approaching and the young zoo animals are excited. All they can talk about are gifts and treats and the fun they’ll have. But Mother Giraffe, Aunt Elephant, and Grandmother Monkey have another, better lesson in mind. Read along with your child as they teach their young ones the true reason for the season!
Rise of the Mare (Fall of Man Book 2) by Jacqueline Druga Rise of the Mare (Fall of Man Book 2) by Oct. 13, 2015 $5.99 43310 words Sample 20%
After thousands of years of enslaving the human race, the vampire race Sybarians were finally forced into hiding, only to emerge again from the shadows and reclaim the world. Now man wants it back–and they need a special warrior to lead them into battle.
The Loving Diet: Going Beyond Paleo into the Heart of What Ails You by Jessica Flanigan The Loving Diet: Going Beyond Paleo into the Heart of What Ails You by Oct. 13, 2015 $9.99 54015 words Sample 20%
What is the secret ingredient missing from diets and health care plans? Love. It may sound simple, but it’s the most important component of all. The Loving Diet™ offers a progressive heart-centered approach to healing that will show you why coming into cooperation with your disease—paired with an updated Autoimmune Paleo diet to reduce inflammation—may be the fastest way through it.
Primordial (Lilitu Trilogy Book 2) by Toby Tate Primordial (Lilitu Trilogy Book 2) by Oct. 13, 2015 $5.99 65386 words Sample 20%
Towering black obelisks have appeared in five different locations around the Mediterranean. The man who commissioned their construction claims they are nothing more than tributes to their respective countries, but CIA operative Gabrielle “Gabe” Lincoln believes they may be something far more ominous—and if she is right, humanity is about to be plunged into a living nightmare with no escape.
Corey's Catch by Jill Sanders Corey's Catch by Oct. 13, 2015 $3.99 51562 words Sample 20%
Corey has finally dug himself into a hole so deep, even he can’t see a way out. His only goal now is to see the rough patch through, that is until Bella Stevenson waltzes into his life and knocks him on his ass. Figuratively and literally. Now, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to prove to her that his wild days are a thing of his past...