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Vegas Anal Threesome by Alex Hunter Vegas Anal Threesome by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 3895 words Read a sample
Volume One in the Anal Addict Series: Eric is in Vegas when he runs into Teri and Amy. They are a couple of sexy brunettes who look close enough alike to be sisters. After a few drinks, all three end up in Eric's room, where they proceed to get freaky in all sorts of ways, doing things to each other that are usually only seen in dirty movies. Adults only. 18+
Just Another Night at the Quarterly Meeting of Terrifying Giant Monsters by Brennan Harvey Just Another Night at the Quarterly Meeting of Terrifying Giant Monsters by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 2140 words Sample 5%
Dysfunctional meetings are the norm when big egos sit on the board of a organization. Especially when the board members are terrifying giant monsters.
The Unseen: Book One of the Manipulated Evil Trilgoy by T.C. McMullen The Unseen: Book One of the Manipulated Evil Trilgoy by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 91691 words Sample 20%
The moment Kyle D'Arcy notices a striking woman hidden in shadow, he knows she's involved with secrets he's desperate to unearth. Kyle's search plunges him into a nightmare fraught with lethal diseases — where allies may also be a force to fear. Ravyn proves to be his savior and as the battle against an adversary set on destroying humanity spins wildly into the unknown, he becomes hers?
The Naughty Husband's Club Series Book 1-6 by Elena K. Blake The Naughty Husband's Club Series Book 1-6 by Sep. 02, 2015 $6.99 37624 words Sample 30%
This is an anthology of the first books 1-6 in the Naughty Husband's Series containing cuckholding, group sex, public sex, rough BDSM, rough anal, and gang bangs involving barely legal women.
32 Two Minute Stories by Pablo Ruiz 32 Two Minute Stories by Sep. 02, 2015 $9.99 16875 words
Many of these stories and rhymes appeared originally in the “Ladies’ Home Journal”, and were signed either with initials, or with names of characters in the books. Others were either invented or adapted from two anonymous story-books of a bygone generation, long out of print.
How Mom And I Became Porn Stars: Book Four: Our Black Leading Man by Reese Cantwell How Mom And I Became Porn Stars: Book Four: Our Black Leading Man by Sep. 02, 2015 $4.99 23876 words Sample 10%
Now there's more of our mother/daughter adventures in the porn video business as Erin and Katie team-up with a new leading man, Del Sparks. He's African-American, six-four, two-thirty, muscled, hunky and hung. How big? You'll just have to find out, won't you? It's the fourth book of their exploits in the adult entertainment business and it's just as hot and sexy as ever. Come enjoy it with them.
Vida del Padre Ronald Knox by Evelyn Waugh Vida del Padre Ronald Knox by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 132900 words Read a sample
Viejo amigo del Padre Ronald Knox, Evelyn Waugh escribió su biografía cuando falleció y, como es de esperar de un autor tan áspero como mordaz, no es esta una hagiografía, sino más bien el sencillo homenaje de uno de sus admiradores. Con más de trescientas notas, esta versión ayudará al lector a ubicarse en los tiempos de la Inglaterra de la primera mitad del siglo XX.
His Hellion Hostage by Maggie Carpenter His Hellion Hostage by Sep. 02, 2015 $4.99 64523 words Sample 20%
A mighty warrior is tasked with keeping a Princess locked away until the coronation of a rival has taken place. She is no ordinary Princess, as the warrior quickly learns, but after the dust settles he finds her tempestuous spirit beguiling. Meanwhile, the rival Princess decides to ensure she is crowned without incident, but her plan goes horribly wrong.
Anima Mea by Lucy Pepperdine Anima Mea by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 95985 words Sample 5%
Struck down by a tragic accident, Maxine finds herself stuck in the afterlife, soon to discover it's not all harps and clouds and celestial choir practice. Once over her initial shock, she soon settles into her new home in the township she comes to know as Evermore, making friends and training for a new job, and loses no time in using and abusing the privilege of her position.
Comprador by David Cudlip Comprador by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.95 133817 words Sample 15%
An American,trader is tricked into coming to Washington where he foils the politicos and digs the U.S. out of a financial hell…a different world awaits readers…action-packed and panoramic… “Sardonic, sophisticated…this high-spirited tale is told with style, wit and economy.
Erata unui suflet by Alexandru Buzoianu Erata unui suflet by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.99 24509 words Sample 20%
Abordează tema timpului din mai multe perspective și o poveste de dragoste ce nu poate fi menținută în starea ei ideală indiferent de ce decizii ar fi luate. Cartea nu începe cu povestea personajelor în forma lor umană ci cu o posibilă origine a ceea ce am fost înainte de a deveni oameni, terminându-se cu viața personajului principal în pragul maturității.
Georgie of the Jungle by J.A. Bailey Georgie of the Jungle by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 10372 words Sample 20%
Lost and alone in the jungle, Georgina finds herself face to face with a dangerous predator. The fact that he is the most beautiful man she's ever seen doesn't make him any less dangerous. Reluctantly she accepts his offer of shelter for the night but she quickly finds herself surrounded by more gorgeous warriors...
MILF: My Son’s Roommate by A.S. Murphy MILF: My Son’s Roommate by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 4590 words Sample 10%
My son Ryan is coming home from college for spring break and I can't wait to see him. What I wasn't expecting was for him to bring his hot, sexy and young best friend home with him...
555 Days in Beijing by Gabi Tree 555 Days in Beijing by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.99 18863 words Sample 20%
555 Days in Beijing is the story of a Canadian teaching English in China. These journal entries talk about the parts of international travel that come up after the honeymoon period; when you’ve settled in and are living as a local. They poignantly highlight the last segment in a struggle that has lasted nearly twenty years; the author’s fight for recognition as a human being in a foreign culture.
Chloe's Pocketbook Diary by Gin Blanton Chloe's Pocketbook Diary by Sep. 02, 2015 $6.99 40681 words Sample 15%
The Addisons have a deadly reputation that lurks the neighborhood and they're well known for having sex parties. For decades they have lucky avoiding the justice system, until one day when luck runs out and the reality of long prison sentences is staring them in the face. The family’s criminal past comes back for revenge, haunting them like prey.
My Catholic Morals! by My Catholic Life! My Catholic Morals! by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 49142 words Read a sample
Catholic morality is often seen in a negative way about “what I can’t do.” It’s true that Christ’s teachings on the moral life limit us from engaging in actions contrary to His will and contrary to our dignity. But morality is so much more than just a list of restrictions. Morality is also about living in freedom! It’s about living in the freedom that our Triune God has in store for us!
Letting Go by Sandy Schaan Letting Go by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 1074 words Sample 10%
“I can do this,” Mason thought as he looked over the balcony ledge. At the time it had happened Mason didn’t know what was going on. Now he understood why his dad would never come home, and why his mom always cried on holidays. But he had to make the crying stop...
Rain by Gin Blanton Rain by Sep. 02, 2015 $1.99 4030 words Sample 20%
He wants her now but they are sitting in a car stuck in traffic. The way she just touched him set his loins on fire, he has to have her now. What's one to do...
The Science of the Lambs by MT-B The Science of the Lambs by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.99 46630 words Sample 10%
Introducing the new novel from MT-B "The Science of the Lambs" is an hilarious black comedy about our planets future history over the coming decade. The book that put the 'diss' in dystopia.
Find Your Personal Truth, Your Inner Peace by Phil Wohl Find Your Personal Truth, Your Inner Peace by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 14988 words Read a sample
Find your personal truth, your inner peace, on an introspective journey of honest reflection and self-discovery. This self-help book will help you structure your world to help clear away troublesome obstacles in order to lead a more productive life.
Durerea este noua lege by Alexandru Florian Săraru Durerea este noua lege by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.29 5823 words Sample 20%
un proiect unic pe piata literara mondiala : o serie de zece volume de poezie, intitulata sugestiv "Autodenunt poetic", din care a aparut deja primul volum intitulat : "Acum e randul meu sa plang", iar volumul doi este acesta: "Durerea este noua lege" . Este un proiect unic, deoarece fiecare volum este scris in alt stil: primul a fost scris cu rima, volumul doi este cu rima alba, volumul trei va
Pride and Perfection by R. J. Weinkam Pride and Perfection by Sep. 02, 2015 You set the price! 99195 words Sample 20%
In 1808, Jane Austen, after a series of tragedies and disappointments, has given up writing with no expectation of taking it up again. What a loss should she never complete her novels, our time travelers thought, as they befriend the young woman. But then something important happens. A curious event rekindles Jane’s interest in writing and she begins to revisit her early novels.
Got My Happy™: Body Passport by Jennifer Beaulieu Got My Happy™: Body Passport by Sep. 02, 2015 $4.99 14820 words Sample 20%
Anecdotes of Happiness. A lifetime of Happiness in one book from lessons learned.
Children of the Wolf by Melissa Stone Children of the Wolf by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.00 66495 words Sample 20%
Meet he Wolf Warriors of Doval and learn how the current team came to be.
Big Black Seed by F.C. Ledger Big Black Seed by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 5742 words Sample 20%
Eighteen and completely innocent! I need the big black man of the house to make me a woman! Riding me hard and fast and without protection - will he dare the ultimate taboo and finish inside? This erotic short is packed full of ADULT ONLY fun. Look inside for a sneak peak and all the details I can't share here!
Sauna Swingers - First Time, Group Erotic Romance by Claire Westwood Sauna Swingers - First Time, Group Erotic Romance by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 8053 words Sample 20%
Married life is okay, but Richard and Amber have found their sex life growing dull and unfulfilled. But in the misty waters of the nearby hot springs, Richard soon finds his arms full of a strange new woman - and Amber’s found a new man to experiment with, as well...
Waterproof by Lee DuCote Waterproof by Sep. 02, 2015 $4.99 87003 words Sample 20%
In Waterproof, Spencer LeJeune, the once-nerdy kid who grew into an attractive young man, puts it all on the line to find the Spanish Treasure Barge and to finally win over the heart of his childhood crush, Toni Benoit. After nearly twenty years apart, their reunited friendship quickly turns into a suspenseful treasure hunt, as they try to outwit a ruthless fifth-generation Spanish pirate.
Erotic Story Collection by Luke Ashwood Erotic Story Collection by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.00 29828 words
A collection of short erotic stories by Luke Ashwood.
The Darling Young Lesbians of St. Celeste Hall - Book One by Lisa Summers The Darling Young Lesbians of St. Celeste Hall - Book One by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 12275 words Sample 20%
Sweet young Rebecca endured an upbringing by The Mother from Hell. But an experience that might destroy many girls became the spur to her sapphic discovery of all the physical and emotional joys that other girls and women could bring her. This is a happy, wonderful and sexy lesbian co-ed romp from Lisa Summers! Erotic, seductive and sweetly graphic, this is one of Lisa's very best, don't miss it!
Mail Order Bride: A Clean Western Cowboy Romance (Harriet & Gavin’s Story) by Doreen Milstead Mail Order Bride: A Clean Western Cowboy Romance (Harriet & Gavin’s Story) by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 10158 words Sample 20%
A woman is kidnapped from her coach while on her way to Southampton to join her mail ordered fiancé in America. The man tells her that he’s a travel officer there to help capture a trafficking gang and although cooperative, she feels that something is wrong.
Dark Horses ... A Cautionary Tale by Kaitlin A. Trepanier Dark Horses ... A Cautionary Tale by Sep. 02, 2015 $9.99 74273 words Sample 15%
Dark horses are not born. They are created. Employing the dramatic characteristics of horses as metaphors to the human condition, the story reveals how love can free those caught and penned by limiting conditioning ... some in time before death ... and some not. Opening each of the novel's chapters, excerpts of the original short metaphorical story, "Dark Horses," drives the story as it unfolds.
Escape Routes from Earth by Ian Creasey Escape Routes from Earth by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.99 91529 words Sample 15%
Escape Routes from Earth is a collection of 14 science fiction stories, all previously published in magazines such as Asimov's Science Fiction. If the end of the world arrived, would you live-tweet the apocalypse? If you were sick of dieting, would you use an alien flesh-eating parasite to lose weight? And if you could grow wings, would you abandon life on the ground and live in the sky?
The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: The Unwanted Guest by A.H. Scott The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: The Unwanted Guest by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 714 words Sample 55%
For one who thinks history has forgotten about him, he can't escape from "The Unwanted Guest". The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: The Unwanted Guest.
Etched in Fire by Beth Hudson Etched in Fire by Sep. 02, 2015 $4.99 160114 words Sample 10%
Just as a barge enters Kaelennar, the city is attacked by an army of bloodthirsty esch. To protect fourteen-year-old Maelen Saltbearer, Gannet dresses her as a boy, and they take refuge with another family. Maelen wants to fight—she has some untested magical powers—but instead the children are to flee the city.
The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: Little Eyes by A.H. Scott The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: Little Eyes by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 530 words Sample 55%
The purest kind of love is found in "Little Eyes". The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: Little Eyes
Sunshine Estates: Rx for Rosedale by Lynn Shirey Sunshine Estates: Rx for Rosedale by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 70979 words Sample 20%
This humorous cozy mystery is current and timely. The novel weaves an intriguing mystery, but also deals with the high cost of health insurance, ageism in the workplace, and retirees looking for re-employment. A reviewer at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography rated the book an 8.6 out of 10, describing the novel as "smart, funny, and unexpected."
The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: No Safe Port by A.H. Scott The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: No Safe Port by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 582 words Sample 50%
As a man sees the horizon of his life, there is "No Safe Port". The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: No Safe Port.
Edgar and the Dragon by Joseph Davis Edgar and the Dragon by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 16113 words Read a sample
The Dragon Kingdom has been overrun by shadowy monsters! In their desperation, the dragons send for the only hero brave and clever enough to help them: a young boy named Edgar. Armed with nothing but a couple of tennis balls, the odd vegetable, and a few tricks that he learned in Sunday School, Edgar sets off on a perilous quest to help his scaly friends.
Think, Pray, Meditate by Dorothy McDonald Think, Pray, Meditate by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 10774 words Sample 20%
If your interested increasing your relationship with Christ or getting on the right track with Christ this is the book for you.
Luca's Second Naughty Byte: The Second 8 Naughty Bits Sex Stories by Luca Satana Luca's Second Naughty Byte: The Second 8 Naughty Bits Sex Stories by Sep. 02, 2015 $4.99 14575 words Sample 10%
Luca's Naughty Bits is a series of short and sweet erotic tales. Some are stand alone stories, while some will be continuations. Eventually, there will be loads of these Luca's Naughty Bits stories and you'll be able to grab one or two at a time or go for the whole sha-bang when they're published in bulk. So be on the lookout for more Luca's Naughty Bits!
This is at Test Book by infotradetech This is at Test Book by Sep. 02, 2015 $5.00 1774 words Sample 20%
This is a test book.
Prophecy by J. Lynn McCoy Prophecy by Sep. 02, 2015 Free! 90065 words Read a sample
When a kiss reawakens a thousand-year-old threat, Emma discovers she is the daughter of an ancient king and heir to a legendary kingdom, and as such, an evil sorceress wants her dead. To save herself and her kingdom, Emma must unlock the secrets of an old prophecy, the key to which is true love, but with her heart torn between a new love and a trusted friend, defeating evil won't be easy.
Today I Feel Shy by Laura Chan Today I Feel Shy by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 349 words Sample 10%
A story of a young boy’s social anxiety and how he overcomes it.
Restoring My Father's Honor: A Son's Crusade by David E. Stanley Restoring My Father's Honor: A Son's Crusade by Sep. 02, 2015 $11.95 23848 words Sample 20%
Master Sgt. Bill J. Stanley had only known victory in his 17 years of military service. From the bloody beaches of Normandy France to the carnage of the Korean War, Bill was a combat solider who exemplified honor and courage. But the day came, at the height of the Cold War in 1958, when Bill would face a battle waged not with guns, tanks and military might; but with greed, power and money.
A Real Mom's Guide To Saving Money on College Tuition by Julie Hoppe A Real Mom's Guide To Saving Money on College Tuition by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.99 6347 words Sample 10%
The cost of college tuition weighs on the minds of most parents. The problem is that there is no real good answer to “How much is it going to cost”? Usually, the answer is “Too Much!!” By using the techniques identified in this book, the overall costs of a college education can be reduced.
Justice by Ryan Larry Justice by Sep. 02, 2015 $0.99 23074 words Sample 15%
A man with a hidden curse who knows little about his origins, he and his partner, Detective Kathryn Louis, a similarly gifted woman, face the task of leading a double life, being police officers while seeking to eliminate crime with their own measures, all while investigating a series of gruesome homicides committed on innocent families.
Legend of the Gate Keeper Omnibus: Books 4-6 by Jeff Gunzel Legend of the Gate Keeper Omnibus: Books 4-6 by Sep. 02, 2015 $8.99 226249 words Sample 20%
Legend of the Gate Keeper OmnibusVolumes 4-6 Book 4: Reborn Book 5: The Trials of Ashbarn Book 6: End of Days The Gate Keeper has been named... The prophesies have come true... The world as we know it will never be the same... The exciting conclusion to “The Legend of the Gate Keeper” series is finally here. Join Eric and his friends as they make their last push against the forces of evil.
Cameron Marries. This book follows the Romance and wedding of him and Elizabeth by Vickie hamilton Cameron Marries. This book follows the Romance and wedding of him and Elizabeth by Sep. 02, 2015 $3.99 4731 words Sample 20%
This book is about Cameron Steward and Elizabeth Green falling in love. It is a follow up book from MY English, Jame's dream,Does ameron really have nine lives. This book is adult content and humor.I hope you enjoy reading it.
Summer Heat an erotic short story by Christy Sin Summer Heat an erotic short story by Sep. 02, 2015 You set the price! 2137 words Sample 10%
The intense heat of an end of summer romance that will leave you hot, breathless and crying out for more
Racing the Heat by Mary Walsh Racing the Heat by Sep. 02, 2015 $2.99 57485 words Sample 20%
Katie Miles is in a predicament. She’s just slunk from the bed of the most beautiful and aggravating male she’d ever met. Now she has to face facts. At twenty-six, she is a successful professional race car driver. She doesn’t need the complication of a man with an ego the size of North Carolina questioning her judgment, personally and professionally.